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  1. That is pretty neat - hope that engine light is no big deal.
  2. Better plan on bringing your flipping stuff for the picnic table bite, Vernon should have the lake up to 932 by then.
  3. I can't catch those 6 lbers., glad to see someone does before the bass die of old age. So far, nothing over 6 has been weighed at the Big Bass deal.
  4. The elusive trouppie (cross between a trout and crappie)!
  5. Vernon arranged for a little preview last night.
  6. And make sure your bilge pump is working...
  7. That is pretty neat and one less rat in the world is a good thing. Hope that fish gets more.
  8. Smallmouth like to come investigate rattling and clicking stuff. 3-4 lb. smallmouth can get you in the money. I like a clicker on my c-rig weights too, sometimes pausing the c-rig and just shaking the weight can get bites.
  9. Daryk, I think you look just fine for a 70 year old. I hope I am as in as good as shape as you are when I get to that age. 😃
  10. I do spend some time "analyzing", but it doesn't seem to help.
  11. Thanks for the report - probably a river I'll never float, but neat to see the pics and read the story. My condolences on the loss of your friend.
  12. Z-Man Slim Swimz are an excellent little (2.5") swim bait for crappie. I can't get them to work for bass so I don't use them much, but they have worked for me in the past for crappie.
  13. Hey Phil - Do you know if any of those giant triploid browns are still in there? If so, you'd think they'd be feeding on these shad and getting even bigger!
  14. In my buddy Jeb's boat. We fished mid-lake from Monte Ne to Ventris. There's stained water from roughly Horseshoe Bend park down to Monte Ne and gets clearer as you go north. We caught 15 or so bass, nothing impressive size wise, lot of 12 inch spots and a few that were in the 13-15 inch range. I think the only thing I remember us catching them on were small Keitechs. We tried some other stuff, top water, spinner baits, shaky head, jerk baits and jigs but all we could get them on were those darn Keitechs. We also got 4 crappie, 3 of them were good ones - a couple of short walle
  15. Fished Beaver today in a buddy's boat and even though we were targeting bass, we did catch 4 crappie and 3 of them were good fish, one went 14 3/4". 2.8 Keitechs got them.
  16. Well I was rooting for Gonzaga, so sorry to see them lose, but no doubt the better team won. Baylor's defence was stifling, give them an open look at a three and they hit it, and any miss they had it seemed they got the rebound. Very few open shots for Gonzaga also, they had to work for every shot.
  17. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  18. And be sure and add some lime juice, nullifies that hair tonic taste of gin, and adds vitamin C to prevent scurvy. 😃
  19. It is caused by a parasite that gets into your blood from the bite of a mosquito. An Anopheles mosquito. Anopheles is Ancient Greek for "useless". There are hundreds of mosquito variants that fall under the heading of Anopheles, and one strain lives in our part of the country. Fortunately for us, the parasite has been eliminated throughout the range of that mosquito here in the US. I also read that an estimated 400,000 people die annually from malaria, most of the deaths are in equatorial Africa.
  20. Yeah I bet you are right. The phrase "Namebinikaa" means "There are many white suckers" in Ojibwe.
  21. Well if I was to place a bet, I'd say it is a Western Creek Chubsucker. And a good one as they supposedly max out at about 10 inches. No record for one listed in AGFC state records BTW, but Arkansas is in their range of distribution.
  22. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

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