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  1. 5 minutes ago, Johnsfolly said:

    You know that with most watnings there was an incident that caused them to put on the warning. Not sure what flour eating incident resulted in a possible lawsuit.


    Or more likely bored attorneys trying to find products without warnings to make up warnings for. Like:

    ”Airborne pepper can make you sneeze. Please exercise caution when applying.”

  2. 12 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

                                             Avoiding the question,

       Ohhhhhh Kaaaaay  :)


    So, how were the spring rolls? 😄

  3. Tonight here it was Aunt Lori’s Sloppy Joes and tater tots with ness 2.3. 

    First I peeled 5 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes, then parboiled them for 290 seconds, and ran them through the tot die on the Kitchen Aid before putting measured amounts into Grandma Vi’s tot press....

    Ok—I’m making that part up. It was Ore Idas, and they were tasty done in the oven. Woulda been better deep fried, but I don’t do dat. Super sweet sloppy Joes for the boy, and sent him home with enough to get him through a day or more.

    It was a good night here. 


  4. 1 hour ago, MOPanfisher said:

    Mostly I am just lazy.  Besides I like the spring mix salad boxes.  OK let me see, marinade coca cola, soy sauce, a dash of worchester sauce, some bbq sauce, a little brisket rub and I think that was it.  After marinading I seasoned liberally with my house seasoning (s/p/gp) and a little cavenders because I like it.  Dessert was almost as well thought out, for me some good vanilla ice cream with raspberry preserves, for wife, mom and grandson pudding cups in butterscotch and lemon flavors.  The chops were exactly as I like them with a little pink in the middle, not much but a hint.

    Dang. Agree on the chops. It’s a fine line between delicious and shoe leather. 


  5. 54 minutes ago, MOPanfisher said:

    Had a half a hog delivered last week, didnt pay much attention when unloading into freezer, was in a hurry.  Today I pulled a package of big thick pork chops.  Marinated them all afternoon, now they are getting some quality time on the grill.  Have a pan of zatarins yellow rice and a salad in a box.  Already made a wilted salad for lunch just couldn't wait.


    You just can’t come on here and say, ‘I marinated them all afternoon’.  What in, dang it?😄

    I do admire a guy that admits shortcuts on the rice and salad. Time is scarce!

  6. I think I’m a pretty lucky guy because Kathy and I just work well together — in the kitchen and everywhere else.

    She dragged her waffle iron over and this morning we made some dang tasty waffles again:



    Then this evening I scratched my Cajun itch with a shrimp etouffee. Shrimp seasoned with paprika, thyme, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper, black pepper. Sautéed onion, celery and pepper in oil and butter until soft. Added remaining spice mixture and flour, tomato paste and then chicken stock. ‘Who’s your sister’ sauce and cooked until everything was just right then added the shrimp. Served over rice with some hot sauce for me. Darn tasty, if I do say so myself.





  7. Thanks for the history. I’d call this a top 5 for me. Hard to name a favorite.

    I recorded this from TCM a couple years ago but hadn’t watched it recently. I enjoyed the TCM commentary. I guess Ford tried to get the movie made for years but couldn’t. Agreed to do a western —Rio Grande — in exchange for consideration of this.  

    The Cowboys is a great movie with great music. I remember hearing John Wayne told Bruce Dern everyone would hate him for what happens. 

    Haven’t seen The Shootist in many years though I need to. 

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