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  1. Quillback

    Tragic Event

    This is one of those things that when you hear it you say to yourself "How the heck could this have happened?" I was watching the new last evening and the weatherman was talking about that storm as it approached, he said it was racing in at about 55 MPH, and I thought to myself that it sure could be an issue for anyone out on the water. Going to be a tough one for friends and family of the victims.
  2. Quillback

    Hybrids Stocked

    Yep, they've been stocking them for years as far as I know.
  3. Quillback

    Sunglasses ?

    Always been a fan of grey/green for fishing, polarized of course. I wear prescription lens, so unfortunately I can't get by with the cheap ones. Never have had the "purple haze" problem. Was that what Hendrix was singing about? 😁
  4. Quillback

    Dam area - July 17

    I have been through that cut many a time. Nice place to have a house! How is the Ned working right now? Haven't thrown it in a while, but might soon. I saw someone on Table Rock was having success on the smallies with it recently, so I might throw it some myself.
  5. Quillback

    Invasive species now in Beaver

    Going to be stinking up the entire campground if it doesn't drift away to somewhere else.
  6. Quillback

    Thinking of moving to Arkansas

    Used to live outside of Seattle and fished for steelhead quite a bit. Loved it, and I miss the good old days. Fishery went downhill about the end of the 90's. I live in Bella Vista and am happy with it. A lot depends on what you are looking for in retirement, NW Arkansas area where Bella Vista is located is a busy urban area and it is growing, may not be for you unless that is what you are looking for. As far as Mountain Home area, it is a great place to live for a fisherman. Bull Shoals for lake fishing and outstanding trout fishing in the White river below the dam. If you have any question about Bella Vista, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  7. Quillback

    Dam area - July 17

    First time out in a couple of weeks, I was hoping the fish were in the same places they were a couple of weeks ago, but they weren't. Caught a half dozen bass, 5 were brownies, one was a spot. Nothing big, 13-15" fish. C-rigging a UV Speed Craw got them, fish were deep, they came from 20-30 FOW. I launched about 0545 and was off the water by 10 AM. Pleasure boat traffic was picking up, it was hot and no wind, I was ready to go. I saw only two other fishermen all day, pretty good sign that things are tough. Surface temp 85 when I left.
  8. I knew once these things showed up in Table Rock, it was only a matter of time before they made it to Beaver. I didn't want to get too close to it in case it turned on me and charged, but got a shot of one as it was moving from it's roost to the water. I have no idea what they feed on, but it may have something to do with the dead fish in the foreground.
  9. I've got a Perko cutoff switch installed by my batteries. I flip it off when I roll the boat in the garage and hook up the charger, flip it on when I roll out to go fishing.
  10. Quillback

    Love the summer but......

    I have fond memories of this day last December. Next day the cold front moved in that lingered for a couple of weeks and basically deep sixed the top water bite. http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/topic/61506-december-20-indian-creek-arm/
  11. Quillback

    TR place holder for next week!

    On my infrequent night fishing forays I have discovered that the light from my depth finder attracts bugs, in turn bugs attract bats. Not unusual in that situation to have them bump my line every once in a while. Feels like a bite. I don't like having bats flying around me, so I usually don't run the depth finder. Don't need it anyway when I am night fishing.
  12. Quillback

    Alaska 2018

    Those are some huge sockeye. Lake Washington, which if you don't know, borders Seattle on the west side of the city, would about every 4 years get enough sockeye to have a rod and reel season for them. Just about all of them were in the 3-5 lb. range. Sockeye are the best eating salmon IMO.
  13. Quillback

    FOUND: Spinning rod and reel

    I am a retarded hand switcher, but I've done it so many times it is automatic.
  14. Quillback

    Love the summer but......

    I hear you, starting about mid-November until it gets really cold is one of my favorite times to fish.

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