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  1. Cool, that would be great if we can get after them. Fall bite is squirrely, hard to predict.
  2. You and the Billethead are welcome to go with me and we can look for that fall bite. If Marty can get one on the fly rod, well that would be awesome. @BilletHead @curtisce
  3. I don't know of any myself, but I would suggest dropping by Hook, Line and Sinker in Rogers, I bet they know of a night time tourney or two.
  4. Had a plan, do some early bass fishing, then catch some gills. Brought some red worms for the gills, brought 4 dozen with me as the reports I was reading were showing 6 year old kids loading the boat with big gills. Well those kids sure beat the heck out of me, I caught exactly one gill. Caught somewhere between 6 and 8 spots on the worms and a couple of short eyes, but I could just not find those gills and I even tried Babler's secret spot. Sometimes the fish win, and I hate it when they do. But, the bass cooperated fairly well on the swimming the Keitech deal, also got a keeper eye on the Keitech. Caught 21 bass total, only two keeps, but had fun on the spinning gear. Got run off the water about 11 AM. Quite a few fishermen out there today too. Very nice morning for August.
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    From the album: Jeff's other pics

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    From the album: Jeff's other pics

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    From the album: Jeff's other pics

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    From the album: Jeff's other pics

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    When I saw "51" I thought you were going to try and claim today was your 51st BD. I was all set to call you out on that one. 54 this AM here in AR.
  10. Yes, what Bassmeister says, you've just got to get out there, that being said, for me personally August and September are usually very tough months on Beaver, I probably won't be out on it again until late September at the earliest. Jaxfishin - there was a good bite in the larger BV lakes on Keitechs a couple of weeks ago which was the last time I was out. 3.3 Keitechs on 1/4 oz heads, mid lake areas. Get out at daybreak and look for fish chasing shad on top, toss the Keitech at them or you can slow troll them too.
  11. Courtesy dock at Eagle Rock is on the beach.
  12. You can order wax worms and have them delivered, but the delivery time may not fit depending on how long you are there.
  13. Thanks for the update on the gills, I have a few things to take care of, but hope to be on the water later this week. Going to be bringing some redworms and maybe some crawlers too. Do any of you get find any redears around those gills?
  14. Congrats on a great trip! That really is an amazing number of walleye on Table Rock, or any lake that you don't need a float plane to get to.
  15. Yep, Happy 75th my friend! You still get around pretty good for an old feller. šŸ˜œ
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    From the album: Jeff's other pics

  17. Yeah same here, I'm just too far away. You might want to post your request in the White river section, could be some of the guys that are local to the White may not see this in this forum.
  18. Glad to hear you made it out OK, part of the outdoors lifestyle is that sometimes a person can get caught in some bad weather.
  19. They were annoyingly abundant in the sound. I have eaten blue shark, they used to sell it in the stores when I lived in Mass. It was pretty good grilled.
  20. Always wondered why sharks would not bloat, now I know. Used to run into big schools of spiny dogfish while salmon fishing in Puget Sound. Bait stealing thugs, I hated those things. Never did try and clean one and eat it, but I hear in Europe they are sold in fish and chip shops.
  21. Looks like some good fish to be had. I have driven over that lake several times, and watched that Elite series event and just never have been too impressed with that lake. I always thought that during bird season, if a guy had a boat, you could get into some pheasant hunting that is away from the crowds.
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