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  1. Hello, all. It's been a minute. I recently backpacked in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness for a few very chilly and snowy days, took a fly rod, and this forum came to mind when I got back. Here are some pictures. None of them are of the fish, because not one of the 7 or 8 cutties I caught was longer than the cork section of my fly-rod. Blame the snowmelt and the raging flows in the upper Arkansas watershed, or my thin backcountry fly-box at your discretion. Only place I found any feeding fish was in backwaters and beaver ponds. The elk outnumbered the folks we saw outside our party, 5-2. It was a hell of a trip, with several 14ers summited, a lot of avalanche debris waded through and plenty of use for the snowshoes.
  2. But more importantly, does the apostrophe come after the second "s" in his username, or do we add that third one in there?
  3. To answer the topic question, no, I don't buy Miller. Usually Blue Moon Wheat, Coors light on float trips. Pretty picture of an elk, though.
  4. It honestly didn't even look real. I've never seen a smallmouth anywhere near that big outside of a Bass Pro fishtank.
  5. I lost a monster a couple years back in the Big Piney that haunts my dreams (like, I've literally dreamt about it.) Couldn't have been any less than 6 pounds.
  6. That's awesome! I'm surprised by this. Used to hike out there all the time, beautiful area.
  7. OTF's Totally Arbitrary and Meaningless Standards 16-18"= "Good one" 18-20"="Holy crap!" 20-22"= "Welp, that's probably the biggest one I'm catching this year" 22+" I, uh, I don't have experience in this area.
  8. Do you mean Daniel Boone State Forest (between STL and CoMo) of Daniel Boone NF in Kentucky? If it's the latter, there a bunch on the hilltops around Cave Run Lake. I nearly got bitten on two occasions, but it was worth it. They're pretty cool critters.
  9. I realize this probably will not help, but I saw 7 this past summer in the mountains of eastern Kentucky (Daniel Boone National Forest, near Morehead, KY). Found them mostly in rocky, glade-like areas on mountaintops. Wasn't looking specifically for them...was just doing forestry research.
  10. Thanks! Pretty good morning on the water. Nothing of much size, but plenty of action all through. Best right around dawn, unsurprisingly. #16 bh hares ear the star performer. Hit both Baptist and Parker. A bit better at the former, I suppose, but not a real noticeable difference.
  11. Headed back to MO right now for a long weekend...planning to fish the upper Current at Baptist and/or Parker most of the day tomorrow. I'm intimately familiar with that stretch of river, but just curious about current (no pun intended) conditions. It's been ridiculously wet and cool where I've been this summer in Appalachia, but I understand it's a teensy bit different in the Ozarks. Just want to make sure I'm not gonna be fishing over a ridiculously low river/stressed fish, basically. I can pretty much handle it from there.
  12. That is not smart. Slight segue, but I saw a couple of timber rattlers early this morning on a rocky mountaintop in the Kentucky Appalachians. Managed to step out of the way in time. Afterwards I regretted not getting any pics, but in the moment I was fairly intent on getting myself and my crew out of there without any further excitement.
  13. SW Colorado is awesome. Great pics! Looks like you got into some really nice cutties.
  14. I don't particularly care about when/whether this is allowed for deer hunting, but I do get a bit annoyed when people use crossbows and other non-bow things during archery season and call it "bow-hunting". I'm fine with you doing it, I'm fine with it being legal, but it is not bow hunting.* It's like using a glo-ball under a bobber with a spinning rod in the fly area of montauk and calling it fly fishing. No problem with you doing it, but you are not fly fishing. *Doesn't apply to folks that are doing it for health/disability reasons.
  15. One of my field technicians this summer seemingly has dedicated his life to telling me that literally every thing I eat is going to give me cancer. I eventually had to resort to telling him that I regularly climb 14ers during the winter, rock climb, and whitewater kayak, and one of those things will probably get me first, so don't worry about it.
  16. It's pretty funny. One guy in particular I know has taken every different side of just about every hot button issue, just depending on who he's talking to. He could be a far-right fanatic or a flaming liberal any day of the week depending on who he's talking to. It's a talent, because his arguments usually are shockingly coherent and logical. I literally have no idea what his actual political beliefs are.
  17. Eh, it doesn't bother me. I have several friends that play devil's advocate to the point where it's an art form.
  18. Given that this thread is 12 pages long, are we actually sure that anyone has remained quiet?
  19. If there is one thing I'm gathering from this thread is that the term "waste" is pretty subjective when applied to the MDC. I believe this has been hinted at, but we all bring our own biases into the discussion. I'd say a majority of regular OAF users (at least that I regularly interact with, including myself) are very into smallmouth bass fishing. Therefore, most of us are going to look very favorably on projects that benefit smallmouth bass habitat, or prevent the poaching/illegal gigging/whatever else of the species. Many of the same folks (me included) are not big into, say, bird watching. Therefore you might be inclined to look at projects where a significant amount of money is being spent on non-game birds as a waste of money. But the problem is that the MDC represents a really broad constituency, namely, anyone in the state that uses or values natural resources, or the properties owned by MDC. And that constituency includes a hell of a lot of bird watchers. Heck, it includes people that are fascinating by insects, rare plants, any number of things that the average fisherman/hunter might easily be given a pass for considering pointless. Just as the MDC regularly has to (and does) throw bones to smallmouth bass fishermen and deer hunters, they have to do the same for these other groups. I'd be shocked if there aren't some folks out there who are interested in bird watching/hiking/etc who think that dumping a bunch of money on fish habitat is a waste. I just think, even if it's annoying, it's important to try to see the big picture and that we are not the only interest group that matters.
  20. I don't think so. I've followed along and while there are certainly some takes I disagree with, seems like a quality discussion.
  21. This might end up being the correct take, but if it is, I'm in trouble. I would say that fully half of my meat intake since early December has been venison or some other form of wild game/fish (don't worry, almost exclusively bluegill in the latter case, lol.) If there is a confirmed/documented case of the disease transferring to humans, I may have to re-evaluate this, but for now the benefits still outweigh the risks for me.
  22. I was basically the same until last summer, and I can confirm it's a little weird after you're used to fishing it at Baptist Camp or Parker Hollow. Might as well be a totally different body of water. It's still clear, cool, and really pretty though. And while the jet boat traffic can be occasionally annoying, the number of canoes are pretty low once you get a ways below Big Spring, so you can sometimes have a surprising amount of water to yourself. I had an obscure little access at the end of a gravel road on a long, deep bluff-hole that I would usually use. Generally not having a shuttle, I'd paddle up to the top of the pool, fish my way down, and repeat. There was enough good water just in that one hole that I could do the drift 3-4 times (a couple hours of fishing) before I'd get bored/I'd notice a downtick in the amount of action I was getting.
  23. Fished the lower Current a ton last summer, as I was living/working basically on its banks. Some great smallie fishing around and below Big Spring (aka below Van Buren). It drops off a bit IMO by the time you get down towards Doniphan, but it's still decent. As someone else mentioned, some surprisingly solid walleye fishing, too. I've never targeted them, but caught several while targeting smallies. It's big water and definitely a different feel than any other Ozark stream I've fished, or even the middle Current.
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