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  1. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    I like the passion you guys have fro your brown bass. Tell me is there a lack of them in the river or a lack of big ones? Now to the walleye. Is there more brown bass than walleye? I am betting that may be the case. If so why not catch and release for them and the flathead? BilletHead
  2. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    You mean protect them like some guys want to for smallmouth bass? BilletHead
  3. 2017 garden thread

    More red tomatoes! You and Tho1mas suck , BilletHead
  4. Tackle HD New Product

    Daryk, It really isn't hard. Generally the person trying makes it hard. I taught myself and the Mrs. We made it way to hard. Once it clicks in the mind and rod in hand all a person needs is practice to get better, BilletHead
  5. Tackle HD New Product

    Good question Mitch and discussion, I was tinkering with fly gear before "the movie". The lure was more control in the fishing process. Want an explanation? I know you asked one question but I am a bit windy so here goes. I need to be busy, very busy. If I slow down I fall asleep and have been known in the past trolling by myself falling asleep in the boat. Yes way back when if anyone seen a guy driving aimlessly it probably was me. So when fly fishing I have line in hand, mending or drifting in current, stripping and working the line continuity. Yes in other types of fishing this is done too but not all the time. Then there is the cast. When done properly it is a thing of beauty. I am not referring to me as I can get out of control :). I sometimes just sit back and watch Mrs. BilletHead cast and when she is on she is on. I watch the perfect cast to the perfect spot and the fish take. It doesn't get any better than that. The smile of success, man I get giddy watching her do it. Then there is the hook set. Not an eye crossing jerk but a smooth sweep of the rod or strip set. A big tough fish may need another strip set to sink it home. Next it is the fight. When it is a small fish it is not a mechanical drag but a physical drag, I am the drag letting the line slip on the run and stripping line as he tires. A big fish? You need to get the fish on the reel still holding the line on the run but simultaneously cranking the reel handle putting the excess line on the reel. Multitasking I suppose. All this time you are saying oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! Even then with the fish on the reel mine is set pretty loose and again I become the drag palming the reel. When a fish wins and I loose it there is no one to blame but myself. I have never had an equipment failure it has been operator error with no excuse. The older I become the more I like the process. It trumps the catching now. Do I catch? Yep I could show that but most of you have seen the results before. Then there is fly tying and making your own flies , streamers and balsa baits. I buy and harvest my own material. There is something to assembly and then catching on your creations. The more control I have in my hobby the more I like it. Do I still fish with standard gear? Twice this season but it becomes less and less every year. Do I bash others for their passion? Heck no anything to get you out to enjoy what you do is good by me and I like to see everyone succeed. I find fly fishing a challenge and like other hobbies I have had in the past I like a challenge. If I could still hunt with my self bows, arrows out of road ditch shoots and stone points I would. Do what you like and do it well if that satisfies you. Thanks for making me think Mitch, BilletHead

    That right there has to be my new all time comeback. That and have wrench concede is right down EPIC! Well done to the both of you BilletHead
  7. What's Cooking?

    Kind of along what you all are doing. We start with good old van camps pork and beans but you both are missing one very important thing in your equation. Chop bacon and fry until crisp. It takes it to a different level in our opinion. Soften the chopped onions until transparent in there too after pouring off the excess bacon grease, BilletHead
  8. What's Cooking?

    Never said Mrs. BilletHead didn't start with canned beans . Just need to tweak and make them way better! Like you Ness we once did the oven baked beans. BilletHead
  9. What's Cooking?

  10. What's Cooking?

    We bother because they are better Wrench. Cheap? Heck you like Cheap farm raised shrimp that grow where they dump the porta potties. Bush has noting on Mrs. BilletHeads Beans . Anything is worth a try once. That is why liver is nasty. Not because it looks and smells bad it is because I tried it a couple of times. Looks like a feast Mitch, BilletHead
  11. What's Cooking?

    Beer battered white bass, coleslaw and Mrs. BilletHead's baked beans. Did a simple cocktail sauce made with ketchup and fresh horseradish from the BilletHead garden. This is white bass from this Spring but even vacuum sealed and with all the red cut off the fillets can get strong. Thus the cocktail sauce goes well with the white bass. Suppose Baked beans may be a misnomer as the Mrs. does these in cast iron on the stovetop. BilletHead

    Yes young ones. That is if not "cooked wrong"

    Shrimp is not expensive if it is raised in Asia or Mexico. If you eat that crap raised in sewer lagoons you would eat Wrenches wading shoes and probably not tell the difference. . Wild caught big nice shrimp are good. Since you Wrench are afraid of foods not cooked right I was thinking of flying fajitas at the festival but because you have special qualified campfire chefs I understand. I have been know to be a lover of the pea either raw right out of the garden or the pea in a pea form cooked "correctly" and not that baby crap creamed stuff Ness loves so well , BilletHead

    Nice Griz, I have sort of done that with bluegill. I think I would draw the line at the food coloring though. Another tasty fish some are afraid to try is gar. You can do it the same way. I like it. Just eat it hot dip it in butter! Labor intensive cleaning them though. Don't eat the eggs as they are poisonous or toxic .

    You and Wrench are getting the Cooking it Right quote wrong! It should be that it has been "Cooked Wrong" BilletHead

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