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  1. My guess is that they'll do well here. Just about any chain restaurant does well here as long as it is in a reasonable location.
  2. Ok you made me look it up. Looks like quite the operation .
  3. Same here, I was always a move down the bank guy, now when I catch a bass I'll fish that area thoroughly.
  4. Really sorry to hear you won't make it John.
  5. I've always thought Millwood lake would be fun to fish, it's big, around 30,000 acres, but from what I have read, has quite a bit of shallow cover - trees and vegetation - to fish. Might be a bit outside of your range however, it's near Texarkana. Bois D'Arc is nearby, 5,000 acres, so you'd have a couple of options. No idea on lodging, but I bet a little internet searching and you'll get some options. And like Ham says, lots of options in eastern OK.
  6. Hook, Line and Sinker in Rogers will often have printed fliers about tournaments. Don't know if they have them for every tournament, but every time I go in there I see some.
  7. Some good fishing, how often do you get out there and never see another boat? Very cold here in Bella Vista this morning with a pretty stiff wind out of the north. Nice full moon that is just setting above the horizon to the west.
  8. Yep, If you and Donna aren't out there it must be REALLY cold.
  9. I agree, the west is a neat place. Even on days the fishing is tough, you're usually in some great scenery.
  10. Sorry to hear you did not get into them, sounds like they have lock jaw. Does look like from the graph images that they were chasing the shad. Lots of water moving if the mudline is down at Big M, it hardly ever gets muddy there.
  11. Well I watched it, interesting to see what they were doing. A lot of white baits early, white jigs/trailers, white spinner bait (Martens), white buzz baits and white top waters. Martens finished up catching off shore spotted bass on a drop shot in clear water, while runner up Montgomery finished up fishing the dirty water flipping cover.
  12. Floodgates are open on Beaver. Amazing how much water has hit the ground around here lately.
  13. Not sure why they stopped running at Bull, but I guess they have their reasons (maybe down stream flooding?). TR heading to 920, Beaver is over flood pool, lots of water that needs to be moved out.
  14. Yeah 7-9 ET, should've mentioned that. My apologies.
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