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  1. Good guy but very nervous about he is out to get me type of deal. He never actually hit one but i suppose he hunted it?
  2. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    That is awesome Mitch! My burrs are not even close yet. Our drought was hard on our trees. May of lost a couple smaller ones? Hoping we have a few to harvest.
  3. That is a great story and outcome mike. All I have come in contact to have been very nice. They have a job to do. The one who checked us in Colorado from the mule was pretty cool. He did his job and then noticed the pile of king boletes I had picked and was getting ready to cook for the guys that had been on this trip. This was a backpack walk in hunt to the north of rocky mountain national park in a wilderness area. He said the scientific name of the kings and then I see you cut them and there is no bases or "roots" attached. You know it is illegal to remove the root system from any picked mu
  4. Never had an issue and have been checked many times in Missouri hunting and fishing. Always been nice and down to business doing the job. Out of state fishing in Montana and Wyoming we were checked. Hunting in Colorado checked by a warden riding a mule. A couple of stories. Around 30 years ago was dove hunting in the morning. Back at the truck was checked for birds. Slow morning and I was shy a few. He counted and checked license. Same for my two friends. So I went back to another field miles away in the afternoon. Finished my limit and back at the truck there was the warden again. H
  5. did you see the Burt Reynolds look alike in the Thunderbird video?
  6. Go speed racer go! Yes to that one but not the other one.
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  8. See Double duty. Get rid of your pest and procure dinner at same time! I are not a dummy here in the boondocks. Me and oneshot and oneshot1 have learned to survive. Oh yea we know that trick like booster!
  9. I like that picture better. Yes a She oh man i have to give you a like for that!
  10. Even more impressive seeing on the laptop instead of the phone. I got tired of cocking my head sideways,
  11. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Well than maybe I need to ignore you. I beat you to it. TRUE @ness I think we need a negative 15 likes for blunders.
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