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  1. MOsmallies

    Beautiful Day on Middle Meramec

    Awesome stuff and great report!
  2. MOsmallies

    Personal Best Smallie

    WOW! That is a freak of a smallie! Congratulations! I don't think there is any denying that is a 5 lb fish!
  3. MOsmallies

    Wiggle Warts

  4. MOsmallies

    Wiggle Warts

    The top two may be worth $25+... Can't tell their condition though. The bottom two are more like painters ($10-$15) to most guys. I own quite a few pre-rep warts but all of mine have been custom painted. I only ever buy painters and I personally never spend more than $10 on them. There are a lot of good alternatives to the pre-rap warts on the market today. But there are a lot of hardcore wiggle wart guys out there. Go to Facebook and search for "pre rapala wiggle wart buy and sell". It is a group of guys who buy, sell, and fish pre-rap warts. They could probably give you a better estimate on what they are worth. Good luck I'll try to post a pic of my "wart" box later
  5. MOsmallies

    Webb Elite Results

    I totally agree GSPHUNTER and redshad. The top guys on LOZ have a way of always figuring them out. It's pretty darn impressive (at least to me). I ended up crappie fishing Saturday since my father-in-law enjoys it more and we had my 5 year old out with us for part of the day. Cleaned 20 decent ones. Made for a fun weekend! The bass probably would've had me scratching my head anyway...
  6. MOsmallies

    Webb Elite Results

    I also think a majority of the Webb Elite guys are mainly from the White River Chain area. Some of the names are common LOZ anglers but I don't think most are. The AiA and Alhonna results were much better and they draw the more common LOZ tournament anglers.
  7. I've posted this in the past but posting again to see if anyone new sees it... I'm looking for one of the older Shimano Crucial Drop Shot Spinning Rods. It's a 6'8" M Action rod with the cork split grip. Not the current model and not the black eva foam model. The one before that (probably 2006-2008 model). If anyone has one they are willing to sell, please let me know! Thanks, Paul
  8. MOsmallies

    Crappie were easy. Bass, not cooperating!

    We are at the 25 mm as well. Is this where your house is? Or were you just fishing the area?
  9. MOsmallies

    First time fishing LOTO

    You will be there during the peak of the spawn. If water conditions are relatively clear, sight fishing will be a possibility. You'll be able to catch fish on just about anything. Fan-casting spawning areas with a Carolina-Rig, pitching behind docks with a Hi-Def Craw or Beaver, Topwater behind docks, skipping a senko around wood and behind docks. Lots of options! Have fun!
  10. MOsmallies

    Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    That is a giant! Congrats Jim! And in a STL County Park is just unreal! Beautiful jigs as well!
  11. MOsmallies

    MO Carp this one is for you

    This cracks me up!!! Cant wait for June!!!! Two of my favorite people and arguably my favorite place in the world! Carp and Smallie city!
  12. Looks like a hybrid to me... And another giant! Congrats buddy!
  13. MOsmallies

    Question on Distance

    Larry Gale to Alhonna is a 30-32 mile run... That being said you'll pass up a lot of good water on your way there. But it's all about what you have confidence in. Is the amount of money you could win worth it to make a 60+ mile round trip? That 30+lb sack last spring came out of the Niangua arm I believe. There are big fish there.
  14. MOsmallies

    Floated a new river last year

    Tuesday, January 16 at 7 PM - 9 PM Goff Moll American Legion Post 101 2721 Collier Ave, St. Louis 63144
  15. MOsmallies

    River Jerkbaits

    I stick with the Megabass 110 or Jackall Squad Minnow 95 or 80... Play the water clarity when picking colors. Typically the water on our Ozark streams are clear as gin in the winter so natural/translucent shad/minnow patterns work best. If the water has some stain you can try brighter/more opaque colors. I'll usually keep changing colors til I find one they seem to like on that day.

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