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  1. Don't be afraid to try a small minnow/fluke type bait as the water gets colder and they switch to a heavy shad bite. I fish it year round, till the water gets too hard to get the rig to sink!! Don
  2. Check Crappie.com forums. Some fish are being caught shallow in the backs of creeks. Don
  3. I installed an extra receiver on the front of my truck. I live in a cul-de-sac, just drop the boat, turn the truck around and DRIVE that bad boy right into the garage! Yes, it might take you an extra 2-3 minutes to do this, but you can get that boat right where you want. Don
  4. Bill: Great story. My Clunn story involves my daughter who was 4 years old at the time. We were at the Spring Fishing Classic at Basspro in Springfield, back when they held the seminars in the building next door. Wife had gone to grab us a sandwich, daughter and I were standing near the front doors waiting for Clunn's seminar to start. At the time, Poe's had a Clunn's boxed set of crankbaits that I had bought and we were looking at the baits. Well, in walks Rick, see's my 4 year old looking at those baits, and kneels down and talks to her for about 20 minutes. Nothing special, just talked about if she liked going to the lake, catching fish, and being with family. He asked if those baits were for her or for Dad, she said "they're daddy's!" He then asked if SHE thought daddy would like for him to autograph the box, she nodded yes, he signed, thanked her for being there and headed for the stage. I will always remember Rick in this way, he provided a lasting memory for me and my daughter. Don
  5. Met a kayaker 2 weeks ago on Smithville. Pulled in to fish a large pocket, noticed he was on one side, I fished the other and stayed out of his way. Yes, they do have as much right to the water as all of us. You might also want to remember they are providing their own power to control the kayak. What bothers me the most is the increase in lack of courtesy not only on the water, but in every day life. People these days seem to have a overly large sense of self entitlement. It seems to be all about "me" and forget you, get out of my way. I teach public school, so I have seen this growing more and more in my 22 years of teaching. Personally, I feel we as a people are losing our ability to enjoy and appreciate all the little things in life that pass us by on a daily basis. Don Rogers
  6. Goose: Not to give out too many secrets, but you can fish just about any of the points around the Yacht club and catch fish. Wife and i stay down there about every other year for a week. Just started fishing the Ned rig, haven't been down there with it yet. Some topwater VERY early, won't last once the sun starts to get up. My favorite 2 rigs for the area are Carolina rigged Baby Brush Hogs in green pumpkin or watermelon candy and Biffle hardhead with Menace grub in the same colors. Expect to catch a lot of smallmouth in the area, some Kentuckies, a few largemouth. Fish the points from 12 to 30 ft deep. If you get any wind, stay in it!! Cloudy, overcast, rainy be safe but GO!!!! You just MIGHT want to fish the point with the shallow area orange buoy out on the tip, look across the lake from the marina, you should see the buoy. Not saying you must fish the point but I MIGHT try it! Have fun, be safe, catch some fish! Don Rogers
  7. Joe: All this free advice comes at a cost! Full detailed report (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) mandatory! Let us know how you!! Don
  8. Update: Heard the fish was held overnight, then transported to Springfield alive to be put on display at the Wildlife museum aquarium. Bass Pro is donating a replica mount. Don Rogers
  9. Guys, go to Crappie.com, Missouri forum and check out the HUGE crappie from Truman today!! Don Rogers
  10. Dennis Davey, the guy in the middle of the picture is my tournament fishing buddy!!! Called and told him to check out the pic, as he was now an internet star! Just needs a cool new jersey like all them other tourney fellas!! Don
  11. Just got checked in to Branson Yacht Club this evening. Will be out as early as possible in the AM. Get on the lake and be on your first spot as soon as you can see and try top waters. My favs are Spook & Redfin. Point hop on the shady side OR fish the metal seawalls around your area. I would try top waters, could be good all day if overcast, and a shaky head worm on the points and seawalls in Indian Creek. If you fish points, I would start with my boat in 20 - 25 feet and throw towards the point. Jigs, carolina rigged baby brush hogs, wobble heads, etc. These fish like green pumpkin, watermelon red, occasionally junebug. Lighter colors overall. I will be in the Yacht club area tomorrow, I have a white Champ with grey flake arrow trimmed in red. Stop and chat if you get over here. I plan on expanding over the next few days, working towards Kimberling City. Good luck, you should catch some!!!! Don Rogers
  12. Not the Ozarks, but I work in KCK (traveling teacher), and I have seen a couple of eagles around the Kaw river going across 18th street bridge this winter. Really cool to see how they have adapted to that area. Don Rogers
  13. Bluebasser86, Melvern???? Don Rogers
  14. Ric: Go to Youtube and type in Doug Vahrenberg (sp)? He has posted a ton of videos using Humminbird SI, DI, and 360. Highly recommend any one to check these out, includes features, how to set up, and a bunch more. Don Rogers
  15. Cabelas has the boot you need in the shop. They're cheap, I buy 6 at a time. Don Rogers
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