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  1. Ralda, If you go below Stockton to the little town of Caplinger Mills. West side right under the bridge you can just use a dip net and get what you want. Thick enough there yesterday the water was black and they were in a solid mass. if you are there at the right time guys are in and out netting them. just ask and I bet they will fill your bucket for you. BilletHead
  2. After your glue sets. I give it a few minutes. Open your clamps. If it helps do some marking on the blanks . Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't but just starting it can help you. Just a rough draft, Tie to start carving. I use a small exacto. Keep it sharp. Either change blades often of sharpen often. I have a diamond hone and then drag on a leather strop to keep blades lasting longer, Start taking off sharp corners, Then taper the sides, Round off corners again, This is where I begin to start sanding some. 120 grit will hog off wood pretty quick so take your time. Start forming this way, Then start sanding the corner edges . Watch for symmetry on each side. For and aft,starboard and port. Change to 220 grit and work more getting to the final shape you are looking for. Leave plenty of wood on the front and tail end. Try not to sand to a point on each end. Finish up again with 400 grit, The body is done. Painting is next, BilletHead
  3. OK lets glue these suckers up. Lay your hook and wire extension where you want it on the blank them press it into the balsa side some leaving an imprint. This will keep it from slipping when fitting the other matching side, Lay the other side on and press again setting the hook imprinting the hook on each side., Without glue clamp the sides tight and leave it there a few seconds. If you are doing a batch do them all. Here you can see the mirror imprints, Take one side and put a small small amount of super glue in one of the imprints. Lay in the hook and press to glue, Test fit the other side. If you are satisfied then put another small amount of super glue on the rest of the blank. Again I stress small. You really don't want excess glue squeezing out on the blank. It will soak into the wood making it hard to carve and sand. Match sides and clamp again, Here is the glue I use. Get it at grizzly woodworking. 2oz bottle goes along ways if you are going to make a bunch, Next we will start carving the blank, BilletHead
  4. Peas you say? Ness will go ape crazy over this dish.
  5. Dang I sure wish I had a cement pond like that for hunting and testing my creations. Is it stocked with fish? Watch out for otters cuz they will wipe the fish out. Be sure that the BB gun has steel shot in it to be legal and don't shoot your eye out, PS don't drink that water while swimming. BilletHead
  6. True that. They will swim up to you or your boat for a look see, inquisitive to what the heck are you. Not to bite your face off . No black or green mambas here to hunt you down, BilletHead
  7. I was contacted by a forum member asking questions about how I build my fries. I thought I would do a build for those interested. Similar but different than my poppers I did a work up of a year or two back. Going to be picture heavy so bear with me. Don't want to leave anything out and leave you all guessing. This will be for the smaller fry. Inch and three quarters long. Size up hooks and balsa block for a bigger one if you wish. We will start with materials. You can use a popper hook Mustad CK74SS if you want or I have been messing the last few days with a Gamakatsu B-10S. The B-10s have a wider gap than the popper hooks. I an liking that. A wire form for the trailing tail. I use a lead spoon wire pre made. Bought at bass pro. Balsa wood. I use two pieces 1/2"X 3/8", 1 and 3/4" long sandwiched together. Material photo, snip one eye off of the wire form. You can see the gap difference in the two hooks, both size #1, Chuck up the hook, wrap one layer of thread, I am using 6/0 uni from front to back. Lay on the wire form and give a few wraps forward to secure it. Hold up your balsa blank and pull and adjust the wire form for proper length. If you are using a prop leave enough space behind the blank, if no prop jam it in tighter but leave room to install the tail piece, When you are at desired length give the thread wraps a drop of super glue on both sides. Spread it around and give a few more complete wraps of thread forward and back. Whip finish. Here is a popper hook and the one we will be doing, Three sandwich balsa blocks with matching hooks, More later from the BilletHead
  8. Interesting observation Snagged! That is right on colors for a copperhead. It is almost like the eye part of the picture has been altered, BilletHead
  9. If you don't think I know what I am talking about look here. The reptiles and amphibians of Missouri book put out by the department of conservation says in this part of the county where these pictures were taken there are no cottonmouths. Ha do not believe what you read or hear. I live in Vernon county just north of you MoCarp. I had a professor from SMS in Springfield several years back showing him an outcropping of chert he was interested in near my home. He walked right by one, I caught it and took a stick and showed him it's fangs with venom dripping. He about freaked . I don't make it a habit of doing this but wanted to show him. The book says they are not here either. Seen others there since then, BilletHead
  10. Works everywhere but here and it is getting better. The good and not so bad. When I was on here this morning site was still very slow between pages and threads. Only place I could back up on was general fishing discussion. All others hang ups and I would have to open up again. Just getting back on here and this place is working like lightning between places. Still hanging up some trying to back up. I did clear history as suggested. years worth of history . Did not make a difference in backing up but it is getting better, BilletHead
  11. Totally agree with this.
  12. Got an invite to try a new pond to us this morning, constantly hooked up with channel cat, crappie,bass and a couple green sunfish. Pretty cool morning overcast and in the low sixties air temp. Handling the fish they felt real warm. Both of us started off with woolly Buggers. The Mrs. was first to score with a couple crappie. I followed with small bass and then found the channel cat. What a hoot. Mrs. moved to another place and caught more crappie. I joined her and missed some small, real small bass on the tiny fry. Finally hooked a nice one and landed it. Three pound bass. Kept having to go over and help the Mrs. land her numerous channel cat. Got tired of wading through the weeds back and forth to her spot. Retied the bugger back on and joined her. We then began to really hammer them. Many doubles of either or crappie and channel cat. Those channels were a hoot on the fly, very aggressive, Pretty good morning. We took our host a mess of lettuce from our garden, got to fish and left with a mess of fresh picked strawberries from their garden. Win, win, win, BilletHead
  13. Yes JD ice age stuff is found along the Arkansas river in Oklahoma. Got a friend that have found Giant Bison skulls and mastodon/mammoth molars like pictured above. After big floods and water releases he walks the sand gravel bars. Paleo points also, BilletHead
  14. Nice Randy BilletHead
  15. Looking forward to the report Randy! Billethead