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  1. So what do you guys think of sub-species as far as adding to your count? The reason I ask is that doing some reading on walleye today and the Black river has a genetically distinct walleye population that are native to that river. And there are 3 smallmouth types in Arkansas; Northern, Neosho, and Ouchita.
  2. Wow, you guys whacked them! That's a great day on the Beav!
  3. Walleye are designed for the fillet knife, here's the results from filleting a couple in the 19" range.
  4. I'm assuming AGFC still stocks walleye fingerlings in the Kings and White rivers. As far as I know they collect brood stock from the Kings and sometimes the White. They usually net them around March 15. MDC does stocking when they have "surplus" fingerlings. I'm guessing the walleye I caught yesterday on gravel where there to spawn - but that's my gut feel. Up shallow in 10 FOW, with nothing else as far as bait fish or other fish like bass. Can't see any other reason for them to be there, well maybe getting into some warmer water. Checked out the two I kept, one was a male with
  5. The guys on the Roaring River? Could be, I have never fished there so don't know if the whites run up that far or not.
  6. I'm perfectly happy with my Texas Tackle pliers, but should they ever die I will check out those Xurons.
  7. Casting. I'm pretty confident that if someone wanted to troll a Keitech you could get some wallies.
  8. Finally got a keeper sized walleye - as a matter of fact I caught 2 keepers today. Couple of short walleye too, one was just a hair short of 18", it was tough to let it go when at the time I had one in the livewell, but I just could not get it to that 18' mark. These walleye were all on gravel points in about 10 FOW. One on a Pointer 78 and the others on the 2.8 Keitech. Bass fishing was slow for me, caught 9 spots and only one was a keeper. Most came on the Ned rig. I found a school of them just inside a cove in the trees, they were goofy biters, missed several but caught 5 in t
  9. Good going guys, you did a lot better than I did today.
  10. You're right, at least in my case. If I'm going to bake fish it is always saltwater fish.
  11. Have not watched the whole thing, but though what I'd seen was interesting. Wild Science Webinar: March 2021 - Smallmouth and Ducks - YouTube
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