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  1. Hello. If I where to put in at k dock and drag crawlers, is there a summer population of walleye there or do I have to go down to the main lake? thanks in advance.
  2. ok, here's a quick report again. Keep in mind I fish three to four days a week because my boat sits in front of my home on a slip, so I have the advantage of getting out often. Saturday there was an ok wiggle wart bite and a very strong 5" kalin smoke grub on 1/4 oz jig head just throwing it on secondary windy points. Keep boat 1 1/2 casts away from shore and toss, count to five and reel slow. If bait comes straight up at boat you are doing it right. Fish just bite and tug slowly and load up and you just lift rod and reel in. I tie grubs on to novices all the time and they are catching fish. I prefer to power fish and the wart bite is strong. Find wind, find fish. That's old school bill babler advice and it's great advice! Today I fished 4to6 and caught 9 keepers and 7 shorts. All in Jakes creek area on points leading to spawning pocket. I caught the worlds most beautiful smallie tonight and took her to my dock to get a better pic and released her. Look how amazing she looks, we are so blessed to enjoy these type of fish!
  3. Nice?. Happy to report she is swimming just fine. Got all the crappie and whites I can handle in freezer at the moment!
  4. Update. Just caught her about an hour ago. I got out at 330. Caught two lm.
  5. Fish from 1030 to 1230 came in before the rain started Water 54°, one on grab all the others came off a wiggle wart 10 foot of water or less on P gravel secondary points
  6. I too have had AMAZING customer service response with costa. I sent in a pair with scratched lenses that were totally my fault and told them that. Sent them in for $10 and they sent me new glasses. Did the same thing with maui jims and had EXCELLENT serVice there as well. Both excellent companies to work with. I now only buy costas or maui jims
  7. vacation

    Who's Reading What?

    Sins of the father. Joe Kennedy bio American sniper book Killing Patton George hw bush by George w I've read all those since jan 1 and like them all
  8. Hey all, My house just went under contract and I need place to live while my new house is being built. Looking for a 2 bed condo in Branson for a 1yr lease. I am going to do the on-line looking thing but would rather deal with someone on this site. I am a 10 year Branson guy and LOVE to fish. If ya'll know of something, please shoot me a PM. Did I mention my wife is 7 mths pregnant too! Hope to hear from someone on this. Thanks, Jim
  9. Went with dad, threw a spook on long points, caught five fish , three keepers and a double on a spook. Great night!
  10. That's funny bc I get that about every day, even had a casting company call me to do a stand in two months ago but couldn't get my schedule to work...
  11. Great report bill, the pic of the smallie released back into the water was amazing! If there is a more accurate report on the Rock, I'd like to see it, what a step by step fishing tutorial. Thanks
  12. This is about as late in the year as I have caught one spawning, usually they're done by july 1. I haven't been out since, but hopefully soon as they're a lot of them in the weeds right now. All my biggest LM over ten years at taney have been late june early july.
  13. With the water being off for a few days I went down stream from Branson and fished the main lake channel. Caught 3 short bass and this big girl in weeds in 10 fow using a rebel crankbait in green color. This bass's tail was bloody as she was spawning. Did not get a weight but it measured 26", didn't get girth as I wanted to get it back in the water.
  14. Friends of mine LOVE rock lane on Indian point
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