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  1. Revo Ambasseduer XLT found

    It is, and probably worth more than the pole and reel combined.
  2. Revo Ambasseduer XLT found

    Drove over to Indian creek launch yesterday to check things out. Launch is open, no ice, same for Lost Bridge North. Walked down the bank a bit tossing the Ned around - caught a nice 17" smallie, the only bite I had. Found a rod/reel setup on the bank with a Whopper Plopper tied on. Looks to have been in the water a few months, anyway had a Revo XLT, which as far as I can tell is an older model, maybe 20-30 years old. It's pretty worn, so thought it might hold sentimental value to whomever lost it, so if it is yours, PM me and I will get it back to you. I realize it is unlikely that I will hear from the owner, so if no one claims it, I'll be happy to send it to someone that wants it. And if no one wants it, into the trash it will go.
  3. Revo Rocket 9:0.1 ?

    I'd use if for a c-rig reel, I like to move the c-rig with the rod and use the reel to take up the slack.
  4. Just funny stuff

    How do you drive when you are tired?
  5. Quick warm-up this weekend?

    Good luck, and it will be interesting to hear how you do.
  6. Grandmas .410 gauge

    Some good eats there. That .410 is pretty neat.
  7. Shad Kill

    You bet, total meltdown on WV's part. First time I have watched WV this season, and the first half I thought man, these guys are good. 2nd half, not so much.
  8. Shad Kill

    Did you see that KU/WV game? Impressive win by KU.
  9. New State Record Smallie?

    Now we're getting all grungy.
  10. New State Record Smallie?

    At least no one has mentioned armadillos yet. And leprosy.
  11. Ice Fishing Part Deux

    Another reason I don't fish in these conditions, get that nasty road treatment stuff on your boat and trailer.
  12. Ice Fishing Part Deux

    I am glad to see they made it there and back today without ending up in a ditch somewhere.
  13. Ice Fishing Part Deux

    Yikes - no way I would've fished today. As Ab mentioned you certainly deserved a biggun for that effort. Last time I fished there last week, the fish were biting very lightly as you mentioned, they'd just load up, it would feel a little spongy and I would set the hook on that.
  14. Mizzou/Arkansas hoops

    My ref-blew-the-call favorite was on, I believe it was Porter when he and a Hogs player were going out of bounds for the ball and they called a foul on Porter, was really a bad call, both players were going for the ball and there was minimal contact. The refs taketh and the refs giveth which is an unfortunate part of hoops. Hogs really need some sort of half court offense, if they don't score off transition, they just don't seem to have anything to go to, usually ends up with someone launching a three, and their 3 point shooting is shakey. Defensive rebounding is also shakey, Mizzou ate them up on their end for a while in the 2nd half.
  15. Pig Sticker Jigs

    Got these before you got your mitts on them. Soon to be collector's items.

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