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  1. ness

    MDC Rant

    d-Con ad running down below my post right now. Big Brother is waaaaaatching! I clicked it ... for Phil! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002YICM4S/ref=dra_a_ms_b_ho_xx_P1400_1000?psc=1
  2. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Nice estate sale find! 😀
  3. ness

    2019 Garden Thread

    Curious as to what temps are reached using heat mats. Used my infrared thermometer and took a reading on the cells and the tomato seeds I have presprouting. Nice! That’s pretty warm!
  4. ness

    MDC Rant

    Put a couple litter boxes out for them? I mean, you’ve got bird feeders, right? It’s kinda the same thing ...but different. 😀
  5. ness

    MDC Rant

    Hey, I was just kidding OK? Don’t shoot 😀
  6. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Food looks great. Fettuccine looks perfectly cooked, sauce is smooth, nice touch with the parsley. Time to update the dishware though 😀
  7. ness

    2019 Garden Thread

    Run some up to me, OK? In the meantime, I just gave them a dose of Miracle Gro
  8. ness

    2019 Garden Thread

    Well, I’m 24 hours behind you. Nothing a little Miracle Gro won’t fix!!
  9. ness

    MDC Rant

    Wait... You live in a subdivision? I pictured you as a bee keeping, veggie growing, feral cat shooting country boy. 😀
  10. ness

    Babler's Report

    OK all you fancy Latin talkin' folks: Genus is capitalized, species is lower case. And they're both generally italicized. Let's get this right going forward please.
  11. ness

    2/18/19 trout Smackdown

    Oh yeah... you’re close. Have that song on my phone! Along with many other classics.
  12. ness

    2019 Garden Thread

    Big fan of starting indoors here. For one, it’s kinda fun to do and watch during this dreary time of the year. Also get to control temperature, moisture, numbers, etc. Started 48 cells / 6 varieties of lettuce today. On heat mats now—will transfer to shelves in the basement under lights once they get a good start. Maters in a few days.
  13. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Embrace the reverse sear. Now, I’ve never done it, but you should 😀
  14. ness

    What's Cooking?

    Chicken and dumplings. Chicken cooked in a stock with chicken base, onion, celery and carrots. Strained out veggies and diced chicken. Cooked frozen flat dumplings in the stock with some parsley, thyme and bay leaves. Thickened with a roux and added milk, chicken and dumplings.
  15. ness

    under wader pants?

    I Googled that to save everybody some time. Levi's 720

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