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  1. My buddy caught the bass Sunday off a timber point near the camp. There was a tourney boat fishing in front of us as we rounded it. Big tourney out of Rockaway beach was what we were told. Just 3.5 lbs
  2. Fished later at Taney and only caught one trout. Moss was floating everywhere and making it hard to fish. Leaves and debris kept choking up the jet pump. Missed Phil at the shop, he was out fishing. Place looking nice, best on the river. Pulled out on Monday morning and headed back to Current River. Caught this nice little walleye that afternoon. Ended up with 45 assorted bass and goggle eyes on Tuesday on a nice fishing day. Most were short fish, but lots of fun. Had the river to ourselves. Nice camping weather this trip. Enjoyed the ride.
  3. The rest of the story. That camper glowed till the late hours of the nite. He spent extra for the track lites along each edge of the camper that moved in a light show and the flood light package. Probably cost him a few extra thousand on his 144 easy payments at the dealership. But a few Cobra Scares Beers and I was able to sleep. Tried to launch the next morning at the Table Rock State Park ramp. It was closed for some Bass Pro Function. Took a little cussing, but they let me put in, had to drop trailer off at campsite and park rig at Marina. Cloudy, cooling off, misting r
  4. Cut down the oak trees and make some fire wood. Plant some pines back there.
  5. Check the regs, some areas are closed during upcoming waterfowl migration. Duck Creek Main Pool closes soon or is already closed. Stanley Creek open I think, but not sure. The wilderness, paddle in area has crappie and bass along with all of the usual swamp fishes. Interesting area. Been kind of dry lately in the area, water may be low. I have not been on the area fishing for about 12 years.
  6. That makes a roid look like fun. Made it all the way thru the intestines. Wonder if the plastic dissolved.
  7. Sweet ride. Current River will be getting good soon and you owe me a boat ride.
  8. He cut the line before the popper came out today on Current River
  9. Neighbor is afraid of dark. Fking light show over there.
  10. Nope, but have a new thumper toy. Thats what the ad caption calls it....
  11. Day one, Current River from Doniphan till 1, then the Trump caravan came down river. Had a nice little walleye and several bass on tubes an a drop shot worm. Looked at upper North Fork and Theodosia arm. High water whacked that area good and all looked closed. Camped at Table Rock State Park for next few days
  12. Plenty of water this year, but it's swifter too. Might get dangerous.
  13. Looks better a few miles from your place. Table Rock State Park for the next few days for me. Ads are back. Popping good on my hotspot and tablet. Page loads good
  14. Firefox and no ads. Most of the banners and everything else gone.
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