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  1. TN is nice this time of year. A few weeks ahead of us.
  2. Has that black tail thing going. TN causes that. Probably nuke material leeching out of the watersystem. Pretty common in TN. Never see that around here.
  3. Wading or did you drag the jet?
  4. Is it wear in the piston sleeves that cause the power loss and eventual doom? Poor oiling?
  5. jdmidwest

    Ho Ho Ho

    First time at Montauk back in the 80's, we arrived late and occupied a campsite and stayed up even later. I awoke from my slumber that morning, I slept in the truck bed in my sleeping bag. I looked over the bedside to the ground where my buddy had a bad habit of sleeping on. There he lay in his bag, half under the park bench, and a skunk sniffing around him. My first thought was to wing a beer bottle at him and wake him up. But then I realized I would have to smell him the rest of the day. That was the last night he slept on the open ground. From then on, it was a tent or on the par
  6. jdmidwest

    Ho Ho Ho

    I hope you were going outside to look for nuts to lure it out. Never figured you to be scared by a little tree rat.
  7. Lettuce, spinach, radishes, and Alaska Peas are up and doing well. Strawberries are blooming. I covered up the beds for the last 2 nights here. Low 30's and frost, but the wind has kept it spotty. If the wind dies, full frost. Tomato plants outside now will just sit and wait for warmer weather to do anything unless you can heat them up like they did in a greenhouse where they came from.
  8. jdmidwest

    Ho Ho Ho

    They have always had a big nest of them.
  9. jdmidwest

    Ho Ho Ho

    Modern weasel. Its a little tiller. Mantis
  10. jdmidwest

    Ho Ho Ho

    What deal thingy is that.. Does it resemble a tiller??
  11. Since there are 10k to 60k bees in a hive, 1% gets the message across. Move the hive 5 feet and they get lost coming back. Put a bush in front of the opening of a night and move them 5 feet, they come out in the morning, see something different, re-orient themselves and find the way back.
  12. He was a fellow beekeeper with over 200 hives. Served as President of the Missouri State Beekeepers. Wrote several books on it. At the wedding he made references to the Queen bee as he spoke to my wife. I reminded him later that the male Drone either dies after mating or is expelled by winter. We had a good laugh. He was the pastor of a beautiful little Presbyterian Church in Jackson, an old historical place. We held bee meeting in the basement every 4th Tuesday.
  13. I tuck my pants into my Muck Boots every time. And my 8" leather hunting boots also. Helps keep the tick off my legs.
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