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  1. I hope the water isn't high again like last year. Poor @JestersHK was too busy screaming out ROCK! and TREE! to focus on fishing as we slipped down the river.
  2. India and Brazil are closing the distance on us. They are both up over 4 million cases now. It won't go away after the election, but depending on who wins will determine the tone set by the media in relation to it.
  3. Smack them with a rooster! That'll teach em to shut down in front of a Gator!
  4. Is Sappington the one with the brown trout pattern on the entire side of his boat? If so, dad has the pleasure of running in to him at Cooper Creek this summer. He said he's not sure if he has ever talked to anybody so full of themselves. Dad mentioned something about Bablers record brown and all that guy could do was cry about how it wasn't right that it was caught on a pink worm instead of a fly. I'm sure he knows his stuff and is a great fisherman, but I don't think I could handle being around that type of person for very long.
  5. If I can catch a fish doing it, anybody can!
  6. That’s when I go to the down town ramp. Cooper Creek when it’s icy can be “exciting”.
  7. Even during the winter it seems to be pretty busy on the weekends unless the weather is absolute trash. Bring on the nasty, miserable fall/winter weather!
  8. You can wade along bank from cable down to at least boat ramp. I have a jet boat and was able to boat around up to the cable with ease a few days ago. Blake was up there with a 2070 and a prop motor and had no problems. It was just enough water to keep waders near the bank so you didnt have to worry about coming up on them in the middle of the river.
  9. That was a blast! Will definitely be making it a point to get down and do this more often. Hopefully that big brown sea monster will grace me with its presence one of these days. It’s amazing how trout go from fickle little weenies to bait crushing demons after the sun goes down.
  10. Good mojo as long as it ain't a giant walter......
  11. I sure hope so. Been a while since I've made it down to try for fall browns and never has it been at night. I'm sure everybody in my boat will bust a 20+ brownie instead of me like always though..... 😁
  12. A 3-4" swimbait on a 1/4oz jighead has been my best producer this year. Have tried several and they have all worked about the same. I've pretty well settled on the Tackle HD swimmers at this point simply because they hold up the best for me. They comein 3.5 and 4" so if you need something smaller like a 2.8", it's hard to beat the Keitech for that size. They just don't last! Kind of like a senko.
  13. I used to do the pellet fly deal, but I referred to it as "I drove 3.5 hours down here and I'm gonna make sure I catch a few no matter what" fishing. Definitely not dry fly fishing lol.
  14. I could be wrong, but I swore there were campers down there the past few times that I've gone down.
  15. I've found that the pink power worm is still highly effective when the water is clear and the sun is out IF you get it deep enough. I'll fish the worm 10'-12 deep in areas where I just start to lose sight of the bottom and make sure I'm sitting at least 20' away the area that I'm casting at. Without a long rod though, it's easier to just fish a jig in those deeper areas. If you're a bit crazy like me, toss the worm out and then hold the rod between your legs while you fish a jig at the same time. Works with a micro jig too, but they hold on that pink worm a lot longer. 😁
  16. Water was up slightly and pretty dingy. Caught 7 in a few hours on a black/yellow 1/16oz marabou jig just above the next dump below the bathroom hole. Missed a lot of bites since I had to detect bite by feel alone. Bait definitely works better in the dingy water but didnt have any treble hooks handy to try it.
  17. This pike was caught about a month ago below Bagnell. That's the first I have heard of them coming from the Osage, but apparently a few guys I fish bass tourneys against have encountered a few on the Osage over the years as well.
  18. I wonder why the Meramec river system has grass pickerel, but not chain pickerel? Every so often, I see a grass pickerel hanging out in the weeds in the Maramec Spring branch. I've got a few of them to bite a jig and a trout worm, but have never been able to keep them on long enough to land one.
  19. Good catch. I change my vote to chain pickerel then too.
  20. Chain pickerel or a northern pike. Pike have more prominent spots like that fish versus the pickerel having lines so I'm leaning towards a small pike. There have been a few pike caught on the Osage this year too. It's definitely not a gar. Northern Pike Chain Pickerel Muskellunge
  21. 25 for 2-4# line and 30 for 6# on up. I’ve never used anything over a 30.
  22. I have used Pflueger President 6925 for years. They are the best bang for the buck IMO. Last year I splurged and bought a Shimano Stradic FL and that thing is SWEET! It’s my first Shimano so I am not sure what the binding deal is. This one is by far the smoothest spinning reel I have ever owned.
  23. The middle and lower Gasconade doesn't seem to be getting hit any harder than it usually does from what I can tell. Fishing has been pretty awesome so far this year. The Meramec on the other hand seems worse than in recent years. I fished last Thursday evening out of Onondaga and the floater traffic was nuts. I don't remember it being that bad on weekday evenings in the past.
  24. Are the crappie ever NOT on docks at LoZ? I mean, they might be on main lake bluff docks or secondary point docks more so than others on certain days, but you can always catch crappie shooting docks on that lake.
  25. I film and post a video of every tournament we fish. All of my buddies I fish against watch them and see exactly what I am doing. A lot of people are secretive about there fishing and can't understand why I would do that. My main reason is that if I could keep going to the same spot and consistently catch winning bags of fish, then I may think twice. Rarely is that the case though. It seems I have to do something different every time I fish in the summer months so I quit worrying about it. As Gavin said, there are no secret spots so timing and presentation play a big role in getting the right
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