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  1. Diawa Tatula

    Haven't had any problems with mine.
  2. Susquehanna Shad Run 2018

    There is a big run of what I believe are American shad in the Columbia river, story is they planed some in one of the SF Bay tributaries and they made their way north and I believe the Columbia is as far north as they get on the Pacific coast. Never fished for them as I was always chasing salmon and steelhead. But when they were running, people would catch them in bunches and they could be kept. Anyway, people were after them for the roe in addition to the hard fighting fish that they are. Always heard that if you want to eat the fish it is best to pressure cook them as the bones are so bad, but the pressure cooking softens them, like canned salmon.
  3. Clifty area 4/24

    Motored over to Clifty with my buddy Mike today. Wish I had some great fishing to report, but it was not. We boated around 15 bass, all 12-14" spots for the most part, couple of dink smallies and largies. Mike caught a spotted bass that might have gone 2 lbs. and that was our big bass of the day. Seems like everything we tried worked for a few, Keitechs, c-rigged lizard, creature on a wobble head, jig, and one on a Redfin. We hit a couple of locations back in Indian creek that had been producing for us, but not today. Had a brief walleye bite off a steep bank just inside a point, caught 3 solid keepers in about 15 minutes on a Keitech. Mike took them home. Water is stained green in Clifty area, can see bottom in 4 FOW. Saw some beds but no fish on them, but with the warm afternoon, they might start hanging around. WT 56-58.
  4. Spinnerbait Question

    You can buy trailer hooks with the shrink tube on them, here's an example: http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Gamakatsu_SP_Trailer_Hooks_4pk/descpage-GTHSP.html
  5. Big Thanks to Mr. Billethead

    Have to come up with a name for them. Billet-ba-donker Billegator Billenator Billesponker Your turn
  6. Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    I think it is Al Lindner on his show that calls them smallmouths. Crappie is the same, no one says I caught a mess of crappies.
  7. Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    For sure, at least a free T-shirt.
  8. Bass Must Be Biting

    Thanks for the report, there's been many a day on Beaver where I would've been happy catching 6 bass. Probably going out tomorrow, thinking about trying the Clifty arms for a change of scenery.
  9. Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    If you say you caught a hybrid down here, people assume it's a white/striper hybrid. So I will stick to calling them means. I hate the term smallie spot hybrid.
  10. Border Pass?

    I think that is the reason.
  11. Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    Here's some smallies:
  12. Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    Sometimes it's hard to tell from a photo, but when you get one, they do look different than a smallmouth. But, Seth's fish could be a smallmouth, just hard to tell, but I am leaning mean. here's some pic of fish I am pretty sure are means. This one to me looks very similar to Seth's. Some others:
  13. Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    That sort of diamond pattern on the lateral line.
  14. Border Pass?

    From the AR Guidebook: The permit is valid for impounded waters (the waters between Beaver Lake Dam and Houseman Access in Arkansas are excluded).
  15. Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    I'm going to lean towards a mean, but that's a tough one to call.

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