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  1. MOsmallies


    The water color was a little funky (grayish) in the Tan-Tar-A area last weekend but I'm not sure it was turning over. Didn't see any other signs. And the water temps were still 71-73 so I think it was too warm to turnover.
  2. MOsmallies

    Fall Football

    Yeah the action on the thing is unreal. Stands straight up and the tail almost starts curling up
  3. MOsmallies

    Fall Football

    Caught this football last weekend. I don’t think she was much more than 15-16” but was every bit of 3+ lbs. She bit a mag trick worm on a bluff end. That mag trick worm on a 5/16 oz shakey head catches a ton of quality fish from May through October. Lost 3 nice ones including a 5+ on the Whopper Plopper (Midway back in a big creek). Had them on for 5-10 sec before they pulled or jumped off. My bite to land ratio has always been awful with the 130 size. Going to try some #2 Owner Stinger 3X ST-56 Trebles and see if those will make a difference. Also caught a lot of solid fish on the new Tackle HD MF Shakey Head with their soon to be released HD Hellgrammite... This bait is gonna be sweeeeet so keep a look out for it in the coming months!!!
  4. MOsmallies

    Solid Bite in Warsaw

    Awesome report as always!
  5. MOsmallies

    Who likes lily pads?

    Do some selective harvest with those 12" bass and crappie
  6. MOsmallies

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    How so? It looks pretty stock to me but you have a keen eye for this stuff
  7. MOsmallies

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    A few more pics from Facebook...
  8. MOsmallies

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    He had a short clip up on Instagram of him losing the other big one and he appeared to be fishing a bluff type bank with wind on it. Almost looked like he was working that big glide bait like a spook. Twitching his rod tip.. I guess to get that thing to glide out further and more erratic than a straight S retrieve. I believe this is the winning fish and bait...
  9. MOsmallies

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    According to Facebook and Instagram he has footage of everything. Including losing another giant after weighing in the winning fish. Looking forward to it. I've always enjoyed following him. Dude just travels all over the country catching massive fish and getting killer footage of it all.
  10. Unfortunately had plans for this weekend this year. Hope you guys do it again next year and we can book that weekend in advance. Good luck!
  11. MOsmallies

    Intermiadate angler looking for some help

    Great advice there. If you slow down, a shakey head is a great option as well
  12. MOsmallies

    Osage River Magic

    Awesome David! Congrats on the new PB! That's a stud river fish no matter where you go!
  13. MOsmallies

    Spinnerbait Rod

    I actually took advantage of the TW closeout price and bought it last weekend... Just showed up in my office mailroom!!
  14. Forgot to post these earlier this week. Fished a couple hours last Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Tan-Tar-A area. Boat traffic got crazy so I was back at the house by 9:30 am. I think I only caught 6 but 5 were keepers. 2 came out of 15-20 ft dock wells on a Mag Trick Worm. 2 came in 10-15 ft off sides of docks near jet ski lifts also on Mag Trick Worms... and one KY keeper came off a deep dock corner on a spook. They were spread out from the back of cove out to the mouth. Only one was long and skinny. The rest were fat, healthy, and full of energy! Water temps were 80-81 all weekend. Looking forward to the fall bite but it’ll be a while before I can get back down. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

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