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  1. What's Cooking?

    Bierocks rock! Working out of my new cookbook and an older one I spied the Bierock. Remembered Ness and a couple others speaking of them. My new book deals with small game and the other all game. I liked the dough and the innards of the new book but did not want to use small game so I chose ground venison that was in the older book. So the Mrs. made the dough as I did the assist. Let it rise an hour and punch it down, another hour punch it down and begin to split into eight and roll it out. During all this we worked up the other stuff that would be mixed with the venison. Herbs, spices, shredded cabbage, sauerkraut, onion, mustard, malt vinegar and beer. Making the dough round flats to be stuffed, All filled, egg wash and topping of poppy and caraway seeds, Popped into oven for 30 minutes, Then out for a short cool off, Then the peek inside, Can you believe we ate two apiece? Actually easy to make. Says they are good cold and I bet so. Freezes well too. I am thinking two will be going to the turkey blind in the rainy morning tomorrow when I try to call the Mrs. a bird in, BilletHead
  2. 2018 Garden Thread

    Aren't you so glad you started tomatoes so early ? . I am a fine one to talk and I was a couple to three weeks behind you on my first tomatoes. Here are a few of them and some pepper starts. Got more in and out of the house growing lights. You would think I had a dope growing operation going on in my little storage building, Lettice up date too. May start some selective picking late next week, BilletHead
  3. Personal Best Smallie

    Outstanding man! BilletHead
  4. Fishing Report 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18

    You bet, Ask for some stable flow, BilletHead
  5. Fishing Report 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18

    Good report and pictures Ham. All is forgiven even if this report is late . Got to fish sometime soon friend, BilletHead
  6. Mad Scientist crappie experiment 😂

    As always Lance love your report, pictures and even not being a minnow fisherman I like the green minnows! BilletHead
  7. If it makes you feel better I threw a jig for a little while yesterday. Last time I did that was a jig fest. BilletHead
  8. Thanks Ham, doing better today and doc will be informed all about you. How come I had to get the musky picture second hand? BilletHead
  9. I really thought of putting the offending trailers together actually. Common sense got the best of me and I did not. Curt might of balked at that too. BilletHead
  10. Thanks Jerry for letting me know, BilletHead
  11. Reposted Pictures. Sorry fellows are they working now? BilletHead
  12. Title says it all and when I am done this will make sense, I was really wanting to see some different water. Yesterdays trip up the little sac left more to be desired for my solo trip. Crazy up and down temps. I did catch nine there. So Curtise and I planned on making the trip to where Flysmallie had a nice trip over the weekend. We did the opposite and came up from the bottom where he had floated from the top. Got up to some rather cool temperatures. I headed from the North and Curt from the South and we were to rendezvous at the upper overflow parking lot and he would load up his stuff and we would drop down the launch and parking lot. I left home at 5:15 Am and hit some 28 degree spots and Curt had I think he said 26 in one spot. As I got closer to the lake it began to get light in the distance and I could see the fog coming up. Made the turn into the upper lot and there was Curt. He said I am going to park here and let the guys with the trailers have more room down there. He got his gear in and we drove down and launched. Three of four rigs already on the water and with the fog it was still pretty dark. I backed him in, I parked and headed to the loading ramp. About busted my rear hitting the frost and ice on the dock. We headed out into the fog, I had never been here before and Curt had to tell me where to turn and what to expect as we went. Pretty cold ride. We hit one turn and he and he said this is where we waded across the stream when we hunted ducks last season. Farther up we went shooting one shoal and then a long run to a really shallow shoal with big rocks and a sharp bend above it. I idled down and chose to tilt up the jet and pick our way through with hood ornament Curt on the nose checking the line to take. We did pretty good only sucking a bit of gravel in the process. Made it around the bend to a deeper run, Curt says I think this is where Ronnie was. We went a bit further and Curt says hey I see muddy places where fish are scooting out ahead of us. We dropped anchor and rigged up the long rods. A few casts here and there anchor up and down when Curt hit the first fish a gaspergou , We drifted down and again anchored where we think Flysmallie and Harps were. Lots of people prints in the mud and gravel there. Looked good and worked it well. Nadda nothing more there. Fish may of dropped back and were in a neutral mood with the cold nights. Who knows it could of been we did not know what we were doing. Likely the real reason. Tilted up the motor and used the push pole navigating us through the skinny and thin water below only bumping a few big rocks until we hit the deeper run below there. Again looked nice and deep enough water even being clear we could not see bottom. I got a hit and landed a white, Nothing more in this area and we could hear another boat and then seen the guys at the next bend down. We fished our way there and visited and compared notes. They said a few days back they had did good there catching fifty or more only had a couple small males today. Said there was another boat ahead and those fellows were catching a few in the stretch they were working. We dropped the trolling motor and soon Curt hooked up and landed a smallmouth. A pretty one at that. A bit later I got another white. We worked down towards the other guys ahead when curt picked up a white. Water deeper and slower there 7 to 8 foot deep. I got another and it went slow for me while Curt began to catch more whites. They wanted it slow, very slow and right on the bottom in the middle of the river. I spent most of the rest of the trip just sitting, working the motor in the wind and current. Just not feeling too good and hurting a bit I just enjoyed the sun and watching Curt. At one time there was four boats working the area. A fish being caught once and a while. Curt caught another drum. He was a multispecies angler today. He had a mess for eating so we quit and made the run back to the ramp. Water temp at start around 53 more or less and finished out at 56 degrees. Pink over white clousers and chartreuse over orange . Sink tip lines. Air temp at start lower thirties and finished off at sixty-five. A full lower lot and more folks launching we pulled out and up to upper lot and Curt's truck. The overflow lot was overflowing and here is the rest of the story. As I pulled up along the back of Curt's truck this is what I seen and began to laugh out loudly, Curt unlocked his truck and I snapped a photo. I wondered what these guys were thinking or not thinking and if they even cared about anyone but themselves? Curt says I think I can drive over the stops. I said I wouldn't and you shouldn't. I could just see something hanging getting caught or tearing out a sidewall in the sharp sides of the concrete. We can move the trailers. He said I doubt that but the BilletHead has had to do it before and they can be slid sideways in the pea gravel. We did it and it was Like Moses parted the Red Sea when we were done, Why do people do things like this? Did your parents not teach you better? I sure hope these are not OAF members. If it is one of you on here why? The BilletHead will be shut down for a few days but will be back at it maybe next week report and rant over, BilletHead
  13. Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Yep I have read the same thing. Here is the link so Ness fill your crack with baking soda and it wont hurt if your crack is damp at the time , http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/10/stuff_eng_tech_ca_glue.htm BilletHead
  14. Anybody been this week?

    Yes and I wonder if the guy and the bobcat was closing the access? I do not know that for sure just that he was working when I went upriver and he was gone four hours later. The biggest pile of trash was around the corner downstream . Last time I was up there a big pile was on the South side of the bridge where there is a pull out where the Bluff starts. BilletHead

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