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  1. jdmidwest

    Terre Due Lak Lakes

    Deep and clear. Stocked regularly. Can be tough to fish if you are there for first time. I have fished Shayne, Capri, Marseilles, and several of the ponds. Its ok but not great. Weekends on big lakes will have tubes and skiers going round and round. Only owner boats allowed. Second the Big River.
  2. jdmidwest

    2018 Garden Thread

    That is simple enough. Tomatoes are putting on soon. My raised beds are doing well. Lettuce, strawberries, and spinach now. Snow peas blooming and 4'tall. Tomatoes in and about 12" high. Cucumbers, Zuchinni, and Jade beans up. Green peppers are foundering, stunted by cold. Tilled the main garden yesterday and planted a row of sweet corn, more cucumbers, squash, green beans, okra, and some flowers. Need a shower now to get them going. Bees are strong this year. Started with 3 hold over hives at the farm, bought 2 new hives, and made 3 hives from splits at the farm. Clover starting to bloom now and added new boxes this week because they are filling them up so fast. Gonna check and add more at the farm on Sunday on way back from Spring River float.
  3. jdmidwest

    The World is Coming to An End.

    Looks like Korea changed mind too. Guess I misread the signs. I need to go fishing
  4. jdmidwest

    Planning a smallmouth trip, need advice

    That is a stack for a little car. But it is a Yoda, it can handle it. I remember a time when the truck went in to the shop because a garbage truck hit it while picking up trash and the only rental was a Dodge 2 door Shadow mini car. Foam blocks and 17' Grumman on top, roped off good front and back. Almost a weekend of firewood in back seat and camp gear in trunk. I drove it with overdrive off and used cruise control to control speed. I was peeved that it was all they had to offer as a rental. Garbage company had to pay a little extra in the long run. I was nice and warned them, I have a truck.
  5. jdmidwest

    The World is Coming to An End.

    Crap, that was 2 years ago. Thats Liberal media for ya.
  6. jdmidwest

    The World is Coming to An End.

    First, Lava spewing out of the earth in paradise. North Korea wants Peace. Massive hail storms in NE Missouri. Now, 2 headed deer in Minnesota. https://www.livescience.com/62571-two-headed-deer-minnesota.html What is the world doing, its going to end soon. The news.
  7. jdmidwest

    What is it

    If that copperhead is 4' 5", then the guy holding it is only 3' tall. Or something is way off on the perspective on it.
  8. jdmidwest

    BilletHead Bees

    That is a pretty big swarm, rent a lift to get it. Or try to follow them when they lift off
  9. jdmidwest

    303 Protectant

    One thing I always noticed about 303, it never really felt greasy, just slick. I just went to Google and looked it up, no petro, mineral oil, silicone, or alcohol. Water based. Worked good on fly lines. Last time I saw it around here was in a box of wipes and I used them all on my yaks. Gonna have to look for more. 303 Product Page
  10. I did not realize Bullheads were rough fish. I considered them quite the sport in my younger years fishing with Grandpa.
  11. jdmidwest

    Went to St Louis on Tuesday. Got Mugged.

    My thoughts on the matter at the retreat seemed to hit home on some. It is what it is, nothing we could do to stop it or prevent it. Fight it and win but face death because it will all get us sometime. Its the one thing we all have in common, death gets us in the end. Live every day while you can because some day it will end for all of us. I watched a cheesy movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West, during this time. It was full of people getting whacked by stupid stuff. On the way to St Louis with my daughter to the meeting with the docs, we came across a wreck site on the interstate, a fire and rollover was evident by the mess on the road. I later found out it was a friend of mine that probably wasted his life drunk and at hi speed texting at 3 am in the morning acting like some teenager in heat not like the adult he was at 47. He left behind kids and died pretty stupidly, for no reason. He never even saw it coming I am guessing and I pray he never felt it. During those weeks of treatment and recovery, I lost a few more friends, but none of them knew it was coming. I now know mine is coming but will never know when. But I am ready as I can be. My life has new viewing.
  12. jdmidwest

    303 Protectant

    Probably use it to cook meth with, the stuff is really good. Maybe it was for security reasons.
  13. jdmidwest

    303 Protectant

    The black bottle stuff was what I was used too. All the labels on the one time use was black also. I did notice a multitude of variables, probably different mixes.
  14. jdmidwest

    Went to St Louis on Tuesday. Got Mugged.

    I know that and appreciate it very much. I did a shrimp boil at my buddies house in St Louis a year ago tonite. It was the last meal before the taste buds blew out. It was also the last normal day before the radiation took its toll. By the third week I slowed down to radiation and rest which went on until July. Pounds started coming off, over 40 of them. Since the radiation and damage to throat, tongue, and saliva glands, bread sandwiches are a thing of the past. My last big ole hamburger was a year ago today at Red Robin for lunch, but the taste was beginning to fail. Most of the taste is back now, but eating sandwiches and anything else in big bites becomes a choking hazard. Talking while eating ends up in a choking spell too. But I take my time and eat well enough to keep things going. I do miss the burgers and sandwiches. But I am a very lucky man, things could have went alot worse.
  15. jdmidwest

    303 Protectant

    Armorall is too greasy. 303 is pure silicone I think and does dry well. Back in 90's I bought little foil pack foam wipes for fly lines that were 303. Guess I will have to Google it.

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