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  1. That will be hard to top! We had a great weekend as well. I'll throw together some video footage and post my report in the next day or two hopefully.
  2. I wish i had known about that crankbait deal before this morning. We caught fish, but the quality, aside from the one, was nowhere near what you guys were catching! Congrats on all the lunkers!
  3. We only caught three browns this weekend. Two around 16" and the 4.96. Did have one in that 18" range swat at my shad eap and miss right at the boat yesterday.
  4. Two years ago I had some pretty good trips with them, but last year I didn't really throw them much. I always keep a few on hand though. I did wear out some really nice pond bass on a green pumpkin Strike King Rage Blade with a green pumpkin/chartreuse swimbait trailer the other day. I'm sure it resembled a bluegill. The spawners were knocking the tar out of it. I always liked the action of the Zman Chatterbaits, but the hooks are pieces of crap. I fish around wood cover most of the time on the rivers and it doesn't take much to roll the hook points. I've even had some with extremely weak hooks that were unusable due to straightening every time a fish was hooked.
  5. Do you think they will maintain this flow through the weekend? Me and a buddy are planning on heading down Friday morning for the weekend. I need to get stocked up on my white and grey jigs before the week is through.
  6. Our local Walmart had them for $3.88 and that was the normal price. I went ahead and bought the two that they had out and they both rang up at 3.88. These are $7.99 on Tackle Warehouse. Has anybody else seen these for this price at Walmart? I'm thinking it had to be a mistake. With that said, I will be checking for more in the near future. They seem to be built with better components that the regular chatterbaits, but I will have to fish them to verify this.
  7. There was a couple anchored in the middle of the eddy up from the ramp fishing minnows right on the bottom and they could barely keep up with two rods. It was like that for them the entire time we were there. I can't tell you the last time I used minnows for crappie, but I wasn't wishing I had some that day.
  8. Lots of shad along the look out wall. We got several and drifted cut shad for catfish for the first few hours and only had two bites. There were a lot of boats crappie fishing and catching plenty so we switched over to that. Crappie bit well on pretty well any color we threw. The key was getting the bait down near the bottom. We mostly vertical fished to avoid snagging paddlefish. They are extremely thick right now and it's almost impossible to throw across the current without snagging into one. We fished on the boat ramp side, but we saw plenty of crappie caught across from the ramp in the eddies.
  9. If you get a G2, you can get all sorts of colors! Mine is a gen1 and navy, so it's kind of dark, but not as dark as a Mercury.
  10. Angle the boat trailer downstream in swift water. It makes unloading and loading much easier (and safer). It's much easier trying to load a boat onto the trailer when driving up into the current slightly versus going completely perpendicular to it. For whatever reason, I rarely ever see people doing this. Just make sure you don't drop the trailer off the downstream side of the ramp. In fact, it's best to just use the upstream side if you're not real familiar with the ramp or good at backing a trailer.
  11. They actually did, but I wanted an orange one!
  12. As others have already mentioned, it's not really needed on Taney due to the wade fishermen. If you need a jet boat to run a spot, the chances are pretty high that there will be wade fishermen there as well. If you ever see a bright orange Legend SS with a 150 Evinrude Etec jet down there, it's probably me.
  13. Since the fishing was so good the day before, myself and three others went back down Sunday morning. We fished from 7-11 and caught another 50-60 fish. We caught all but a few of them on a 3.5" jerkbaits and marabou jigs. You didn't even have to work the jig much. Just throw it out and slowly reel it back and they would eat it. Heavier jigs with more body to them worked better than the smaller options. I'm guessing the trout could pick up on them better in that dirty water.
  14. Water is high, swift and muddy, but fishing was amazing! Fished 2-8pm and caught between 40-50 with several 15-17". Didn't seem to matter what you threw as long as it was near the bottom. Also had one brown about 13". One of the best days for quality that I have ever seen. Everybody had 16" on their stringers. Both of these fish were around 17". The football was well over 2#, but not sure if he would have made 3#. He put up an awesome fight!
  15. The generators bring cold water into Taneycomo and the floodgate side brings the warmer surface waters in. The two sources of water won't mix together right away so you have a warm and a colder side of the river when up near the cables. As you get farther down the lake, the two different "types" of water eventually mix together and form a consistent temperate across the entire river.