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  1. That's an email from AGFC that I copied, so I can't take credit for it. But glad to see AGFC and the other organizations putting out this structure.
  2. Pneumonia 4 times! Man, I think I'd take COVID over pneumonia. Well I'm 63, fat, eat crappy food and drink too much, so you give me hope should I catch it. It doesn't seem to effect young people hardly at all, sports world, both pros and college, have all kinds of players coming down with COVID and they all seem to do fine. With all that being said, I don't want to catch it, and if I get it, don't want to pass it on.
  3. I'm ready for a fishing goals 2012 thread. I really don't have any specific ones, except to get out and fish.
  4. I have some contacts that are out almost every day and their best fishing lately has been deep spooning. And it is hit or miss, if you find them it is good, if not, then it is tough.
  5. I always cut it up into chunks myself unless it is a small fillet like a bream.
  6. District 1 Biologists worked with Beaver Watershed Alliance to draft a proposal for a large habitat project on Beaver Lake and the project was funded by the National Fish Habitat Partnership! The project is a large cooperative endeavor, with partners from Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Beaver Watershed Alliance, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, Hobbs State Park, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Beaver Lake Office, Bear Creek Bass Club, Northwest Arkansas Bassmasters, Quail Forever, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists, Beaver Lake Crappie Association, Hoo
  7. Saw the following and had to paste it on here. Ya'll will notice that Mr. Folly has been absent, certainly had time to get to Utah and cart away the monolith. I just wonder who the other 3 are? f you’re interested in what exactly happened to the monolith keep reading because I was literally there. On Friday, 3 friends and myself drove the 6 hours down to the middle of nowhere in Utah and got to the “trailhead” around 7 PM after passing a sea of cars on our way in.We passed one group as we hiked towards the mysterious monolith, while another group was there when we arrived, and they left
  8. He needs to know, he may be the world's leading authority on metal 'monoliths'. I expect to see him on talk shows before long, or at least on YouTube. By the way, the one in Romania is 13 feet high (so we're told). A lot harder to transport than a garden gnome.
  9. Flew over to Romania. Mysterious monolith appears in ROMANIA after Utah one vanishes | Daily Mail Online
  10. One of the aggravating things about boxing is that there were all those great boxers who boxed in different times. Ali vs Tyson would be worth watching. I don't know if the rope a dope thing would've worked with Tyson.
  11. Time for another Christmas vacation movie with Clark and Uncle Eddy, they could have a lot of fun with a 2020 Christmas themed movie.
  12. Good luck, it will be interesting to hear how you do.
  13. Looks like Tuesday is going to be a nice day, I think I'll go fishing... I'm paying zero attention to this so called 'Fight'.
  14. Saw a Tesla Model 3 in a parking lot a few days ago, I haven't paid much attention to them, but I thought it was a sharp looking car.
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