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  1. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Shrimp n’ grits the other night Found a nice t-bone, grilled it, roasted potatoes, salad and a really good Pinot Noir.
  2. ness

    What's Cooking?

    And yes, it was ranch, and it was artery-clogging delishus!
  3. ness

    What's Cooking?

    All this talk about oil reminds me of an old Garry Shandling joke, sorta: 'I keep 2 cans of oil next to my bed, 10W-30 and 10W-40, because I never know what time of year it's going to happen.'
  4. Those look good to me! Bass flies are a lot of fun to do. We've got some really good tiers on here too. @BilletHead, @Flysmallie come to mind. If you look through this sub-forum you'll see some step-by-steps, fly swaps, etc. Really good info and source of ideas. Keep at it!
  5. Senseless. Seems like a couple misdemeanors aren't enough.
  6. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Oops. Second time I go to edit a post and end up quoting it in a new post.
  7. ness

    What's Cooking?

    I’ve done something similar many times but saw something this weekend that made me want to change things up. Cod with a brown butter lemon caper sauce. Brown butter was the new twist. White wine, lemon zest. Very good.
  8. OK. I thought I was right on this one. Dang it!
  9. Nope and nope. They all, including ones in between that you forgot about, say, 'Will this get me reelected?'
  10. ness

    What's Cooking?

    I just KNOW @Johnsfolly is gonna do something great for dinner tonight!
  11. ness

    What's Cooking?

    I've really had the itch for seafood lately, so Saturday night we drove across town to a pretty nice restaurant that has an outdoor seating area. I can't remember the last time I ate *at* a restaurant. Looked over the menu and decided to have two appetizers and soup instead of a main course. Soup was clam chowder and it was excellent. Also got crab cakes and lobster rolls. First problem was the appetizer portions were huge. Each was big enough for a meal. Dove into the lobster rolls first, because I love them and haven't had one in a loooong time. If there was lobster in there I couldn't
  12. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Funny you should mention that. Been toying with the idea of adding a bit to my BBQ sauce. Many years ago the family went out for dinner and the kids ordered chocolate milk shakes as a treat for dessert. I tasted it and was blown away. Couldn’t figure out what was going on in there. Went to the counter and asked the guy. He said maple syrup. Didn’t taste maple syrup, it was just enough to add something good. That’s what I’m thinking with BBQ sauce.
  13. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Love Muenster in a grilled cheese. One of my favorites is with deli roast beef and a few strips of roasted Anaheim chili. I’ve even put Muenster on pizza a time or two. Yesterday’s breakfast was a Dutch baby with strawberries and A little maple syrup. Love this stuff. Available on Amazon:
  14. ness

    New Ride

    Geez. Guy gets a new boat and you’re all buddy buddy now 😄
  15. ness

    New Ride

    All in good fun man. Saw that flag and couldn’t resist. Zoom in on the cannon barrel for an extra treat.
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