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  1. BilletHead

    Venting a little......

    Thanks for being close and helping the kayaker Ryan. Class act man, BilletHead
  2. Forgot to add at first I thought there had maybe been a bow fishing tourney and there had been in illegal dump of the harvest, BilletHead
  3. Renovation update , It's a stinkin mess boys! I was up there a couple weeks ago when they first turned the tap to start draining. After seeing the news last Evening I decided to revisit . What I seen excited me big time ! Dead carp everywhere, yippeeeeee. Worst thing was the smell but the vultures were happy. To my glee I was happy but our resident carpoligist may be crying the blues. Some real big ones in here gentlemen. Felt sorry for the native buffalo and gar . You see they belong here, I made a mistake though. Forgot to make sure the AC was on recirculate so when going downwind I got a wiff of death but as I trucked on by that smell was gone. Sorry for the crappy photos. Did you want me to roll down the window? Barfola! I will attach an article from an online news service so you can read more. Pay attention to what will not be stocked and how the MDC calls the fish invasive. I have off and on fished this lake for years but the carp took over, got worse and worse until all we had was a mud lake with mud clouds created by the non native invasive carp. So there may be hope for future good fishing until some bucket biologist thinks he or she knows better and dumps in some carp, PS I like to poke the bear cub from time to time to tell the truth so the people realize that truth preventing the changing of hearts and minds . Note in jest people, http://batescountynewswire.blogspot.com/2018/06/fish-kill-at-schell-lake-involves.html BilletHead
  4. BilletHead

    Finding Joe Brooks

    Bummer guys, I looked on my DVR search and it is not listed to repeat at least as far as it looks ahead. Hope it will repeat in the future. It really hit home with me. Enjoyed it immensely, BilletHead
  5. BilletHead

    Alaska 2018

    Have a great time and be safe Friends! BilletHead
  6. BilletHead

    Bugle lips!

    Congrads on the Carp Quill! MoCarp will be proud as heck of you. BilletHead
  7. BilletHead

    Finding Joe Brooks

    Maybe I could slow you down young apprentice 🤣. BilletHead
  8. BilletHead

    Finding Joe Brooks

    Hope you can find it DJ. Worth the watch. I pay to live in the country and internet even by satellite sucks. Better than dial up but has limits on how much I use. No city control over us in the boonies and I can pee of my front of back porch at will, rap of a few rounds too. Life is good here in BilletHeadVille, BilletHead
  9. BilletHead

    Finding Joe Brooks

    World Fishing Network, BilletHead
  10. BilletHead

    Finding Joe Brooks

    We have the dish network. Like I posted it was on this morning on the WFN. I hope some of you can find it. BilletHead
  11. BilletHead

    "Lectric Leech"

    Oh and they should be pretty tough also. As the traditional bugger the hackle is tied in the front and wrapped back, then caught with a wire and wire wrapped back forward catching the hackle. Then wire whip finished in the front. BilletHead
  12. I know a glorified bugger , Getting close to the time when some the OAF tribe head to the land of the midnight sun to fish. Even though the BilletHead's may not ever get the chance to make that trip there is no reason some of my flies shouldn't go. So I did a little looking and found this and it is recommended for the area. Three sizes 2, 4 and 6. Tied on a 4X long, 3X heavy streamer hook leaded pretty heavy too. Some Holographic blue accent in the tail and down the side. There is a dozen here and they will be sent with member Curtise. There will be instructions told to him that he is to share if they catch. Posting this so you all keep him honest , BilletHead
  13. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Happy Fathers day Chefs, Yesterday it was walleye, Jalapeno potato salad and bean greens. Today it was just me and the Mrs. She asks what do you want. How about duck? Sounds like a plan So it was grilled wood duck and a caprese salad. Iced tea with mint from the garden, BilletHead
  14. BilletHead

    Ban all Bassboat's

    Stealth technology ? Camo or submarines? BilletHead
  15. BilletHead

    Ban all Bassboat's

    Yes on public grounds in all accounts. This leaves you and your family safe city boy ! Besides in prehistoric times you and I would be dead as folks did not live too long. Actually some diseases would not be around either. We would have to take out a few dams too. Win-win for all tree huggers and before we get our panties all cinched up I have been known to hug a tree or two, BilletHead

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