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  1. But more importantly, does the apostrophe come after the second "s" in his username, or do we add that third one in there?
  2. To answer the topic question, no, I don't buy Miller. Usually Blue Moon Wheat, Coors light on float trips. Pretty picture of an elk, though.
  3. It honestly didn't even look real. I've never seen a smallmouth anywhere near that big outside of a Bass Pro fishtank.
  4. I lost a monster a couple years back in the Big Piney that haunts my dreams (like, I've literally dreamt about it.) Couldn't have been any less than 6 pounds.
  5. That's awesome! I'm surprised by this. Used to hike out there all the time, beautiful area.
  6. OTF's Totally Arbitrary and Meaningless Standards 16-18"= "Good one" 18-20"="Holy crap!" 20-22"= "Welp, that's probably the biggest one I'm catching this year" 22+" I, uh, I don't have experience in this area.
  7. Do you mean Daniel Boone State Forest (between STL and CoMo) of Daniel Boone NF in Kentucky? If it's the latter, there a bunch on the hilltops around Cave Run Lake. I nearly got bitten on two occasions, but it was worth it. They're pretty cool critters.
  8. I realize this probably will not help, but I saw 7 this past summer in the mountains of eastern Kentucky (Daniel Boone National Forest, near Morehead, KY). Found them mostly in rocky, glade-like areas on mountaintops. Wasn't looking specifically for them...was just doing forestry research.
  9. Thanks! Pretty good morning on the water. Nothing of much size, but plenty of action all through. Best right around dawn, unsurprisingly. #16 bh hares ear the star performer. Hit both Baptist and Parker. A bit better at the former, I suppose, but not a real noticeable difference.
  10. Headed back to MO right now for a long weekend...planning to fish the upper Current at Baptist and/or Parker most of the day tomorrow. I'm intimately familiar with that stretch of river, but just curious about current (no pun intended) conditions. It's been ridiculously wet and cool where I've been this summer in Appalachia, but I understand it's a teensy bit different in the Ozarks. Just want to make sure I'm not gonna be fishing over a ridiculously low river/stressed fish, basically. I can pretty much handle it from there.
  11. That is not smart. Slight segue, but I saw a couple of timber rattlers early this morning on a rocky mountaintop in the Kentucky Appalachians. Managed to step out of the way in time. Afterwards I regretted not getting any pics, but in the moment I was fairly intent on getting myself and my crew out of there without any further excitement.
  12. SW Colorado is awesome. Great pics! Looks like you got into some really nice cutties.
  13. I don't particularly care about when/whether this is allowed for deer hunting, but I do get a bit annoyed when people use crossbows and other non-bow things during archery season and call it "bow-hunting". I'm fine with you doing it, I'm fine with it being legal, but it is not bow hunting.* It's like using a glo-ball under a bobber with a spinning rod in the fly area of montauk and calling it fly fishing. No problem with you doing it, but you are not fly fishing. *Doesn't apply to folks that are doing it for health/disability reasons.
  14. One of my field technicians this summer seemingly has dedicated his life to telling me that literally every thing I eat is going to give me cancer. I eventually had to resort to telling him that I regularly climb 14ers during the winter, rock climb, and whitewater kayak, and one of those things will probably get me first, so don't worry about it.
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