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  1. Pig Sticker Jigs

    I heard from Alan this week, and he assured me that Pig Sticker is Good to go!
  2. Pig Sticker Jigs

    Thanks! I will check them out.
  3. Pig Sticker Jigs

    I heard that Al sold the business. Are they still up and running? Thank you for all the assistance. Dave
  4. Could not send you a message to get code. Please PM, I would love to join.
  5. Fantasy Fishing 2018

    I am in...always fun
  6. Lowering the Price to $475 for the entire package
  7. I am upgrading all of my electronics this year, and I am parting with my complete set up for my boat.Humminbird 898c (all pieces are there in the box)Eagle Fish Mark 640c with transducer (used to drop shot on Table Rock--like playing video games)2 Ram Mounts for the findersNavionics Premium South with Micro SDLakemaster Great Plains with Micro SD Version 6This would make an excellent set up for a fisherman on a budget or new to electronics.$525 TYD
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and God Bless !!!
  9. Jerkbait setup

    Lews LFS 6:8.1 and the Falcon Cara Jerkbait Special 10lb Flourocarbon Spro McStick or Lucky Strike STX
  10. I have a lot of Pflueger Spinning reel spare reels. # of spools in parenthesesSupreme 25 (3)Medalist 25 (1)Supreme 30 (5)Medalist 30 (1)Gold Medalist 7035 (1)Solara 35 (1)Trion 35 (3)Infusion 40 (1)President 12lb/240 yds (1)President 14lb/255 yds (2) Entire Lot $75 TYD or make an offer I will do Pay Pal Thank you
  11. Big M area - 11/08

    I am getting excited for next week.
  12. Spy Baits

    Saw that spy baits played big in the last two Elite events. Anyone using them with success for suspended fish on Table Rock. I am curious about the set up.
  13. True Pioneer and My Friend

    My deepest thoughts and prayers are with the Beck family. Bill I did not have the honor to meet him, but everyone spoke so high of him.

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