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  1. WTF?

    I fished 5 days last week and caught 20 with maybe 4 keepers. That is darn tuff. Hope its better in November when I come. Toughest I have seen it in several years. Good Luck!
  2. Tuesday trip

    It's tough for sure. Kimberling area had 3 from 1-6pm. First time I have ever seen a boat on every bridge piling. Must be slow. Next week will be better I guarantee it I have to head home Sunday
  3. Why can't I find the big ones?

    I feel your pain. Fished Friday Saturday and today. 15 fish. A couple keepers in that bunch. Pretty tough out there right now. Most on a drop shot and a couple on a whopper plopper.
  4. Tournaments galore

    All you can do is go out, find a spot and catch some fish. If you are retired and live on the lake you can pick and choose your days. Otherwise just gotta fish when you can. See you all this weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your time on the water.
  5. Lake View?

    Condo with lake view and access
  6. Been Fun!!

    Headed home today. Been Fun. Got out Monday and fought the boats. Not much luck caught 1. Out Tuesday, wow what a difference very little boat traffic. Caught a dozen. Drop shot with a mauve (pink/purple) colored worm @ 20-25 ft. See you all in October.
  7. Friday Fishing Report

    Went out 2-6 yesterday. Glad to be back on the big pond. Caught 6. All in the first hour then nothing. 5 on drop shot 1 on pop r schooler. Boat traffic was not to bad. Sitting in the condo watching the crazies today. Pork chops and chicken breasts on the grill tonite. Beautiful weather!!!
  8. Fishing but not catching

    Beats Working!!!! Can't wait to get back down.
  9. A little research / who is fishing

    Private pond Illinois, Boat, 82 degrees, water stained, Fishing was slow. Crappie and Bass
  10. The need to want

    Ketchup. Multitasking is the deal. Fish Sell Buy. Fish Sell Buy. I get home late Wednesday. Close on a flip house Thursday morning. Priorities and Multitasking. Good luck with your adventures
  11. Big M area 7/26

    Never fails. Fish change what they are doing just before I come down. I know I can count on you guys to figure them out before next week.
  12. Cape Fair 7/22

    Not to wish the summer away. But school starts in about 3-4 weeks and a lot of the crazies go away thank goodness. Coming down the 30th to fight it. Better than work 😎
  13. Cats out of the bag. Here it goes.

    Your to kind to share all that detail. Thanks for the info.
  14. Cape Fair 6/17

    Sorry I don't. Have not had an Android type for a while. Live feature grabs a snap shot out a short video clip.
  15. Cape Fair 6/17

    Hey Seth. I found on my iPhone you have to turn the live feature off in order for forum to accept photo uploads. Not sure what brand you're using.

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