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  1. Oh I know you did! Great minds think alike.
  2. BilletHead


    You are on the ball . This is the post of the day!
  3. Not standard house type flies here but deer flies and small horse flies. I cannot go out into yard without a sprayed straw hat and even with this the things drill me on the neck. I cannot walk on the dirt road even. They chase and ping off our vehicles. Once you get away from the timber part of the road it is all horse flies.
  4. Oh man don't get him started. I can hear it now. "What kind of God would unleash the plague of insects on his people?" I will respond "Its the work of satin"
  5. So they might be doing a little cutting in places. My buddy in the Herman area went by a old church on the blacktop road. It has a big burr oak overhanging the road. He did not stop to see but thinks he seen cuttings on the road as he drove by. Walnuts in my yard are getting close to golf ball size. Nothing yet here but I took one out this morning with a .25 25.39 gran pellet to the noggin. The ones born in the late winter/Spring are getting pretty good sized. This was one of those. It will be tender just fried but won't be that way for long. When the meat looses the tan whiteish color and turns redder then more creative ways will be needed for cooking. I did look at the stomach contents through the lining. Looks as though mostly late mulberries or now ripe blackberries. Then a little spot maybe some nut content.
  6. That's pretty neat, I have a friend in Wynona Minnesota just across the border near Lacrosse Wisconsin. They have some massive hatches on the upper Mississippi. He called me in 2014 and told me to check out his local radar. I did see this video image live when it was happening. I found something on it to share with you guys. Along with this other one from Iowa. Crazy!
  7. I remember the first time I heard this song nice and loud on a good stereo. Never gets old to me.
  8. I have not seen anything yet. Still a bit early.
  9. Self sufficient I like the sound of that. One of the reasons I am trying the long hives. They are supposed to be that way. I am no pro bee keeper but enjoy having them around. Fun to watch but I do like to get into them and see what is going on. I did find the wild colony I knew I had here somewhere and I am sure the swarm I trapped in yard was a throw off of them. Way up high in a walnut tree. They actually act different when I introduced them into the long hive. They try to bridge the tops of the frames. Not a bunch and I clean the bridge when I check it.
  10. Nice buddy! Mine are doing well in the long hives. Well two out of the three. Lost a queen in one. it was pretty far behind the other two. Instead of trying to requeen I decided take the loss and shake them. We were able to load the hive in my trailer behind the ATV. Drove it off 40 yards and smoked them. Shook bees off all the frames. They were pretty gorged with honey. Then took off and parked ATV trailer and all. The frames I divided in two remaining hives. Hoping they would accept the lost bees. I think they did as I did not see any bee fights at entrances. I will catch another swarm or two next season. Happy now with what I have. Maybe a honey harvest next year or two. I know what you say about the hot suit. i ordered me a straw hat with veil. Just working them with a white technical long sleeved fishing shirt. I do glove up and then BDU surplus pants. I did get one sting inside of right elbow through the shirt. I may of even flexed and squished him? Hive beetles? Well The last long hive I made has screened bottom and then a place I put oil filled trays (Cake pans). Beetles try to escape bees chasing them and drop through the screen. Caught some that way. Then I am trying a coupe Beetle blaster traps with oil in them on top . Caught some that way too. When i remove frames one by one checking hive no beetles scurrying around that I can see. If I build a fourth hive this winter it will be with the extra screened bottom.
  11. You thought I was kidding about the pink flamingo weren't you @Gavin and there are many more if you can find them
  12. Hidden cucumbers. How in the world did we miss some. Now i decided to take an official measurement instead of guessing. Tallest one 7 foot 5 inches from tub dirt. Crazy and plants are loaded. There are a couple rows we cannot walk through. Going to crawl in between and reach up to pick. Had first BLT for breakfast this morning.
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