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  1. Just got the email from Johnny Morris on it. Jerry McKinnis passed last year. Ozark Greats..
  2. I like the water temp feature. We have been watching a stream to fish this weekend. We hit a good pattern in winter when temp were 43 or less. Rain brought river up some, but water temp went way up. I am banging on a tablet instead of in a jet boat right now.
  3. Might be slick on the rocks, especially if cfs is high.....
  4. Height of water means most to me, I have short legs.
  5. Its dark out my back door when I get up and come home each day still.....
  6. Depends on the area. Trophy trout management area, no. Fish have to be whole to identify and measure.
  7. Heck, I thought you had died and was posting from the other side.................. I am a good neighbor too.
  8. jdmidwest


    Go with the double doors.
  9. I always recommend it for the women. Snappers.....
  10. We pavement can be pretty slick if you don't spend the cash on good tires.
  11. Some women, practice does not increase their skills...... I am talking about cooking. The internet has brought better eating to this household thru my connection and efforts. She sticks to cleanup detail.
  12. Are the Rams Playing?
  13. Probably a rabid possum. Should not be out in daylight looking for anything.
  14. Why didn't you buy a lift and stack them on top of each other. I have customers that have done that.
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