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  1. Our prayers go out for the little girl and her family.
  2. Jeff Tief

    Joined a CSA

    Thought a couple of those were guys pitching for the Yankees and Red Sox!
  3. Sierra Trading Post had 2 inexpensive rods 9ft.-10 wt. on sale. If you sign up for their deal flyer coupon they are even cheaper.One rod is a TFO Fly Rod Chronicles rod that is 4pc. but only with a rod sock for $84. The other is a Cortland Pro Cast with rod sack for $60. They are both priced higher if you don't have the deal flyer coupon.
  4. Sometimes i'ts more than the water that's deep around here. Can make some boring days very interesting!
  5. Water guage this morning at Montauk showed 233 cfs which would make it pretty full .We fished it last Wednesday at 140 cfs and it was real nice for sight fishing with the fly rod. I often call the hatchery office to get their "take" on the stream as to flow and clarity. They did have a lot of nice fish in the fly zone.
  6. Jeff Tief

    What's Cooking?

    I'm to the point where I check out the what's cooking segment before the fishing reports and stories!
  7. Only a few sections at Roaring River where you can wade so you wouldn't need any waders plus standing on the bank in June in waders could get mighty warm.
  8. Sent 4 dozen and buddy Kenny added another 2 1/2 dozen in the mail today to Phil.
  9. It's about an hour and change West of me but haven't been in a couple years.Last time,Jim Messina from Loggins and Messina had rented out the complex but not the stream.
  10. Mentioned it to a friend who is not on the forum but will donate a couple dozen.Going to buy a couple fly boxes when I get to the city and will send them asap.
  11. Started fishing Montauk and the upper Current a long time ago and have caught a lot of browns over 18" in both. First stumbled into the big bunches of browns coming into the park in high temp and lower water conditions in 1995. Having started fishing that park in the later 60's, don't know how how I missed finding these fish.I Was talked to Darrell one day when he used to work at Reed's Cabins and they still had their monthly tournament.They gave out a trophy to the biggest fish turned in each month along with pictures of all the entries.Some of the lads were taking limits of browns 18" up on
  12. Wish you'd had a microphone on the "Chief" to hear his and "Duckys" comments.
  13. Took the same 2 1/2 mile hike today and found 67 more mushrooms. Hope the walk balances out the calories from eating them.
  14. I'm in too! Got some secret patterns from Laker 67 that are said to be real trout catchers. A really great cause.
  15. Haris122- don't know that they are any easier and I have fished the park for a lot of years.Used to be some big browns and carp in the lake but they were harder to catch than the regular fish. The C&R stream didn't have as many fish in it as it usually does for some reason.We fished it Friday and caught enough to make it interesting.normally more fish in the fly section -as it is in most of the parks that have designated zones. I seem to catch more fish in the campground area than I do in the fly water too! Don't know if the bait fishermen keep the fish feeding more or that it has better s
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