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  1. Really was a hopping stretch of river with Times Beach as well. https://www.kmov.com/years-ago-the-feds-told-all-residents-of-a-st/video_5bf5d8fd-b42f-5e36-9c0f-f2bb29ed1ad0.html
  2. thanks for sharing, that's awesome. very nice of shawn as well! great looking replica.
  3. Well we've flooded again in Eureka overnight, no access to Route 66 as of this morning, I had 2 of my 3 escape routes out of neighborhood flooded out. Might be a few days before the access is open, although the river looked about same this morning so maybe it'll recede quickly. 6.5" of rain in neighbor's gauge. Wow. Havent taken kayak off the wall still this year, might be time to toss her on craigslist and make the wife happy. Edit: Park access was open this morning (Tues) FYI. Notify your next of kin if you plan on putting in today.
  4. Seems like vehicle break ins/damage are increasing recently @ Allenton. Just a heads up, mebbe get someone to drop you off if you can. Sucks but seems to be the new norm.
  5. https://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/angler-finds-new-invasive-fish-st-francis-river-floodwaters?fbclid=IwAR3pSjefGWwqqxrAc6VXusY0BbtrO4g_eQtju3K5wuL653C2TRVwJ454JpE Candice Davis May 17, 2019 CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – Fisheries management biologists with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) confirm an angler caught a Northern snakehead from a borrow ditch within the St. Francis River levees in Dunklin County. The fish was caught on April 25. According to biologists, a Northern snakehead population was discovered in eastern Arkansas waterways in 2008, so they believed it was only a matter of time before it would migrate north from the bordering state. “This fish’s wide temperature tolerance, potential to spawn multiple times in one year, and ability to survive in low oxygenated waters are reasons why it’s a threat to Missouri waters,” explained Dave Knuth, a MDC fisheries management biologist. “The impacts of this species on native fish populations are still to be determined in states where they’re already established and research is ongoing in several states to determine this invader’s true impact.” The Northern snakehead is native to eastern China and southeastern Russia. This species is a popular live-food fish in the Asian markets. It was commonly imported to the United States before the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prohibited its importation and interstate transportation in 2002. The Northern Snakehead was brought for private fish farming in Monroe County, Arkansas in 2000, before the ban was in place, and escaped from there into Arkansas waterways. Since the discovery of this species in Arkansas waterways in 2008, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission most recently collected a Northern snakehead from the St. Francis River drainage near Lake City, Arkansas in May of 2018. This was approximately 15 miles south of where this fish was discovered in Missouri, confirming their presence in the state. MDC sampling efforts in the area where the angler caught this fish yielded no additional snakeheads, which means this species may not be well established in Missouri yet. “We will continue to monitor the spread in southeast Missouri,” Knuth said, adding a reminder that it’s illegal to import, export, sell, purchase, or possess a live Northern snakehead in Missouri. The Northern snakehead is similar in appearance to the native Bowfin. The Northern snakehead has a much longer anal fin and the pelvic fins are much closer to the pectoral fins than the Bowfin. MDC encourages anglers to not release a Northern snakehead alive if they catch one. Anglers are asked to report any sightings of the invasive fish to MDC’s Southeast Regional Office at (573)290-5858. Learn more about the Northern Snakehead and invasive species in Missouri and what to do about them.
  6. i dont disagree with you. I'm patiently waiting for a chance to put my kayak back in.
  7. She claims another one upriver. https://fox2now.com/2019/05/09/pacific-high-school-student-drowns-in-meramec-river/ CATAWISSA, Mo. – A Pacific High School senior out for an afternoon of fun less than two weeks before graduation drowned Wednesday in the Meramec River. The incident happened at the Catawissa Conservation Area Quarry in Franklin County. The floodwaters of the Meramec River back up into this area. It’s a popular spot where teenagers typically hang out. Classmates said Scotty Copeland was at the quarry with about four other friends Wednesday afternoon. He was on a Jet Ski when the watercraft ran out of gas. They said Copeland came back to shore and refueled the device. Authorities said witnesses heard a noise and when they turned around, Copeland had been thrown from his Jet Ski and was unconscious in the water. Copeland’s friends tried to rescue him but he went underwater and friends couldn’t get to him. He was not wearing a life jacket at the time. Authorities recovered Copeland’s body between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesday. "Whenever you're on a watercraft, you have to have a life jacket on,” said Master Sgt. Charles Bowles, Missouri State Highway Patrol Marine Division. “This subject did not have a life jacket and went under the surface of the water. I don't think really the flooding in the area had anything to do with this situation but anytime you're around water, it’s always a dangerous situation; that's why we stress to wear your life jacket." Classmates said Copeland was well-liked around school. The school released the following statement on Thursday: "The Pacific High School community is saddened to learn of the death of one its 12th-grade students, Scotty Copeland. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as they process this tragedy. In addition, the school district has grief counselors on hand, ready to provide support to our students as needed." The Missouri State Highway Patrol Marine Division is continuing its investigation into Copeland’s death.
  8. Whew. At least those people wont get cancer from those windmills. Dodged a bullet there!
  9. It def looks like there is a big buildup of sand and rocks just south of the bridge work and near the bank on the west side, maybe 50yds down from the pilings. I noticed when the water dipped a bit a couple weeks ago, be careful if you're motoring around that area.
  10. I reckon she's flowing pretty fast and high. Nearing the edge of the banks in Eureka and the color of a fine chocolate milk. 8000cfps flow right now
  11. Couldnt believe how nasty river looked @ 270 as well as Route 66. Congrats on safely navigating first and foremost. Excellent fish!
  12. I just had to put more candy on the hives Monday, I'm fearing another wacky winter/spring like last year. I lost more hives this past winter than previous decade combined.
  13. Try repositioning your drip rings a touch, might help. Check out this quick video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrCwkRo4pPM
  14. Buddy had his first kid arrive last week and the boat is now for sale😂 If you might be interested shoot me a PM and I'll put you in touch. Located near 6 Flags. 1992 17’ landau flat bottom Jon boat with 40hp Suzuki jet. Everything runs great, doesn’t leak. Has a few repairs from running the river.
  15. Nice work! I went to school up that direction, used to fish there regularly and never caught much of anything but a good beer buzz. A bad day of fishing always beat a day that I should have been in class though!
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