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  1. Nice boat, fish should've treated you better.
  2. Quillback

    Being Prepared

    Dude, you struck gold!
  3. I have an uncle who is an avid fisherman, he has 2 sons, my cousins, who absolutely will not go fishing. My uncle would force them to go fishing with him when they were kids, and it just ruined them for fishing.
  4. Quillback

    Being Prepared

    Just got back from my weekly trip to Wally World. They've made some changes - you can only use one entrance, there's a sort of barricaded pathway you take to the door, and every 6 feet there's a sign telling you to maintain 6 foot distance. They had a gal passing out shopping carts one at a time, she was wiping them down before giving it to the first person in line, and there wasn't really a line, store was about normal as far as the number of people in there at 0930 on a weekday. The store was fairly well stocked, fresh meat and hamburger available. However still no TP or hand sanitizer.
  5. Quillback

    Being Prepared

    Good idea on the plastic bag!
  6. Quillback

    Being Prepared

    Well I am eyeballing people a little more closely in the store and I will wait for someone to get out of the way if they are front of something I want, basically I avoid getting close to anyone. I also keep my trips to the store at a minimum.
  7. Quillback

    Being Prepared

    Nice mask Randy, and good on the folks that are making them. If don't have sewing skills, there are tons of UV Buffs out there still (kind of surprises me there hasn't been a run on them), made out of stretchy material and in a pinch you could probably use one to hold a filter.
  8. Shoot, I'd love a day like that too, it's fun to get a bunch on a spinner bait.
  9. Always been hit or miss for me chasing whites in the back of Indian, either they are there in mass quantities or it seems there are hardly any around. The other coves off Indian will get them in the backs too if the water is running in. Rain coming in this weekend will put some in there I bet.
  10. Red buds have definitely popped here in NWA, and the guy I was fishing with today did catch a couple of whites, but we were targeting black bass and walleye. Talked to a buddy of mine and he says he and his son really got into the whites on Sunday in a cove in the Indian creek area of Beaver lake. I have a dogwood in my back yard that is just about ready to bloom.
  11. Fished with Tom from Eagle Rock today, very nice spring day, but slow fishing. We caught 15 or so bass, only two were keepers and both keepers were smallmouth. Started off swimming Keitechs of points and rocky banks, that is where the two keepers came from, along with a couple of shorts, 3 keeper walleye and a couple of white bass. Finished up the day back in the main channel of Indian creek where we got some Ned fish, which were all 12-13" spots and a couple of largemouth. Had a good puller that got off, but no keeper sized fish to the boat. Most fish were off the bank in 5-15 FOW. Little bit of a green stain to the water up in Indian creek, clear water down by the dam.
  12. Hope your in-laws pull through, I think that it's a good sign that they did not develop the respiratory effects.
  13. Thanks for the report, good to see some being caught!
  14. Oh, man! 4 pages of boot advice and no one thought to ask if you unlaced your boots before putting them on/off. LOL!
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