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  1. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Time to start talking food and who is bringing what. We've got 18 stayers and I am guessing 10 or so that might come over for dinner. So if we are planning a fish fry for example, we're going to need a lot of fish. Thursday night everyone is on there own. Do the fish fry Friday night? Saturday night, what should we do? Open to suggestions. Might be a good idea for some of us to bring lunch meat and bread for sandwiches for boat lunches. I'll probably bring a case or two of water and diet cokes. As far as other cold beverages, bring your own.
  2. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    I forgot about the fish Muddy made for us - the Cobia was excellent! If I ever go saltwater fishing and catch one of those dudes, it is going home with me.
  3. Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

    Talked to board member Stein whose company employees machinists. I want to say they start, right out of school, at $15/hour plus full benefits. He was complaining that other companies will hire them away, give them a raise and a $5,000 signing bonus. His company is in Nebraska. I may have the details wrong, but that was the gist of my conversation with him. Sounded like plenty of overtime is available also.
  4. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    Gives you a reason to come next year. Like you need one, LOL.
  5. Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

    Better to have the robot factory here than in China. Plenty of machinist jobs out there from what I hear, and again based on what I hear, those jobs mostly involve controlling machinery that does the actual machining.
  6. Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    We definitely need a "salad guy". I don't recall seeing a green, leafy vegetable for 3 days. We did have that sort of salad like dip, which is very tasty. As a matter of fact, I remember that someone chopped up some fresh cilantro and added it to the dip - so there was one green, leafy vegetable to be found - that is if cilantro is considered a green, leafy vegetable. Oh yeah, the Pisole (another excellent dish), had green broth.
  7. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    I don't know what my personal low temp record is for going fishing, but I recall one morning where it was single digits on a Washington winter steelhead outing. I also caught a 15 lb. steelhead that day, my personal best, so I set two personal records that day. If someone from Minnesota sees this thread, they'll humble us all with tales of ice fishing in below zero temps.
  8. The White River Song..... from Jigfest

    David Allen Coe - was that the name of the musician for one of the songs he played? Want to get it right so I can look it up and find some music. Lyrics were great.
  9. What are these called?

    Yankee lures...
  10. Who was the joker?

    That yelled "Whoo Hoo!" or maybe it was "Yee Haw" out by the lodge at 0200 in the AM and woke some of us up this morning? This mystery must be solved, Miles thinks I am crazy, or I heard a donkey braying, but Mike heard it also. I just can't remember if it was Whoo-Hoo, or Yee-Haw, being that it woke me out of a dead sleep, LOL. That aside, had a great time. The food was outstanding, and all of us are thankful to those of you that brought and prepared the food. Outstanding fried walleye/flathead/crappie/taters/onions. Some great fried mushrooms. Great breakfast made in a wok. Great pulled pork and homemade BBQ sauce. Killer deserts, some of the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life. Great homemade sausages. I probably missed something, there was so much food it was impossible to taste everything. Thanks to Ham and Brett for taking me out in your boats. Fishing was pretty good, tough conditions, some dirty water and wind made things challenging at times, but I think everyone did pretty well at catching some fish and had a good time. Hopefully we will do this again!
  11. Ozark Hellender Restoration

    I have never heard any of the bios associated with hellbender restoration name gigging as a reason for the decline. I see no reason to restrict gigging on streams containing hellbenders. Poachers that are capturing them to sell in the illegal pet market aren't going to gig them for obvious reasons.
  12. Size vs Quantity?

    There are bigger fish to be caught. Fish a jerk bait on the White and you will have a shot at catching some very nice browns - assuming a certain level of competence on the fisherman's part and a boat is a big help. IMO it should be a special deal to catch a nice fish, not something that happens on a routine basis because bigger fish are stocked. Right now, if you go fish the White below Bull during the week, you might see a handful of boats during the course of the day. 40 miles (or more) of river teeming with trout with hardly any pressure. Not only that, but plenty of bird life and critters to observe during the day. Leaves are down, some great views of the countryside to be seen. It's a pretty good fishing experience, but you need to get out there and do it - not to be mean, but people sitting at home at their keyboard that aren't out fishing and enjoying what we have, but yet are critical of it - I don't hear these complaints from the folks that are out there fishing. I found it to be a privilege to fish the White this past weekend and I appreciate the folks who took me out there in their boats and gave me the opportunity to fish the river. I have zero complaints, well I could complain about the wind and the water fluctuation, but those are things a person just has to overcome. Having a challenge makes it better, right?
  13. Size vs Quantity?

