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  1. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Scored on 38 morels this afternoon. We cooked them in the Holy Wok over charcoal and chunk of white oak. Split the big ones and left the smaller ones whole. Melt some butter and mince some garlic put in a bowl. Add some S&P and mix well. Dump in your morels and toss well coating all well. The Holy Wok was hot and ready. Dump in the morels. Give it a stir. Keep working it around that batch of fungus will start browning. When it begins to crust and crisp the outsides it is done. Finished product sure doesent look like 38 of them but so good. The morels went well with tenderized pork loin chicken fried , Mashed potatoes and sweet corn we put up last Spring,
  2. And another 38, a few in same spots and a few in new places. The ones in previous places I think we just flat missed last time,
  3. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Oh we do carryout service. Besides you are allowed out for such things!
  4. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Didn't you know you were invited?
  5. Hey My crafty sister is making us a mask. Washable with hvac filter material we can take in and out. I asked if we could pick our material. She said no it is a surprise, uh oh no telling what I will be wearing in public šŸ˜². šŸ¤£
  6. On our weekly trip for supplies I noticed something. Had to hit three places to get all we wanted/needed. Things in stores had somewhat settled down to being able to find more in the grocery store but since the statewide stay in in here (Missouri) it got out of sorts again. More empty shelves, no butter for one thing. People were much more cautious in the distance thing. One lady in an isle pacing back and forth people behind her and in front. Confused in what to do. We were caught in the same place. I said come right through here past us I'll hold my breath. She did and I could literally see the fear in her eyes. Then two good things that I (We) needed. One was after we walked in a trail around a county lake we went buy the place where my mom is in assisted living. She has some dementia and this place really takes good care of her. They are on total lockdown due to the ages of all the seniors in there. No one in or out other than staff. We went by her window. Her curtains were drawn tight. I called her on the phone and said look outside. Oh my gosh she lit up. Ha we had a good visit through the window. She and all the others in there have been in the dumps. Next on last stop before we went home ran into an old friend or should I say a young friend I have known a long time. I worked with his grandfather when this kid was ten. What a fine man he has become and he has always stopped to ask how we were doing. He had just been appointed to fire chief in town. His first week hit with three fires and now this virus. You could see the stress on his face but he is stepping up to the plate and it felt good to hear him tell me what he is and going to do. Before we parted said Marty you know if you need anything let me know. I feel good about the future with people like this.
  7. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Man you all have been eating well! Love seeing all the dishes. We have always mostly ate here at home other than maybe fast food I take to the Mrs. So we can picnic on her half hour lunch break. I know this shut in deal is bring the chance for the ones who don't cook much at home to start doing so more often. A good thing in these stressful times. I know spending time in the kitchen cooking with my Mrs. is good for my soul. We have been fortunate to find some crappie and morels. One of my favorite spring meals. Today it was just that with sides of baked beans and slaw,
  8. Cody you are right about being rural. Just like in the dark ages and the plague those folks crammed into tight spaces took the brunt of deaths. Glad you are taking precautions and staying safe. I do ask what is the media portraying how serious or bad it is? As of today 277,205 people sick with 6593 deaths. if we all were not told how bad it is and treated it like the common flu where would we be? More info to show for those who would want it. For Missouri a map breakdown for cases and deaths in counties. We can keep our state by doing our part. So far zero in my county. https://www.komu.com/news/map-covid-19-cases-in-missouri-broken-down-by-counties
  9. Hey I did not say anything about the SD, Hoarding and panic part? Why did you think this was pointing to you? You said you were going back and forth about this correct? On 3-31-2020 @ 6:15 Fishingwrench said, I mean, it ain't like the government and the media has never attempted to brainphuck us before. I go back and forth about it, and for what I consider a really good reason. It isn't cool to feed us full of BS 98% of the time. I never targeted you but you seem to think I did single out so while I have you attention I am going to ask you a question buddy. Do you still think the same? Have you changed your mind?
  10. You've been told? By whom? Are you one of the naysayers?
  11. Last 24 hours 23 people dying each hour in New York. Do the ones you talk to still think this is a sham? A Lie? Blown out of proportion? Not as bad as the Flu? How many naysayers do we still have on the forums? Speak up. Personally I wish I had a mask now.
  12. I agree 100% Mitch. But am glad the government is doing something. I have been trying to watch the briefing every afternoon. It gives me some peace of mind and helps the anxious feelings. While you and I and hoping all of our members are doing the right thing there are those that NEED to be told what to do. Remember that saying "You can't fix stupid". We see it everyday.
  13. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Similar, Sacrificial anode needs to be better. I use four sections of grader blade sections. Should do many, many pieces. Getting some big pits in them now. Here is my set up. I went big. Can hang some big stuff in there. This three notch lodge #4 is the last thing I have to do. It has been in there for a few days. The crap on it was thick and like concrete. Checked it out and took a putty knife and scooped the loose stuff off of it. Then back in. I did post a link on good info for cast pieces. Explanation of how to clean and restore too. http://www.castironcollector.com/ A couple other ones. https://castironcommunity.com/electrolysis-tank http://www.tothewoods.net/CastIron-Cookware-Restored-Electrolysis.php
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