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  1. Funny how things look the second time around. Especially a few weeks after a doc has cleared you from the first round. Radiation is rough, but less long term effect than chemo. Radiation whacks the area it hits, chemo whacks the whole system and wreaks havoc on all of the body. Immune therapy is new stuff, seems to go pretty well. Looks like what you may be getting. This fishing season is looking like a rough one from the get go with all of the rain and premature spring. And the hassles dealing with all of the virus complications on all factors of daily life is not going to help it any. Get well, better times are coming next year.
  2. Was that motor on the jet a 4 Stroke?? Not sure what is wrong with your setup. I was tempted to see, but needed something like the boat I bought. Adjusted my motor up 5/8" to see what it does. Just need to find water to run it and some time. But all above the water line to the grate with a 3 foot rule along the boat bottom now. The pic posted online was deceiving, the lip was actually close to the bottom.
  3. Maybe my browser has it saved and I never really see which side I am on. Rolled into a job yesterday, I still have to see the public... I'm essential... Out of work, private massage gal, out of work for social distancing... ?? No money, only bread winner in household. I really felt her for her, told her if she could cut hair, I need a haircut. But you ain't rubbing anything on me.... Don't come to the door wearing sweats, a hog ring in your nose, and an attitude and expect me to be wanting what you have to offer... I have been married before....
  4. And he was still hungry when they dumped him back in. Probably couldn't eat much with the plastic and hooks in his mouth. But, nice catch. Much better that the idiots that I have had to deal with all week. Someone uncapped stupidity this week in this side of the world..
  5. Good. Motor sitting about right. No spray. Posted pic on the boat build thread. No speed demon, but enough power to pull up on a riffle. Hard to say how shallow it could run. St Francois was up a few feet and pumping mud.
  6. Just got back from a shopping spree this afternoon after work. Gas line for the boat at Wally World, gallon of 2 stroke oil, 6 gallon tank at Academy, and some other stuff. 14 cases in many thousand people is a pretty safe bet. Not like I am going to the big crowded city. Washing hands and using my sanitizer sparingly, No resupply in sight yet.
  7. I am still out shaking hands and doing business as usual. We are an essential business. I will be mad if they find a cure for the Covid before they cure stupidity. This week has been full out dumb a week, so many dumb customers crammed in a 48 hour period so far. My stress level will blow a gasket inside before anything else gets me. Good news, daughter cancelled birthday party on Easter weekend, I have 3 days off to go fishing. Praying for good weather and water. May have to camp on a bank somewhere out of the boat.
  8. All your life, angry beavers have been chasing you.
  9. But the nads. Hip waders just protect the legs, hit one little hole and its suck up time. I have to go chest wader or bare back.
  10. Wappapello was unusually busy Sunday too. River in flood stage, and falling, pure mud, with a cold front just blowed thru. Cuz did catch a couple of bass in the back water on a shad rap while I was messing with the boat. I tried to fish some, but did not put forth much effort in it.
  11. I dig holes all of the time, keeps the neighbors on their toes... I used to bury the fish carcasses that I filleted in the garden for fertilize. But then I realized that their dogs like to roll in them and learned they keep them out of my yard for a while. I usually leave dead carcasses out on top of the ground now and enjoy the thoughts of bowser or fluffy coming in smelling nice and ripe. Even have pics on the game cam of them making rounds. Its the little things in life that cheer you up.
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