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  1. ness

    Being Prepared

    The terrible jobs number reported today is based on the month ending March 12th.....
  2. ness

    Being Prepared

    Shorts are only a small fraction of the total market, so it's not like every one of the $10+ trillion of dollars lost in the stock market since February has gone into the pockets of short sellers. For all the rest, think of it like this: I buy $1,000 worth of stock from you and the value then goes down to $800. How much money do you have? You didn't make money, you just didn't LOSE money.
  3. ness

    Being Prepared

    Some of the unique local mom-and-pop restaurants will surely throw in the towel and be gone forever. That's gonna suck.
  4. ness

    Being Prepared

    I was just thinking today it's been forever since I got gas. Looked at it -- ½ tank. I'm usually 1-½ to 2 tanks a week. I never use cash, debit card or checks. I use bill pay for mail in bills like utilities. My Discover card gets everything else. Looked at my Discover balance today was actually a little shocked. It's about 1/4th of normal. No gas, no eating out, no entertainment, not much at the grocery store, none of the little extras we do around town. It's kinda sad to think of all the little businesses that are just getting crushed. And it doesn't stop with the little guys. I think we're in for a long, painful downturn.
  5. ness

    Being Prepared

    I'm glad to see the whole mask thing is being reconsidered. It just makes sense -- they keep some things out of your mouth and nose, including your hands/fingers. Not sure why they were so adamant about not using them, other than they didn't want to deplete the supplies for medical personnel. When this this first hit in China I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some N95s in the house so I ordered some (box of 10) on Amazon. Came from some hardware store in TX. I wear one when I go to physical therapy for my new knee -- and they're wearing masks there too. But, when I get home I strip, throw the clothes in the washer and take a shower. And that's on top of all the other steps I take getting out of the place. And the mask gets sprayed down so I can reuse it.
  6. ness

    Just funny stuff

    2020-4 Thankfully Mrs. Redbreast has begun to set up house across the street I'm gonna need to let them know. Problem for them is it's a second story window and will be harder to get to if they want.
  7. Well, my babies got to go outside this morning. They could have been out many times by now, but I'm moving kinda slow right at the moment. We're 4/15 last frost date here, so I'll have this stuff out in the garden pretty soon. Need to get the beet, pea, radish and Swiss chard started!! I've had these under fluorescent lights. This year I've left the lights right on top of them without raising them as they grow. I think this has helped give the tomatoes a little stockier stem. Still a little spindly, but not as bad as previous years. Lettuce looks good too.
  8. Kathy even sat through all 6 hours. Just a great flick. Makes me want to get the other books in the series. Anybody read them?
  9. ‘What’s it read, Gus?’ ’It says, "Josh Deets. Served with me 30 years. Fought In 21 engagements with the Comanche and the Kiowa. Cheerful in all weathers. Never shirked a task. Splendid behavior." That's what it says.’ watching now
  10. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Monkey see, monkey do!
  11. ness

    What's Cooking?

    I’ve got my new motto!
  12. So sorry to hear that Andrew. Best of luck to them. They're on ness' ever-growing prayer list.
  13. ness

    What's Cooking?

    @rps is cranking out my personal favorites this week! I love meatloaf, beef braised in wine, polenta, ho'made chicken soup.
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