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  1. Ice Fishing Part Deux

    To brutal for me. You guys are die hards. Good day to watch a fishing show in front of the fire.
  2. How tough are you?

    Way to go. Nice Fish. Sure looks cold.
  3. Happy New Year my Internet friends!

    Stay warm Crazy. We hit -14 here in Illinois and our power went out for hour and a half. Would hate to be the Com Ed guys last nite. Wind chill was -25 or 30. Happy New Year everyone.
  4. How tough are you?

    Thanks for all the responses. Most of us become whimpy as we get older it seems. Hope we get some warmer days in January and February so this Illinois guy can come try some winter fishing. Snowing here and 15 degrees. I also dislike winter more and more the older I get.
  5. How tough are you?

    Ok. We have ice on the ponds here in Illinois and I don’t ice fish. I was curious what everyone’s temperature limit is for venturing out on the lake. I’m around 45 degrees or higher. What’s yours.
  6. Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor question

    Had mine one season and no major issues.
  7. Got a new boat.

    Nice boat. Looks like a lot of good times. Enjoy.
  8. Friday - Campbel Point area

    It is tough out there. Had 1 spot on a drop shot KC area. Met a 2 guys at Mill Creek ramp they had 2 spots and 2 blue gill.
  9. the feedbag is still on

    Nice fish Bo. Thanks for reporting.
  10. License age

    Thanks guys. Same as Illinois. Just wanted to make sure.
  11. License age

    Hey guys. Bringing my nephew down with me. He is 14. At what age is a fishing license required.
  12. beauty of a day, and the catching was not bad either

    Nice fish Bo. Were the fish relating to gravel run outs or deeper creek cuts?
  13. perfect weather

    Royal, Just smile when the 11 y/o does that. You got him hooked on the outdoors and a fishing/hunting partner for life.
  14. Cape Fair

    I'm ready to get out of Illinois. The weather has sucked all month. You guys are 20 degrees warmer than here. Looking forward to 10 days around Thanksgiving at the lake. Can't wait. By the way, nice fish!
  15. On the edge.

    +1 2 weeks since last out and this weekends weather sucks in Illinois RAIN and COLD! Coming to see you guys the 21st.

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