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  1. Our beloved rps has mentioned Marlborough district and Kim Crawford before. Just hadn't gotten around to looking for it. I usually don't do Sauvignon Blanc because they're too tart for my tastes. This one was really nice though. Looked for it the other day at my store and couldn't find it. They did have the Crawford though.
  2. Love this! I scraped off your popper build into a place where I store things. Will do the same with this. It's a lot of fun to do. Now, if I ever fished.... Maybe we could trade a pond trip for a duck hunting trip. I found a duck hotspot tonight: No fancy gear required. Just pull up a chair, drink a beer, have some chow, pump up your Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time... (Just looking for a reason to post the duck pics; 😄carry on)
  3. Tried this at a wine tasting. Really nice, fruity, light. No oak.
  4. Steak, roasted sweet taters, nessalad.
  5. You've got that setup cattle trough style! Efficient!!
  6. Rainy weekend forecast. I got me a project.
  7. Well, can't say I like that many IBUs, but you're brewing and that's a good thing.
  8. Depends on the size. I've forgotten what we're talking about. Chicken breasts or pork chops an hour or two. A full turkey overnight. Extrapolate from that ?
  9. Cloves can be strong and overwhelming. One of those ingredients that's best used in moderation. If you can tell it's in there, then you've put in too much.
  10. I'm pretty sure that won't suck. Hickory and/or cherry ok with me.
  11. I like the sound of that. Pork is so lean, that a brine really improves the flavor. Now, I'm talking store bought--haven't had the wild stuff.
  12. More salad. Wine stain at 2:00, into the washing machine at 7:15.
  13. Did he ever find his canoe?
  14. Yes, Mr. outlet 3?