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  1. MLF also has marshals in every boat to weigh fish, penalize anglers, verify that they aren't lying, etc. How do you pull that one off in a lower level tournament with your average Joe fishing it? Total length would work, but I doubt many are going to go for that when it comes to bass. A 20" female full of eggs will go much farther than a 20" male this time of year.
  2. The guys I keep in touch with who snag the lake a lot are doing just fine. They take people out all the time and bring back 3-4 limits. I was up there last Friday and graphed plenty of fish at the heads of every major hole from Wigwam down to Mallard Bay. We snagged for two hours, hit five and then went crappie fishing. The fish were suspending at 20-25' over 30-60' of water though so snagging on bottom didn't do much for you. You had to be able to target that depth range. One of my buddies was up there and struggled, but he was only working the bottom even after I told him exactly what the deal was. I guess to answer your question, the snagging is fine for those who know what they are doing, but it's not so easy that everybody can go out there and pile them up right now. It's not due to lack of fish being around though.
  3. Water temps were 49-55 degrees between the 66 and 54mm last Friday. Couldn’t tell you how the bass fishing was, but we did do well on the crappie and also caught five paddlefish.
  4. Really? That's the opposite of what I've heard from guys I regularly interact with about fishing, but I understand that you also work with fisherman for a living so you deal with a lot more people than me. I've heard of far more Motorguides having a shaft get bent from striking something too hard. I'm not sure I've heard of anybody that I know experiencing this with a Minnkota though. I'm not sure about the mount quality. My Maxxum mount felt more solid than my Ultrex mount, but I can't say I've had any issues with the Ultrex mount so far either and I've been in pretty rough stuff so far. The bounce buster and shock system of the Ultrex mount is nice to have.
  5. Hmm...I'm not sure on that one then. I'm running an old 728 bird on my front deck with the same cable that you should be using with your Helix 5. That same cable (MKR-US2-8) should work with all core and Helix units according to the website. https://www.minnkotamotors.com/learn/technology/trolling-motors/universal-sonar-2#HB
  6. Being able to retie or move around the boat without being blown off a spot is incredibly handy. No more do I have to gripe about the wind blowing the back of the boat towards where I am trying to fish. I simply spot lock the trolling motor and go fish off the back deck of the boat now. This has been very beneficial lately while crappie fishing around docks on Lake of the Ozarks.
  7. That's if you get the model with the built in down imaging transducer. The down imaging transducer is only compatible with the Humminbird units that have mega imaging. The model with the US2 transducer is still available and will work with any 2D sonar unit. You just have to buy the proper US2 adapter for your graph.
  8. I bought an Ultrex this winter and it's amazing! Unless you go the Ulterra route for the remote stow and deploy, I highly recommend the Ultrex as it allows you to keep your cable steer foot pedal as well as giving you the I-Pilot features. Having to lean down and deploy a Terrova sucks....
  9. You should be fine with the medium light setups then. If you don't have jigs yet, wait till you arrive and see what the water is doing. I personally fish a 1/16oz jig with 0-2 units, 3/32oz with 2-3 and a 1/8oz with 3-4 units. There are a couple of exceptions. If I'm fishing shallow, then I will go to a lighter jig. If the wind is blowing pretty good, then I will go to a heavier jig. There are some holes I fish down near the Landing that are 20' deep and will always use a 1/8oz jig there simply because it takes forever for a lighter jig to get down near the bottom. Of course if the fish are midging and hanging out near the surface, then I'll use a light jig and fish high in the water column. These are all things you'll just have to figure out when you get down there.
  10. Just buy jigs at Lilleys Landing. They have a great selection. As for gear, I use a 6-6.5' light action spinning setup with 2# line for 1/32-1/16oz jigs. If I am fishing an 1/8oz jig, then I will bump up to 4# test and possibly a medium light action rod. If you don't have the proper gear, I believe Lilleys will also rent you the proper setups for a day for a reasonable fee. If you're not familiar with what you need, then I'd recommend taking them up on that offer. @Phil Lilley
  11. Go to the trophy area and toss a white or sculpin/olive jig for a chance at both. If you strictly want to target a nice brown then tie on a jerkbait, head to trophy run and pound the bluff banks from there down to the Narrows and then switch sides and fish the rock bank side down to Fall Creek.
  12. I’ve been on Taney a lot the past few years so it is very possible. I fish Phils winter trout tourneys and usually make a few trips down in the summer and fall.
  13. I think I'm going to love that Head Turner based on what I've heard about it. I'm a die hard spinner bait guy so it will see a lot of time in my hands. Another guy I know who is a Falcon guy also recommended that Deep Cranker rod for the 130 plopper. I'm fairly knew to ploppin so I'm not quite ready to pick up a dedicated setup for it just yet. Plus I don't really fish anywhere that allows me to do any deep cranking so I can't really justify picking one up just yet. I've been throwing them on a Skeet Reese 7'2" jig/worm rod with 65# braid and doing alright, but something with a more moderate action would be ideal.
  14. Everybody wanting to give you their hard earned money so they can go fishing and you're depriving them of this. BACK TO WORK!
  15. That make sense. I figured there was something I wasn't picking up. All I know is that if it's dirty, I fish shallow and if it's clear, I usually move out deeper. Never really thought about the muddy water keeping the deeper water from warming up as well.
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