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  1. BilletHead

    Jigfest 2019 (spring version) food thread

    On at five to five thirty am right? , BilletHead
  2. BilletHead

    Jigfest 2019 (spring version) food thread

    I am sure all involved Rick knows this and you will be missed buddy. I know a lot has went down with you lately. BilletHead
  3. BilletHead

    Jigfest 2019 (spring version) food thread

    Some food updates. Lostbear will supply smoked pork butt and brisket for Thursday night. I will supply sauce. He also has cowboy caviar,sausage stuffed mushrooms and hush puppies. Ham is bringing buns and chips. I will be bringing Cajun sauce Piquante and doing rice to go with for whenever. No one will go hungry, BilletHead
  4. BilletHead

    MDC Rant

    MoCarp I really wish you would go back to your mothers basement. My outbuildings are open fronted. Another thing old boy I know the difference of possum crap and cat crap. Yes we have seen your meager pictures you post on what you have trapped and caught then there is the plethora of pictures you find on the internet. Get healthy, spend some time outside and see what there is out there. Feral cats are not a good thing. Tell you what man. When I get this cat I will let you know. Give me your address and I will turn it loose in your yard to deal with. You can tame him and take great care of him. Great company while you are getting healthy. Living in a rural area is great but dumping of dogs, cats isn't right. Yes this is a free ranging cat of my neighbors but not taken care of so I will take care of him. So @MoCarp do you want this cat? BilletHead
  5. BilletHead

    MDC Rant

    If they don't care I don't care. I text you tomorrow, BilletHead
  6. BilletHead

    MDC Rant

    The world is it's litter box. I was going to relocate it to another world, or I mean another place in the world. Live traps out and what did I catch? A frigging skunk! You and your dogs know about skunks right? This added fuel to the fire and I get even more fired up with this east wind and the skunk essence that comes with it . BilletHead
  7. BilletHead

    MDC Rant

    It is a pet, Not taken care of running as it chooses. Marking everything in garage. Stinks like cat in there. BilletHead
  8. BilletHead

    MDC Rant

    Well when said cat is crapping in my garage and in the mulch around my garden while running wild what shall I do? BilletHead
  9. BilletHead

    2019 Garden Thread

    Sleet and snow on the West side of the state JD! BilletHead
  10. BilletHead


    @KCKT, Welcome to the forums. Some real fishermen on here for that fix until the thaw. I am awaiting that also, BilletHead
  11. BilletHead

    2019 Garden Thread

    Give them some Viagra,
  12. BilletHead

    CWD cure claimed.

    Yep adds to the paranoia, no need at all, BilletHead
  13. BilletHead

    That was a cold limit

    NICE! This was the right answer . BilletHead
  14. Nice, real nice! Hoping someday maybe. You are blessed man, BilletHead

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