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  1. MOsmallies

    Back-to-back PB smallies

    Absolutely awesome! I couldn't imagine! Congrats Jim!
  2. MOsmallies

    Best Wiggle Wart Replacement Hooks

    I use abkeenan's 2nd option...Mustad KVD #4 on the belly #6 on the tail https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Mustad_KVD_1x_Strong_2x_Short_Triple_Grip_Treble_Hook/descpage-MKVDEST.html And #3 Owner Hyperwire Split Rings to attach them... https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Owner_Hyper_Wire_Split_Rings_Black/descpage-OHWSB.html
  3. MOsmallies

    Tackle HD at LEWS Sportmans Factory Outlet

    I just found this on the Lew's Sportsman's Factory Outlet Facebook page regarding seminar schedules...
  4. MOsmallies

    Tackle HD at LEWS Sportmans Factory Outlet

    Our owners (Aaron, Mitch, and Ben) won't be there because of the East Tennessee Fishing Show in Knoxville... But our good friend Mike Fey Sr. will be there representing us. Definitely make sure to introduce yourself. He's a great guy!
  5. Just wanted to let everyone in the Springfield area know about the Meet the Pros event at Sportsman’s Factory Outlet on Jan 25th and 26th. The Tackle HD guys are honored to be part of the event this year as SFO is now carrying our products. Table Rock BFL Champion, Mike Fey Sr, will be there representing us and answering any questions about our baits that folks may have. Stop by and say hello if you are free! Mike is a great guy and a hell of a fisherman! Tons of great local companies will be featured at this event as well as seminars from National and Regional Pros. We hope to see you guys there!
  6. MOsmallies

    Need catfish guide contact info

    Call Jack Uxa... The guy can catch anything that swims on LOZ and will guide for Catfish... Great guy to spend a day in the boat with! 573-434-2570 http://www.fishinglakeoftheozarks.com/
  7. MOsmallies

    Let’s go fishing show!

    Let's Go Fishing Show at Gateway Center in Collinsville on January 4-5-6, 2019 - RODS & REELS- TACKLE & BAIT - GEAR & GADGETS - FISHING BOATS - GUIDES & RESORTS - FREE SEMINARS - PRIZES - LIVE DEMOS - EDUCATIONAL DISPLAYS - KIDS ACTIVITIES - FREE FISH POND SHOW DATES & HOURS: Friday, January 4 from 12:00 PM until 8:00 PM Saturday, January 5 from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM Sunday, January 6 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM ADMISSION FEES: ADULTS - $7.00 AGES 60+ Friday Only - $5.00 Ages 6-15 - $3.50 each day Ages 5 & under FREE Parking is FREE each day!
  8. MOsmallies

    River Smallmouth Revenge! 12-20 & 12-23

    Absolutely awesome! You guys are some dam good fisherman! Merry Christmas!
  9. MOsmallies

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    What was the brand?
  10. MOsmallies

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    Wrench, You may not want to, but you could make a bunch yourself for under $100... Lizard Mold - https://www.lurecraft.com/Plastic-Mold-432/productinfo/5X432/ Floating Plastisol - https://www.pouryourownworms.com/Regular-Liquid-Plastic-1-Gallon-Free-Shipping-US-Only-2228LP-1-Gallon-Inside-US.htm Color - https://www.barlowstackle.com/MF-Non-Bleed-Colors-for-Liquid-Plastic-P3699.aspx
  11. MOsmallies

    Cold, Muddy, and High Water Still Caught some

    As you know, cold muddy water is not ideal and can be downright brutal to fish. You figured them out and I'm sure you were around the smallies too. Typically they will move from the hole they were holding in to the nearest spot out of the heavy current. Behind big rock outcroppings, big logs. Basically anything that creates an eddy. They won't move far, and the high water can really stack them up. If you catch one, there should be a bunch.
  12. I typically throw 1/32 oz tube jig under a cork. I'm usually fishing it in water under 60 degrees and they seem to like the slower fall. I will throw a 1/16 oz sometimes as well. For crappie, throw whatever color you have most confidence in and if they won't eat it keep switching colors or styles of baits. When corking, I throwing a black and chartreuse tube quite a bit.
  13. MOsmallies

    The Big Dogs are Out

    Jeremy Lawyer and John Hewkin
  14. MOsmallies

    The Big Dogs are Out

    Great info... Lawyer is in 2nd after 2 days... Mark Tucker took the lead. Looks like they are going to be fishing for a 3rd day instead of golf. Love following this event!
  15. MOsmallies

    11/10 Mixed Bag

    Brought a couple buddies down to the lake for the weekend (Tan-Tar-A Area). Neither of these guys fish much so my goal was to just get them bit. We targeted Crappie, Bass, and Whites just throwing easy chuck and wind baits.... And we were successful catching all three. Crappie were caught shooting swim platforms on secondary points. Caught my biggest of the year.... A thick 13.5" Black! Bass were spread out. Best one came off the front corner of an isolated dock over deep water. Whites came on rocky mainlake banks with whatever wind we could find on them. Everyone caught a few fish so I was happy! Crappie - BG Baby Shad on a 1/16 oz Jakked Baits Blankenship Shooter Head.... That head is the DEAL for shooting docks! Bass - Underspin with Keithech and Red Eye Shad Whites - Red Eye Shad and Roostertail

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