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  1. Nice Daryk, Neat colored micros. BilletHead
  2. Me three except mine was a two person I used for a one person. Packed it in on my back and horseback twice. I could see the larger models being more roomy for one person. Those were the days. I think BilletHead JR. has it still, BilletHead
  3. Wonder if it is a resident or non resident? Someone should check him for his trout stamp, BilletHead
  4. We may both need them if it gets windy again. Oh yea its that way today! Fun times Mike and thanks for going with me, Marty
  5. With the steel worker in your DNA I figured you just bench pressed I-beams! ' BilletHead
  6. Tho1mas, Got to be luck as my skill level sucks at times . You know the old saying about falling into a pile of crap and coming out smelling like a rose. That applies in this instance. Tomorrow will be taking Pat out. This will become a debacle I am sure. She would probably do better on her own. BilletHead
  7. Nice Ryan, That is a stud for sure. Congrats man! BilletHead
  8. Yes good job Jeff, Like liphunter the variety is so neat, BilletHead
  9. You could always break it in by rubbing some canned tuna all over it. A slimy shad might be good also , BilletHead
  10. How did you know that scale has weighted a few fish? 😀. BilletHead
  11. I will get this started, 10.5 inch beard 3/4 inch spurs but was a heavyweight, Not the most classic turkey hunt but dead is dead , BilletHead
  12. They are running water right now. http://www.nwd-mr.usace.army.mil/rcc/nwk/lakepool.txt BilletHead
  13. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Yes I know just another grilled thick cut ribeye and not something new, Had some good stuff from the BilletHeadVille area to go with it. Sautéed the rest of the morels with some onions to go with the steak. Yes there is some beef in the pile. The baked potato had some garlic chives from our garden on top of the sour cream. If anyone wants some garlic chives for your garden I sure will gift you some. Smoked five pounds of sharp cheddar too, Easy going day here today. Will take a walk tomorrow looking for a wild turkey. With the past years poor hatches may be slim pickings, Billethead
  14. FOR SURE! Been there done that You know Kayser we have tried them. Kind of bony if I remember in the front end. Been along time but I found them very palatable, BilletHead
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