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  1. Looks like a hybrid to me... And another giant! Congrats buddy!
  2. Question on Distance

    Larry Gale to Alhonna is a 30-32 mile run... That being said you'll pass up a lot of good water on your way there. But it's all about what you have confidence in. Is the amount of money you could win worth it to make a 60+ mile round trip? That 30+lb sack last spring came out of the Niangua arm I believe. There are big fish there.
  3. Floated a new river last year

    Tuesday, January 16 at 7 PM - 9 PM Goff Moll American Legion Post 101 2721 Collier Ave, St. Louis 63144
  4. River Jerkbaits

    I stick with the Megabass 110 or Jackall Squad Minnow 95 or 80... Play the water clarity when picking colors. Typically the water on our Ozark streams are clear as gin in the winter so natural/translucent shad/minnow patterns work best. If the water has some stain you can try brighter/more opaque colors. I'll usually keep changing colors til I find one they seem to like on that day.
  5. Thanksgiving fishing

    Definitely give the buzzbait and whopper plopper a try. Spinnerbait, Wiggle Wart, RK Crawler should be good as well. Jerkbait or spook on dock corners and wave breaks can produce some nice Kentucky's. And the A-Rig bite should be turning on. If it's sunny and calm fish a jig behind docks or on creek channel banks. Good luck!
  6. This weekend?

    I always enjoy deer season because the lake gets relatively quiet. Found some nice Kentuckies on Saturday but couldn't find any good blacks to save my life. I get hard-headed this time of year and always try to force the topwater bite. One of these years I'll learn. Caught 10 nice crappie as well but was too lazy to clean them. Topwater and Hi-Def Craw did the damage...
  7. This weekend?

    This was the day after I caught that first big one in my previous post. That snow was so wet and it was so cold that we didn't last long out there. But I bet the fish would've been biting had we been able to tough it out.
  8. This weekend?

    As long as that water temp is above 50 they will smack a well presented buzzbait. Some guys will still fish one into the high 40's! Along as the shad are up on the rocks, they don't care about the air temp... And the snow can really get them going!
  9. Blues

    Good Gravy those are some Giants!!!!
  10. Smallmouth, eagles, and alligators, oh my!

    Awesome pictures!
  11. Anybody make any money today?

    Yeah she was a beat up looking old gal... Lots of people were talking about catching multiple fish that looked beatup like this one. Not sure why. I caught her out of a 15 ft brush pile and there were no tournament weigh-in locations for miles so I doubt she was a recent release fish. If she had been fat, she could've easily gone in the 6 lb range. My 2 biggest ever were 6.5 lbs and they were both only 20.5" long. I think this fish was longer but I never did measure her.
  12. Anybody make any money today?

    My pleasure... It was a lot of fun!
  13. Anybody make any money today?

    I've always wondered how most would approach being a co-angler at this level especially when guys will probably be flipping and skipping docks because of the weather conditions. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!
  14. Anybody make any money today?

    That fish went a little over 5 on my scales so we ran to weigh it in, but only went 4.73 on their scales. She had a big ole head and was pretty long. Just didn't have a big belly. Took 20th place in the 9-11 am slot on Saturday. $190 so I covered my entry fee. If I would've caught her 10 minutes earlier I think I would've got 11th place in the 7-9 am slot. Ended up lucking into one of the early bird drawings so I won another $500 from that. It was a fun weekend! Met a lot of great people.
  15. Fishing gear stolen :(

    F'ing Low-lifes... That gear means nothing to them and I know how much it means to you. Sorry brother!

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