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  1. I like the Lews spin reels. Best bang for money. Shimanos have been dropping like flies lately. I can get them in a few trips with what they put out for less than $75 bucks. But that Lews has been going strong this season.
  2. It's still a rough fish. Invasive species. Good target for wanton waste...... Give me a drum any day, they hit a lure like a bass.
  3. Not really.... A bass is a sport fish.
  4. How can you cheat at killing roughfish?
  5. That white face sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyone could have spotter that one unless you were high on nail polish.
  6. So, was it a game violation this time or trespassing?? Nobody seems to pay any attention to the op. Grey Bear had a run in with the agents and he has not fessed up to what they were looking for. Then someone got off on the 4 stroke thingy.
  7. How big was your fine this time?
  8. Forgot to try mine last time at Pickwick, was fishing Neko rigged Senkos that day. Need a pic with a big TN smallie on one. May toss one tomorrow on Spring River and try to stoke up a wally eye here.
  9. But 4 strokes are quieter and smoke less........
  10. jdmidwest

    My Bees.

    I have been doing this since 2013. I had went from a single hive to a peak of 19 in a few years. Then the small hive beetle attack of 2016 wiped me out to 3 hives in a few months. The following spring, I had planned to start building numbers again. I had to put that off a year because of the second round of cancer and radiation that followed. The last year has been the best I have so far, wintering 9 out of 10 hives, only losing one. Beekeeping has become a game of how many can you keep going with all of the pest they have that bother them. Varroa mites, small hive beetles, wax moths, and pesticide losses are all new things that plague honey bees. I have been experimenting with new methods and think I have the pests under control so far.
  11. jdmidwest

    My Bees.

    I have split the hives at the farm and put the honey supers on. Later on in July, I will probably break those hives down all of the way and replace the queens and start them out fresh. They have been running on there own for the last few years, the comb is getting pretty old and who knows how old the queens are in the boxes. They have not produced much honey last year and it is time to change things up. A queen is normally only productive for a few years. At the other place, I have been nursing the 3 splits and getting ready for expansion. I went down to feed the splits on Monday and heard a buzzing noise. Noticed a few more bees in the air where there is not normally bees. One of my hives had swarmed, I had a clump of bees about the size of a coffee can on one of the trees at about waist height. Perfect, grabbed a nuc box and a bee brush, then sweeped the clump into the hive. Of course, that made several hundred bees to go airborne, but the queen dropped into the box perfectly and the rest joined her. I put the lid on the box and sit it beside the tree. The remaining bees started flying and walking into the box. Her pheremones were strong that day, I could smell her scent in the air. It was a strong fruity smell. The alarm smell reminds me of bananas, but this was different. That became hive 14. Today I added more honey supers to 3 hives. All of the hives here have younger queens and are stronger. The 2 I bought last year have different genetics than the ones I have been working with from the first and they have better characteristics. Calmer and more intent on making honey. Spring is looking fine for the bees. Too wet for anything else. Can't mow, till garden, or get alot of things done.
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