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  1. Not even near the end of their life cycle at just 7 years old. They grow slow and live long. Former biologist for the Rock told me spotted bass can easily live into their middle teens I'm one of the poorer fisherman on here and I understand that but I would bet you quite a few of those teams that blanked did not catch a single fish short or otherwise I know a couple of guides that fished it that couldn't catch a short. I fished 3 days prior to my surgery last week and caught a total of 7 fish. All nice K's. That's 22 hours in the water for 7 bass Check out Quills reports he f
  2. He got sick. There was a lot if behinds the scene stuff here also with an affair and some embezzlement prior to his illness. "Alleged." One thing I do know for positive is that they kept all the components, materials and technology for each manufacturer complete separate and were very proud of the trust they had with every rod builder they worked for
  3. Bill Beck and I weighed 6 K's in a 6 fish derby that weighed 21 pounds and change. Glad they were not in the skillet Check the results of the derby Alex just fished. Those last 10 teams that didn't weigh in a fish, probably would have been pretty happy to have 5 that weighed 18 pounds. Since they have taken the lake completely over they should not be to hard to come up with. When I was a kid here in the 70's they were thick. Not so much now, by any sense of the imagination
  4. Not true, both were made in Harrison Arkansas by Rock Creek in the same factory. Mandrels were totally different as was the graphite composition. There were also a number of other blanks made in the same factory. Owner of the Harrison plant got Alzheimer's disease and it took about 2 years to clean everything up. Falcon got their Mandrels back and Reformulated their rod composition, tweeking it a bit more. As I understand it, Academy purchased the All Star Mandrels but have no idea about their graphite composition Common misconception that the rods were the same but totally
  5. Great report. Wish I could have been with y'all. On another note you take the K's out of here or mess with that 15" mark and this pond with the pressure it gets would, go to H-E double C-K IN A New York minute. With this being a no stocked lake, these free roaming shad chasers have more than carried us thru thick and really thin. I just love them, be they for clients or ripping the paint off a Red fin. We are totally blessed to have them
  6. Lake O. Fish always look angry. I just love them Thanks for the Pics and report.
  7. Nice report Jeff, keep them coming. Got back home from Columbia today and am feeling great. Wish I could have done this years ago. Just did not have the insurance.
  8. Great report. You guys look like Nanook of the North.
  9. Guys I have a couple of the new Cara's in stock. Made in USA. Rod is even more redefined, using non wrap/tangle free K guides for those using braid. These new Fugi guides are slick as snot. The rod is also lighter if you can imagine that and has a totally new reel seat. Same number 1 Portuguese cork handle. I'll do a pictorial write up coming up and should have some of the more popular models in stock soon or if you see one you like let me give you a bid before you buy it. I will let you know up front these rods are for the discriminating buyer, totally the top of the line and t
  10. Those are some super fish. Almost looks like point 10 area. Really I think the rig is the deal if you want to catch them. It's legal, it's fun, it catches big fish and they just hammer it. It will catch them wind or no wind. Currently with the sticker or cranker you have to have a chop Great job and thanks for showing us those beauties.
  11. There are problems all over the Rock with these small resorts. Lots and lots if them changed hands and are not even open. Becky is getting calls from BFL guys coming in and that is usually not our deal. Seems like several in Fisher Creek and the Indians won't even answer the phone Its tough out there.
  12. Been in touch with a bunch of the local pro's and they are fighting it too, big time. Best deal is a jerk bait on any transition with wind or Spro RK Crawler. Not a ton of bites but really nice fish. Deep ones are hard to find, and as scared as chickens with a fox in the hen house. More likely to run from the bait than bite it There are some A-rig and under spin fish showing up. Last year 1st week of February the Rig was huge. We get a warm rain or a few days in the 50 to 60 degree range. That miniscule deep bite will be over Pete had a great day last week on the jerker on the
  13. The cameras are great depending on the visibility. Upper James most of his time is the wrong place, kind if like upper Lake O. or Truman. Minnow can't see the hook he is caught on. Fishing Trauman and upper Osage you did not even know what you had till you lifted the fish out of the muddy water. Yes I think the bandit trolling in this neck of the woods is not much older than 10 years but they have been doing it down South for years and years.
  14. Buster says its been extremely slow in the K dock area so far and like 24/7 he just loves mid- December thru early February
  15. Watch Mike Baker's current Lake if the Ozarks video on 1-9-21 open water crappie with Live scope Thousands of docks and structure and they're catching them at depth suspended around and near nothing. Mike is one of if not the best crappie guy in Missouri. On a previous video in Sprung when we were all fishing the bank and structure he was catching monsters both pre and post spawn suspended around nothing. Just staging, similar to the way we catch bass on the Rock, Beaver and Bull. One of the big deals now is trolling bandit or similar size 300 series crank baits to suspended c
  16. Don't know but Old 86 was also covered, bout a ft of water over the dock. If you have a bow protector NP
  17. NP, Good Luck and good fishing to everyone
  18. As you said, they are constantly on the move conditioned by time of year, flow and light. It took you years to crack the code, it is not an easy fishery to master, with disappointment being much easier to bag than fish. I don't think by any means I've thrown out the baby with the bath water, especially speaking about a lake section that spans miles and miles of fishable water. This is the time of year your buddy will see the traffic, so that is not unusual, but if OA is drawing that kind of attention I'm going to have to hit Phil up and get on the payroll for a fairly vague post
  19. More than absolutely understand the thoughts by Travis and totally respect them. That's why I was pretty vague on location, just putting the fishing downhill from the Gold Mine and Rockaway. He is totally correct on the fragility of the area That being said and respected, since the early 1970's there has been 100's of articles written on bass fishing from Roark creek to Powersite. In today's world, bass fishermen are 99% catch and release especially on big fish. The lower lake has for years harboured weekly and monthly tournaments along now with the Kayakers that make Taneycomo a more
  20. I don't think that Mike Baker takes a ton of stuff from any company, but I might be wrong. He says he does not in his videos and as far as fishing Truman and Lake O. They are by far the best out there. Guy knows how to get around fish and once he is there how to put them in the boat. And yes, he is a tech. Junkie, and for a dude our age he knows how to use it.
  21. I've had several Striper guides down there take me back to the dock at 9am as they have said its impossible to catch one after 9. 😂 Glad you proved them wrong, but I'm going to suggest early and late are probably better fishing. On another note go when you can. Not many of anything caught from the couch
  22. Yellow Perch in Bull for the most part seem to be a catch that is ancillary. I personally don't know of any anglers on this upper end that solely target them, or for that matter if its even a possibility I think as far as Bull is concerned they are a bonus while targeting another species such as walleye or crappie. Bass fisherman also will tag them on occasion Guys please correct me if I'm wrong and you know anglers that pursue and catch them in numbers as their targeted species.
  23. Good point in speaking with these guys they are saying from the Gold Mine down, that area also includes Bull Creek and fishing the structure in the Rockaway Beach proper area, to Powersite dam. That's all I better say if I want anymore info from them
  24. Yes, this is a State deal with very little Fed involvement. Fauci said the government is staying away and just making recommendations. Hunter53 wife is a Doc be interested in what he knows. Today is Dr. Day and an orthopedic doc also called to book his groups Spring trip. He said in Missouri its a total cluster ----. I might be mistaken but I thought KY3 said the other day that Springfield Mo. had 100,000 doses on hand and the front line folks were already taken care of I might be off base on the numbers.
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