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  1. Met a new friend and tough conditions 3/3/18

    River looked pretty nice this morning, Jim. Looks essentially cleared up and about 'normal' level once again. Still cant see the rocks on the north side of the Eureka boat ramp (between 44 bridge and old Rt. 66 bridge) but she was pretty low for a good while prior to the recent deluge.
  2. She's blowing out

    Kinda surprised yesterday that the river had still been going up. I went the reverse direction of my run the day before and the spot I said was nearly over the bank was blocked off. I guess the main Rt 66 Park entrance is closed and the road was nearly underwater or partially covered; I went by the sign and looked down the path a bit and it was about 5ft underwater so I couldn't get near the entrance by the boat ramp to check it out. Pretty cool to be cruising along almost at the same level as the river on the run though, that current is RIPPING along. Nasty. Edit: park back open today
  3. She's blowing out

    i went for a run in Route 66 yesterday and she looked about a foot from coming over the bank just north of the old Rt 66 bridge (where the path from parking area comes thru the woods to the river). Kind of amazing how close we are to major issues, glad I live up on a ridge. Thankful for some dry days and sunshine.
  4. She's blowing out

    brookedale farm
  5. She's blowing out

    Not sure if this will load but drone footage taken this morning @ Eureka. For those of you that may be in the area or passing thru there's several flood closures, I just heard W is now closed/underwater as well: Twin River Road Huntersford Road Willman Road Spring River Ranch Road Bald Pate Road
  6. The rain helped

    looked pretty chocolatey this a.m. @ the Eureka crossing.
  7. 5 Green bass in the cold water.

    I'd invite you to mock me but I just post about my inability to ever catch a stupid fish in the dead zone I frequent so it would really only be kicking me when I down already.
  8. 5 Green bass in the cold water.

    Maybe I should have said 50, in case it was a below average kind of day.
  9. 5 Green bass in the cold water.

