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  1. jdmidwest


    Add a couple of window weights on one side of your pants and you will balance out better.....
  2. Probably makes them walk slower into oncoming traffic or increases their urge to commit suicide in front of a car.
  3. Just saw a Motorguide 45 on FB Tri County jet boat page for $200 used.
  4. Not me, kid got tired of all of the political BS on Nick. He likes Last Man Standing and started looking. Me and Wifey starting wondering if we have to explain where he found all the crooked dick and tit lift stuff to his parents.
  5. jdmidwest


    In a raised bed, you are "Micro Farming". Pull it out and be done. Don't need no stinking chemicals messing up the mix.
  6. I bought a new MinKota 55 last season and like it. Quieter mount than the MotorGuide 45 it replaced from the factory. No frills and gets the job done.
  7. Watching Sponge Bob with the Grand Kids last weekend, it was all Black Lives Matter and Queer Prided commercials on Nick. We switched over and started watchin Last Man Standing and it was all the Crooked Penis problem and the Boob lifting Bra. The idiot box is really working hard for the low end mentality dollars.
  8. If they could only come up with a vasectomy for the Covid scam, we could all get back to normal
  9. They are ripe, pick them. Depends on the brand, most have white in them. Some are all green.
  10. Pulled honey off today at the other place. Made about 5 gallons off the 3 producing hives. Left a bunch of honey on them to keep them strong. Hive beetles were scarce in the ones I checked here. But that one nuc had got nailed by them.
  11. Yep, it can happen pretty quick. A nuc I made this spring was pretty weak. Checked it today and it was slimed by hive beetles and failed. Took it down to the end of the yard and broke it up to let the bees scatter that were left. Lost 8 hives this spring to the cold snap we had.
  12. June dried up at farm and has been borderline drought, this will be the only harvest there. Hive beetles at house have been managed by mineral salting ground around hives and spraying pymethrin on ground. I have removed inner cover on all hives to get rid of hiding places for them. Going to have to do something different at farm.
  13. jdmidwest


    We have a Pyrennes Husky mix at the farm. Nasty dog, stinks like death. He will kill stuff onsite. He can kill deer and other dogs. But, he is gentle around everyone. Don't even have to speak to him, he knows from a look or a sound. I grew up around dogs and have had many, but none in the house. Never have been bit by a dog until dealing with lap dogs.
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