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  1. Minn Kota Fortrex 101 36 Volt 45" Shaft US2 Transducer Good condition. Pick up or meet in Springfield, MO area. $400.00
  2. Sounds and looks exactly like our day in the Baxter area yesterday...
  3. pvspmo

    3-30 Baxter

    Back at it today... Wiggle Warts and Rock Crawlers. Fished flat secondary points and some main lake banks with timber. 54-58 degrees from this morning to this afternoon. 30-35 fish with 11 keeps. Biggest today was 3.08 largemouth. Sorry, no pic today. LOTS of boats running today
  4. Got out yesterday afternoon for about 3 hours in the Baxter area. 1st time out this year. Found fish on secondary points and in some spawning pockets. Rock Crawlers and War Eagle spinnerbaits. Indian creeks water temp was as high as 56 and Swiss Villa a little cooler at 54. Caught a few FAT K's and best fish was a 3.86 Largemouth. Probably caught 15 fish with 4 keeps. Staying at Trace Hollow, in a red and white Ranger, be here til Sunday.
  5. We actually looked into the "Bottleneck" option a couple of years ago. I can't remember exactly, but it took a certain percentage of slip owners in the affected area to sign a document requesting approval. If my memory still works, it seems like 10 or 11 docks on the Needles Eye side and 7 or 8 on the west side of Mill Creek several of which are community docks holding 12-20 slips. The legwork was overwhelming and waterpatrol at the time told us that after we did everything that was required, they would probably not approve us anyway... So we continue to fix our docks and lifts. I idle in and out every time I am there, doesn't matter if i'm in my bass boat or pontoon boat. Been cussed at by pleasure boaters and fisherman for doing it... I just smile and wave!
  6. I have a slip in a community dock in Mill Creek. The wake boats and ski doos actually use those buoys as a slalom course. It is unbelievable to watch some of these people come into that cove! The damage to the docks, cables, lifts and boats is never ending... That little stretch coming into Mill Creek should be designated as a "Bottleneck" according to the water patrol guidelines.
  7. Sounds like a normal fishing trip to me... Thanks for the report!
  8. I think that Road Sign says it all...
  9. I used to throw the Electric Blue Auger Tail at night all the time! I think I still have a bag of 8" in the bottom of the boat somewhere. Great topic... brings back lots of memories!
  10. Nice catch! Last Thursday caught them in the brown water... Saturday could not get bit in brown water. Good old Table Rock!
  11. Today's results were not as good with the Rock Crawler.... I only had 3 fish today with 1 keeper. Thanks Table Rock for the reality flash!! Another pair of guys that are fishing with us did good on a Wiggle Wart in Big Creek and Campbell point. They took big fish today with a 4.03. They had 24 fish with 12 being keepers.
  12. Trying to figure out how to post from my phone. Hope this works.... Visibility was anywhere from 3 inches to maybe 3-4 feet where we were.
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