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  1. BilletHead

    Full of dinks.

    Now naturalized 🤣.
  2. BilletHead

    Full of dinks.

    hahahahahahah OH SNAP! I tell people with fat and age comes earned wisdom , BilletHead
  3. BilletHead

    Full of dinks.

    Yes you guys look good Glenn, Amber needs to be on the cover of a fishing magazine and you look like you just snagged a spoonbill with a crappie jig below Truman dam . BilletHead
  4. BilletHead

    10 days later we picked them

    Not sure, Have not had too many chickens. We love our hens though. BilletHead
  5. BilletHead

    The Praying Mantis

    Walking around the yard today I came upon this rather large praying mantis and decided to get her portrait. She was fat laden with eggs. I felt sorry for her mate that she consumed after he got lucky. After a bit of coaxing i got Mrs. BilletHead to model the mantis, BilletHead
  6. BilletHead

    2018 Garden Thread

    Rolling in the greens, After a lousy start the Fall greens produce. One bed an army of army worms marched through all but destroyed it. The other bed and wicking tubs did well. I am so glad Lettice is cold tolerant as two frosts have hit no problem, BilletHead
  7. Ten days ago found and took pictures of a couple hens. Decided yesterday to pick them. They had at least tripled in size, And then picked, #2 then and picked, Mrs. BilletHead grocery shopping in the woods , Still have two places that have not produced this season. Here is to hoping they may sill bloom, BilletHead
  8. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    I see you all are eating well as are the BilletHead's, Todays meal started with a hen of the woods casserole . We have been watching a pair of hens growing now for 10 days. Yesterday they were picked. This morning part of one worked up beginning with sautéing mushrooms and onions, These were layered in a dish and then a sauce on top of that, Into the oven it goes! Walleye battered and fried, As this was happening I went to garden to pick lettuce. I washed and made salad, All ready and proceeded to fuel our bodies., Something from the lake, woods and garden. In the famous words of Terrierman , "I Love This Planet" and what we are blessed with, BilletHead
  9. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Pat says Cool! She made us potato rolls yesterday! Billethead
  10. With you two husky fellows I am not sure we can plane out! You guys need to do a colonoscopy prep before you go that way you won't be so full of crap , BilletHead
  11. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Heck I think it was more like you were afraid they would come back to life and steal your nuts. 🐿️🐿️ BilletHead
  12. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    I still cannot believe you did not take any squirrel home with you. Must be a Johnson County Kansas thing , BilletHead
  13. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    It is a good thing. The original menu. Please do not forget the goose fat . P.S. To @rps Please remember if you ever go to the big city for supplies and go up I-49 I can meet you on an exit and gift you a jar, BilletHead
  14. You and Pat and I are 100 percent for times out and success. If I wait for a good one that will change real quick for me. Depending on wind direction and how I am moving I may try in the AM BilletHead

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