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  1. IL Fisherman

    January 19th. Lake Report

    So ready for spring and some TR fishing. Got 8” snow here in Illinois. 2 degrees tonite. -5 tomorrow nite.
  2. IL Fisherman

    March 23 OAF One Bass tourney?

    Sorry. Grand kids to Disney over spring break.
  3. IL Fisherman

    Ultrex transducer help

    Buck. I’m far from an expert but I would play with the sensitivity
  4. IL Fisherman

    Ultrex transducer help

    I use external spot light scan transducer. Down scan and side scan. I don’t use spot light feature.
  5. IL Fisherman

    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    Wrench. My wife was the same. It took me months to pay for everything. I battled her every year not to spend so much. She put hours of thought and love into each persons gift. It was her favorite holiday. She passed away this year and I really miss fighting with her about how much she spent. Love em for who they are while you have them.
  6. IL Fisherman

    Glad to be back at the lake

    Hi folks. Got back down. Spent couple days with the boys and today I got out fishing. Caught 5 3 keepers all on spoon 50-60ft water on the end of docks. WT 53 Best one today went around 4 pounds.
  7. IL Fisherman

    Baxter area Friday

    Awesome. That young man’s smile says it all
  8. IL Fisherman

    deep bite is gaining steam

    Beardsley Branch. Area of the lake. Everyone’s secret spot. Lol.
  9. IL Fisherman

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 9-4-18

    Bgc. Bill will match his fishing day to the experience level of his clients. He or any of the other guides in the area can teach you the seasonal patterns and spots on the lake. I recommend going out with a couple different ones. They all have a little different take on the fishing. I am in the same process as you trying to learn the lake and the patterns. Table Rock is such a large body of water it’s hard to find the 20% of productive water. It takes years of time on the water to master it. And those pros still get stumped sometimes. Good luck mastering Table Rock.
  10. IL Fisherman

    Swamped - almost

    I loved my bass boat. But this time I purchased a Ranger 620 Deep V. Takes the waves much better. I haven't taken one over the bow in a year and a half. Still have to hang on for dear life not to get thrown out.
  11. IL Fisherman

    electronics setup

    I had an Ulterra. Switched to Ultrex. The steering on the Ultrex is more responsive. There is an assist shock for raising and lowering. Much easier than the old ones. Spot lock works well too. It’s all in what your budget can withstand.
  12. Nice fish RPS. I hate it when work gets in the way of fishing. Necessary evil to have money for more fishing gear.
  13. IL Fisherman

    Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report 8-6-18

    I had a great time fishing with Bill today. He’s a class act and a darn good guide. I could feel his frustration as the fish were really spread out. Caught 3 in a couple spots others wise we were in seek and search mode. Caught at least one in every spot but it seemed like that one would sent out a distress signal and we had to move on.
  14. IL Fisherman

    Saturday Evening on the Upper End

    Nice eyes RPS. That will be some good eats.
  15. IL Fisherman

    Elaztec Z Man ZinkerZ storage

    I leave all my TRDs in their own package and store in a Flambeau tackle satchel.

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