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  1. Decent summer fish

    That is a nice one for sure!
  2. Huge Brown Caught!

    At that rate of growth there will be a world record swimming around Taney in a few years. I would think once they get in that 20 lb. range they start eating stocker rainbows.
  3. Big Doin's at Bass Pro Today

    One of these days I will go up there and check it out. Unfortunately ticket prices are pretty steep, $20-$30 a pop. Just looked at the price - $40 for an adult combo ticket.
  4. Dam Removal

    Do a search on Elwha river dam removal if you want to look at sediment accumulation and removal. They recently took down 2 dams on that river.
  5. Long Branch report from last few days

    Very nice! I keep wanting to go after some gills myself.
  6. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Phil must have reduced mailbox size, mine was a 166% full. Should be able to PM me now. Congrats Champ on the win!
  7. Good day on Beaver

    Thanks for the report! I need to give that lake a try again.
  8. A little help with Plant ID

    Looks like a monarch in the first photo? AGFC is doing a tracking study, if you want to report your sighting. https://www.agfc.com/en/news/2017/09/06/help-agfc-follow-the-monarch-migration/ Saw quite a few monarchs crossing Table Rock when I was out fishing Thursday, the migration is on.
  9. Big M area 9/14

    Ouch! I was going to say a Speedo. Not that I looked long enough to make a definite identification.
  10. College Football

    Well after watching Arkansas get beat fairly easily at home vs TCU, I am not optimistic for them either. They just looked flat and uninspired.
  11. I have an internet challenged buddy that is looking at one of these Garmin's. $399 at Cabelas. It has Chirp, side imaging, down imaging and GPS. Unclear whether it has built in maps. Seems like a good deal, but checking to see if anyone has one, or has used Garmin and what you thought of it.
  12. Big M area 9/14

    I'm going to say about 3 feet as a rough estimate.
  13. Big M area 9/14

    My first time out on the big lake in a few weeks and I may wait a couple more weeks before trying again. Me and a buddy caught a grand total of 6 bass during the morning, and only one of those was a keeper largemouth, the rest being 12" fish. A couple on jigs and a few on c-rigs. Tried to find some deep drop shot or spoon fish and just could not find many bass out deep, usually September is a good month for deep fishing, but I just can't find them. The shad are everywhere from the backs of the coves to out in the middle of the channel. There are some scattered fish out in the channel chasing shad, but it is so hard to get on them, they just don't seem to be schooled up, at least not that I can find. Beautiful day, good day to be out fishing. Surface WT was 77 when I left. Only saw one recreational type boat and not a lot of fishermen out there either.
  14. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Speaking of Chicago and wild fish sales, there's a book out there, Game Wars, author Marc Reisner (you can find it on Amazon). Basically it is about undercover US fish and game agents going after poachers. One of the operations they conducted was on Louisiana poachers that were netting crappie and selling them in Chicago. Chicago seems to be a good market for freshwater game fish for some reason.
  15. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    And it should be clearly labeled on menus. If they are serving Viet catfish, the menu should say so.

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