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  1. Been seeing your pics on Facebook and thinking you were catching them out of Beaver 😀.....you sure got that rigging figured out!
  2. That’s where I saw it so not sure.
  3. Bry’s guide service, Devils Lake .
  4. Having a blast and seeing lots of waterfowl....be worth anyone’s time to hire a guide an experience it .
  5. Teal season and no Billethead report yet??
  6. Nope, I tried following at beginning of year but it’s not the same...BPT all the way
  7. Going up in mid October for a guided hunt, I’ve never been has anyone hunted ducks in NoDak before?
  8. Ron Burgundy


    My father in law spent a few days on Skiatook with a friend they were after crappie, they fished bridge piers . They caught lots had to go through several shorts until they would get a what keeper..Minnows was the bait that got bit...maybe that’s some of the people you saw were after?
  9. Ron Burgundy


    Are there walleye in Skiatook?
  10. Ron Burgundy


    Fished the dam area today for walleye got several shorts with only one keeper...I always keep a top water tied on to cast to Striper chasing shad up, this morning had a big Striper busting the top but never got a sniff but kept seeing a nice bass busting near the bank so threw at it and ended up catching a 4lb black unfortunately she sucked the pencil popper way down and ripped a gill , she ended up dying so I cleaned her and found she had eggs and a fairly big perch in her stomach.
  11. We dream of days like this , RM consistently does this not just on BS but TR also....Had RM been around during the MSW tournament days he would’ve been a serious threat to the top teams that kicked the rest of our butts 6-7 times year.
  12. Great info Rangerman!..Thanks for sharing!
  13. That looks like the bait Murray was using this morning during his rise from 32 to 11 place in matter of just a few minutes.
  14. I was also watching it was quite the flurry, fun to watch.
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