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  1. It's 3.3 miles from Cooper Creek down to the White River Fish House according to Google Earth.
  2. I use a size 1 octopus hook with a snell knot. When I get a bite, I just start reeling. 9/10 times the fish is hooked in the roof of the mouth and I rarely lose any. Sweeping hooksets to the side resulted in a bunch of lost fish. It was a hard habit to break, but it definitely improved my bite/catch ratio.
  3. Dad had to drop his boat off at Troutt and Sons to have some maintenance done on his motor so we decided to shoot on down to the Springs afterwards. The Pond Hole was empty so we started there and stayed there the entire time. We both threw wacky rigged orange trout worms and caught 13 between us. Dad caught four and I caught nine. They were all 12-13" and worth cleaning. While cleaning our fish, another guy came up and had three that were all probably 1.75-2#. He said that he had caught a 5 3/4# rainbow earlier in the day and also had another lunker the day before. Ron who works down there told us that the fishing was better down by the second cleaning station, but we didn't mess with going down there to check it out since they were biting fairly well where we were at.
  4. PBJ is the only color I bother carrying anymore. These river smallies near me love it.
  5. I will add this. For weightless wacky rigging, I prefer the Senko for the faster sink rate. If I am using a flick shake jighead or texas rigging, I use the cheaper Yum Dingers or BPS models.
  6. Get some clear shrink wrap and melt a couple pieces in the middle of your senko. You don't go through them nearly as often. I've tried the o-ring method of rigging and I still prefer the shrink wrap. I'd guess 10-12 fish per senko is about the norm with the shrink wrap.
  7. How often do you guys water maters in raised beds when it's warm like this? I usually let the soaker hose run a few hours a couple times a week, but thinking maybe I need to do it more often? Those raised beds drain pretty well if they get too wet, but they also dry out faster than a regular tilled garden.
  8. If I had my choice, I would take a mess of suckers fresh caught and scaled/filleted/ribbed/scored and deep fried over a trout every day of the week. It ranks up there just behind walleye and crappie in my opinion. We used to catch quite a few of them fishing crawlers and corn years ago, but that doesn't happen anymore. I could be wrong, but I think the popularity of gigging has reduced the numbers far below what they used to be.
  9. Hate to be greedy, but I don't mind this. The fishing up that way has been great the past few weeks. The fish are dispersing though. It was decent this past weekend, but not nearly as good as it was afew weeks ago.
  10. I wore my yellow TackleHD shirt the evening before so it was all nasty. The first thing I thought of when I woke up at 4:30 Saturday morning was that SIO3 sure is going to be sad when I don't have the yellow shirt on after I win today.
  11. If you have experience on that stretch of river in a jet boat, how can you possibly compare LoZ traffic with that of a jet boat? They are polar opposites. I agree with Gator on the whole jet boat thing. With that said, I would MUCH rather this jet boat business not be on Taneycomo. The biggest issue to me is whether it stays below highway 65. There are times when you can barely get a fishing rig up through Short Creek so there is no way this attraction jet ride could make it up that way.
  12. There are several that beat me FAR more than I beat them. I've just been fortunate with a couple good bites lately.
  13. Another giant Big River largemouth! That river has produced several in the past few years.
  14. Almost. I got third Friday evening. Still got some cash though.
  15. That's good because they aren't in season right now. The season here in MO runs March 15-April 30. As high as the James was at the end of the season, I'm surprised there isn't an absolute pile of them stuck up there. That one you caught looks like a 35-40 pounder. Just imagine hooking one that weighs 140 pounds like this one that was caught down there a few years ago.