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  1. What's Cooking?

    Oh so close to a good sounding meal 😄 If you leave it in big enough pieces, I could pick it off.
  2. What's Cooking?

    Peas and rice. Geez.
  3. What's Cooking?

    Please lay down on the couch, Mr. Quillback, and tell me about it. 😄
  4. What's Cooking?

    Yeah, I like them too. Never had them growing up, then they showed up in a recipe I tried. I’ve roasted them and had them this way but not by themselves. About the same story with rutabaga.
  5. What's Cooking?

    ...just seconds later 😄
  6. What's Cooking?

    I’ve been trying for easy meals lately and so went for an oldie but goodie: slow cooker pot roast with cream of mushroom soup and onion soup mix. But I made it better-er. Carrots, parsnips, onions and potatoes plus a ton of mushrooms. Went all day while I was at the ol’ salt mine, then I fished everything out. To the liquid I added some red wine, marjoram, dried parsley and a little soy sauce. Reduced it some. Thickened that with a cornstarch slurry and ... dang. I loved this and will do it again just this way. Here’s a photo from the dining room at the Waldo Nesstoria😄
  7. What's Cooking?

    I’d say about now you’ll be learning if there’s such a thing as too much chile 😄
  8. What's Brewing?

    I tell you, I’m like a kid in a liquor store. Every day I get home from work and can’t wait to see my cider bubbling away in the closet. 😄
  9. What's Cooking?

    Maybe smoke one and roast one? More complicated but two choices. Of course, unless your church has less than 10 people, there will probably be plenty of other choices.
  10. What's Cooking?

    Was searching for a recipe and stumbled upon this. Couldn’t pass on the chance to say I told ya so. They’re gone.
  11. What's Cooking?

    Woah...candied jalapeños?? That’s so crazy it just might work.
  12. What's Cooking?

    And give it a shot of tobacco for some heat I think I’m gonna quit fighting with autocorrect. My posts need some ooomph.
  13. What's Cooking?

    A little salmon marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic powder, lemon pepper and oil. Buttered carrots from the big green guy. Not a huge salmon guy, but this was pretty good.
  14. What's Cooking?

    Revived the culture but the last couple weekends just haven’t been able to get to making bread. But it’s coming. Looks good!!

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