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  1. Yes and thanks for them! Both neat but the sea cow was the bomb
  2. YES! Way to go Seth , Whoo Hooo
  3. You know I still have some of your white bass jigs I bought from you many, many moons ago
  4. Bucktails and squirrel hides, The bucktails like I have done before except no salt or borax. Just bone out, scrape off flesh wash and in dish soap then rinse with water. This degreases the skin. pull tight and nail to board hair down to dry. No smell just keep dry. Yes I know I could spend 4.95 to 7.95 plus shipping on tails. I don't dye for colors but do use a bunch of white. I have around 20 done including previous years. Money saved worth the time. Squirrel skins. Tanned a few last year. Pretty for laying around but for shaving for dubbing this is the way to go. Like hittin
  5. Believe me I get it. Used to be darned stubborn to change heads. When crappie are biting you done want to stop. Just enough time to grab a diamond hone and give it a couple strokes. Sometime down to a nubbin with a barb.. Kind of take the time now and even upgrade hooks. you never know when you loose a fish and when you get something different I want to see it. Yes overboard for a papermouth crappie but not so much with other fishes. Those gold hooks? That would straighten sometimes when snagged? We must all admit taking needle nose pliers or your thumb nail to straighten them out. Looked lik
  6. Thanks and yes, I have done some red thread and red eyes blue over white Clousers and done well on whites. HA! Dutch is spot on. Many years ago used to dip and vertical jig trees on Truman in the summer for crappie on the tube red/white/chartreuse jigs. We would catch some big whites. They would wrap you around the trees lickety split. Worst spot was Gallinipper creek by Osceola. My buddy Scott Fletcher (RIP) would go to cussing a blue streak when one hit.
  7. Hook ups no problem with that hook. Caught many on it. A guy showed me hooks like that along time ago while walleye fishing on the bates county drainage ditch. As far as size I have caught many limits of crappie on shad raps twice that size completely in the fishes mouth. I see no problem.
  8. Red/white/chartreuse, One of my favorite crappie color combinations. Who am I kidding that trio of color catches most everything. So grabbed some material and went to work. Had some light wire wide gap sickle jig hooks. 4 mm eyes. Chartreuse mop chenille for the tail. Body choice star burst fibers pearl and for the head had some ice dub in red. All of this had on hand. Eyes on hook at jig bend then attached tail. Decided a dubbing loop for first color, then the same loop for the red behind the eyes. Finish over the eyes standard dub on thread around eyes. Easy cast and slow
  9. Thanks for the report. We are getting antsy to start fishing but have way too many hobbies we like to juggle according to seasons. I need to send you and Rick a text ant pick your brains. Started some tying last week.
  10. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    I will add this. From the just a little over 5 lbs. Of meat before I got a little over 2 lbs. finished. A one gallon zip lock full. Just finished a piece with a coke zero. Wonderful mid morning snack.
  11. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Love that holy wok! All those holes I drilled in there let the smoke come up through and into the goodies. There is two apple wood chunks in there under wok and in the coals.
  12. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Heck I know nothing about that and don't claim to. Expensive enough I thought and bought it for making Speckins with goose breast.
  13. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Just one more for this evening, How about homemade butterscotch pudding using scotch.
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