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  1. I have received 2 nice packages over the last 10 days. Thank you for the Crawler, Rage Craws, and Keitechs!
  2. dwiebenga

    Anyone Know A Reasonable Custom Lure Painter??

    Tim Hughes has done multiple jerkbaits, warts, and spooks for me. Fantastic turn around time too.
  3. dwiebenga

    9-19-18 Big Jig Bite Lake Wide

    Fantastic Report! Thanks. I wish you all the best.
  4. Used Once! Falcon Cara JC Frog Rod. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this rod. I will put in a rod tube, and ship. Heavy Action 6'11 1/2 oz to 1 1/2 oz Fast Action tip $180 TYD Pay Pal Please
  5. dwiebenga

    Tragic Event

    Praying for the families, the rescuers, and all the medical personal!
  6. dwiebenga

    SAFETY while boating

    Thank you for sharing, and may God guide your recovery. Praying for you.
  7. dwiebenga

    Ned Rig Video

    My favorite colors: 1. California Craw 2. PBJ 3. Green Pumpkin I have other colors, but these are the most consistent winners.
  8. dwiebenga

    Dam Area 4-4-18

  9. Is Reece's GPS on the fritz? He is still on ZERO!
  10. dwiebenga

    Size Line On Baitcaster?

    Depends: Jerkbaits: 10b Flipping: 50lb briad Jig: 30-40lb braid and 12-17lb leader Topwater: 20lb braid and 15lb mono leader Crank baits: 10-12lb flouro or 20lb braid with a long leader If I had 1 rod: 30lb braid and lots of different leaders to change applications
  11. dwiebenga

    Keitech 4'' Swimbait Jighead Size?

    I use 3/16 to 3/8 on my 3.8s and 3.3. I use the Dirty Jig Swim Bait and Fish Head Greg Vinson heads. Good Luck!
  12. dwiebenga

    How I Spent My Ice Storm

    I plan to be a the OA Tournament in March. I will bring a few samples.
  13. dwiebenga

    How I Spent My Ice Storm

    I actually want to start selling a few to slowly save up for a mission trip with my church
  14. dwiebenga

    How I Spent My Ice Storm

    I started making jigs this winter. Here are some of my newest patterns.
  15. dwiebenga

    Table Rock Lake Guides

    DITTO! Been out with him 4 times. Always a blast and learn a ton

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