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  1. Quillback

    Jigfest 2019 (spring version) food thread

    That's usually about the time I roll out.
  2. Quillback

    Big M area 2/20

    Got to the launch about 1030 in the AM. It was 35 degrees, cloudy and windy. I have forgotten what nice weather feels like. The wind did die down about 2 PM and the sun even came out for a bit, it was almost nice. Fishing was slow, caught 9 bass, 2 were keepers, all Ned fish, usually they were in the 10-20 foot range. Had a bite on a tube, missed that one. Fish were scattered and hard to find. Could be the water temp had gone down a little, it being around 43 degrees, and that made things tough. Caught a 6XD also.
  3. Quillback

    Jigfest 2019 (spring version) food thread

    I'll bring coffee.
  4. I just go with trying to be as quiet as I can whenever I am fishing. Don't like my shadow or the shadow of the boat to go over anything I am planning to fish.
  5. I did get out today, windy and 35 when I launched at 1030, stayed that way until about 2 PM and it almost became sort of nice for the last couple of hours.
  6. Quillback

    MDC Rant

    Putting a booby trap intended for humans in the tall grass by the road is a POS move. Yeah you got lucky and got your intended victims and fortunately they didn't get killed and fortunately some neighborhood kid didn't end up getting spiked.
  7. Quillback

    Paddlefish poaching article

    I can only speak for the Grand lake blues, but they are a cut above channels caught from that lake.
  8. I remember a time, maybe 25 years ago, where the guides on the White below Bull would do doughnuts on deep holes that were holding browns, theory being the browns would get agitated, move around, and that would get them to bite.
  9. Quillback

    MDC Rant

    That one cracks me up, how do they expect a dog to know it has rabies? I know that is not the intent of that law, but if you take it literally... BAD DOG! You have rabies, quit running around!
  10. Quillback

    Paddlefish poaching article

    Yep, good chance those farmed raised catfish came from overseas and they aren't channel cats. They do taste good however. But I'll take a 3 lb. blue cat from Grand Lake over any of them.
  11. Quillback

    2/18/19 trout Smackdown

    Awesome! Jigfest, less than 2 weeks away...
  12. Quillback

    CWD cure claimed.

    Sandhill crane is "Ribeye in the sky"? BH, can you verify that statement?
  13. Quillback

    Paddlefish poaching article

    Probably not for a while. Easier than saying you don't agree and giving reasons for not agreeing.

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