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  1. Don't know myself, but I like the look of those baits!
  2. Looks like a white to me. Table Rock has some really nice sized white bass and that is a dandy for sure!
  3. I've been researching the Minnkota products myself, still have a Fortrexx and I'm too cheap to upgrade, but I sure do like that spot lock, one of these days I'll pull the trigger and get an Ultrexx. You may know this, but the built in transducer is apparently only compatible with some of the newer Humminbird depth finders - they have a list on the Minnkota website. At least that's my understanding from what I have been reading.
  4. Don't know why you guys are directing your fire at the Ned rig? I don't believe Champ is a "champion" of the ned. If you want to get on his case, make fun of his jersey. 🙂
  5. Didn't see anyone on the rec use side, at least the article didn't mention anyone.
  6. Sizzle is not good, sounds like a short. Did you check to see if there is water in the trailer light containers? Sometimes the seal goes bad and water gets in there and causes problems.
  7. Saw in yesterdays' paper that farmers that farm along the lower White river are filing a lawsuit against the COE. They are claiming the COE changed it's water management policies to favor recreational use instead of focusing solely on flood management. The farmers have been flooded out several times over the last decade or so and are suing to get paid for loss of crops caused by flood damage. That's a basic summation of what I read. Don't know if this will lead to changes in the way the COE releases water in the future.
  8. Well here is this years winner (again) Kbilb. He won it with a 3.2. I think he should change his moniker to KVD-bilb as he is dominating this like KVD dominated BASS. Fishing was a bit on the slow side, especially for keepers. Heard numbers of fish caught ranging from 20 to 4 per boat. Rock Crawler, Shaky head, and Ned were some of the baits Iheard mentioned. Phil and Bill put together an impressive bag fishing the Float-N-Fly, you'd have to ask them for details on how they were doing it. Thanks to all who brought food & drink, thanks to M&M for getting the permits, and I am sure Christian Action Ministries appreciates the donations! A couple of the runner-ups: The gang, huddled under the roof as the rain drops fell:
  9. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  10. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  11. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  12. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  13. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  14. Yes, Clear Cast is the only place I know of.
  15. Very nice, and I did hear someone honk as they were crossing the bridge this morning, guess that was you!
  16. Good to see you again Randy, and we'll definitely do it again. Thanks for that smoked bologna, never knew it could taste so good. I'll post some pics tomorrow when I have some time. Congrats to Kbilb on yet another win!
  17. That was you! Son of a gun, would've stopped by and talked if I knew it was you. I was going to fish that point, but saw you there.
  18. Nice morning to begin the day, full moon on the horizon, not much wind to begin. Right off the bat there were some bass swirling on top at what I assume to be shad, never saw any shad, but those fish are eating something. Threw a LC 115 jerkbait at them and had a good bite for about 45 minutes. Caught 8 on the jerker, 3 were keepers, but nothing big. Had one on for about 2 seconds that pulled good, but it pulled off. Always a head scratcher when something can get hooked on a lure that has 3 sets of super sharp trebles but manages to get off. Breeze picked up, it got pretty windy as a matter of fact and no more jerkers. Threw a Ned for a bit, but just couldn't get anything going with it, wind wasn't helping. Threw a DT 10 on some chunk rock, caught a spot, that was it. Went to the 3.3 Keitech on a 1/4 oz head, picked up a fish here and there on it, a couple were close to the bank, most were in 10-15 FOW. Had a nice brown fish to the boat that got off, the rest were sub-legal spots and LM's, Caught 18 total, only 3 keeps. WT ranged from 46 to 49.
  19. Brian we will miss you but certainly understand, good luck up there, hope that water moves out soon.
  20. Looks like a decent morning with some rain later in the AM, but doesn't look to be any T-storms. We'll set up by the pavilion which is right off the entrance road, you can't miss it. I plan to get there around 0630.
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