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  1. IL Fisherman

    Tragic Event

    Granddaughter niece and nephew along with 2 friends went yesterday. Very tragic event. May God bless all those involved.
  2. IL Fisherman

    Double drop shot rig?

    Hi folks, Curious if anyone ever uses a double drop shot rig? Do you try different colored plastics on each hook? Coming down tomorrow for a meeting and going to do a little fishing.
  3. IL Fisherman

    Walleye round two

    Nice Fish Rangerman!!
  4. IL Fisherman

    6-27-18 Table Rock Lake Report Point Five to Big M

    Wow. That’s a lot of detail. Thanks for sharing. It’s a big help to us part timers.
  5. IL Fisherman

    Bugle lips!

    Thanks for the report Quill. A big thank you for keeping our lake cleaned up.
  6. IL Fisherman

    Quite the day

    Nice bunch of fish D. Glad to see you out chasing em.
  7. IL Fisherman

    My wife

    Gary may God bless you and your family in this difficult time. Keep all your loving memories close to your heart and cherish them always.
  8. IL Fisherman

    Dam area 5/25

    That’s a dandy LM Mike. I’m gonna try again tomorrow morning. Gotta head home Tuesday and back to the grind.
  9. Got out at 6:30 (later than planned). Caught 6 one on popper and rest on ned rig. Crazies started exploding out at 8:30. By 10:00 I headed for the ramp and safety.
  10. IL Fisherman

    It's Beginning !

    Today wasn’t to bad til afternoon. I pulled out at 12:30 fairly crazy then. I think I will watch from the sidelines tomorrow. Stay safe everyone if you venture out.
  11. IL Fisherman

    Fantastic Morning at the Dam 5-24-18

    Setting the alarm for 4:30. Thanks for the report Bill.
  12. IL Fisherman

    Need some advice.

    Mid day is fairly tough. I caught a dozen on the PBJ Ned rig in KC area. 5-12 fow on gravel points and banks.
  13. IL Fisherman

    Long Creek 5/18-5/21

    Welcome Bassin fool. Watch for reports on here. Go back thru the last few weeks reports, lots of info in there. Eric Prey and Pete Wenners have video reports on You Tube that have good info in them. Another way to learn the area is to hire a guide for a half day. Lots of good ones on here and in the area. Good luck boat traffic can be quite hairy on the weekends. Try and get out early before they wake up.
  14. IL Fisherman

    May 5 Thru 12

    Thanks for the detailed report. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm headed down Thursday save me a couple to catch please.
  15. IL Fisherman

    Dam Area Report 5-11-18

    Thanks for the detailed report. Much appreciated
  16. IL Fisherman

    Kimberling 5/12

    Nice fish kdc. Thanks for the report
  17. IL Fisherman

    May 8, Big M area

    Thanks for the report Quill. Gotta luv that top water blow up
  18. IL Fisherman

    Fishing the Waiting Room

    Bill thanks for the info. Your openness with the info is a blessing to those of us not on the lake on a regular basis. We appreciate it.
  19. IL Fisherman

    The Fourth Was With Me

    Thanks for the report Chris. That’s a good looking bunch of fish.
  20. IL Fisherman

    Annual Sunday School men's camp out and fishing trip

    Great bunch of fish and a good time. Thanks for posting.
  21. IL Fisherman

    Big M area 4/30

    Thanks for the report Quill. I have my Neds packed (plus everything in the boat)ready to head down mid month.
  22. IL Fisherman

    Eagle Rock Sunday evening

    Nice fish. I can’t wait for couple weeks to drag by so I can get back down.
  23. IL Fisherman

    Long Creek Crappie

    I'm becoming that old guy to Phil. I have no desire to fly 70 mph spot to spot and fish 5 minutes each spot. My grandfather took me fishing a lot. We would pull up on a spot and he would look at his watch. "30 minutes or we are moving he would say" No fish 30 minutes later we moved and did it all over again. I fish for enjoyment and relaxation. Don't get me wrong, I want to catch em. Thanks for the report.
  24. IL Fisherman

    April 26, Big M area

    Nice fish Quill. Glad to see the action improving. Thanks for the report.
  25. IL Fisherman

    New Spinning Rods

    Hi All. I'm pretty much a spinning rod fellow. I have been using St. Croix for the most part. Last trip down I had one delaminate and one break. What are your recommendations for a good medium or medium lite spinning rod. Thanks Toby

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