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  1. We won’t have to worry about it for a while. I saw on Facebook where they are closing it down after today....
  2. That oughta restock the walters, white bass and smallies.
  3. Bummer, but totally understandable with everything going on.
  4. Tan and grey are about all I have ever used. Dead orange and oink get hot at times too. I’ve also never had much luck on olive scuds, but hammer them on a gold head olive micro.
  5. I don't think Maramec is nearly as long as the other parks so I don't think there is really enough space to do the zoning. That's what I've always heard anyways.
  6. I think Doty had some good success with a client fishing the jerkbaits in the rain a few days ago.
  7. Maramec doesn't have any restrictions. The bait soakers fish right next to the fly fishermen.
  8. Jigs will work just fine. Focus on eddy pockets on the bluff banks and inside bends. If you have trouble fishing the heavy flow above Lilleys, you can always go down below Scottys. Scottys down to the power lines is always full of fish and the current is a lot slower. If things get too dirty, go up river and find clean water. If you are vait fishing, you can still catch fish at the creek mouths well in dirty water. Fish will stack uo there and gorge on all of the food coming in. Crawlers should shine in that situation. This is a tourney we took third in while 15k cfs flowing. Should give you an idea on how we fish those conditions. Personally, I love fishing when the gates are open.
  9. Canterbury and Arey killed me! They weren’t looking too bad after day 1, but day 2 was ROUGH on both of them.
  10. I always have a few drops of water come out and it stops around 10 pumps. I may have a little bit of a seal leak though as my motor is up around the 400 hour mark. Not sure what seal life is on a jet unit. Seems my jets have always been like that though. Grease is cheap so I fill it till all water is purged. The 2-4C grease is recommended by Outboard jets, not Mercury. I figure the people who engineered these jet kits probably have their reasoning for it. Also looks like Lubriplate 630-2 is recommended as well. http://outboardjets.com/a-change-in-the-type-of-grease-for-driveshaft-bearings/
  11. We bought some Gamakatsu Octopus circle hooks at Springfield BPS this past January on our way down to Taneycomo. They still had quite a selection of Gamas.
  12. Outboard jets recommends the Mercury 2-4-C grease for those jet lowers now. I give mine 10 pumps after every use.
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