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  1. My best results start with a good steak (doh!).¬†Salt pretty heavily (no pepper or anything else that burns) and let it sit at room temp for a couple hours while¬†the salt dissolves into the meat. Cook on¬†the hottest part of a charcoal grill. Forget the perfect char marks‚ÄĒflip often and get a good char. Test temp by resistance, not by poking a bunch of holes in it or certainly not by cutting.¬†Takes some practice. Pull and put some thin slivers of butter, pepper and whatever else you want on it.¬†Tent loosely with foil and rest, rest, rest. Great beef¬†doesn‚Äôt have to be hot.¬†

  2. I like this one

    6-8 dried guajillo chiles, seeds and stems removed
    3 tablespoons flour
    3 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 15 ounce can tomato sauce
    1 teaspoon garlic power
    1 teaspoon onion powder
    2-1/2 cups chicken broth (made with Better Than Bouillon)
    2 tablespoons raw sugar

    1. Add chiles and 1 cup of broth to a blender. Blend until very fine. Strain through a fine sieve.
    2. Add oil and flour to a pot and make a roux. Add chile mixture and remaining ingredients to pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes.

  3. 15 hours ago, Flysmallie said:

    The Fuzzy Taco in Joplin is pretty good. 

    Fuzzy's Tacos here is so crowded that nobody goes to it anymore. :D (Thanks Yogi!)

    Pretty good stuff -- like their drunken beans. 

  4. Last night good ol' grilled cheese and tomato soup sounded good to everybody. Week nights mean it's generally gonna be streamlined, so you can guess on the soup, right? Yep, good old Campbell's....but. Added a good pinch of herbs de provence, milk/half-and-half, a good sized squirt of tomato paste, a sprinkle of mashed potato flakes, to slightly thicken it, and a pat of butter. This completely transformed the soup into ...

    ....OK -- it was still pretty Cambell's-y but good. :D  Grilled cheese (for me) was deli beef, Muenster cheese, and a roasted Hatch chile that I did on the grill yesterday. Love that combo!



  5. 6 hours ago, Johnsfolly said:

    I have always disliked Red Lobster. Didn't think that it would be hard to find decent seafood in Panama City.. Good luck Mitch!

    Red 'Monster' (what ness 2.2 called it when he was very young) was a family favorite. Daughter learned to love crab legs there, but the boys always had to have chicken strips (go figger :D). Still go there every so often -- usually with my daughter -- and can always find something I like. 

  6. Italian dressing marinated grilled chicken salad with mixed greens, beets, walnuts, and some minced homegrown dried tomatoes. 


    First summer doing dried tomatoes. Was inspired by @BilletHead to give this a try. Planted more maters than usual, due to the waskly wabbit eating everything else, so we’ve had a surplus. Fiddled around doing them in the oven because I didn’t want to buy a dehydrator yet. Dialed it in to: 170 degrees convection on parchment about 8 to 12 hours, depending. Dried on racks first but it was a pain to get them off the racks. Pretty easy on parchment paper. No discernible difference though it looks like there’s flavor left behind on the paper.



  7. 3 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

    Avoiding social media in order to shield yourself from the TRUE AUTHENTIC thoughts of the people that surround you, is a guaranteed way to live stupidly. 

    If you can't handle reality then you just might belong in a mental institution, because eventually you're gonna get some news that will break you bad.

    You want my TRUE AUTHENTIC thoughts? That post makes no freakin' sense at all! And, you're welcome for my contribution to you living less stupidly and keeping you out of the nut house for now. :D 

  8. 10 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

    I recall hearing (from the inner circle) about one that MDC shocked up and killed at Taney that at the time would have beaten the state record by a long shot.  It didn't recover from the shock so they put a hush order on it, and swept it under the rug.   Anybody here know exactly how big that one was, and if it was a rainbow or a brown?   

    I think that would be a good place to redirect the ones bellyaching about Mr. Bablers fish. ūüėä

    I heard it was a non-triploid brown that weighed 41 and change. I also heard they torture kittens instead of doing their jobs :D 

  9. This was a fish caught within the limits of the law; a genetically modified fish stocked in a man-made tail water. Extraordinary efforts were made to keep it alive so it could be released to be caught again, but it didn’t survive. Kudos to all involved. 

    I wish it had survived, but I can’t  mourn its loss. 

    Not to take away from the accomplishment, but this wasn’t a native wild trout, born in the river that beat the odds and survived in a difficult natural environment; one that passed its superior genes on to another generation, strengthening the species for the future. It was a stocker that likely grew obese eating the guts of other stockers.   

    It was a nice catch. Records are what they are. Would have been nice to release it alive, but not a great loss that it died. 


  10. I struggle with the whole sci-fi genre and have for a long time. I've probably seen 2 of the Star Wars -- the first for sure and maybe one other. Never any of the Star Treks. Just not my cup-o-tea I guess. This Marvel-type stuff they're cranking out these days -- where it's all fast cuts and special effects -- just doesn't interest me at all. Toy Story 4 or the Peanut Butter Falcon sound pretty good to me right now. :D 

    The stuff that really cracks me up is the paranormal crap on TV. The same freakin' thing every time -- old, dark  places, night vision goggles, green eyes and either some noise that scares them, a breeze or a speck of light on their ghost meter. Geez


  11. 52 minutes ago, Flysmallie said:

    I read a book about it several years ago and found it interesting. I'll steer clear of this though. I don't know why they feel the urge to make these things longer than they need to be. 

    The book was pretty good‚ÄĒif we‚Äôre talking about the same one.¬†

  12. I gotta get this off my chest. I guess here is as good a place as any :D

    Spent almost 3 hours this weekend watching 'No One Saw a Thing'. Anybody see this or remember the story of Ken Rex McElroy -- the town bully and general a-hole of Skidmore, MO who was killed in broad daylight in front of dozens of witnesses but no one was ever prosecuted? I think it's a fascinating story, so when I heard a new documentary was coming out I recorded all six parts. Watched it late into the night Friday and finished it up Saturday morning. 

    Man, talk about stretching 1 hour worth of information into 3 hours. They looped in three other stories that were not related too -- a man murdering his wife, a missing kid, and the horrific story of the woman whose unborn baby was cut from her gut (remember that one?). All sad stories, but they spent a ton of time speculating that these things are related; that there was some kind of curse on the town, that the town economy collapsed due to these things, etc. Speculation, hyperbole and fluff. Repetitive reenactment scenes.  Interviews with local nut cases that didn't know squat. Blech.

    And the worst part? That I was a big enough sucker that I watched it all the way though. 

    Thanks for listening. :D 

  13. Enough about pounds and inches and records and all that stuff! I want to turn this conversation onto the *man* on the other end for a second. I thought the brief but detailed write up was great. Lots of detail in the setup, location and technique. And the humility expressed was, in my opinion, a great example for all of us. 

    I also think the other folks involved in this deserve a lot of recognition. I'll admit I don't follow records much but, between this fish and Frank, it seems to me there is a new mentality taking root in which it's much less about the person and more about the fish. The extraordinary efforts being taken to safely return these monsters to the water is really commendable. Sounds like there are processes and equipment in place to improve the odds that they live. That's true sportsmanship. I hope it spreads. 

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