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  1. My chard is getting eaten badly by something, so I've hit it with Sevin a couple times. Need to get fungicide on maters and beans too.
  2. We've got friends in Hutchinson and they're in the camp that thinks this is a joke. But, there haven't been many cases out there so that's what they're leaning on. BTW -- sposta get a burger at Cozy Inn when in Salina. I never have a reason to stop there unless it's for gas, so I've never been. but I hear it's good.
  3. I did buy a bottle of Bonide Blossom Set and am giving it a shot. Try to avoid chemicals as much as I can, but this seemed to be a natural growth hormone so I suppose it's kinda ok.
  4. My wife and daughter are both teachers and the plan is to go back to school in about a month. Daughter has battled back from an unrelated issue that severely compromised her immune system for the last year+. Spent last school year masked up in a clean room. She does special ed so she's not in a classroom. Wifey's at a training meeting today. Working on contingency plan if school goes virtual. Scares the crap out of me her being in a room with all kinds of people today. And then there's next month if they both go back.
  5. Dang -- sorry to hear that.
  6. Scary! Any ideas how she may have gotten sick - no matter what this is?
  7. Out looking over the garden last night. When I get to the 4th bed there's a big commotion inside. Startled me a bit. Seems waskley wabbit was in there dining. When I approached he went berserk bouncing off the inside of the fence trying to get out. He couldn't remember where the hole was he chewed. Finally found it and bolted out and under a gap in the wooden fence.
  8. DVR, Netflix, Prime, YouTube, PBS Passport. Probably 20 movies on DVR from TCM Alone. I get to pick what I watch. Far better than the old days. And if I want the old days there’s MeTV, TV Land, Antenna. Live TV? Pause and play, skip the stupid commercials. If there’s a good commercial, I’ll hear about it and search it out. If the Ruskies take down TV I’ve got a s**tload of books. Maybe two.
  9. I’m reserving judgement for now. Did she ever smack you with a ruler? Reaction??
  10. Way to be proactive by changing the channel Gramps
  11. ness

    What's Cooking?

    It looks and sounds great. But...I gotta add -- that's the way to hard boil an egg! Can't stand an overcooked yolk.
  12. So many other vasectomies needed there. Sad.
  13. ness

    What's Cooking?

    MIL sent down some super thick cut Iowa chops. Brined them, dried them off and hit them with a healthy dose of my #4 rub. Done on the Weber with charcoal and some apple wood. Some Dragon Tongue beans from the garden and @Mitch f’s favorite tuber. ness 2.3 grabbed the plate, plopped in MY chair and wolfed half of it down before I could get the pic. Can’t get no respect.
  14. Well, you were able to attach a brand to each stupid animal -- so it's working.
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