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  1. Are you running straight braid on the JB's, or adding a leader? @JestersHK
  2. Randy can give you some advice on the upper end, he probably hasn't seen this, I'll tag him. @rps
  3. I'm going to 'fancy up' some Kastmasters (paint them white on one side, add a feathered treble). Toss them upstream a bit, let it tumble down with the current, 20 lb. brown sees it and WHAM! FISH ON!
  4. Weather.com has a more optimistic forecast. Not saying it is right, but I like it more than that one. 🙂
  5. I'll probably try and catch some live coverage.
  6. Didn't know they were in MO, but I guess they are. EFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) congratulates Bryant Rackers of Bonnots Mill for his impressive fishing after catching two more state-record fish. Rackers now holds state records for white perch and sauger, both of which caught on the Osage River in November. Rackers has made a name for himself, as he already holds two other state records. He tied the record for skipjack herring Oct. 27. He’s also the current record holder under “alternative methods” for a blue sucker snagged in 2018. “I’m pretty excited,” said Rackers. “It feels really good holding these records. Especially because there wasn’t a record for white perch, and this is the first alternative records method for sauger.” Rackers was fishing with his pole-and-line Nov. 23 when he caught the perch. “I was out with my girlfriend on the river that day and we were actually trying for walleye and sauger,” explained Rackers. “When I reeled it in, I thought it was a white bass. I looked at it and said, ‘Wait, it’s not a white bass or a hybrid striper. I think it’s a white perch!’ So, I checked the record and said, ‘Well, heck, it’s open!’” The perch weighed in at 10-ounces. It was verified on an MDC-certified scale in Osage County. One week later, Rackers went on to break yet another record – this one for sauger. “Sauger is what I’ve been targeting for about three years,” Rackers said. “But I don’t anticipate holding this record for very long because it’s not that big of a fish.” The sauger, caught using a throwline, weighed 2-pounds, 1-ounce. Its weight was also verified in Osage County. For his two latest state-record fish, Rackers said he’s mounted the white perch, but has other plans for his sauger. “I’m hoping to break the sauger record again with a bigger fish,” he explained. “That way, it’ll be a little harder for others to break and I can stay in the record books a bit longer. That one I’ll mount.” Rackers is no stranger to MDC’s Fisheries division. He holds a wildlife conservation degree and used to help raise fish at MDC’s Lost Valley Fish Hatchery in Warsaw. He said his fishing experience has contributed to his success, but he offered some advice for those looking to break state records. “If you’re really determined to break a certain record, just stick with it,” Rackers suggested. “And don’t get discouraged if someone else gets the record before you do. My girlfriend wants to get a state record and that’s what I’ve been telling her. Keep sticking with it.” Missouri state-record fish are recognized in two categories: pole-and-line and alternative methods. Alternative methods include: throwlines, limb lines, bank lines, jug lines, spearfishing, snagging, snaring, gigging, grabbing, archery, and atlatl. Thirteen state-record fish have been caught so far in 2019.
  7. Everybody must be up on that end of the lake, probably because of that good shad bite up there. I saw one, and only one bass boat yesterday, and I saw only 2 on Tuesday. No recreational boats whatsoever. Did see the water patrol and a work boat. Just not seeing the shad in the creeks, maybe I am missing them, but they are hard to find if they are out there. No birds, no topwater schoolers. There are scattered shad around.
  8. I have a pair Cabelas Guidewear insulated bibs, I hate wearing them because they are bulkier than heck, but they do keep me warm.
  9. Nice! I have been experimenting with that rig myself, just not seeing the fish deep like you're seeing. Every once in a while I'll see one or two, but not enough to spend much time messing with them.
  10. Mainly in the channel or cove mouths. I'll send you a PM.
  11. This tree had some nice foliage last week. Now it is gone, must have been some wind in the area. 😄 Fishing was fair as far as catching, I love being out fishing, but some days are better than others when it comes to putting fish in the boat. Still digging them out of the rocks and trees, the fish I catch are almost always at least 10 feet deep out to 30 off steep rocky banks or points. I did get a couple on cranks in front of the buck brush, but I had to throw cranks for two hours to catch those two fish. Caught 9 on Tuesday, 14 on Wednesday, 3 keepers each day. Mostly spots, one meanmouth and a couple of largemouth. Ned rig, tube on shakey head, couple on cranks, and one on a small swim bait. Early in the AM when the water is flat, there are a few coming up on top, they are scattered, not worth chasing IMO, but if they are close enough I will throw a small swimmer at them - caught a short walleye doing that and one bass. Water temp was about 50 Wednesday afternoon.
  12. Here's another one for ya, caught yesterday on Table Rock.
  13. Well sounds like everyone is still committed, so I guess we'll still keep it on.
  14. So is the river going to be unfishable at these flows? If so, we should reschedule, maybe for March.
  15. It's looking downright balmy. Lows in the 30's, highs near 50.
  16. Well hope it all works out. If not, we'll improvise.
  17. So hard to tell sometimes. It does seem to have a faint lateral line. Nice fish whatever it is.
  18. Ahh, I figured out you guys are talking Norfork, thought you were talking White.
  19. Not an expert on the flows for sure, but it looks to me like they are running 14,000 CFS through the generators right now.
  20. Nah, going to stuff the frozen bird in the microwave, figure I can speed thaw it in a few minutes.
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