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  1. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    Your a good kid, BilletHead
  2. What's Cooking?

    Dang Curt, BilletHead
  3. Anyone else see this?

    Guess you can see the BilletHead is keeping his nose where he is supposed to. FISHING, BilletHead
  4. Anyone else see this?

    They know you had some work done and they want you to try it out.
  5. Little fun on the Spring!

    He knows his stuff. BilletHead

    Our gym coach had boxing gloves always handy. If there was any crap going on he would glove up the two offenders. He would put them head to head. His favorite saying was "let the gods decide" Then the boxing match would commence to solve problem. We all liked and respected him. If We or he challenged us to something and we lost our penitence was the dreaded desert laps. Out in California there was a rather large campus and we had to lap it numerous times. We took our punishment and learned from it, BilletHead
  7. What's Cooking?

    My phone is not to fancy and lets me resize them. Mr. Scientist does yours? HA . I generally send phone pictures to computer and resize there before posting. I know I am not any smarter than you. I accidentally once called a shiner a chub once , BilletHead

    Yes they would and had it happen more than once. The first ones were .049 and then I graduated to bigger planes and bigger engines. The last plane I built was a shoestring stunter. Three foot wingspan with a .35 engine. All balsa and tissue paper covering the wings. After putting on paper you would use a spray bottle and wet the paper. It would dry drum tight. There was a paint called dope. You would paint for color and then add clear coats. I am thinking it was a varnish. Hardened enough you could bounce a marble off of it. I could loop it and then finish upside down which would reverse your spin or turn. I gave that plane to my friend and neighbor when we migrated back to Missouri. Oh and JD about the time I left they came out with a power starter. It was shaped like a two cell flashlight with a rubber tipped motor you could push on the prop nosecone to engage and spin prop. Bet they now have an adaptor for a cordless drill for starting. Did you ever have one start in reverse? Yep that engine would do that. When I moved back here I found hunting and fishing and girls so that hobby went by the wayside. Man this has been a trip down memory lane , BilletHead
  9. What's Cooking?

    Venison John, I am not sure what would of been traditional in Greek cooking. Lamb or goat maybe? I am thinking anything would work. You have me thinking though on the goose. Vacuum seal in bag with marinade for overnight and then sous vide until tender and rare. Open and put on skewers to grill. MUST TRY , BilletHead
  10. What's Cooking?

    As log as there is a step by step involved . No pictures no proof! Anyone with a phone has a camera these days, BilletHead

    Oh we all did some pretty funny stuff maybe teetering on the stupid side, Again I am talking Southern California in the early seventies. In town . A friend and I would fly model airplanes on cables. We both build our own versions and free fly them. Gas them up, hook to battery heating the glow plug then flipped the prop with our fingers until they would fire up. Send them skyward to fly and crash when they may. Cars, streets and houses we would follow them and recover. Then there was our model rocket days doing the same thing except removing the parachute and filling the tube with flour or talcum powder. When the load went off to deploy the non existent parachute we would scream as the white could would appear. Make payloads too for kites and shake them loose as bombs and see where they would land. Guess I was kind of a delinquent , BilletHead
  12. Coyote Rule Change

    Another deal to share, The BilletHead has a friend, yes contrary to belief I have a few . This guy has been a friend for along time. He is very talented and a fast learner. He has not been trapping very many years. Got a picture at the end of trapping season. He did this on two farms. If I remember right a thousand acres on each farm. He mainly targets the coyote and then he makes a few cat sets. The coons on the right and the foxes are I guess you would call them a bycatch. He does his fur right. I sold mine green. He fleshes and stretches. Then sends the fur to auction. I fuzzed out he, his daughter and grandchild from the photo. Thought you guys may like to see this. Think we need more coyotes? Are any of you this good? BilletHead
  13. Coyote Rule Change

    During daylight hours I think you can hunt them with your deer rifle if you still have a non used deer tag. Lots of hunters also shoot furbearers that have not opened yet during deer seasons, BilletHead
  14. What's Cooking?

    Souvlaki, Basically we are talking a Greek taco. Meat marinated overnight in olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, dried oregano, dried thyme and black pepper. Skewered and grilled, As I was doing this Mrs. BilletHead was prepping the other goodies. Lemon, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes and pita bread. She also had made the tzatziki sauce this morning. Meat off the grill and ready to build, First time to do this one. Super easy and will be another one to do many times. Assembled and ready to go, I put away two and a half and the Mrs. one and a half, BilletHead

    Yep and army too. We had toy handguns, rifles, bazookas and all that stuff. None had an a orange tip to show they were fake and none of us got shot by the police . And get this I was doing this in the liberal state of California. We used bb guns, sling shots and pea shooters. In 1974 I took a 110 buck folder to school and the shop teacher used the engraver to put my name on the brass. Yes all this in what is now the libatard state. Different times and different people now, BilletHead

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