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    Shad is great for blues, used to net them in Grand, then slow troll one off a bottom walker. Haven't done it in 10 years or so, but it really worked, especially this time of year.
  2. As mentioned in the other thread, add in some Wheaties. Stuff is like glue.
  3. That's some pretty good fishing, you have those jigs dialed in.
  4. Well I have to report the bad when it happens, and today it was bad, caught 5 bass, 4 dinks and a 15" smallmouth. Jigs and worms, for what it is worth. Missed a few solid thumps which didn't help. Beautiful day, well except for the cold, foggy start. Monarch butterflies are moving south, saw quite a few crossing the lake. Saw a few eagles and some deer. Great day to be fishing, but not much catching going on, at least for me.
  5. Cool, any day a person can catch a couple of three pound bass on Beaver is a good day!
  6. Glad to hear you will make it Brett. Les won't be able to ,make it and I am thinking he provided the fryer last year? So we probably need yours. I can get the oil.
  7. My fall striper fishing experience is limited. I like Evergreen SB's in size 125 mainly because they cast a mile. Fall fish seem shy of them for some reason however, they eat them up in the spring. They make a smaller SB, a 105, I might try that this fall if I do any striper fishing. I talked to a guy several times last fall that was fishing some of the same areas I was - he had some days where he tore them up on an Alabama rig. Here's the bait that worked for me last fall, it's a tail spinner, weighs about an ounce, casts a mile, but it is a fairly small profile. I like to rip it though surfacing fish, pause, rip it again. You can also let it go deep if you want. It is made by Lunkerhunt.
  8. I was hoping you'd get more replies, kind of curious myself about what is working. You'd think a buzz bait would be worth fishing, squarebill too. I caught some bass on Table Rock this week on a 1/8 oz shaky head with a 6" worm, that may be worth a shot. I would look for banks with wind on them. Might try a spinner bait with the water up like it is.
  9. Had a buddies dog get hit by a rattler when we were chukar hunting in Washington. My dog was right next to her when she got hit, but he didn't get bit. We were three miles from the truck, so we had to walk back and so did the dogs. By the time we got to the truck, the side of that dogs face was badly swollen. Then we had a 45 minute drive to the vet, vet had some old anti-venom, injected her and she recovered well. I remember the vet saying something like they had stopped producing anti-venom, but he still had some in stock. I suppose if the dog survived that walk and the drive she probably would've made it anyway. Only would see snakes out there the first couple of weeks of bird season, then it would get too cold for them after a couple of weeks. Only saw a few, but it was always in the back of your mind that they were out there.
  10. Well here are my last beans for the year from my August planting. Supposed to be a hard freeze tonight. Getting tired of the darn things anyway.
  11. Are you asking about the tailwater below Beaver dam? The border permit does not cover the water from the dam to the Houseman access.
  12. I went and looked at the MLF webpage and the jersey he was wearing looks like the one the refs wear.
  13. Dodgers out, many had picked them to win it all. Would love to see TB beat Houston tonight. Could end up with a Cards/Yankees series.
  14. I roll into Big M at about 0645 and there's a truck by the ramp. There's a guy there outside his truck, and he's wearing a jersey, except it looks like one of those MLF referee jerseys- has black and white striped sleeves. Anyway he made a few casts then drove over to the other side of the park and went fishing on the bank over there. Nothing wrong with jerseys or fishing off the bank, but seeing someone in the refs jersey wasn't something I have ever seen except on TV. I got the boat in the water and got out of there pretty fast, didn't want to get a 2 minute penalty. But the fishing was pretty good today - got a lot of bites, had a problem converting those bites into fish in the boat but I bet I had at least 50 bites and out of all those bites I only managed to boat 15 of them. I had a good smallmouth on a Whopper Plopper that threw the Plopper right next to the boat. Had another keeper sized smallie get off a crank, and to add insult to injury, a spot then grabbed the crank and it got off too! Lost another good smallie on a shaky head. Shaky head was the best bait for me today, 6 inch Roboworm on a 1/8 oz head. Got a couple on the plopper, a couple of drop shot fish, and a couple on a crank. Didn't find many drop shot fish today, there were a couple out there, but couldn't find them like last week. Most of my bites were in 5-15 FOW, and the best banks had wind on them. Steep banks and rocky points with wind were good today. Saw a bass boat out there today off the bank on a flat, looked to be drop shot fishing. 5 guys in the boat. I am thinking it could've been a guide with 4 clients. Surface temp 73. Air temp was 41 when I launched!
  15. I used to watch them on Ebay, but lately haven't paid much attention. The original Wiggle Warts will get the most money, Mag Warts don't seem to bring as much. Locally, there is demand for craw colors which I don't see a lot of in your collection. I'd say watch Warts on Ebay in the colors that you have and see what they go for.
  16. Little Sugar creek is out of its banks and is an angry brown in color.
  17. Raining hard right now at my house, very little wind so these clouds don't move much and are dumping water. There was a break in the rain about 9 AM, so I took the dog for a walk - I thought the rain was about over then, but I was wrong. Looks like Beaver is already up about 8 inches.
  18. Ya'll did well. Looks like a log perch, but I am probably wrong. JF would know. @Johnsfolly
  19. Riley's Station rents boats, don't know if they are Shawnees however.
  20. Well it won't be the same without you, so you'll just have to make it.
  21. Sounds good - pulled pork is good for lunch too! I'll get a food thread going as we get closer.
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