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  1. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    Almost sounds like something is blocking his specific MAC address.

    Those old Cox planes would whack the piss out of a finger starting up. I had several of those too. Probably too dangerous now.

    Being the smallest kid in my class, I was the object of many a torture. I would fit in a locker. They proved it a few times. But I never let that stop me, nor did I once carry a gun to school to do anything about it. I carried a pocket knife daily to school, but never harmed a person with it. I was also the smartest in my class, so I did not run into many bullies in Chemistry, Trigg, and Pre Calc. But when I did, I would think things thru and usually come up with some sort of revenge. I could dish it out pretty good for my size and learned a few tricks. When I got to college, there were those clicks too. Since I could pass a test without much effort, I had plenty of time to do other things. Now, that is outlawed too. They call it hazing. But I never considered shooting anyone because I was being "picked on". There are no emotional scars. But all of my best friends are the ones I have made since College. I hardly ever see any of my old classmates. I never worried about getting shot while I was in school. And that was a time when most of the parking lot had guns in the vehicles for hunting before and after school.
  4. It is on the roof. The ladder thing was what I was dreading in a snow storm.
  5. Just came up with one, switched over to rain and solved problem. Snowflakes were so big that the digital antenna signal even cut out a few times before the rain started. I am ready for spring. I was wanting to be on Pickwick this weekend tossing my new flies. Pickwick is spilling all gates at over 200,000 cfps. At that point, current in lake parts we fish is too strong for good fishing. River below is over the ramps and dangerous for many many miles. KY Lake at Jonathan Creek Thurs was a nice shade of brown and rising, assume Pickwick is the same. And it is raining heavy there too.

    Here are some good answers to the gun control issue for those that wonder about it. http://blog.cheaperthandirt.com/5-top-gun-control-myths/?utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Chronicle+021718-5+Top+Gun+Control+Myths-2018-02-17+09%3A10%3A31&sc_src=email_2988448&sc_lid=158339564&sc_uid=ZMq35qBQCu&sc_llid=662909&sc_eh=c66e9fb459906f041 I support background checks, it has prevented many felons and ones with criminal past from getting guns legally. It does nothing to stop the real problems, mental health and stolen guns. Hipa policies and the general public seem it is not needed to spread info around about the mentally ill that normally commits this kind of crime. Until something cures this problem, it is bound to happen again. Back to the Tide pods.
  7. Upgraded boat

    My first boat was a 15' Budwiser plastic canoe. Then a 17' Grumman canoe.
  8. Grrrr. Just lost the TV. Free HBO and Skinamax this weekend.
  9. Winona man gigs state record northern hog sucker

    I guess I have held many a record fish in my lifetime. I all depends on the method what makes them a record now.

    What is sad is that kids even have to worry about any of it. They should be worry free. It is the parents job to make and keep them secure.

    No need for stricter gun laws, only the ones that are sane and obey the laws abide by them. Just like all the other laws including the one about "thou shalt not kill". Cut the publicity out. Quit making each shooting an ordeal. It just stokes others to try the same things. Growing up, we had 30 minutes of local news and 30 minutes of national news at 5 pm and 10 pm with a morning show. 3 channels. News blurbs on the radio at sporatic times. Daily Newspapers. Now, hundreds of channels to funnel it 24/7, the internet, radio, satellite, and even a newspaper or 2 still. Everything gets sensationalized. Growing up, arguments were settled with a fist fight as a kid. Now, even talking bad about another kid will bring down severe punishment. That leads to them taking more drastic measures. The internet and kids has had a negative effect on them in so many ways. Raise your kids right, love them every minute you can, and pray things work out.
  12. Winona man gigs state record northern hog sucker

    A record fish for 10 minutes will always be a record fish. I have seen those that beat their own records.
  13. Winona man gigs state record northern hog sucker

    Wonder what the state record is for smallmouth bass on a gig is?
  14. Ruger bearcat

    Add gunsmith to your accomplishments...
  15. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    I have used Torpedos for years with great success. Tossed a few of the newer frog plastics too. Trouble is, since the otters have eat all of the frogs out of the streams, fish have forgot what they are and do not recognize them as food.

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