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  1. This is a new show. He did one before on the White where they were throwing cranks, this one it is Rogues.
  2. Gist of an email sent to me today: District 1 Fisheries Staff aged the Beaver Lake Striped Bass population in 2018 and found that Striped Bass are growing very fast. Biologists can age fish using an otolith; a calcified structure found in a sack of fluid under the fishes' brain. This structure helps in balance and sensing vibrations in water. The structure has annual growth rings similar to those used to age a tree. Beaver Lake Striped Bass grow very fast and reach 28 inches in 4 years. This growth rate is among the fastest in the country. The many high water events experienced on Beaver Lake have led to very good forage populations and the Striped Bass are responding very well. A trophy Striped Bass may be waiting for you in Beaver Lake!! Get out there and enjoy some great fishing.
  3. So today I watched the Jarrett Edwards Outdoors show and he was throwing jerk baits on Antero reservoir (Colorado). They caught some pretty nice trout.
  4. As far as I can tell, they are not archived anywhere. Viewing it on the Outdoor channel may be the only option.
  5. They showed that as a highlight during this show. Big rainbow for sure.
  6. I don't know, maybe the brand you use is more fray resistant? I was using 10 lb. Seaguar. I don't have a problem tying on leaders so it is not a big deal to me going with a leader or not.
  7. I tried straight braid to the jighead the other day. I got bites, but had problems with fraying, so I went back to using a leader. I fish Ned rigs this time of year on the bottom, dragging them through rocks and trees, fraying becomes an issue, braid seems to be much worse than mono or floro when it comes to fraying. Tying on a leader is not that much of deal either, so I'll keep on using one. I'll bring a few spinning reels with me with pre-tied leaders on them, I'll just swap out the reel. If using straight braid works for someone, that's great, but if you want to use a leader it isn't super complicated or very time consuming to use one. No doubt that braid is very sensitive, and really helps in detecting very light bites typical of this time of year. No stretch so hook setting power is better too. And on spinning gear you don't get line twist problems and snarls like other line types.
  8. It runs again on the Outdoor channel, Saturday 6 AM. Bill and company throwing some Rogues, catching some browns. I'm assuming January of 2019.
  9. Not me out there today, football to watch. Not to mention lake has jumped up close to 4 feet.
  10. I could drink a Diet Coke or two. Bottled water should work too.
  11. I'll copy over all that once we get confirmation that we have the permits, but short answer is that it is Big bass, bring it to Eagle Rock to get weighed (you can launch anywhere). We appreciate a $10 donation, which will go to Christian Action Ministries who provide meals for the needy. No trolling, bait, or A-rigs.
  12. Looks like BASS updated their website. It is much faster than last year. First tourney is Feb. 6, St Johns river. Clunn going to win again?
  13. Hollandaise is good over salmon too.
  14. Thanks Brett for setting this up. I am in. I'm sure most of you know, but there are a bunch of other leagues sponsored by tackle companies that are open to joining such as Tackle Warehouse, Spro, and AFTCO. If they are setup as Public, you can join them for free and have a shot at winning free tackle.
  15. Better check mine - I have Cox, if they pull this "Sports Package" extortion thing, I'll be a little upset myself.
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