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  1. Just a note, BVPD does not enforce the POA rules.
  2. There's a hermit that lives on top of Shell Knob (I think he's a retired fishing guide that spent too much time in the sun). Anyway, you hike up to the top of Shell Knob and pay him a dollar and he will dispense fishing wisdom. He chooses the topic for his wise remarks so you never know what you'll get, but what the heck, it's only a buck. Here's what he told me last time I was up there: "He who uses Spider Wire will have spider web in reel." "He who uses Vanish will see lures vanish into woods."
  3. Thanks for the report, I agree, the dog days are here. I'm ready for fall.
  4. There's a cricket In my garage - noisy little sucker.
  5. None of us gets outdoors enough either, so we spend our time hijacking threads. How about those Royals, sweeping the Chisox this weekend!
  6. Good to hear you got into some. Shame about the dead bass, probably rode around in a livewell too long in this hot weather.
  7. What kind of fish were the dead ones?
  8. KVD spanked them, apparently using a spy bait. I guess those things can catch fish at times.
  9. I gave up on boxing about 25 years ago.
  10. Very nice, always fun to run across one of those mega-schools.
  11. A boatload of money for sure. And you have to wonder how many times a year they get out in them? Probably less than 20 days I bet spent in those boats per year. Throw in boat cost, hauler cost, fuel, oil, insurance, I bet it works out to a couple grand per outing, if not more. Good way to burn through some cash.
  12. I might make it out a day or two next week myself. I have set my expectations low, very low, so any bass will be a bonus.
  13. Look at the tow vehicle in the last pic. Serious bucks put into that hauler/boat combo.
  14. Well we ended up chasing the little white ball rather than little green fish. Looks like we may get some rain early next week, might help with the fishing even though looking at the reports some of the guys are doing pretty darned good.
  15. If all else fails, you can get the plants from Burpee.com.