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    Outstanding buddy! BilletHead
  2. I crossed under that bridge once on my way to Galinipper creek because Hank Parker LIED to us. ðŸĪŠ It's a gar hole. Not always the case. I couldn't start to count the big crappie I used to catch there years ago in one of those plastic two man boats. Just dip from tree to tree. BilletHead
  3. Well she read this, Laughed out loud. Well she said you told the truth . BilletHead
  4. That is a wheel bug. Same family but is a beneficial insect. Chagus is very,very rare in the states. We have them all over the place. BilletHead
  5. The Simms camo waders with boot foot for waterfowl will be next wader purchase. Will be down the line when I save up. May use my current fishing waders some this year but hate the idea of using fishing wader boots for that. Got three years out of my llbean camo breathable boot foot waders. Hope for one more season at least. I always use breathable for waterfowl and layer up for weather conditions. BilletHead
  6. Before you buy Ryan I can send you one of my pairs to try out if our sizes mesh. My first pair I sent it to be rebuilt and refurbished. Came back like new, Mrs BilletHeads did too. Fraction of the cost. Not sure other wader companies do that. BilletHead
  7. How old are you Ryan? I know this isn't what you asked or wanted to hear but even at your young age and how much you like to fish and will do the rest of your life go Simms and never look back. You will not regret it, Mr. And Mrs. BilletHead
  8. Kind of, She is driving and I have a cell signal. A small amount of giggling from me so she knows I am up to something. She just doesn't know what quite yet. 😇 BilletHead.
  9. Bushwhack of course. 😁 Did get the short legged one in some deeper water wet wading and got the whoo hoo wet. BilletHead
  10. Well gentlemen the BilletHeads hurt too but managed another trip west. Only in waders three times. Wet waded in ten-5 water tennies the rest. In waders because of mid 30s mornings or water deeper than the family jewels in my case and the whoo hoo in the Mrs case. BilletHead
  11. 1800s Gate marked. Both in action mode, @Travis Swift Watch for these. Strip and reseason. The long ones posted are from the 30s to the 50s. They come bigger. Be prepared for sticker shock in high end markets. I gave 30 and 35 for those. 10 bucks for one of the round ones and the other came with three skillets for 25 bucks. All needed work. I refuse to go outrageous price wise. This stuff can be found at a bargain, BilletHead
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