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  1. I've mentioned this wine and winery here before. A couple weeks ago they announced the release of their 2015 Frontenac. We liked earlier vintages, so we made the trek out to the Flint Hills. We tried it out, liked it again and bought a few bottles to bring home. Having some tonight and it is very nice. There have been a few times we try a wine at a winery, bring a bottle home and wonder what the heck we were thinking. Not so with this one though. Light and somewhat fruity. Winemaker said it spent 6 months in wood, which is just right for this--not too much.
  2. They have accomplished a .500 season so far...
  3. Chocolate, coffee and cream. That's the holy trinity of dessert right there.
  4. Give the phone to Pat. We gotta talk about your future 😄
  5. I've had the itch for chile verde, so picked up some stuff and threw some together today. No recipe, just going by feel here. Roasted chiles and tomatillos, pork, onion, cumin, coriander, chicken base, diced tomatoes. Served with some queso fresco and a dollop of sour cream. Itch scratched.
  6. Picked a bunch more beets the last couple days and recruited help to pickle them and the ones I've accumulated. 9 pints done today; another 3-6 yet to come outta the garden.
  7. Tried Arkansas Traveler last year or the year before based on reviews but they were a bust. But the whole mater crop sucked the previous 2-3 years so maybe not a good trial.
  8. Those dark cherries look to have a 'potato' leaf. Don't know what cherry varieties have that. If they're good, try saving the seed. Pretty good haul this morning after a week away from the garden. Lots of spiral cracking on the CP.. More beets for pickling A couple perfect Celebrities
  9. Dang. Sounds great, but I gotta re-read to pick up all the nuances. 😄 Been busy and outta the cooking loop the last few days. Tonight I had a Marie Callender's chicken pot pie. 1. Place in microwave. 2. Set timer for 6 minutes, 3. Press start. 4. Let rest 2 minutes. 5. Eat. 😄
  10. That's a top 5 movie for me.
  11. Alright, I'm gonna look for their beer now.
  12. Pisser. Maybe hit a local farmer's market? Homegrown is most important, then variety. God speed Johnsfolly in his quest. 😄
  13. First name please? I will definitely say a prayer for the little guy, his parents and grandparents.
  14. Getting some Cherokee Purples, Celebrities, a couple Brandwines and Sun Gold cherries every few days. Here's the best CP sliced; love that color and flavor. ...and then it's on to... No canker sores yet, but they're coming 😄
  15. Made grandma Vi's pancakes this morning. Away from home and using unfamiliar electric stove, crappy utensils and cookware. Had to mix the batter in a saucepan with a slotted spoon. But 4 out of 9 made it to the plate ( the rest went down the disposal). Cooked in a small skillet one at a time and flipped with a fork as no spatula was available.