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  1. Seen the brookies and caught them. But not in many years, back in the 90's.
  2. Mostly rainbow. They stocked browns a few years back, only time I caught very many. It's been a long time since I have seen a cut or brookie. Fingerling stockings took a beating after they put muskie in there. You can catch a brown when the float traffic is gone. Most all get caught and kept.
  3. https://www.riverhillstraveler.com/removing-the-dam-restoring-the-stream-is-one-alternative-for-crane-lake/
  4. I read another story, there is a movement to remove the dam and return the Crane Creek to its original stream bed. I will look for the article.
  5. Of course, you tossed the bacon since it had a fishy taste! What was the bait used? Cranks or jigs?
  6. So, did they taste good??? I plan on looking at Enid, Grenada, and Sardis on the way to Mobile next month if that happens. I have had friends that have caught 3lb plus crappie down there. I have never been a crappie guy, but my boat is a Crappie Pro, so it may catch some. Bass has been pretty slow out of it this season. I have been trying to extend my catching season some.
  7. Not Peta friendly, but I saw this happen a few years ago... Couple of months later, I think the same squirrel missed a limb above us and did a belly flop on the ground in front of us. Hit with a solid thud, then did that goofy my nuts hurt walk of shame on the way out.
  8. Attaboy. If you live long enough, you will grow deaf to that kind of noise anyway.
  9. The Dollies are the most under appreciated game fish. We had a blast on them in Quartz Creek on a self guided trip in Alaska. They will wear your arm out quick on a fly rod and you can walk into some pretty country quickly off a road in a rental car. And they are so beautiful, tasty too.
  10. Still need to do a Canada trip. Going to dip my tip in some saltwater next month if hurricanes stay away. Going to have to see Yellowstone and fish there. New Zealand has always looked interesting. Alaska will happen again... Fishing all of the major systems of TN and the TN River is gettting worked out. Added 3 new ones this year. Scouted a few more. Life is short, Fish More.
  11. You will be the back end of that one. Old wore out Merc 4 stroke.........
  12. Something is ailing him.
  13. Nobody likes looking at a healthy corpse in a casket. NFS lakes that are trolling motor only will nail you with a ticket if you turn the gas motor on. Pollution is the reason they don't want gas engines on them. State Park areas that are trolling motor only usually will let you load a boat with the engine, talk to the park ranger to find out. MDC ?? Have not ever fished one. Illinois has a 10 HP limit on many lakes. If you run a motor with a larger horsepower, they will ticket. Technically supposed to have gas line disconnected from motors over 10 HP in those lakes.
  14. I bet they flew Monday. First big cold front just rolled thru.
  15. I did not even get out. Not enough cold up north to drive any thru. Good Job.
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