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  1. Banner Day!

    As big as your fish stories are, you probably just unzip your pants to see if each bass is 12" too, right?
  2. Banner Day!

    You just need to improve your fishing lying abilities. Whatever you do, don't look for advice on how to improve it on a fishing forum. That type of behavior is the debil!
  3. Banner Day!

    You enjoy reading the forum yet hate those that post fishing reports, pics of nice fish and those that come here to read those same fishing reports. That IS the forum. How can you like something that is based off everything that you hate about the forum? That doesn't make any sense.
  4. Banner Day!

    I know, right? What kind of a fishermen would actually come to a fishing forum to read about fishing and to see pictures of fish? The guys who only post to argue and degrade others are the ones who really make others want to stick around.
  5. Banner Day!

    @thewhitesnoop how long do you guys usually fish? Too catch 100 fish, much less 100 keepers, in ten hours, you would have to average a fish every 6 minutes.
  6. Banner Day!

    I'm pretty liberal when it comes to giving out information in the warmer months. Fish move around a lot and things change frequently. I've served up, what I thought, was a home run pattern to many people when they have asked me about how I was catching fish only for them to go out and not catch squat. That is why I'm not too concerned with posting a report or giving some advice to somebody during this time of year. Winter fishing is a different story. I won't divulge that to just anybody unless it is trout or crappie.
  7. Banner Day!

    There is plenty of squabbling and disagreeing that goes on within this forum. I've butted heads with Champ, Mitch and a few of the more prominent members of stuff in the past. Life goes on though and it's just one little thing. No reason to hold a grudge. We also aren't on here stalking certain members just to make negative comments towards them. Literally every one of your posts is directed towards people associated with TackleHD. That is why you're being called a troll. If you were posting regularly about other things and not calling those few people out in every single post you've ever made, then nobody would think much of it. Yes, you're right that it is a public forum. Post whatever you want. I just don't understand why you would only post when you have something negative to say. That is what doesn't make any sense to me.
  8. Banner Day!

  9. Banner Day!

    I guess he could just never post anything ever and let the rest of the forum members figure things out on there own. I'm sure there are more than enough guys who fish the same waters as him that wouldn't mind that one bit. I'm not sure if you follow the BASS Elite series, but go back a few years ago and see how KVD did. He struggled. The guy is back on top tearing it up again, but even the best get in to slumps. If you asked Aaron if this was slow summer, I guarantee he would say yes by his standards. I think people over estimate just how many fish they actually catch most of the time. I've only had a few 50+ fish days on the river in the past few years and it felt like we caught fish every couple of casts the entire day to break that mark. If it wasn't for having my GoPro running the entire time, I'd have thought we boated 70-80 fish. Last winter, we fished an 8 hour tournament on the Gasconade and we ended up boating 55 smallmouth and spots. The first hour was figuring out exactly where the were at. 7 hours times 60 minutes = 420 minutes so we had to average a fish every 7.6 minutes while retying, fixing backlashes and all the other little time wasters that you deal with while fishing.
  10. Banner Day!

    I wonder who thewhitesnoop really is. He doesn't make an appearance very often and when he does, it is to bust the balls of certain forum members. Sounds like a pretty sad dude. By all means, show us how it is done. I'm sure you would have caught 100 fish and had 25# in your best five...
  11. Beautiful creek smallies

    I'm guilty of the same thing here where I'm at. My buddy floated the Bourb yesterday and had an awesome day, dirty water and all. He put in less than 30 minutes from my house. What can i say, I am lazy.
  12. August 10-12

    I won't be able to make that one. The bass club I fish has a tournament that day.
  13. Hazelgreen to 133 -TR Added

    My buddy and and a friend fished up in that vicinity somewhere this weekend. He said it was tough, but they still ended up catching 30 keepers. Biggest fish was a 3# largemouth that choked a custom made buzzbait.
  14. Humminbird question about transducer

    If he is getting a Helix 9 g2n with mega imaging, then he will need to install the new transducer for the MEGA imaging to work. If it is a gen 1 Helix, then the HD SI that came with the 899 can stay on there. I believe the gen1 Helix 9 came with the smaller non HD side imaging transducer. The HDSI that came with the 899 will give produce a better image than the shorter SI transducer anyways.
  15. August 10-12

    I was down at Lazy Valley for a family reunion the past few days and got plenty of fishing in as well. My dad and relatives had no problem catching their limits with crawlers and salmon peach powerbait off the dock in the AM when the water was off. They also caught 10 nice white suckers on the crawlers. That was a nice bonus since we haven't done very well on them in several years. Myself and the fiance mainly fished out of the boat using the pink power worm and 1/16oz jigs. Jig colors were black and orange head sculpin/orange. Black was the most productive. Monkey Island produced decent as did Short Creek area, but there were a lot of runts. I ended up finding better quality rainbows in front of the first long dock above Lilley's with the wooden shack in the middle. Most of the fish we caught in that area were 11-15". My fiance got big fish for the stay with a chunky 17.5" bow that weighed 2.55# on my digital scale. She caught it on a white thread jig Friday morning just below the buoy near Lilley's.

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