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  1. I fished the Bourbeuse about two weeks ago (near Union) when the temp was in the low 40s, and was trying to catch some bluegill on nightcrawlers ( I didn't think bass would be biting this late in the year) and was surprised to catch a spotted bass. I was just curious if the bass fishing remained good in throughout the winter in the Meramec/ Bourbeuse system. I was just hoping to get some decent bass fishing in between trout fishing trips. Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot for the help, I just seem to have a little trouble trout fishing in Missouri, and this should help.
  3. I am planning on trying to hit Maramec Springs several times once the catch and keep season begins, and I just have a couple of questions. I've fished here twice before, and each time fished all day and only caught one trout. Based on the number of people I see taking their limits in the first hour or so, I am clearly doing something wrong. I mainly spinfish, but I have a fly rod and will use it if it works better down there. I would just appreciate any advice on tips, baits, lures etc. Thanks a lot.
  4. I fished Little Piney Creek on November 20, and was surprised to only see a couple trout, and hooked zero. I have a few questions about how I can more efficiently fish this pretty little creek. I both spin-fish and fly-fish, and practice catch and release 1. Does the White Ribbon area or the Blue Ribbon area generally produce more fish? 2. In the Blue Ribbon Section, should I fish near Vida Slab, or closer to Lane Spring? 3. What flies are productive during the winter? 4. What spinning lures are effective here. I'd really appreciate any help I can get. I'm more used to fishing western streams, and the Missouri spring creeks seem kinda hard to figure out.
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