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  1. IL Fisherman

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-4-18

    Bgc. Bill will match his fishing day to the experience level of his clients. He or any of the other guides in the area can teach you the seasonal patterns and spots on the lake. I recommend going out with a couple different ones. They all have a little different take on the fishing. I am in the same process as you trying to learn the lake and the patterns. Table Rock is such a large body of water it’s hard to find the 20% of productive water. It takes years of time on the water to master it. And those pros still get stumped sometimes. Good luck mastering Table Rock.
  2. IL Fisherman

    Swamped - almost

    I loved my bass boat. But this time I purchased a Ranger 620 Deep V. Takes the waves much better. I haven't taken one over the bow in a year and a half. Still have to hang on for dear life not to get thrown out.
  3. IL Fisherman

    electronics setup

    I had an Ulterra. Switched to Ultrex. The steering on the Ultrex is more responsive. There is an assist shock for raising and lowering. Much easier than the old ones. Spot lock works well too. It’s all in what your budget can withstand.
  4. Nice fish RPS. I hate it when work gets in the way of fishing. Necessary evil to have money for more fishing gear.
  5. IL Fisherman

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 8-6-18

    I had a great time fishing with Bill today. He’s a class act and a darn good guide. I could feel his frustration as the fish were really spread out. Caught 3 in a couple spots others wise we were in seek and search mode. Caught at least one in every spot but it seemed like that one would sent out a distress signal and we had to move on.
  6. IL Fisherman

    Saturday Evening on the Upper End

    Nice eyes RPS. That will be some good eats.
  7. IL Fisherman

    Elaztec Z Man ZinkerZ storage

    I leave all my TRDs in their own package and store in a Flambeau tackle satchel.
  8. IL Fisherman

    new place to live

    Welcome to the area Gary. We have a condo in KC area and love it. We've been enjoying the area for 25+ years (1 1/2yrs at condo). Hope all works well in your house hunt.
  9. IL Fisherman

    Tragic Event

    Granddaughter niece and nephew along with 2 friends went yesterday. Very tragic event. May God bless all those involved.
  10. IL Fisherman

    Double drop shot rig?

    Hi folks, Curious if anyone ever uses a double drop shot rig? Do you try different colored plastics on each hook? Coming down tomorrow for a meeting and going to do a little fishing.
  11. IL Fisherman

    Walleye round two

    Nice Fish Rangerman!!
  12. IL Fisherman

    6-27-18 Table Rock Lake Report Point Five to Big M

    Wow. That’s a lot of detail. Thanks for sharing. It’s a big help to us part timers.
  13. IL Fisherman

    Bugle lips!

    Thanks for the report Quill. A big thank you for keeping our lake cleaned up.
  14. IL Fisherman

    Quite the day

    Nice bunch of fish D. Glad to see you out chasing em.
  15. IL Fisherman

    My wife

    Gary may God bless you and your family in this difficult time. Keep all your loving memories close to your heart and cherish them always.

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