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  1. Dam Area 4-4-18

  2. Is Reece's GPS on the fritz? He is still on ZERO!
  3. Size Line On Baitcaster?

    Depends: Jerkbaits: 10b Flipping: 50lb briad Jig: 30-40lb braid and 12-17lb leader Topwater: 20lb braid and 15lb mono leader Crank baits: 10-12lb flouro or 20lb braid with a long leader If I had 1 rod: 30lb braid and lots of different leaders to change applications
  4. Keitech 4'' Swimbait Jighead Size?

    I use 3/16 to 3/8 on my 3.8s and 3.3. I use the Dirty Jig Swim Bait and Fish Head Greg Vinson heads. Good Luck!
  5. How I Spent My Ice Storm

    I plan to be a the OA Tournament in March. I will bring a few samples.
  6. How I Spent My Ice Storm

    I actually want to start selling a few to slowly save up for a mission trip with my church
  7. How I Spent My Ice Storm

    I started making jigs this winter. Here are some of my newest patterns.
  8. Table Rock Lake Guides

    DITTO! Been out with him 4 times. Always a blast and learn a ton
  9. Helix 7 DI and SI with GPS

    I just purchased two new units this year, and I am curious about any tricks or features that you have found helpful. Also, anyone using a battery just for their finders to save power on the other batteries and get maximum voltage to system? Thank you in advance
  10. Be My Valentine Day

    Glad to see a report! Great job boss!
  11. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    God be praised! He is such a good Father!
  12. OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    I am in! dwiebenga Dave
  13. finally caught a few

    Anyone use the Damiki Rig like Wheeler did at Cherokee last year?
  14. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    Is there a listing of other reports from around the state? Truman....etc.?
  15. Pig Sticker Jigs

    I heard from Alan this week, and he assured me that Pig Sticker is Good to go!

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