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  1. 14 hours ago, BilletHead said:

                            Dang looks good Ness!

     It was time to clean up lettuce and bok choy bed this morning.    We will be eating salad 97 ways. This is just half. I had bagged that amount already. 

       Not sure what yet will take its place. Our snow peas look nice but no blooms yet. Tomato plants besides getting taller are putting on some girth.   

    Man, that's a lot of lettuce!! Those BilletHead pipes are gonna be clean!

    My tomatoes and peppers are finally coming out of the cold-weather funk. Looking pretty good, even the one I thought was probably not going to make it. A few blossoms but not a lot. 

  2. Getting that first harvest from the garden. Lotsa lettuce and radishes. One of our favorites Forellenschluss romaine:
    This one is a little butter head called Tom Thumb.Not a huge head but delicious and beautiful in the garden:

    Yugoslavian Red. Another goodun:


    Beans are coming along nicely. These are Dragon Tongue bush:

    Little variety of snap peas called Sugar Bon:



    And the herbs in pots. 


  3. On the deck rail tonight...grilled strip steak with Montreal seasoning, baked tater, ness garden salad (Red Salad Bowl lettuce, French Breakfast radish and some other stuff) and a fruit salad. Fruit salad was from a neighbor we helped out earlier in the week. Kid explained it just like mom had told him...’with a lime and honey drizzle’. 😄 Cole slaw.  Nailed the steak. I don’t always. 

  4. I gotta admit I love our American-Chinese food. I’d likely struggle with Chinese-Chinese food. 

    Tonight it was some naked code with lemon pepper and panko. Wedge salad with ranch. Salad won.

  5. 22 hours ago, Mitch f said:

    Believe it or not I like American Chinese food better than the Hunan traditional her father makes. 😂

    You need to sit that old man down and tell him where you stand! We went over this in the COVID-19 thread!! 🤪

  6. I think I'd ask the doctor to explain why no fat or seasoning, and also ask what's the downside if you do use some fat or seasoning. Doctors are people too and may have some particular bias or pet peeve that gets in the way. If he/she doesn't give a sensible answer, find another doctor to ask. And keep asking around until you find one that says butter and lemon pepper is ok on fish! 

    And, yeah -- salt on watermelon! But no pepper on cantaloupe for cripes sake :D 

  7. 1 minute ago, N9BOW said:

    never though otherwise ness!... BUT...You don't really know me so here is a taste :tastey:I'll call out anyone.. and expect to be called out.. I will stand my ground and give you the benefit of the doubt... up to a point. (I do my best to keep politics and religion out of the conversation unless mutually agreed upon.... or requires defending cause,,,, you or anyone else just don't get the first point of mutually agreed upon). Push things and it gets bristly :yarr:... Thats me.

    You sure wrapped that ‘give you the benefit of the doubt’ in a bunch of the opposite 😄

  8. 1 minute ago, N9BOW said:

    You're right as can be seen by the asinine behavior of those amongst here that could'nt care less, that the group.... for the most part, does not want to hear this crap and want to keep it on topic.

    Even after multiple attempts and having Phil get involved... But as the OP I can try. It's all I can do.. At some point you say enough is enough... Thanks for your support!

    It’s one thing to post something in an attempt to get a reaction. It’s a whole ‘nother thing to give that reaction. You took the bait 😀

  9. 12 minutes ago, N9BOW said:

    Ya know what ness?.. I've asked several time to keep politics out of this thread...MY thread....and this TROLL keeps trolling.. So I'm gonna call an ace an ace and a spade a spade here till some folks can grow up. The purpose of the thread... ya know what go read the first post... Im not going to explain myself. AGAIN!!!

    Good luck claiming a thread as your own 😀

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