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  1. Leftovers, and they were better than the original. Dang.

    F899AE22-04EF-484F-8608-0F8454E4E1A5.jpeg I never seem to see leftovers from y’all and new stuff coming at a very fast clip. Do you OA gourmets just throw the rest out?? There are starving children in China!!

  2. 20 minutes ago, duckydoty said:


    Spent all day getting these guys finished up.  20 is too many to do at one time. Need to keep it down to 8-10.  Hand stippling 300-400 dots on 20 baits takes forever.

    I’ll be interested to see if eventually the fish learn to read your autograph and shy away 😀

    If so, you have my permission to put ‘ness’ on there. That should put them at ease. 

  3. 1 minute ago, BilletHead said:

                       I think  Wrench should make sure muffin gets the only cabbage seed and slip the other kids little radish seeds. 


    That's freakin' genius! But it came so quickly I now wonder how many ill-gotten trophies litter BilletHeadVille! :D 

  4. 1 hour ago, BilletHead said:

                That is probably the story behind the one in the wheelbarrow. 


    Wouldn't doubt it.

    Kinda reminds me of some of the crap I saw in Pinewood Derby. One guy's dad bought his car off of e-Bay. We had the listing with a picture, but dad denied it. I just told the other dads to let it go, and surprisingly they did. But everybody knew. Everybody. And that was worse. Oh, and the car was all about looks, and nobody voted for it in that competition. And it didn't win any races. Kind of a Leave it to Beaver moment. 



  5. I pulled my asparagus and raspberry beds out last year. Asparagus is a nice thing to have pop up in early spring, but the fronds and weeds are a pain. Raspberries were struggling from disease, and also a pain to maintain with netting and pruning etc. I'll miss both of them, but not sorry about the decision.  Gotta simplify. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

               Our cabbage growing has been limited. They were good though. Good luck Glen the Jolly Green Giant ,


    I added cabbage to my list of veggies that haven’t earned their place in my little garden few years ago. Along with onions, spinach, potatoes, collards, and others I’m not thinking of. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

    Any tips on how to help my little muffin succeed ?

    Not being a smartipants, but Google it. There are folks out there that specialize in that stuff.

    If I had to guess I’d say pick a hybrid variety that’s bred for size, fertilize and pest control it with lots of poisonous/dangerous inorganic chemicals. Don’t eat it or even touch it though. Get your eating cabbage at the grocery store. 

  8. It's early I know, but it is time to start thinking about things. I wasn’t sure if there would even be a 2019 veggie garden at my house this year — until today. But it’s on, and I’m feeling pretty good about that now.

    Thinking about a slight relocation of a couple of my raised beds to adjust for tree growth and shade. Gonna replace some boards and possibly the soil. I found a good landscape guy that will do a good job for a fair price and likely appreciate the work in the off season. 

    As to what’s going in I’m still noodling that over, but it will be heavy on heirloom tomatoes as always. A variety of lettuces, radishes, peppers/chiles, peas and beans also. Possibly beets. 

    So—anybody but me starting to think about this spring yet?

  9. Sure, Dee Ford’s mistake was costly. Every game is filled with hundreds of successes and failures. Where to line up is one of he first things every football player learns, and he just goofed. He also played a big part in getting us there. There was a play before that where I was sure the Pat’s nose tackle lined up offsides, but my screaming at the TV didn’t change a thing. Except the dogs went and hid. 

    To anybody who says we were never gonna beat them: I wonder...if we played them 10 Sundays in a row would we lose all 10? Nope. That’s why we go ahead play the freakin’ game. 

    The Chiefs showed incredible grit working their way to a lead late in the 4th quarter after an abysmal 1st half. To me, that’s the next best thing to winning. We’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Seth said:

    Dee Ford cost the Chiefs that game. Had he not been offside, that interception would have sealed the win for the Chiefs. You don't give the greatest comeback quarterback ever extra chances in those situations or you will lose. I saw bad/no calls for both teams last night so I don't think the refs really made THAT big of a difference in the outcome.

    Yeah, what a screw up that was. Speaking of extra chances, the roughing the passer call on Chris Jones was a bad call that gave them an extra chance. Refs did get the reviewed calls right though. 

    Saints simply got hosed. 

  11. 33 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

              Nice I like Jaeger Schnitzel. That was the first dish I made with Canada Goose.  Did you do anything with the meat you took home? If you get a chance try the goose Ness ! 

    Haven’t eaten it yet. 

  12. Alright...let’s get back to what’s going in...

    7700+ posts ago this all started with Jaeger Schnitzel. Had the hankering again but needed something quick. Got some breakfast chops, pounded them thin and did flour/egg/panko coating then quick fried. Read German potato salad heated. Aunt Nellies Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage with some added caraway. Finally, some jarred mushroom gravy doctored up with some red wine and marjoram. Tasty!!



  13. 16 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

               If I had one I would give it to you so,

    No I opted for cologuard for my 60th. :) . The new best invention made IMO !



    I’m good — I’ve got the Rectorooter 3000 with LED and Bluetooth. 


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