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  1. Ran out of gas on the Gas can! What's the rest of the story? We were 5 miles from the ramp on the Duck River 2 summers ago. Engine sputtered. I went in to get drinks and ice and left buddy filling up rig that was almost out of gas. He forgot to check the boat. We floated down stream for a while on trolling motor and came on a house. We bought his mower gas and made it back to ramp.
  2. Ammo of any type or caliber has been in short supply since the riots started back in the summer. Then ole Elmer Fudd and sidekick are threatening to set up shop and tax anything that goes bang.
  3. Crows?? I always cripple the first one. When it flops around and makes noise, the others really get stirred. Then you pick off as many of the rest as you can. We used to hang dead crows around the corn cribs for decoys. I spent many a day in the shelled corn shooting crows, black birds, and a few squirrels as a kid. My Crosman 140 pump up 22 air rifle was dead on.
  4. I thought most parks went to online for the Covid. I know Corps camps are.
  5. I don't have the antlerless option in my county, would have to travel.
  6. This season was letting the others hunt first. I was with all three and giving advice. I have alternative season all to myself.
  7. Hit 60 east at Springfield, then south on 55 at Sikeston. Probably not much farther and good roads with lots of holiday traffic. I like 160/142 in the fall pulling a boat for the scenes. Fuel consumption much less at 55-60 than running 80.
  8. I was thinking speed boat course on the Gravois Arm first thought. Whatcha going to run on that track??
  9. Short casts and short rods, 7.5 5x should work fine. Those streams are usually 8' rods for me in 4 or 5 wt. Tailwaters are 9 or 9.5' rods and longer leaders.
  10. They make tools for the primers that make inserting them easy. I use a speedloader system. The original seasons were for "primitive methods". I hunted percussion for years. Even shot a doe with a rifle and finished her with a Hawken Pistol. I always carry a sidearm. Took one with a 357 revolver one year. I resisted inlines for years, never saw the need for one. Then the newer shotgun primer ones came out and I bought one. Light and tack driver when loaded right. Fun to shoot. The addition of the America Rifle in a pistol format has led to another venture. I have not taken
  11. I misread the post. I guess Phil is looking to hunt Mussels. I don't think you need a rifle, just a keg of black powder and a fuse.
  12. I stopped by a local gun shop today that specializes in Americas Rifle. I needed a couple of sling swivels on my latest deer rifle. Older guy comes in the busy crowd, wearing a mask. Looking for ammo for his handgun. Clerk walks him back to a fairly well stocked selection due to present conditions. He starts arguing, "its twice what I normally used to pay for premium rounds." Clerk replies that there is an ammo crisis due to conditions that have occurred this month and the past Year! He starts babbling, "didn't you take civics class? Nothin going to happen, we have a democracy here
  13. Inlines are nice, fool proof single shot rifles. I like Traditions rifles and pistol, I have several ranging from percussion sidelocks to inlines that use shotgun primers. I stick with the loose powders and get better accuracy than pellets. I like the Hogdon Triple 7. My sidelocks use Goex loose powders. I started shooting the smoke poles as a kid and learned on a TC Hawken 45 Cal. He had a Ruger Single Action pistol in 44 cal that was fun to play with. You have to care more for the guns if you use traditional powder like the Goex, it is corrosive. Triple 7 is sugar base an
  14. Made a new buck slayer. Nice little 5 pointer on Sat.
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