    White Snoop replaced 100 garage door openers in the same timeframe.
  10. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Ah, the oldest trick in the book. It's cold, global warming is a hoax. I'm out, go back to your Fox News. Thanks for bringing the Eureka stuff up, I'll start a diff thread if anything develops.
  11. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    As stated by Smallie, this local issue has absolutely nothing to do with the administration. But since you asked, here's a few of the NONPAID VOLUNTEERS that are bailing out because they've not been spoken to since the new admin arrived. "Nearly all of the seats on the U.S. National Park Service advisory board are vacant following a mass resignation Monday night, with ex-members citing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's unwillingness to meet with them." The board had repeatedly tried and failed to secure a meeting with the new interior secretary."[Our] requests to engage have been ignored and the matters on which we wanted to brief the new Department team are clearly not part of the agenda," the letter reads.Alaska Public Radio quoted Knowles as saying that the Department of the Interior "showed no interest in learning about or continuing to use the forward-thinking agenda of science, the effect of climate change, protections of the ecosystems, education.""And it has rescinded NPS regulations of resource stewardship concerning those very things: biodiversity loss, pollution and climate change," he added. DR. RITA R. COLWELL College Park, Maryland Terms of appointment: 5/05/2014 - 5/05/2018; 4/08/2010 - 4/08/2014 Qualifications for selection: MARINE SCIENCE Dr. Rita R. Colwell is Distinguished Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, and Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health; Senior Advisor and Chair Emerita, Canon U.S. Life Sciences; and President, CosmosID, Inc. She was the 11th Director of the National Science Foundation and co-chair of its Committee on Science of the National Science and Technology Council. She also has been President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and has received numerous awards, including the Stockholm Water Prize awarded by the King of Sweden, 2010, and the 2006 National Medal of Science award. Colwell has a BS and MS from Purdue University, and a PhD in oceanography from the University of Washington. As a nationally respected scientist and educator, Colwell currently is developing an international network to address emerging infectious diseases and water issues.* PROFESSOR LINDA BILMES Cambridge, Massachusetts Terms of appointment: 5/05/2014 - 5/05/2018; 4/08/2010 - 4/08/2014 Qualifications for selection: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Professor Linda Bilmes is widely considered one of the leading experts in U.S. budgeting and public finance. She has held several senior positions in government, including Assistant Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and U.S. Representative to several high-ranking commissions, including an international audit of the Inter-American Investment Corporation. Bilmes holds a BA, MA, and MBA from Harvard University, and is a full-time faculty member at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she teaches budgeting and public finance. She also conducts Harvard's budgeting workshops for newly-elected mayors and Members of Congress. Bilmes has written extensively on financial and budgetary issues and has appeared on many national broadcasts DR. MILTON CHEN San Francisco, California Terms of appointment: 5/05/2014 - 5/05/2018; 4/08/2010 - 4/08/2014 Qualifications for selection: SOCIAL SCIENCE Dr. Milton Chen is Senior Fellow and Executive Director Emeritus of The George Lucas Educational Foundation, a non-profit operating foundation that utilizes its multimedia website (edutopia.org), and documentary films to communicate what works in public education. Edutopia media emphasize authentic learning experiences for children, such as connecting with nature and environmental and historical issues through the national parks. Prior to joining GLEF, Chen was the founding director of the KQED Center for Education (PBS) in San Francisco, director of research at Sesame Workshop in New York, and an assistant professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a trustee of Sesame Workshop and chairman of the Panasonic Foundation of New Jersey, which supports school district reform. Chen received an AB in social studies from Harvard College and a PhD in communication research from Stanford.* DR. CAROLYN FINNEY Lexington, Kentucky Terms of appointment: 5/05/2014 - 5/05/2018; 4/08/2010 - 4/08/2014 Qualifications for selection: CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY, NATIONAL PARKS VISITATION AND PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Dr. Carolyn Finney is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Kentucky. She was a member of the National Parks Second Century Commission. In her previous position at the University of California, Berkeley, Finney explored how difference, identity, representation, and power play a significant role in determining how people negotiate their daily lives in relation to the environment. By engaging art, science and popular culture, she works to create new frameworks of engagement where diverse communities and individuals, environmental organizations, government agencies and academic institutions can establish and nurture healthy human/environment relationships. Finney holds a B.A. and M.A. in international development, and completed her Ph.D. in geography at Clark University. She is a Canon National Parks Science Scholarship recipient; and, as a Fulbright fellow, she has also researched the impacts of tourism and modernization on Nepalese women and the environment. She has written a number of essays, her most recent entitled "Brave New World? Ruminations on Race in the 21st Century," published in the journal Antipode. Finney's first book manuscript, Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors, was published in June 2014 (UNC Press) NPS photo HONORABLE CAROLYN "CARRIE" HESSLER RADELET Falls Church, Virginia Term of appointment: 1/04/2017 - 1/04/2021 Qualifications for selection: SOCIAL SCIENCE Ms. Radelet is the President and CEO of Project Concern International, a global development organization working to enhance health, end hunger, and overcome hardship in 16 countries. She is a highly experienced leader of government, non-profit and for-profit international operations. She served from June 2014 to January 2017 as Director of the Peace Corps, where she had previously served as Acting Director (September 2012 to June 2014), and as Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer (April 2010 to December 2015), providing executive direction by overseeing the programs and activities in more than 70 countries around the world. She served as Vice President and Director of the John Snow, Inc./JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) from September 2000 to April 2010 where she led global programs and directed operations of John Snow, Inc. (for-profit) and JSI (non-profit) in