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  1. ell I just shot myself in the foot.

    My original lineup was Zaldain, Pipkens, Gustafson, Yelas, and Herren - I decided, after reading some "expert" advice, to switch out Zaldain, Pipkens, and Yelas for Herren, Combs and Hudnall.

    Zaldain is 1st

    Pipkens is 4th.

    After day 1 I could've had 3 of the top 4.  

    It's early, but most of my guys, with the exception of Gustafson, are already significantly behind.


  2. There's a certain dock in Beardsley that holds schools of jumbo sized largemouth year round.  Pretty easy to catch, just cast a wacky rigged Senko near one of the dock cables and wait for the thump.

    However, one of the dock owners is a bit psycho.  If he sees you anywhere near the dock, he'll throw rocks at you and make nasty comments about you and your family. 

    There's also the rabid mink that inhabits that dock, sneaky little devil, you won't even know he's there until you feel him chewing on your ankle.  

    PM OA member Abkeenan for GPS coordinates to the dock.

  3. 33 minutes ago, ness said:

    I've gotten a couple cortisone shots, the most recent one in May. On a two week vacation this summer, which included a lot of walking, I didn't have any pain whatsoever. Doc says you can't do cortisone too frequently or it accelerates the decline. Earlier this month it went downhill fast though. It's more than just the shot wearing off because it was never this bad. Don't remember any injury. There's some stuff they can shoot in your knee that's supposed to be much better and longer lasting than cortisone. Hyaluronic acid made from cock's combs. Brand names Euflexxa, Sinvisc, and others. Not covered by insurance though so it would cost me about $1,000 a year. Might do that in lieu of surgery. 

    I have had one knee replaced, before replacement it wasn't too bad and all of a sudden it got so bad I had to hold on to the wall for a minute when I got out of bed in the morning.  I jacked around with the cortisone shots but looking back should've just gone with the replacement and got it over with.

    If you go that hyaluronic route it will be interesting to hear how it works out for you, just in case my other knee starts going south.

    Getting the knee replaced is not fun, but the pain during the rehab part was never as bad as it was before the replacement.  

  4. Well I don't have either two of those guys in my lineup.  And it's all about who I have.  😄

    I do have Feider, and he is spinning out.  Looks to me to be one of those tourneys where there's going to be a bunch of guys doing around 20 lbs. per day.  If you have an 8 lb. day (Feider) it's going to be tough to overcome that deficit.

    Other 4 guys I have are doing OK.

    Harvey Horne, my Bella Vista homie, is doing well, I don't have him on my team because basically he hasn't done well at all this year, but hope he can hang in there and contend.


  5. Been reading some Adrian Goldsworthy - he is a Roman historian and has written quite a few books on different subjects from that time.  It's pretty readable, written more for the layman than other historians.

    And he does write some fiction, the Vindolanda series of which there are now 2 books with another due out soon.  It follows the adventures of a Centurion named Ferox stationed in what in now England.

  6. 49 minutes ago, Lake Lover said:

    That's another thing that confused me a bit as I had several areas where they would be busting on top early but the ones like on mo huzgrs pic were just not interested.  

    The docks are another spot I should probably try more also. 


    Are they busting on small shad?  If so, try a small spoon, like a 1/4 oz Kastmaster or a 1/2 oz jigging spoon.  You have to be fast, cast it right to the boil as soon as you can, let the spoon sink for a 1/2 to one second,then give it a rip.  Rip and drop back to the boat.  

    I like to spray paint the flat side of a silver Kastmaster white - I use Krylon spray paint - and hang a #6 feathered treble on the back.  I use 5 lb. Maxima on a light spinning set up.  They aren't named Kastmaster for nothing, you can launch that 1/4 oz with the right tackle.

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