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  1. 3 hours ago, ColdWaterFshr said:

    Got the same problem over here.  Gus is a 10 months old golden doodle. . . . and there hasn't been a month yet since we've had him, where I haven't wanted to give this dam dog away.  Only the wife and kids won't let me.  He has left a path of destruction everywhere he goes . . . . tore through the screens in my screen porch, eaten whole bushes in back yard, a vacuum cleaner for deer poop which gives him diarrhea, claws that scratch the hell out of my new wood floors, and on and on.  We've done obedience training.  I take him on 2 1.5 mile walks each day.  He is just too much dog.  65 lbs of stamina and relentless attention needing.  I'm thinking of giving him some CBD oil . . . 

    You gotta have patience! 4-5 years and you'll have a helluva dog!

  2. Couple of recent ones.

    Plain old cheeseburger on the grill but with a roasted Anaheim chile stacked in there. With some doctored up Bush’s baked beans. Loved this!


    Tonight we sliced up our best looking mater of the year and did BLTs. This was a Black Krim. Is that a beauty or what?


    Didn’t goose the colors on this photo at all. That’s what she looked like. 

    Big mater had enough left over for some diced up on cottage cheese.


    Dang this was simple and delicious. 


  3. 10 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

    Well gentlemen the BilletHeads hurt too but managed another trip west. Only in waders three times. Wet waded in ten-5 water tennies the rest. In waders because of mid 30s mornings or water deeper than the family jewels in my case and the whoo hoo in the Mrs case. 


    Well, were you just standing around in ankle deep water next to the parking lot waiving a stick, or did you actually bushwhack and catch some fish? :D

    We need a report and pics!!!!

  4. 1 hour ago, Flysmallie said:

    Replacement or repair? I'm to the replacement stage but I don't wanna.

    When I was 17 a doctor told me I would need at least one knee replacement at 50. I thought he was a crazy old man but here we are. 

    I've gotten a couple cortisone shots, the most recent one in May. On a two week vacation this summer, which included a lot of walking, I didn't have any pain whatsoever. Doc says you can't do cortisone too frequently or it accelerates the decline. Earlier this month it went downhill fast though. It's more than just the shot wearing off because it was never this bad. Don't remember any injury. There's some stuff they can shoot in your knee that's supposed to be much better and longer lasting than cortisone. Hyaluronic acid made from cock's combs. Brand names Euflexxa, Sinvisc, and others. Not covered by insurance though so it would cost me about $1,000 a year. Might do that in lieu of surgery. 

  5. 48 minutes ago, Flysmallie said:

    Replacement or repair? I'm to the replacement stage but I don't wanna.

    When I was 17 a doctor told me I would need at least one knee replacement at 50. I thought he was a crazy old man but here we are. 

    Looking like repairs at this point, but I'm still waiting to talk to the ortho guy

    Used to be you got one replacement per knee in your lifetime and they waited until you were older. I know a guy my age who's well into knee #2.

    23 minutes ago, Gavin said:

    Bum knees suck. My dad had both of his replaced. Would be up for a trip. Kip wants to float the Current soon, not sure if I'll make it. Headed to a friends farm/lake property near Topeka/Wichita over Labor Day, then Montauk for Thanksgiving.

    Well, if the timing works out, we'd be happy to have you stop by. I'm just about 10 minutes south of I-70.

  6. 6 minutes ago, ColdWaterFshr said:

    Hey Ness and Gavin - we need to put together another wild-trout round-up this fall.  I'll be making quite a few trips to Rolla as Paul Dallas, Jr. is enrolled there this fall.  Camp at Lane Spring where some of us can fish the LP, some can fish Mill Creek, and some can go fish the Spring Cr.


    Congrats to Jr. I saw that and immediately thought it would be a good excuse for you to get down that way. 

    I'd be up for something! Haven't hit the little creeks enough the last couple years. But...I'm in the process of figuring out what to do about my bum knee. Hoping I can get another shot and make it through the fall before surgery. 

  7. 48 minutes ago, Dutch said:

    I didn’t understand a thing either one of you said but I do wish you would play nice.

    Oh, I try. I really do try. Sometimes it’s just too much though. 😄

    Al answered your original question. 

  8. My gawd...there’s only on ‘s’ In canvas. It’s not ‘Can-Vass’ it’s ‘Can-vuss’. Sorry, if you had a good point I would have let that slide, but, well, you didn’t. 😄

    Modern, breathable, lightweight, stocking foot waders and a fitted wading boot are great to walk in. You don’t wear them because you’re planning on fishing in ankle deep water next to the parking lot all day, you wear them because you want to cover some ground and might encounter deeper water to cross.Pack them in and put them on at the river? Nope, not me. 

    We've got products these days that are far, far better than the past. Orvis, and most other companies, research their products pretty well and try to improve  them as they learn. They’ve got pro staff that use the stuff and provide feedback. They fish. 

  9. Lawdy, we have suffered this season. I won’t rehash it all now. But, we’ve also had a lot of tomatoes...a lot of cracked and cat faced ones. Those have either been dried or had the sweet spot cut out and the rest pitched. But...there’s this one that is darn near perfect. A very large, clean Black Krim:


    I think the squirrels and long-necked climbing turtles are getting tired of maters. Possibly gettin’ canker sores 😄


  10. 1 hour ago, Gavin said:

    Peaches have been prime for the last couple weeks. Can rarely grab one before the kids eat them. A dozen won’t last 2 days.

    Wifey got these peaches at a festival she went to with some friends. First really good peaches we’ve had this year. 

    There will come a time when you will wish those girls were there gobbling up your peaches. Cherish your time with them—it will go by faster than you can imagine. 

  11. 1 hour ago, bank robber said:

    Have for sale two Browning A-5 shotguns.  One is a 16 gauge Belgium made with vent rib modified choke made in the 1950's.  The other one is a 12 gauge 30" barrel full choke with vent rib made in the 1970's.  If anyone is interested please call 417-230-3819.

    What's the condition like on the 16?

  12. Felt like Chinese so I decided on a Szechuan chicken with a slightly spicy sauce with plenty of garlic, thinly sliced chicken and instead of water chestnuts there’s some jicama. Kathy likes it a little less spicy so it was chicken with snow peas in a Chinese white sauce. It ain’t Chinese without some crab Rangoon, right? Nice steamed rice too. Dang!! Enough for leftovers too!















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