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  1. Quillback

    Made some memories!

  2. Quillback

    This should get MoCarp all fired up ...

    Please, he's bad enough in "normal" mode. No need to "fire him up". 😁
  3. Quillback

    Saturday 8/18 Indian Point area

    Thanks for the update!
  4. Looks like a great time! I have eaten shark, used to be able to buy shark steaks in New England. Can't remember what type of shark they sold, might have been blue shark. It was tasty. Never have cleaned one.
  5. Quillback

    2018 Garden Thread

    Garden has been so-so for me this year. Got some good broccoli early, then the heat came early this year causing it to go to seed earlier than it should have. Had one cherry tomato plant that did really well, two other plants were bush plants that were supposed to grow well in containers, put out a few really big tomatoes, but after that the fruit started splitting and the vines wilted. Blaming that on heat also. Grew some cukes in containers, they have done fair usually get a couple per day, but not the numbers I usually get. Green beans are doing well right now, planted them late, around mid-June and they have started putting out beans the last week or so, this cool, rainy weather has helped. Just planted some sugar snap peas and more beans last week, dunno if the beans will have time to produce before the frost hits, but I think the peas will do OK.
  6. Quillback

    A fish for JohnsFolly

    I thought you posted that pic because that fish bore a resemblance to JF. 😜
  7. Quillback

    FOUND!!! rods and reels

    Good on you for making the effort. You never know, guy might have left, drove home, backed the boat into the garage and never realize they left the rods back at the ramp. I could see myself doing that.
  8. Quillback

    Tomato worms for bait?

    I throw them out in the street and let the birds have them. Remind me of a Catalpa worm except bigger and green. Might be a good catfish bait.
  9. Quillback

    Salmon River Epic

    When I lived there I can remember a petition drive that I was part of to get those Snake river dams removed, I think that was around 1990. They're still there and people are still trying to get them removed. I would love to see them go, but beginning to doubt it will happen in my lifetime. Used to see estimates that about $1 billion per year is spent on Columbia/Snake river basin salmon restoration. It's not really restoration, it's more about keeping a remnant population alive.
  10. Quillback

    Salmon River Epic

    Beautiful country, I miss it. They had a squawfish bounty on the Columbia while I lived there, they were trying to get rid of them as they are a predator of salmon smolts - that was the thinking at the time. $3 each. Supposedly there were people making $50-60K per year fishing for them. I've always heard that if you want to do a smallmouth float, do one on the John Day in Oregon. Remote country and many smallmouth. There are guides will take you on a multi-day float on the John Day and target smallmouth.
  11. Ahhh, that makes sense.
  12. St Lawrence is a week away. I was looking at Group E, guy by the name of Rick Morris has a selection rate of 22%, far and away more than anyone else. Never heard of him myself, and he's not my selection, but thought that was interesting. Maybe he did well in a past tourney on the St. Lawrence?
  13. Quillback

    Something Different 8/10

    Those flatheads are ugly sons of guns, but they do pull. I usually will get one or two a year accidentally while bass fishing and it's usually around September. Don't know if it is coincidence or if they get more active this time of year during the day.
  14. Quillback

    Forsyth 7/28/18

    Yeah, I'd say that first one is a hybrid.
  15. Quillback

    Do you have any screen shots....

    I know what you're looking for, had a few instances of that earlier this summer. Wish I had taken some screen shots. Might run across some this fall.

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