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  1. No DNA, but here's a picture I took of one of them as it ran away. What do you thing it is Dr. Fishinwrench?
  2. Did I tell you guys I had some foxes in the front yard one time?
  3. I've got a lot of undeveloped land to my north and it's only about 1-1/4 miles north to the Kansas River. No cougars, but somebody hit one on the highway up by the airport a few years ago. I see coyotes from the highway every now and then, and somebody just posted a game cam of one to my north at the edge of the developed area. Foxes are in the area too. They used to live, or at least hide, in the storm sewer just down the street. Opened my front door to let my dogs out one morning and their were two foxes in the little fenced in courtyard we have. Scared the crap outta me at first. Dogs blew out the door and one fox went one way and the other went the other way. Got the dogs back in the house but I stayed out to see what they did. They didn't like being separated because one of them came right back into my yard while I was still standing there yipping and trying to find the other. It was surprisingly brave and fairly close to me. Had one in the back yard one time and he walked up to the 4-foot fence, stopped and jumped it without touching it. Cool little animals. Coulda used a couple this summer when the rabbits were decimating my garden!
  4. Oh man, there's some solid entertainment on Nextdoor. I haven't seen a cougar claim yet, but apparently my neighborhood is swarming with kitten-and-puppy-eating bobcats and foxes. And people don't know how to drive in the roundabouts.
  5. Oh good luck getting results trying to tell us what we can or cannot post in *your* threads. You attacked @fishinwrench *personally* right here: He bashed 'scientists'. Also, his syntax is just fine, and it's 'cliquey'
  6. He doesn't show it often, but @fishinwrench has got a soft, soft heart.
  7. It's gets too personal and it brings politics into this. We don't need either and you know that.
  8. ness

    Who is ready?

    I had it really good when I was a kid. My dad belonged to a duck club that had property just off the MO River at Lexington, MO which was less than an hour from home. You were assigned a blind and guys would get the decoys set up before hand. Used to get there early, early, get ready in the old farmhouse, then toodle down a canal in a little boat to the flooded fields before sunrise and wait. Pretty sweet setup. Same thing with my uncle George, who absolutely loved ducks and duck hunting. He owned a place near Urich, MO with a few guys and had an absolutely wonderful black lab named Sam. She would sit at the blind's doggy door and when released she'd shoot out into the water. If she didn't see the splash(es) Uncle George would steer her with whistle commands right to the bird(s). That was freakin' cool.
  9. ...and used wind when it made sense. And, don't forget the brutal portages they faced.
  10. ^That post right there, which I hope gets deleted, crosses a couple of lines.
  11. ness

    What's Cooking?

    What all's in that Tuscan duck?
  12. There are trout and otters all over living together. There would be hardly any trout if it wasn't for MDC dumping them in. Poor habitat, warm water...many factors limit their success. MDC could certainly do things to improve the situation. We've been yakking about it for 20 years and nothing's happened. I think most of us have decided it's never gonna happen.
  13. ness

    Who is ready?

    If the timing was better, I might have joined you -- not too bad a drive for me. Haven't shot at ducks in a long time.
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