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  1. Hope your in-laws pull through, I think that it's a good sign that they did not develop the respiratory effects.
  2. Thanks for the report, good to see some being caught!
  3. Oh, man! 4 pages of boot advice and no one thought to ask if you unlaced your boots before putting them on/off. LOL!
  4. Nice! I didn't get a whole lot of bites on Beaver today, but they whacked it pretty good when they did, as you experienced. Keitech for me.
  5. Put the boat in the water about 0645 just as it was getting light. Not much wind and a cloudy morning. Saw a little surface activity early right out in front of the launch, thought there might be a striper or two out there, tossed a pencil popper at them, but the only taker was a 13" spotted bass. Gave up on them after a bit and headed for the bank to toss Keitechs. It was a tough slog for most of the morning, by noon I had 5 bass and 2 walleye, 2 of the bass were keepers, 15-16" fish, one largemouth and one smalls. Both of the wallies were keepers, one being a solid 20" fish. About noon the bite picked up a bit, caught 4 more bass, 3 of them being keepers smallies and added another keeper walleye. I don't know if they started biting or I happened upon the right place to fish, but it was nice to find a decent bite to close out the day. I'm slow rolling the 3.3 Kietech on a 1/4 oz head. I like to roll it for a few feet, then kill it for a second or two, then repeat. Most bites are coming when it drops, or right when I start swimming it again after the drop. Points, rocky banks, and secondary points inside coves were the best places to have a chance at a bite, hard to know where those places are going to be, no sign of fish or bait, but every once in a while you'll run into a bite. WT 54-56, water pretty clear with a little bit of a green stain back in the front of Indian creek.
  6. Quillback

    What's Cooking?

    Deep frying some hybrid chunks right now, baking some steak fries, and simmering some of Bush's beans out of the can. Gourmet cookin'!
  7. Catching a 5.2 makes it a good day. Congrats!
  8. Not crazy about them either, but have yet to be sprayed. Dogs are another story. If I went for a stroll in the woods right now, I wouldn't expect to see a skunk, ticks however...
  9. Man I hate ticks, I'm OK with about everything else in the woods, but not ticks.
  10. Not here, biking and walking trails are packed, kids out playing baseball, golfers golfing, lakes covered with boats; motorcycles, vintage cars and convertibles on the roads. It was in the 80's today, and it was like what you'd see on a warm spring Saturday as far as activity. I don't know if this is wise behavior in view of the virus situation, but it is what it is. I picked up some redworms today, going to see what the bream are up to tomorrow.
  11. Meindl makes some great boots and hiking shoes, very comfortable, and Goretex lined which will keep you dry in most situations but they aren't meant to be wading boots. I have a pair, I've used them for pheasant hunting in Kansas, for hiking, and I wear them in the winter when I have to step in the water to launch my boat. However, they ain't cheap - $200-$300 depending on model. But a good pair of sneakers can run you $75 these days, and personally I would not wear sneakers out in the woods. Lots of hiking shoes out there if you're looking for something sneaker sized, but heavier duty.
  12. Bull is still rising, they just had it down to 660, we had this rain event and now it is close to 674. Running full generation, they can drop Bull about 6" a day, so we're looking at close to a month to get Bull back to 660. And they haven't started yet.
  13. That's it! I guess I should go to the tongs, still been using my hands to pull the mail out. BUT, after reading the Donald's guidelines, he did NOT mention tongs.
  14. So today in the mail I get a postcard - President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines for America. I have to think this went out nationwide - anyone else get one?
  15. Would like to see the green line on the graph start pointing downwards.
  16. Nice smalls! Don't feel bad, I know someone that is a regular in that area and it has been tough. I am hoping this warm weather will get them going.
  17. I hope I don't get that desperate. I don't have anything against Roland, but it has been a loooonnnnngggg time since I have watched one of his shows.
  18. Yeah I quit watching the news on this a while back, I just check a news site first thing in the AM to see if the world hasn't ended yet. Fishing one of the local lakes here in Bella Vista today, first sunny warm day in a while. Tons of boats out on the lake for one thing, and then there is a nature trail deal on the other side of the dam, runs for about 1/2 a mile, they have little signs on the trees identifying them, couple of bridges over the creek, but that's about it. It is real popular for some reason and it is open to the public. All kinds of people on it today, lots of kids, and some of the kids were wading out in the dam discharge water, water temp 57. Social distancing, HA! Everything is closed, people are going to get out on these nice days.
  19. My sources are all struggling to catch fish right now, I think this sunny, warm weather will help a bunch. Looks like more rain on the way Friday, hopefully it won't be much, weatherman last night thought there was a chance it might miss us.
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