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  1. New Spinning Rods

    Hi All. I'm pretty much a spinning rod fellow. I have been using St. Croix for the most part. Last trip down I had one delaminate and one break. What are your recommendations for a good medium or medium lite spinning rod. Thanks Toby
  2. New Spinning Rods

    Thanks for the replies. I do plan on sending them back to St Croix. I do like their rods. This is the first real trouble I have had.
  3. Caught Some

    Caught some today KC to Indian Point. Swim bait and jerker did the trick. Little chilly but fun.
  4. Dam Area 4-4-18

    Thanks for the report Bill. Those are some darn nice fish.
  5. Frustrating Day on the Upper End

    Sorry you had a tough day RPS. I feel a bit better knowing I’m not alone. Better luck next time.
  6. Today finally a nice day.

    Got out with the grandson today. Good thing we brought his iPad cause fishing was a little slow for us. Here’s the best one. She was really fat.
  7. Today finally a nice day.

    Thanks Abkeenan. Had him using a Kietech on a quarter ounce head. They are headed home tomorrow. Missed a couple days with all the rain. Grandpa may have to try your suggestions. Caught mine today on white and chartreuse spinnerbait in 2-6 fow. Small jaws are just smacking the tar out of it.
  8. got out today

    Kansas has to be better than Illinois. We have a couple decent lakes. All down state. It is the most corrupted and fisically irresponsible state in the nation next to maybe California. To bad I can’t move my business somewhere else.
  9. 3/22 thru 3/25

    Thanks for the report Matt. Nice bunch of fishies.
  10. Big Girls

    Wow! Nice ones. I’m not fishing in the right spot.
  11. Aunts Creek 3/22 trifecta

    Thanks for info Gurzik. I caught 1 on a wart this afternoon KC area.
  12. Pete Wimmers

    He has a you tube report most weeks. New one yesterday. Very informative.
  13. James 03-15-18

    Nice fish Macsimus. Thanks for the report. Even if she did let you sell her vehicle, then she would need your tow vehicle when you want it.
  14. Bridgeport with a good friend.

    Looks like fun and good eatin.
  15. Boat Slips for sale?

    Gitnby, Wise to include pictures of whole dock and slip area for the buyers to see. Price you have listed for is reasonable.
  16. Boat Slips for sale?

    I sold mine on Craigslist Springfield last year.
  17. New fishin stick

    My son Aaron built me a new fishin pole for Christmas/Birthday. 7’6” glass rod for cranking. Coming down the 21st. Gonna test her out with some Wart and Crawler action.
  18. New fishin stick

    He get some of his supplies from Mudhole. It’s the 3rd rod he’s built. 2nd he built for his grandfather who is a corvette fancier.
  19. Fisherman’s nightmare

    Found this out on face book Talk a about crazy big wakes. 2 wake boats working in tandem. What’s next https://www.facebook.com/groups/120559614677761/permalink/1717771914956515/
  20. Big C is retiring

    Enjoy your retirement. Fishing is better than working 😊
  21. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Hope your wife continues to improve. My wife has some health issues , it can be very trying, frustrating, and nerve wracking to watch them deal with it. Stay strong together.
  22. Ice Fishing Part Deux

    To brutal for me. You guys are die hards. Good day to watch a fishing show in front of the fire.
  23. How tough are you?

    Ok. We have ice on the ponds here in Illinois and I don’t ice fish. I was curious what everyone’s temperature limit is for venturing out on the lake. I’m around 45 degrees or higher. What’s yours.
  24. How tough are you?

    Way to go. Nice Fish. Sure looks cold.
  25. Happy New Year my Internet friends!

    Stay warm Crazy. We hit -14 here in Illinois and our power went out for hour and a half. Would hate to be the Com Ed guys last nite. Wind chill was -25 or 30. Happy New Year everyone.

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