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  1. I don't fish it as much as I used to, but always found it to be effective around docks. In the late summer and fall when top water fish get finnicky it can work for them.
  2. Quillback

    Sculpin IPA

    Saw this at Walmart yesterday, thought of a couple of guys on here. @Johnsfolly, @Daryk Campbell Sr
  3. Good point, didn't think of that.
  4. Got to the lake at dawn, looking for top water striper action. Long story short, never really found any. Covered quite a bit of lake looking for them, saw a few coming up by Clifty, stopped and fished there a while, caught one 18" striper and had one that was the size I was looking for, take a whack at my top water when it was about 20 feet away from the boat - I felt him grab the bait and reacted a little too quickly and I think I probably pulled it away from him. That was about it for striper action. Spent a couple of hours fishing around docks for bass with a 3.3 Keitech, caught 5 bass, 2 of them were keeper sized smallmouth. Also caught 4 short walleye, they were all 16-17" fish. Pulled the boat out at 10 AM before the weekend rush got going.
  5. Well he can unleash a weather system but hasn't yet gotten the turning off part down yet. So they start over Table Rock and drift all the way out into the Atlantic - passing over St. Louis on the way east.
  6. Adam Sandler should not be allowed to wear any Bruins logo clothing. Has that guy ever been in a good movie?
  7. Just a warning - Ya'll should be nice to Vernon, make him mad and look what happens.
  8. Water has some power. I read somewhere that the Arkansas river has reached record levels as far as water flow.
  9. Dang, sorry to see you go. Hopefully you can get back and see us for the OA One Bass tourney.
  10. Makes sense I guess. Yeah too bad they could not do Bull or LOZ, but I like the idea of changing the hours around.
  11. From the AGFC Rules: Drive, harass or pursue trout with noise, objects, boats or by wading to concentrate them. And I'm not directing this at anyone here BTW.
  12. I remember when there was a time that guides would run their boats in circles on a 'hole' where the browns were and they'd also throw rocks into the water. Theory was that it got them to move and if they get moved they are more likely to bite. They'd stir up that hole then fish live sculpins. That practice has been made illegal, the stirring thing, not the sculpins.
  13. Looks like there are 2 of you. 😃 I can understand not fishing Grand, and I was expecting them to cancel it with all the water they are getting. Don't want to see a TR redo, I'd be happy to see them fish Beaver, I know Beaver is tougher, but I'd like to see one where they have to work for their fish.
  14. Those guys are accurate with their casting, Jacob Wheeler is another guy that can put a top water exactly where he wants to, every cast. It takes practice.
  15. Yep good win for Martens. Nice to see him win it, but would've been happy if Andy Montgomery has pulled it off.
  16. That would be pretty neat to see.
  17. OK, this one was free, just to show you guys my powers of prognostication, next tourney, I'll PM anyone my best guess if you send me $5 (PayPal preferred). 😜
  18. This is the first year in a long time where followed hockey to some degree. Maybe saw 10 regular season Bruins games, and have watched all the Bruins playoff games. When we lived in Boston, way back a long time ago, the Bruins had the Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito team that won a Stanley Cup, and that's the last time I watched a lot of hockey. Bruins were on channel 38, one of those UHF channels that we didn't get the greatest of reception as we had an antenna in those days. Could hardly see the puck. Only good thing about those days was it was the start of the helmet era, but they phased the wearing of helmets in, the guys that were in the league at the time the rule was passed didn't have to wear a helmet, and they didn't. It was good for the fans because it was easy to recognize players, nowadays you've got to know the players numbers. But the game is so much more watchable with HD and a big screen LCD then it was back then.
  19. Got to the launch just as it was getting light, cold and a bit breezy out. Went looking for top water striper activity and did not find much at all. Had a few blowups close by and caught a hybrid that went about 4 lbs., but after that saw just a couple of isolate blowups. Did some motoring around all the way to Clifty looking for stripers, never did find any. So, fell back to plan B and started fishing for bass, threw the c-rig for a bit, caught a few smallies on it, tried the Ned for a while, caught a couple on it, finally fell back on the 3.3 Keitech and found some fish on a cove bank that had some docks. The fish were either around a dock or off the bank in 5-10 FOW. Caught 15 bass, 3 were keeper sized smallies. Dark clouds were beginning to loom, so I left around 1 PM. WT 71, water is stained green pretty much all around the dam area.
  20. Well I expect to be outnumbered by you Blues fans on this forum, but I can handle it. First game isn't until Monday, really would like to have them start this thing Saturday.
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