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  1. Seth

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    Seeing all the nice browns being posted on Facebook really has me itching to get down there this weekend! I've got to play guide and put some people on some rainbows so we have some fish to eat for Saturday evening, but otherwise I intend to chase browns the entire time. My 20" curse needs to end this weekend!
  2. I was all over the board this season. At one point I think I was ranked as high a #2 or 3, then dropped down to around 15th and then back up to finish at #6. What a roller coaster! Last year was much more consistent for me where as this year I had two really high scoring tournaments to help out with a bunch that were pee poor!
  3. I thought the BFL entry fees were only $250 for boater and $125 for non-boater? That's pretty standard for reservoir tournaments, right? You jump up to the Costa's etc then the price to play definitely increases.
  4. It may have been cold, but we still caught a few.
  5. Nothing like having to shovel snow out of the boat in April to go catch trout.
  6. Seth

    Painting jerkbaits for big trout

    That's how I feel and I'm heading down next Friday. Those brownies better be hungry because I haven't caught one in FOREVER!
  7. My buddy boated a 20.5" tank that weighed 4.33# this past Saturday. It's the biggest small mouth to hit the deck of my boat. She ate a PBJ Tackle HD Stealth finesse jig paired up with a Hi-def craw in the limited edition kiwi craw color. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits produced far more fish, but the jig produced the biggest by a long shot!
  8. Seth


    Happy birthday! I wish I wasn't 3 hours away as I would love to come hang out!
  9. Seth

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    I'm coming down at the end of the month and I will try to make a trip over to the dock to say Hello and hopefully catch a glimpse of ol Frank. His buddy Franky was no slouch, but he pales in comparison to this brute!
  10. I'd like to see a mix of MLF style and Bass Fest style tournaments. All the fish get weighed and released in both tournaments and the only difference is the math used to calculate your "score".
  11. Seth

    Osage River Magic

    I need to make it a point to get back in to winter fishing for bass this year. I'm really bad about just going after crappie and trout once our tournaments are over with though. It's tough choosing between all the good fishing in the winter time or chasing deer!

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