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  1. I used to be a fireline guy. Was a great line for a good time then started having fraying issues. Switched to Suffix 832 much better. Can drag a ned all day and maybe retie once or twice.
  2. Those are some dandy fish 196.
  3. Quill I watched and picked up new ideas. My luck won’t let me do it any where near like they do.
  4. Got out at 6 til 8:15. Caught 4. 3 keepers. Best one a 3.25 lb SM. 21” long. All caught on swim bait 3-10 deep. 70 WT. Kimberling area.
  5. Hi all. Down for a week or so. Looks to me after reading a couple dozen reports no one is catching them the same way. We went out in the morning 4/24 for 4 hours. 2 boats. One boat 10 fish. Spots SM and whites. The other boat zero. Had lunch went back out for 3 hours more skunk boat had 6 SM the other 1 small spot. 80% caught on a 2.8 Keitech. Rest on wacky Senco.
  6. Great smiles and great fishies.
  7. Used the Keitech heads. Bought Jewel Gem heads and Gem Spins to try next trip down. Can’t wait.
  8. I have a 620FS. Great for rough water. Deeper sides. Also have the rear deck extension for the partner. Love it. I’m sure you can still fall out if you try hard enough.
  9. Fished Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Threw swim bait jerk bait jig and a rock crawler some. 1 fish for our efforts on a swim bait. Good weather. Now back to winter in Illinois. Tired of it.
  10. Nice fish Sprint. Can’t wait for some spring like weather and some fishing.
  11. Quill no problem. I use suffix 832 high viz green a lot. Have also used the moss green style. Some time it gets lost in the reflections. Black sharpie sounds like a good thing to try.
  12. Bo what color braid do you throw? I usually do a 3-4 foot floro leader on my Hyviz braid. Did not know if the fish would be color shy on the little ned rig.
  13. Those 2 work well for me. I use sexy shad 90% of the time. Also use a lot of 2.8’s
  14. So ready for spring and some TR fishing. Got 8” snow here in Illinois. 2 degrees tonite. -5 tomorrow nite.
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