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  1. I started fishing an ALX Zolo McSmalls this year, 7 1/2 foot rod.  I use braid to flouro leader and this rod will cast 1/8-1/4 oz jigheads with 2.8 or 3.2 Keitechs very well.  I also use it for 1/8 oz Ned rigs.  It's a great rod for those applications and I really enjoy fishing with it.  I've picked up a couple of accidental stripers on while fishing keitechs and it can handle them, though it is a bit adventurous.

    Think I have a pic.  One thing it is does not have a full cork handle which for some is a must have, 



    This one also came on the McSmalls.




  2. 52 minutes ago, Champ188 said:

    What the heck is that carpet/floor covering on his front deck? I'd get dizzy looking down at that and fall out of the boat! 😂

    You know how paranoid guides are when it comes to their secret spots - that's a  camo pattern - in case someone is out there flying a drone around looking for where the guides are fishing.  No way that boat can be spotted from directly overhead.  

  3. They stock grass carp here in the Bella Vista lakes for weed control purposes.  I accidentally snag one every once in a while, certainly would be fun on the fly.

    In the winter sometimes I'll see one on it's side or belly up acting real sluggish almost like they are dying but as far as I can tell they are healthy, dunno what is up with that, maybe you guys do.  Anyway I like to sneak up on them when they are like that and whack them with my rod tip, talk about an explosion, LOL.

  4. 4 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

    Oh you mean the ones that show up in nearly new cars, carrying Coach purses and texting on an Apple 11Pro while standing in line?  

    Yeah, no. 

    Tell ya what though, I gave a very pleasant and hard working waitress a tip big enough to make her cry yesterday.   Is that good enough? 😊

    Well I'd say if you gave her that tip with the thought that would be your OA entry fee, then that would work, or if not, next time out you can do the same (assuming good service from the waitress).

    No one has signed up yet BTW, I will to get the ball rolling, I am thinking I'll hit Beaver that Saturday, might have an outside chance at getting an 18" smallie.

  5. August 7 at the pond behind the Metfield Clubhouse, open to children between 3 and 15.  POA membership not necessary.  Registration starts at 7;30 AM, fishing is from 8 AM until noon.  Call the lakes department (479.855.5068) if you have any questions.

    Parents do not need a license but must not aid children in reeling in the fish.  Participants must provide their own bait and tackle.

    In the past they have always stocked catfish for this event and I assume they will this time also.  Pretty much cut grass down to the edge of the water so lots of space to spread out.


  6. Not being much of a tourney fisherman myself, I'm fine with people putting out piles.  

    Always have heard rumors as far as people baiting piles with something like dried dog food.  As far as I know it it legal to do and I've never seen a tournament ruling that says you can't fish a baited pile.  Curious if anyone has seen this or if it is just a rumor?

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