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  1. Awesome pics and wonderful review. Nice to see someone share some actual information as well for once instead of just brag posting, might even help another OA member catch a few more fish. We floated the last Weds of September and fishing was very tough, similar conditions. Didn't see another person on the river all day, it's really a great time to get out when most folks have hung up the fishing gear. Only hooked up a couple fish on a ned and one on a zara spook near the end, was def one of the slower catchin' trips in recent memory but can't beat a float over a workday. Thanks for
  2. Pretty vague article, hopefully you're right and it's a good thing. I haven't seen much about it but heard rumors it would be happening from a friend that just floated a couple weeks ago. Outfitter didnt seem confident it was beneficial but this is the first tidbit i've seen related to it.
  3. One of the best, most pristine areas I've floated in MO. Hope this won't alter the serenity or the landscape... https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/missouri-ordered-to-sell-parts-of-planned-state-park-along-eleven-point-river/article_51144355-74b1-5d2f-a92b-34c317ba627e.html#tracking-source=home-the-latest JEFFERSON CITY — An Oregon County circuit judge has ordered the state of Missouri to sell parts of a planned state park along the Eleven Point River in the southern part of the state. The ruling by Circuit Judge Steven Privette,
  4. glad you made it out ok. lost a friend in high school when he and a buddy were out in a pond prowler on a farm pond with a spillway which drained down a STEEP rocky cut. not sure what they were thinking but they got too near the spillway and the flow was more than the trolling motor could fight. they both jumped off a side and only one of them made it to the shore. still think about that all.the.time...easily avoidable. never underestimate the power of simple water.
  5. Thursday says "Hold my beer, Pebble Mine." Today we have the rollback of Clean Water/wetland protection and 1972 Clean Water Act and green lighting the construction of the Keystone Pipeline across federal lands in Montana. But I guess who cares, at least 401K's are up right now. Our kids can sort it out, we've got retirement to worry about.
  6. ? I was just looking for some new ideas to maybe try out in a spot that sees high traffic, and I'm far from well versed on river fishing. Our location obviously wasn't selected for blue ribbon fishing prospects...I'm generally happy to just scratch out a handful of dinkers while avoiding the office on the boss man's dime. You toss what you're comfy with in most instances. I was also hamstrung by only having a few boxes of mediocre baits that I keep handy in my garage for the off chance I may find a minute to get on the water; I keep my main gear out at the property where I have time to fi
  7. We had a great float, weather was spectacular and only one other boat on the river the entire day, can't beat that. Started off with a small bronze fish on my second cast about 10ft from put-in on the Whopper Plopper. I think I had 4 or 5 in the next 10 mins, no size to anything but action and fun. Put the WP down and tossed a big booyah buzz for a bit and caught another fish but it wasn't really getting much other action. Switched to a smaller tri-blade buzz in chart/white and started picking em up again rather quickly, but all small fish other than a chunk spotted bass. Came to a
  8. Got a box full of 'em as well as the 4 blade Booyah version (each blade a bit smaller). I'll give her another go tomorrow, cheers!
  9. Never seem to have much luck on the spinnerbaits, personally. Do you prefer a specific blade style or setup? I tend to assume less is more (darker/natural colors and small) with overpressured, clear water, but maybe that's why I never get much action:)
  10. Tomorrow is our annual work float (hitting the river near Bourbon). Supposed to be mostly sunny and warm. What are you throwin' at 'em right now? I always seem to get my best results on a buzzbait or a spook on this trip (this is our 15th year if I'm not mistaken floating this part of the month). Currently have a whopper plopper, buzzbait and a fluke tied on my rods... Ned rig or chompers for lower in the water column? Cranks? I think I tend to lean to the topwater just because it's more efficient when we're moving kinda quick and I'm trying to cover as much water as I can. Plus there's r
  11. Really was a hopping stretch of river with Times Beach as well. https://www.kmov.com/years-ago-the-feds-told-all-residents-of-a-st/video_5bf5d8fd-b42f-5e36-9c0f-f2bb29ed1ad0.html
  12. thanks for sharing, that's awesome. very nice of shawn as well! great looking replica.
  13. Well we've flooded again in Eureka overnight, no access to Route 66 as of this morning, I had 2 of my 3 escape routes out of neighborhood flooded out. Might be a few days before the access is open, although the river looked about same this morning so maybe it'll recede quickly. 6.5" of rain in neighbor's gauge. Wow. Havent taken kayak off the wall still this year, might be time to toss her on craigslist and make the wife happy. Edit: Park access was open this morning (Tues) FYI. Notify your next of kin if you plan on putting in today.
  14. Seems like vehicle break ins/damage are increasing recently @ Allenton. Just a heads up, mebbe get someone to drop you off if you can. Sucks but seems to be the new norm.
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