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  1. What's Cooking?

    No need to be confused young lady just glad to see you back! Also John you are sooooooo spoiled, maybe more than I am ! BilletHead
  2. Japanese Beetles are back!

    Excited heck yes! Enough I pulled mine this morning. Was a nice feeling. Better feeling knowing I took out literally thousands of the little stinking beetles. While looking at various plants I only caught by hand a few and promptly pitched them into the garden pond for the little bass and monster green sunfish to annihilate. , BilletHead
  3. What's Cooking?

    Who exactly is this posting here ? , BilletHead knows like the shadow knows.
  4. Prayers for Richard

    Our Friend Richard is back home now and on hospice, I went over and had a talk with him. I only hope he could hear me. Pretty tough to do but it was something I had to do. We all deal with loss in different ways. Loss of a very close friend is like loosing a member of family and I consider him family. Other than Pat and our Son I have spent more time with Richard than anyone else. I ask again for prayers for Richards next step and for his family please. Thanks, TheBilletHead's
  5. Big Upgrade...

    Plus they will give five demerits and theytake away seventeen of your likes . BilletHead
  6. What's Cooking?

    Ummmmm except for the beets , BilletHead
  7. Crickets in Kimberling City?

    Most Wal-Mart supercenters carry them. BilletHead
  8. 2017 garden thread

    Let us put it this way. When I stir one up or we smell roadkill skunk it is "Boy that stinks". Now when our precious dog gets too close and gets a spray then it is like "that is not bad". We have found he baking soda and peroxide mix works pretty good when Sadie gets clobbered. She used to get right into them fighting to the kill. Now in her later years it's like go over to see what it is or ignore it. Sometimes the look see is too close and she gets some. The dog used to chase and tree anything including chipmunks and lizards and of course tree rats. Now it is there goes one and what's the big deal. , She even used to sit and watch them out the window with blood lust going pretty crazy, kind of like JohnsFolly did looking out the window on his visit . BilletHead
  9. 2017 garden thread

    Yep it can get pretty stinky close to the house. I had an armadillo digging under my deck and making a mess. Right out the back window. So I grab a 120 conibear and get it set just right. Wouldn't you know it I got a skunk! Was not as bad as it could of been. The 120 did its job killing him right off and he released just a little . I have become accustomed to the smell some over time. I for one have been around for awhile. I know you too have been Grizz. Do you remember the two part mixture skunk screen? See the smell of skunk reminds me of my early bow hunting career , BilletHead
  10. 2017 garden thread

    Don't throw in the towel ! Skunks can be live trapped and disposed of. My dad did it once and My neighbor has also. Just do not alarm him. Lay the towel you want to throw on the cage and carry it off. Many , many years ago when I ran a trap line you could buy a kit to inject skunks in a trap to kill him. A syringe with some chemical in it. You put the syringe on a long stick or pole and simply push it into the chest cavity. Then you could draw out the skunk essence with another syringe and sell it. I never sold mine but kept it for making trapping lure. I when running lines never carried the syringe as I did not catch many skunks. When I did I would just walk slowly upwind and whack the skunk with my long handled trowel. They would go off and spray in a big fog. I still hauled them home and pulled the essence. Oh the good old days, thanks for the trip down memory lane . BilletHead
  11. 2017 garden thread

    Uh Oh shes got the phone and here we go .
  12. What's Cooking?

    Yessiree , good eats right there, BilletHead
  13. 2017 garden thread

    Pickled beets, Pat likes you right now, me not so much . ICKY like Snagged and your peas . BilletHead
  14. What's Cooking?

    It is hot but you still have to eat, Grilled whole deer tenderloins, grilled straight neck yellow squash, sliced big rainbow tomato and cucumber and onion. A splash of balsamic vinegar on the squash makes it interesting too, BilletHead
  15. What's Cooking?

    Just polished off the rest of it a bit ago. Dang! BilletHead

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