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  1. Jerkbaits for Trout

    I catch alot of trout wherever I go on Shad Raps and Flicker Shads. I like them better than Rapalas.
  2. Drum info

    They are good out of cold water. Meat is actually a little tough/chewy but good blackened on the grill. I keep some out of the TN River and have ate many out of the St. Francois.
  3. Harvey

    SSSHHHH! The eclipse made it jump over 30 cents a couple of weeks ago in St. Louis in one day. A good ole Hurricane may make it go back to $4 a gallon. I am sure the oil and gas supplies are secure. May have to shut down for a day or so, but will still be there when the storm leaves.
  4. Sight Paint???

    I second the model paint, I have been using orange on my front sites for years. I picked up a large can of orange gloss enamel a few years back and paint lures with it too.
  5. Greer to Turner Mill?

    I can easily make it an all day float in that stretch. Get out and wade the runs. Paddle up from ramp and fish that area well too at Greer. I can also make a pretty good trip out of Turner to Whitten too. River is flowing good this summer, you will be floating fast if you stay in boat the whole trip.
  6. quick trip river in illinois

    You are welcome. You should bounce back just fine.
  7. quick trip river in illinois

    Keep chuggin along.
  8. Ozark Slam (Part 1)

    I did the grand slam last week also, but instead of a brown trout, I caught Pickerel instead. No Brown Trout in the stream I fished.
  9. After a long dry spell of Treatments and Recovery, fishing has finally started coming my way. Week 4 after last treatment, I took the boat out and fished local lakes for a few hours at a time for a couple of days. Nothing spectacular, fishing really sucked in the hot weather. Last Tuesday at the start of week 5, we left out on a 3 day adventure to the lower Current River and Eleven Point. First stop was on the Current River and 3 or 4 hours of fishing brought about 24 bass to hand including the best one of the trip for me at 19", a nice fat smallie on a Rapala floating bait. Top water and slightly under surface was the best bite that morning. Off to Eleven Point, launched the boat and motored up from Riverton to Whitten and then fished our way back. We were amazed at the power of the flood and the changes made to the river. Many new holes and channels. Trees in the water and chutes. New gravel bars. It seemed like at the end of every hole, the water pushed out a new straight line path. Its really hard to describe, it was like a straight line wind up rooting trees and leaving smaller ones bent over. The bottoms were opened up and underbrush gone in some areas. But the river overall was in great shape for the late July season, running about a foot higher than normal this time of year. Fishing was good on this stretch, we boated about 30 trout ranging from stocker size to 17". My best trout was a solid 19" to 20" trout that I had up to the boat but lost it when it wrapped around the anchor bell and got off waiting for the landing net. Wednesday, we put in at Whitten and motored up to Turners Mill and fished down. Fishing was slow in that section, but still caught 20 fish that morning. That section of the river was damaged about as much as the other from the flood. It was hard to recognize some of the areas of the river from past experiences. That afternoon, we dropped the boat back in and drifted down river and fished for smallies. Fishing was great that afternoon, we ended up boating around 30 some bass before we headed for camp along with pickerel and a lone drum. Just like on Tues, topwater Rapalas were the lure of the day. We hit a nice big log with the boat on the run back and had to limp it back at about 1/2 throttle. That ended the 3 day trip a little short. The sores in my mouth have broke out again making speech and food painful. I have been told to expect this for another month. Strength has improved. I have started to gain back some of the 40 lbs I lost during the treatment and weeks following in recovery. Lucky the sun does not seem to bother me, or the heat. My skin held up well to the radiation, it tanned and did not burn or make sores like it does most. Taste is starting to come back, I can taste sweet and salt for the first time in 2 months. Eating meat and bread is a chore with the dry mouth. Acidic foods burn like fire on the tongue, cheeks, and gum line. Life is surely getting better, slowly.
  10. Scuppper Woes

    Plastic weld should work. It is an epoxy type stick you mash together to make a putty. Then fill the hole with the putty and let it harden. About 5 bucks at hardware or Autozone. I keep a Water weld stick in the jet boat bag in case of a tear on the river. Works same way but hardens in water.
  11. Orvis Fly Rod Question

    The Orvis Rock Mountain was produced in the late 80's at their mid grade rod. It carried the 25 year warranty and had a medium action. Good rods, never owned one. I started with Orvis at about the same time the rod series was phased out in early 1990.
  12. Good luck with that list, pretty intensive. Better than watching the Gunsmoke series from black and white to the last full color ones like I did. The only thing I learned was I sure don't want to go thru this again. Week 4 after the last radiation is better. Able to get out and around again and feel like myself again. Working some now from home bidding jobs. Got the boat ready and going out in the morning for the first time 9 weeks. Taking care of the garden and yard work. Going to fight the bees next week for the honey crop. Several trips planned before I go back to work full time in August after being out for 4 months.
  13. Huge Fish Can Be Had

    For some reason, when I think about Dale Hollow, dreams of big smallies always come to mind.

    Picnic bench, OK. Not parking lot, beach, or off road area. Campsite OK. Driving down the park road, better keep it down. At least MO changed the name, address of person to just the unique Conservation Id Number. You still need date, species, and head count.

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