the Washington, D.C. area, and managed administrative and financial support to JSI's long- and short-term global contracts and budgets in excess of $800 million. From 1996 to 2000, Ms. Radelet was Director of JSI/Boston International Group, John Snow, Inc., where she managed operations of JSI's international programs in Boston and 20 bilateral field project offices throughout the world. She has served as HIV/AIDS Advisor at the Health and Child Survival Fellows Program, USAID, Jakarta, Indonesia (1994-95); Information, Education and Communications (IEC) Advisor at MotherCare Project, John Snow, Inc., Jakarta, Indonesia (1991-94); Director (acting) at Boston International Group, John Snow, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts (1989-91); Founder and Executive Director, Special Olympics/The Gambia, Banjul, The Gambia (1986-88); Consultant at Gambia Family Planning Association, Kanifing, The Gambia (1986-88); Public Affairs Manager, Peace Corps Regional Office, Boston, Massachusetts (1984-86); and Peace Corps Volunteer Secondary School Teacher, Apia, Western Samoa (1981-84), Radelet holds a Master of Science in Health Policy and Management from Harvard University School of Public Health (1990), a Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, from Boston University College of Liberal Arts (1979), and numerous honorary doctorate degrees and other honors and awards from NGOs and international organizations. Add the complete disdain for Parks to our current leadership's "concern" for environment and you have a group of people erasing decades of progress which I would think someone who cares about fishing and nature would be worried about. EPA head Scott Pruitt was just asked on CBS if the EPA was supposed to protect the environment or business interests: "Neither" was his reply. Anyway, back on topic, Steam Powered Aero Plain is my favorite John Hartford song.
  12. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Perhaps in other assignments, but the Nat Park Advisory board is a bipartisan group of academics, not just a buffoon with donor money being tossed in a position of extreme importance who has no right to be seated (see Secretary of Education). These are all highly educated, experienced, qualified people who were volunteering their expertise. They've been ignored by Zinke since day 1. If you think this is 'draining the swamp' I think you're off-base...
  13. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Yeah, we're spiraling backwards at an alarming rate. Who could have predicted this? sad state of affairs all around right now. Take this morning for example: Majority Of National Park Service Board Resigns, Citing Administration Indifference https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/01/17/578525840/majority-of-national-park-service-board-resigns-citing-administration-indifferen
  14. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Maybe a bit over 500 words;) copied from another place *Air quality -Winter Bros own estimate on their plan states 20-25 diesel trucks entering and leaving per hour (using Rte 66 State Park outer road-approved by MODOT) -how much air pollution will this add to our area? -info received says they will be using a diesel hydraulic process during mining operations *Water quality for residents of Eureka, as well as unincorporated STL Co. -water table impacts. In 10 yrs an aquifer can lower (which their plans state they will be mining this land for 40 yrs to deplete all the resources) -about 75% of the 245 acres in Eureka is floodplain. This river floods often, I have seen very large fields of farmland behind my home flood multiple times/year most years. Winter Bros plans state they will only have a 300 foot buffer from the river. When that area floods, where will all the sediment from their mine end up? -where will the discharge from their process go? (see my photos of the flooding) *Loss of habitat, timbers, and effects on Meramec River estimated 9 wetland areas and 7 streams on this property stream flow effects, such as inputs to river and drawbacks multiple endangered species that could be in area, such as Elephantear mussel (candidate for Federal Endangered Species List), which MDC states is now only found in the Meramec River-many Birds of Conservation Concern, as well as a population of Nearly Threatened Red-Headed Woodpeckers(have declined by close to 70%, and return to same tree to nest yearly) are seen regularly in Rte 66 State Park and surrounding areas. Bald Eagles also are seen year-round. Safety - Impact of 20-25 trucks/hour! - Must use 109/44 interchange --busiest interchange in Eureka - Trucks cannot negotiate left turns without crossing over lanes - Uphill starting and merging into highway traffic traveling at 65 MPH+ - Impede rush hour traffic - Dump trucks accident record - In Eureka -- we all remember the family killed by a dump truck - In St. Louis County - Winter Brothers has been sued 9 times in recent past for negligence in St. Louis County alone - 40 yrs to deplete the resources, without any plan to avert the above dangers. - - - Some info saying this plant/mine may be in our area for the next 75-80 yrs! - Negative impact of allowing the open pit mine on 900 acres, to a depth of 70 feet - There are no visual, noise, or dust barriers/buffers, diesel exhaust buffers, or shields from electric lights during the 18 hours of operation 6 days each week for those immediately adjacent to the site - As the open pit mine progresses, they must transport sand and gravel from its mines upstream to its processing location downstream along a gravel roadway that must be constructed away from the flooding Meramec River and immediately adjacent to the 700 existing residences, nursing home and businesses. This will increase the noise, dust, electric lights and diesel exhaust fumes for the next 40 yrs @ least.
  15. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    I've seen a map of all of their holdings, it's incredible all of the riverside land they've gobbled up goin up thru iowa and MN. They arent gonna donate jack; they said they've got over $1/2 B in gravel in there. They've already done some shady stuff in anticipation of getting in there. Somehow they were able to pull off a quiet land swap with MO State Parks (I guess? Not sure who would approve something like that) and, if you frequent the park or boat ramp, you'd have noticed they relocated the park gate east a few years ago. That was just enough land to get room for them to build a small road off the outer road to create an entrance to those fields. They built a gate and were already constructing the beginning of a road which sits idle right now. They plan to run it 6 days a week from something like 6am to 10pm if i recall correctly, 25-30 dump trucks an hour getting off at 109/44, getting back on 44 to WIlliams road exit since Eureka wouldn't allow them in our neighborhood roads (thankfully). Traffic is already out of hand with the growth of eureka and there's 2 HUGE new subdivisions coming so I dont know how they feel they'll be able to convince anyone to allow it. I'll keep you posted if there's any news.

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