    agree both places rock for fishing...but could we do better? and how do we get there? I don't know that we could do better, and at the same time please everyone. I'm happy with the way it is now, but I only fish below Bull a time or two a year.
  14. Size vs Quantity?

    Every time the Feds try and wiggle out of stocking trout on the White below Bull, the local lodges and guides rise up in arms. As Phil says, many, if not most of their clients are people that want to fish Power Bait and catch a limit, to be followed by a shore lunch Personally I think they've done about as good as can be expected as far as managing a fishery that can provide limits of stocker rainbows for those that want them, but yet provide some quality brown trout and an occasional nice rainbow. I have fished for trout all over this country, Taney and Bull are pretty darn good fisheries.
  15. Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

    Biggest loser IMO is the budget. Last I heard this bill adds another $ trillion to the debt. Maybe it won't matter, we seem to muddle along even with 20 trillion in debt. But if there comes a day when it does matter it won't be pretty.
  16. the feedbag is still on

    If you and Donna go, see if AGFC will let you borrow one of their thousand gallon fish hauling trucks. Bring back your possession limits of big smallies and stock them at Big M.
  17. Who was the joker?

    Well this person could be in big trouble, BCPD (Buffalo City Police Department) is investigating. They sent out the BCPD CSI team today to investigate. Not much in the way of evidence, but they did find an empty Zig Jig package and a half eaten walleye fillet in the area the suspect was last heard. The evidence was sent to the BCPD lab for DNA analysis. They WILL find who did this. Personally I suspect Miles, he strongly denied he was involved, but I am not buying it. And I thought his attempt to pin the tale on the donkey was weak and very suspicious.
  18. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    I was a bit lazy in my picture taking, here's a couple: A couple of shady looking dudes that blasted past us at high speed and spooked all of our fish. Up river from White Hole:
  19. Whitescenery.jpg

    From the album Jeff's other pics

  20. ShadyDudes.jpg

    From the album Jeff's other pics

  21. Indian Creek 12/3

    Sorry guys, been on the White river for a few days and missed the jig question. That's a Tightline jig, I think it is what they call "Mama Bream". 1/2 oz FB jig with a Yamamoto GP twin tail grub as a trailer. I have also used a 3/8 oz Nutech finesse jig in 3/8 oz with the same trailer. If the wind isn't bad I'll go 3/8, if it starts blowing I'll go 1/2.
  22. Indian Creek 12/3

    Went over to Indian Creek early in the AM and fished with Mike M. Early it was flat calm, as you can see from the pic. That's when the fish were biting. The smallies were hitting jigs and there was top water action, mostly stripers but a few black bass also. We caught the smallies dragging 1/2 oz football jigs with craw or twin tailed grubs dragging them in 5 - 20 FOW. Once the wind picked up, and it really started blowing, the bite slowed down. We totaled about 15 bass, mostly smallies, but a couple of spots and one largemouth. One smallie went about 3 lbs., the rest were in the 12-16" range. I had two stripers blow up on a pencil popper, one was a huge explosion, but he missed the popper, had another blowup, just felt a tick, but he didn't get enough of the lure. Saw one boat fishing for striper that came in a bit later after the wind picked up, he was in the right area, don't know if he caught any. Saw water temps from 57-59, given the forecast that won't last. Quite a few eagles back in Indian if anyone wants to do some eagle watching, that's not a bad place to go. Saw some turkeys too. This post has been promoted to an article
  23. Official Jigfest #4 thread

    OK, here we go, Ham is requesting the weekend of 12/9, which is about when we usually hold it. We'll need to get a rough count of how many people will be staying at the lodge so we can notify Miles.

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