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  1. I have to remember to check them out, keep forgetting about them.
  2. So it says that it is "normal" regulating stage for this time of year?
  3. Basically I'll go 1/8 with a 2.8, 1/4 with a 3.3 and 3/8 with a 3.8.
  4. They did brine the roads around here when we had a dusting of snow, whenever that was, maybe two weeks ago. I did not go out so don't know how effective it was. A few years ago when we had a snow storm and the roads, including the main HWY's, were snow and ice covered for like a week, the news crews went up to the border and showed how right at the border it was ice on the roads in AR and completely bone dry, nothing but asphalt on the MO side. Major embarrassment for the AR HWY dept. Since then, if one snowflake is seen, road crews are out in force brining and sanding.
  5. Hound Dog worthy. Black Friday is approaching.
  6. Predictions are for 1.5" over the next couple of days. Remember the good old days when they would predict rain and it wouldn't happen? Seems like lately, if they predict it, it falls, and usually more than the prediction.
  7. It is a short shank. I like them for keitechs. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Dirty_Jigs_Matt_Stefan_Guppy_Swimbait_Jig_Head_3pk/descpage-DJSGH.html
  8. Fished two days in a row. Monday - Left late in the morning expecting fog early, got to the lake at 9 AM and it was still foggy, which kept me around Big M for a while. I haven't had much luck lately around Big M and Monday was no better, couldn't get a bite or find any fish. Fog finally lifted and down the lake I went. Never got on them down there either, got a few, ended up with 11 bass, 2 keepers. Caught nine of the on the Ned rig, fished off points, rocky banks. Wind picked up in the early afternoon, so I worked a Deep Little N off a couple of banks and caught a couple of bass on it, one being a keeper largemouth. Headed home at 2:30 PM. Tuesday - Got to the lake early, no fog in the forecast and the forecast was correct. Left the launch at 7 AM and headed downstream. My favorite rocky point had fish. Saw a few swirls on top, so started off with a 2.8 keitech and quickly caught a keeper largemouth and a keeper smallmouth. The fish lost interest in the Keitech, so I switched out to a Ned and picked up another 5 fish, four being keepers on the Ned, dragging it on the bottom in 10-20 FOW. That was it for the bite off that point, bounced around to a couple of other points, picked up one here and there, but no more than that at each location. Decided to fish a bluff, started picking up spots on that bluff, casting the Ned to the bank and stair stepping it down the until it got down to 30 feet or so, then bring it in and repeat, moving down the bluff. Had a good bite, picked up 10 spots, a couple of them were keepers. Probably should've just stayed on the bluff, but I wanted to try and get another smallmouth or two, so left the bluff and hit some more points and rocky banks. Caught a 12" smallie and a few more spots, but never picked up a good smallie. Called it quits at 12:45 PM. 21 bass, 8 keepers. WT - 53 Three amigos
  9. Well if you're only going to get one, that is the one to get, beauty of a smallmouth!
  10. I'd be too embarrassed to call the cops. The guy didn't want to wade through shin deep water to get to the bank? Sheesh...
  11. Several years ago I caught a 6 lb. bass on a jig on Black Friday, probably my best Black Friday memory. About 10 years ago we went over to my uncles place in Collierville TN for Thanksgiving. My uncle wanted to go to BPS on Black Friday (this was before they moved to the Pyramid), so having nothing better to do, I went with him. We went pretty early in the AM, anyway we got there and I could not believe how packed that place was. Literally shoulder to shoulder with people. Checkout lines were something like 30 people deep. I'll never do that again.
  12. Tried any dock shooting? Haven't myself, but looks like it isn't too difficult.
  13. Hey you were going to release him anyway. Pretty cool to get one to the boat and get a good look at it.
  14. Saw this on another forum, pretty interesting. Reinforces the notion that if you're out on the water, especially on cold water, wear a life jacket!
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