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  1. Well good to hear you got into some nice fish. Sounds like you have your own personal "stalker".
  2. Coppermine is the only place I can think of. It's right on the east side of the 12 bridge.
  3. Speaking of Tenkiller - BASS magazine has a pic of a guy holding a 6 lb. 10 oz smallie from Tenkiller.
  4. Nice looking lake, looks as if the water is high but clear.
  5. I always wondered about how many people bass fished there. Sorry to hear you couldn't get a place to fish, I was curious how the bass fishing was there.
  6. Good for you on having a good time, that it what is important. This is a tough time of year to fish the Rock as far as catching numbers of fish. If you do come back for a fall trip, I would wait until at least mid-October, fishing can be really tough in September.
  7. Have not tried it, as a matter of fact never heard of it till now. Looks like it should catch fish - you'll have to let us know.
  8. Way to go! I am jealous, 4 days of camping and fishing.
  9. Well I have not been to Table Rock in a while, but a buddy of mine fished a club tourney on Tuesday and they had some success on Ned rigs on steep banks and bluffs. If I was going to go, I'd do like Bo says, look around for bait and/or fish. I would check gravel points and points at the mouths of coves. I'd probably try swimming Keitechs deep, dragging jigs, C-rig, and maybe try a drop shot. I would be out on the lake as early as possible. Might be worth fishing docks later in the morning too.
  10. I remember reading an article years ago where people where cutting disks out of ray wings and selling them as scallops. Scallops are tasty, if ray wings are similar they would be worth keeping.
  11. Quillback

    What's Cooking?

    I am dining on bream fillets tonight.
  12. Quillback


    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  13. Bferg has excellent advice. I would add that your best bite is going to be early or late most likely. I'd probably go right to a jig myself, with an eye out for top water fish. Half ounce bluegill pattern or GP/Orange. And I'd use a Rage Craw as a trailer, pinching the first two segments off. I have found that PB&J color in the Rage Craw seems to be a great color for smallmouth. Smallmouth will hang around trees out in 10-20 FOW, trees and rocks is a good combo. I'd drag that jig on the bottom, and also swim it. I'd like to get out there myself and give it a shot, maybe next week after the 4th weekend is over.
  14. I think that they are still waiting on the Mississippi and/or the Arkansas rivers to recede before they start releasing water. if anything it should provide good cover for this years fry, hopefully leading to good numbers to catch down the road.
  15. Braid on a spinning reel eliminates all that line twist/loop stuff. You can add a leader at whatever pound test or type (mono or fluoro) you want.
  16. Are you seeing fish on the finder? If I'm vertical drop shot fishing, then I need to see fish and I'll move around until I find them.
  17. It's easier to throw a heavy lure with a bait caster, at least for me. Top water fishing for stripers, I need long distance as the fish are spooky and you need to get that lure on them fast. I'll throw my 3/4 oz top waters with a 7 foot rod and 12 lb mono. It doesn't hurt to have clean spool bearings on your bait caster. You want a rod that is rated for the weight you are throwing. If you're getting close to 50 yards, that's pretty good.
  18. You guys done good, those are some quality fish.
  19. Cool, I haven't used a Lazy Ike in many years. Lots of action on a slow troll.
  20. Interesting read, hard to compare a study on a 15 acre lake compared to something as big as Table Rock and the bass that live there. https://www.post-gazette.com/life/outdoors/2019/06/13/Largemouth-bass-fishing-Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania/stories/201906130067
  21. Quillback


    I haven't been up there since the water came up, but I talked to someone a couple of days ago and they said the Kings was mud with lots of wood floating in it up around the 86 bridge.
  22. Yeah you're right Wrench I don't think he made a lot of money. I think every bass forum out there has a Mike Long thread running.
  23. No tourney until August. You'd think they would have one in July.
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