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  1. Any lake you want (or river) but no private waters. Has to be public water.
  2. Looks like the getting wrapped thing is the deal - didn't know about that either.
  3. Quillback


    Something I forgot to mention in my report is that the gar are schooling and are just thick in some spots. If the water is calm it is pretty easy to spot them as they are up on top and swirling, and I assume eating shad. I don't know how much longer they will be up as it gets colder. Was looking around for some gar videos and found this one - the guy does a good job on explaining on how to make a rope lure and then proceeds to catch a few.
  4. Cool, I made my donation so now I am in too. I'm hoping for a 20" smallie. Extremely unlikely, but a man has to have goals.
  5. Got out today, cold start to the morning but overall it was a beautiful fall day. The fishing was tough, not real tough, but I had to fish hard for what I caught. Could catch one here and there but never found a hot spot, did a lot of moving around, mainly fishing points and rocky banks. Caught some Ned fish, most of them were shallow, couldn't get a Ned bite out past about 10 FOW. Got a few deep ones on a 3.3 Keitech, slow rolling it off the bottom in 20 FOW. Main channel for the most part, I didn't get back in any coves - probably need to start checking that out to see if they are
  6. Pretty sure since Joe Bald is closed down as a COE park that it is free. I don't know the whole lake, but around Big M there are quite a few neighborhood ramps that are free. Viney has a couple, there's Emerald Beach, I know of a couple in Carter branch. I couldn't tell you how to get to them, but they are there.
  7. Well I went out today and zeroed myself, well technically speaking I did catch 3 very small bass that putting all three end to end might have made a 15" keeper. Thought I had a pattern down with the Keitechs but nothing doing. I did have a good fish of unknown species break me off on a tree back in Indian creek. That fish was on a Ned rig. Shad all over the place near the top, why the black bass and stripers aren't feeding on them is a mystery to me.
  8. I like Rainbow Shad and Sexy Shad in the clear water and in stained water I'll throw Sight Flash.
  9. 3 bad tourneys in a row for me, so now I am just playing for a 1 in 10,000 chance to win the week over the whole world and get the free stuff.
  10. Yes, I also thought it was good.
  11. Just saw the movie Anthropoid . It's about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich by Czech agents dropped into Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia during WWII. It's tense and grim, but worth a watch IMO.
  12. "lance you look like a strong young pup".
  13. Launched out of Indian Creek, early in the AM, was hoping to find some stripers chasing on top, but there wasn't much activity. Think I saw a couple popping shad, but not enough for me to chase. Spent some time chasing smallies, caught half a dozen, 2 were keeper sized. What worked best for me was tossing a 3.3 Keitech on a 1/4 oz head in 20 FOW, letting it sink to the bottom, then slowly reel it in. I targeted rocky points and gravel points, but the rocks seemed to fish the best.
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