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  1. MDJ's video that @Mitch f linked was a big help for me when trying the FG knot. I always had decent luck when I was tying it to heavier fluorocarbon, but struggled when attaching 8-10# to 15# braid until I started using 30 wraps and more cinch knots to secure everything. I'll tie a leader on at home with the FG knot and then use the Alberto on the water if I manage to break off the entire leader. Alberto ain't a bad knot, the FG is just better.
  2. @JestersHK will tell you that sleep is overrated, especially when Taneycomo is involved.
  3. OMG!!! I had some jalapeno poppers as a side with my elk roast for lunch today! 😲😲😲 With guys like us spilling the beans on our Taneycomo secrets, Milo is sure to catch at least three 20 inchers on his trip!
  4. Canned corn dipped in cream cheese in Lookout Eddy is the ticket! Thank me later!
  5. Here's a few images taken directly from articles that you linked. The articles even say that those anomalies don't negate the average upward trend. I'm guessing you didn't actually look at anything more than the titles.
  6. Did you forget how the previous winter was mild and dry? Dad was out in Colorado hunting elk in December of 17 in areas that had 6' of snow this past December when we went. There were portions of the midwest in extreme drought conditons last May where as most were dealing with too much rain this year. You can't claim the climate has changed just because weather patterns vary each year. You got any data that shows temps dropping on a global scale? Everything I've seen shows it going the other way.
  7. Europe is sure singing a different tune. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/03/climate/hottest-june-on-record.html
  8. I know there were quite a few 3-4# spots showing up in the Osage last year. Even heard of a few over 4 that were caught.
  9. I'm not sure how far I can cast to be honest. Aside from my crankbait setup, I ended up spooling up my reels with some old well used 65# Power Pro so they only hold about 50-60 yards of line. Most of my fishing in close quarters so no reason to have an entire spool of high dollar fluorocarbon. I believe that was a tip Aaron Martens posted on YouTube. Makes it much easier to stomach dropping the money on high dollar line when you can spool up three or four times instead of just once. My spinning reels for bass have 15# braid on them and I use a 10-15' fluorocarbon leader. It's not much that I want the leader to keep fish from seeing the line as it is that if I break off, I'm only going to lose leader instead of the high dollar braid. Hiding the line is just a bonus.
  10. It is, but the transducer is for mounting to a trolling motor lower unit. If you are wanting something for the transom, you would need to get a different transducer. Aside from that, everything is there.
  11. I have a buddy who guides up in that area and he doesn't like to take clients when the water is higher than 3.5' (preferably 3') on the Hazelgreen gauge. It's showing 3.96 right now. You would probably be fine by yourself in a kayak though. I'd definitely be chunking a squarebill and a spinnerbait to every current seem I saw.
  12. For $240/day, I'd sure hope he could catch some giant fish of some kind! Maybe that's why his spool is so low on line. He could only afford the 110 yard spool instead of enough to fill it all the way up. http://www.kingfishersociety.com/packages_and_pricing.html
  13. Trophy Run down to Lookout and definitely a hot spot for those nice browns.
  14. I'm having the best year I've ever had by far and I'm still only #4 in the group. We got a bunch of fantasy big sticks!
  15. If the water levels stay like this, float fishing might not be as good, but it makes for great jet boat fishing. We fished the Gasconade out of Bell chutes yesterday and did really well on just about everything we threw. Smallies were chomping and stacked up in certain areas. Largemouth still being finicky though. Only a few caught and only one over 2#. We finally caught a couple smallies near that 18" mark. One guy ran dang near to Riddle Bridge and said it was easy running.
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