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  1. The government mandated them, so they must be good for you...
  2. The inflator on the defective ones tends to go off like a frag grenade spewing shrapnel into the passenger. That is why they recall it.
  3. My Yota just got another recall on the passenger side airbag. Seems like the first jap airbag they replaced was defective also. Going to try again. At least the driver side is safe, who whats to go on a road trip??
  4. All it takes is a little fire and some battery acid to make a meth lab
  5. Dam, lost a toe?? Good thing that LOZ water makes you grow extras.
  6. Why don't you post that over on the Bennett Spring forum. We are talking airbags here.....
  7. Someone needs to invent a small jackplate for those big pucks. The one on the Nitro kicks up a huge wake all over the side of the motor.
  8. I like the Garmins, but the puck is huge, almost like a little kayak hanging off the back of the boat. Screens are nice and they have a sharp echo.
  9. Hi Cap Rifles Trump Pistols any day. Pistols are for sneaking around or backup when you run out of all the rifle ammo you are carrying. Firepower is power.
  10. So, when they go off, do they eject the rider into the air so they land safely in the grass?
  11. Away from the computer for a day and Wrench whips his pickle out. Why haven't the blame all my problems on someone elser's put airbags on a motorcycle yet?
  12. Nice photoshop there. I had a hard time backing my Crappie Pro up when I was there. I would have hated to be the guy dragging that one. Did a helicopter drop that in for you? As far as the other stuff. I am happy with him as a mechanic and a person. Forgot one, was that a 4 stroker Merc on the Scarab???
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