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  1. Lop-headed dog ????

    Slip a viagra in that one ear and see if it helps......
  2. St. Louis Favorite Places

    Not just any White Castle, the one on Gravois near Bevo Mill is the best.
  3. Tent Mattress

    Thats a lot of stuff in a little boat. Where do you pit the cooler?
  4. Feather Craft on Manchester should have the 3/0 Uni Thread. Get the rest online. I live 2 hours from anything, I order it in off the net.
  5. http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/
  6. Don't ever toss the first fish in the livewell, he may be a loner. I have seen many first cast fish be the last ones. Red at night, sailor delight. Works for fishing too, front moving out.
  7. What's Cooking?

    Why not peas with pearl onions and mushrooms? The onions flavor the peas, mushrooms are mostly neutral in flavor.
  8. rambling around

    Better to be out and puttering around than sitting at house.
  9. Sad story

    I agree, who is going to write the ticket? MDC has a hard enough time doing what they do now. Its like a seatbelt in car. It may come with the stand but it is up to person to use it.
  10. For the Missouri Deer hunters

    Mountain lions chased it here.
  11. For the Missouri Deer hunters

    Did they fess up before or after this pic posted on F book?
  12. For the Missouri Deer hunters

    But just think how many elk hair caddis you could tye out of the carcass.
  13. For the Missouri Deer hunters

    She made history by being the first MO Elk hunter of this century. Dad did not "take her hunting", he dropped her off with a cell phone and a rifle and left her to hunt on his own. Good thing farmer brown did not walk thru scratching his head. One of the cardinal rules. KNOW YOUR TARGET!!!!! MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE WHAT YOU ARE SHOOTING AT BEFORE YOU PULL THE TRIGGER!!!!!
  14. I ain't new ta nuthin'!

    Good to see you on here again, welcome back.

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