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  1. Under a float and near the bottom, just like the pink power worm.
  2. The scent would surely help, but they feed a lot by sight as well. Otherwise why would we ever catch trout on flies or jigs as they are unscented? Mega worms are unscented and they crush trout. Big ones too!
  3. I've fished white mega worms in the same manner below Fall Creek and had pretty good luck. I don't know why you couldn't tie tie some pink ones up or even use some pink chenille. My intention was to imitate guts more so than the power worm. Works decent in the trout parks too.
  4. Hunting groups are far worse than fishing groups. God forbird somebody shoot a buck that isn't 5.5+ years old. I swear those guys would be less angry if you slept with their wives/grilfriends.
  5. Others have pretty well summed up my opinion. I'd try my best to keep it alive while jumping through the hoops to get it certified. If you CPR 100 or 1000 trophy class fish in your life time and end up killing the fish of a life time while getting it certified for a record, you have nothing to hang your head in shame about. Fish of that caliber are more than likely towards the end of their life cycle anyways.
  6. Rod and reel fish or hunt during the day and then gig at night. Being able to gig after dark is the best thing about gigging as it leaves the rest of the daylight time open for other activities.
  7. I guess I am lucky to be fairly close to the Gasconade and Meramec, but I couldn’t imagine not finding enough suckers for a meal. They are thicker than hair on a dogs back there. If you can see two foot or more, just go hang out in a riffle and stab away. Less chance of seeing game fish too. A stray channel cat or sauger/walleye might show up, but few if any bass.
  8. I think this is the brand. Walmart carries them. If the water is off, I like the 3/4" size. When there is water running and I need to add a little more weight to get the pink power worm down, I will bump up to the 1" size.
  9. @Bill Babler any reason why you don't use the round 3/4-1" round weighted floats? I always used the carrot floats in the past until Duane turned me on to those round weighted floats. I'm not sure I even own a carrot float now. The extra weight with the round weighted floats really helps with the casting distance if it's needed.
  10. Possibly two line class world records broken on Taneycomo in less than two weeks!
  11. If my internet research is right, that is the 4th largest brown ever caught!
  12. I wonder what the largest trout @Bill Babler has had landed in his boat before today?
  13. Those big fish sure are fickle. I have no doubt that the utmost care was taken to keep that fish alive by the parties involved too.
  14. I'm assuming another triploid?
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