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  1. Freshwater Table Fare

    For sure, my granddad almost always cleaned bream and crappie whole, scale them, gut them, cut the head off. He always thought that filleting them was wasting fish. Always had the tails on them, fried, they are good! Speaking of blue cats, the blue cats from Grand Lake are one of the best eating fish around, in my opinion. I'll take them over crappie and walleye which are next on my list. I can eat whites, stripers and hybrids, but they are down on the list. Did a fishing trip up to Ontario about 20 years ago, we were mainly targeting pike, but in the evening we'd jig up walleye and yellow perch. We kept some small pike, they were the best eating of the three, only problem is those darn Y-bones.
  2. Robo Ned worms

    Yep, they make the Biffle Bug which I like for wobble heads. Never have used the Hoodaddy.
  3. Big M area - 11/08

    I think it is.
  4. What's Cooking?

    I like peas, even when I was a kid I liked peas. They grow above ground like an honest vegetable, not underground like those nasty root things. (except for potatoes which are perfectly acceptable).
  5. What's Cooking?

    Parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, beets - UGH!
  6. Aunts Creek

    Better than I did today, I caught 9 total, mostly spots. Got a couple early walking the dog, the rest on the Ned. Quite a few bass fishers out there today.
  7. I love Bull Shoals 11/14/17 edition

    I must be holding my mouth wrong.
  8. I love Bull Shoals 11/14/17 edition

    Are you swimming the Ned? I hardly ever catch a crappie on it, but I tend to fish it on the bottom, which may be the reason. But on the flip side, I do catch a walleye every once in a while, in addition to the bass.
  9. Rare Predator Sighting

    Bird dogs are real good at finding hidden critters. I've had several instances where a dog will get 'Birdy' on a patch of tall grass, a few feet away, and out pops a deer that without the dog finding it I would've walked right by and never knew that deer was there. Pheasants, especially hens, are real good at hiding in plain sight. I never saw skunks either or porcupines until I started bird hunting with dogs. These are two species of critter I would be happy to see disappear from the face of the earth.
  10. Cape Fair

    What Champ said..
  11. FAMOUS LAST WORDS (Trophy Carp Regs)

    OK, I am fine with that. My only suggestion would be to keep it in the carp forum.
  12. FAMOUS LAST WORDS (Trophy Carp Regs)

    I'm an experienced fisherman and have caught many species of all sizes. Carp fishing does not interest me, it never will. Quite frankly, you're just adding additional spam to the spam MoCarp has generated on this. I hope you're better than that.
  13. When I lived in Washington state I would sometimes explore small streams that were in the mountains, any stream there that had water year round, probably had trout. Only limiting factor was slope steepness, really steep streams with high velocity flow won't support fish, at least the sections on the steep terrain won't. It was fun to bushwhack your way to those small streams, small meaning you could step over them in some places, and catch trout. They weren't big at all, an 8" cutthtroat was a trophy. I'd have a short fly rod, have about 3 feet of line out and just dab a fly in likely looking spots, no casting, it was all about stealth, move up stream, keep a low profile, as long as you don't spook them they would always go for the fly. Most of those little streams were hardly ever fished if at all. It was fun to do every once in a while. And if I needed a big fish fix, I could go salmon or steelhead fishing. Best of both worlds.

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