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  1. I bought a Scheels LC reel and they are made by Okuma and drag didn’t work from right out of box ...last one I will own.....I’ve ran the Cabela’s depthmaster years ago and they wore out quick....Sea line has been great reels for me.
  2. Good to hear from you Dan, thought maybe you gave up fishing 😂
  3. You’re having a great season, congratulations!
  4. Cool, congratulations!
  5. Mine has that shock and like you said it’s easy and I have the 60” shaft....again I have no complaints about my Ultrex.
  6. Bill, I’m curious with what you don’t like about the Ultrex ?.....had mine a year and love it....spot lock holds me tight on the spot.
  7. They do not serve breakfast
  8. Been seeing your pics on Facebook and thinking you were catching them out of Beaver 😀.....you sure got that rigging figured out!
  9. That’s where I saw it so not sure.
  10. Bry’s guide service, Devils Lake .
  11. Having a blast and seeing lots of waterfowl....be worth anyone’s time to hire a guide an experience it .
  12. Teal season and no Billethead report yet??
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