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  1. Well looks like I'll be done paying attention to fantasy fishing early this year. Clunn zeroed on me last tourney and now Zaldain. My two tourneys combined don't equal to what I usually get for one. 😆
  2. I have my hunting/fishing, trout stamp and spring turkey tags set for auto-renew as of now. I'm all about having one less thing to remember to do.
  3. Worst tournament ever for me. Not a single angler made it past day 2 AND I had Clunn so got a goose egg for him. Currently sitting in at the 17.6th percentile. 😄
  4. I guess so. Only lower unit turns, not the entire engine.
  5. Is this is v12 600r motor I've been seeing pics of recently?
  6. I don't think you guys have much to worry about. We've fished around and watched your nephews two years in a row now and even tried the same techniques and didn't even come close to what they caught. If it were that simple, we'd all be hauling in mega bags of trout like them. I'm gonna try to talk dad in to fishing the Lazy Valley tourney this year. He's wanting to come back down and fish sculpins again. He's already buying better equipment just for that purpose lol. It was a pleasure talking with you guys at the weigh in. Hopefully we'll get to do it again her in a few weeks.
  7. It seems contradictory, but I feel way more at home with a jig rod in my hand than bait fishing. I had to fiddle around with my hook and weight setups before I actually started catching fish. Dad likes to rib me about it since I always gave him crap for being a "lowly bait fisherman". Good luck to you in the Elfrink as well. We always seem to struggle a little more in that Elfrink tourney that the Masters and RAW for whatever reason so we'll how it goes.
  8. It's not the worst I've ever had a boat iced up. This was a few boats ago after we made it home from a Tablerock snagging trip one March.
  9. Taney sucks. Can't even catch a cold down there these days. 😁
  10. @hillbillyflyshackno need to feel bad for using bait when it's legal. Dad is a bait guy and will fish bait from the back while I toss a jig when we fish RAW and he typically catches our biggest fish of the day. There is no denying that live bait catches nice fish. All of our weigh fish came on black jigs and sculpins. Our biggest was a 3.05 rainbow and it came on a black jig. Our numbers were still way down compared to normal, but we grinded it out all day in a few areas and it paid off for us again with a fourth place finish. We didn't fish clean and a couple late day mishaps likely cost us t
  11. You know it's a pig when it gets those two that excited! Awesome team work!
  12. I'm usually not anywhere that requires me to wear a mask for very long so I just keep it in the pocket and throw it on as needed. Getting the vaccine shot doesn't sound appealing at this time so I'll keep wearing the mask and avoiding people for a while longer until we get to see how a larger portion of the population reacts to the vaccine.
  13. and you've been addicted to catching bass ever since, right? 😁
  14. I just sent my Paypal money @abkeenan
  15. That is true. You started all this mess by knocking off my big walleye on the Norfork that day! Shame! I'm usually the guy netting all of my buddies nice trout instead of the other way around so I attribute to lack of practice for him. 😆
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