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  1. I tie on whatever the heck those streamer hooks are that I bought years ago. Never missed or lost a fish based on hook yet. When they're gone, I'll get some more. So, get you some of those and you're set.
  2. What's Cooking?

    Curious -- do you (or anybody reading) trim fat before or after doing a butt? I always do.
  3. Whatchya Drinking?

    At O'Malley's / Weston Brewing Co. in Weston, MO.
  4. What's Cooking?

    Looks and sounds great! Made some dang chicken, andouille and shrimp gumbo today.
  5. What's Cooking?

    Found it. Thanks.
  6. What's Cooking?

    My favorite dish at my favorite Chinese restaurant is Szechuan chicken. Wish I could figure out what all they've got in it. It's soy sauce, with garlic and maybe rice wine. Some red dried chiles for heat. What's in the version you made?
  7. Just funny stuff

    Love the slip overs!
  8. Project Chestnut

    Not as far as I know, and I've done some research. It was a thing in the 1800s and in NYC in the mid-1900s. Aunt Bee made it in an episode of the Andy Griffith Show. I guess it's got sentimental value and some fans out there. I've never had it.
  9. Project Chestnut

    You gonna cook something? Seriously, Google Nesselrode Pie.
  10. Project Chestnut

    What's the plan for these chestnuts? Nesselrode Pie?
  11. Never been to the paw paw patch. Never had a paw paw. Never seen a paw paw. All the live long day.
  12. Needed a change and simplified the plan

    Anybody else still get the feeling that the fish are ... over there? You know, just out of reach? I remember thinking that when I was younger -- until I figured things out and learned to relax, slow down and analyze the sitch. Now I realize sometimes they're over here!
  13. What's Cooking?

    Somebody needs to open a clinic that offers gall bladder, tonsil, appendix, wisdom teeth and spleen removal all in an afternoon with a $25 co-pay. We could save us billions! I'll take 1% commish for the idea 😄 I stir fry in small batches -- each ingredient done separately on high heat so it is right --then set it aside. Toss it all back in together at the end to get it warmed back through, adding whatever sauce I'm using. And, I stir fry in a plain old non-stick skillet these days. Just works better than my round-bottomed steel wok does on my stove top. Try it, you'll like it!
  14. What's Cooking?

    Somewhere I read about a technique for sautéing mushrooms in a dry pan to get them to release their water. I've been doing it that way for a couple years now. Gets them nice and brown first, then you can add whatever liquid to deglaze. See the droplets of water forming? After they browned some I added in oil, dry thyme and cooked chicken and deglazed with some wine. Let that reduce, then added cream and reduced slightly. Added asiago cheese and then tossed the noodles in and warmed through.
  15. Just funny stuff

    Haven't watched SNL much the last several years -- it generally sucks. But...I did see this posted over on Facebook and thought it was really funny:

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