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  1. Well I am thinking weekend of the 31st of October. Was waiting to see if there was any interest in having another one.
  2. The deceased will no doubt have a toxicology report done by the coroner.
  3. Couple of goats on one of the overpasses on I-49 south of Fayetteville. News says they were 'euthanized'. Too bad, AGFC missed out on a chance to make some revenue issuing goat permits.
  4. It was cold and foggy this morning, 52 degrees when I launched. Fishing on this lake continued to be tough for me, caught one keeper and a couple of shorts on a squarebill. I stubbornly stuck with the squarebill all morning, covered a lot of water with the bites being few and far between. Still some scattered fish chasing small shad out in the channel. Quite a few small shad up on the banks too, but I'm not seeing any bass on the banks chasing them.
  5. Once, about 7 or 8 years ago. Caught some spotted bass on worms. Beautiful lake, bluffs on one side with lots of timber, other side the banks aren't as steep. I would think the gill fishing should be good.
  6. Yes it is not some sort of super dangerous spot, certainly you have to pay attention when making that turn, but it is not some kind of scary white knuckle deal. It's on the main White river channel and sees lots of boat traffic during the summer. I haven't heard of a crash there until this one. Hard to know what happened in this case, I am hoping that the survivor recounts what happened so we can all know and maybe learn something from this tragic accident. And as Bill says, if you are going upstream, staying to the right, there is plenty of visibility.
  7. It is more of a case of them finding me. Of course, if I really went looking for them, I would never find them.
  8. Tuna steaks are awesome! If you guys are going to stay at Erik's place then somebody needs to take the lead on getting it organized on how many can stay and so on. I nominate Erik as he is of course in tune as far as capacity and what ya'll will need to bring. So it's on the weekend of 12/12 staying at Erik's? Again I'm fine with it, but we should make a decision one way or the other.
  9. Can you come up with something that scares white bass away? 😄 I used to like fishing for them, but got burned out on them. Now they just get in the way.
  10. You can buy 25 lb. bags of fish feed from Tractor Supply. You have to be consistent, go to the same place every day at the same time and throw some food in there.
  11. I had heard it was on the turn near Emerald Beach. Certainly is a place that a driver needs to be wary of when traveling through.
  12. KY3 news update. The Missouri Water Patrol is investigating a deadly crash after two bass boats collided on Table Rock Lake. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a father and son from Gentry, Arkansas were killed in the crash. Investigators say Ted Dossett, 55, and his 14-year-old son died from injuries. Next of kin have been notified. Investigators say the crash happened in the Viney Creek Area around 7:30 a.m. Friday, less than a mile west of Point 24. That area is north of Golden, Mo. near Emerald Beach. According to MSHP, an unknown factor caused one boat, driving two
  13. Do you guys want to stay at Erik's place? I'm OK with that, but we need to decide so we can let Miles know one way or the other.
  14. We'll get in on the weekend of the 4th if the 12th falls through.
  15. I was up there a couple of days ago and it was slow for me, had 6 sub-legals. the fish appear to be scattered and in the main channel feeding on shad. If the water is calm you'll see them chasing shad on top. They are really finnicky, they are feeding on inch and a half long shad and are keyed on them. A small fluke worked best for me, had quite a few bites on it, but they were just tapping it for the most part. I can't find a top water that they like. Pretty much pulled my hair out trying to figure out something they would like. Didn't try a small rooster tail, Road Runner, or mara
  16. Quillback


    Sad reminder to all of us to be careful out there on the river. BAXTER COUNTY, Ark. (KARK) — A body has been recovered from the White River in Baxter County Thursday night. Around 5:42 p.m. the 911 call center received a call regarding a possible boating accident on the White River near Buford Spur with one man in the water. The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas Game and Fish Officers, and fire/rescue personnel were called and a search for the victim was started. According to deputies, the victim’s son told authorities they had put the boat in the water at Buford Spu
  17. Miles is going to try and get an answer from the folks that have the reservation, so hopefully we will know soon.
  18. I talked to someone who knows an Emerald Beach resident that was knowledgeable about what happened and it looks to be a bad accident. Now mind you this is what I heard so I'm not saying any of this is written in concrete. 2 bass boats collided near Emerald Beach, one boat went over the top of the other, killing both occupants in the boat that was ridden over. Father and son being the victims. Don't know how many were in the other boat and to what extent they were injured. Accident happened around 8 AM. No fog or anything hampering visibility.
  19. No, have not heard anything. I know someone that lives near there, I will see if they do.
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