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  1. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    You are right Ness. A couple years ago we got a few pounds at Hyvee in Springfield. I did them on charcoal, the paper sack trick to steam and then stripped off the chared skin. Some of those were used in the grilled cheese. Dang just thinking about it, BilletHead
  2. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    As promised I cooked Pat A meal like I did with a single squirrel last week. I posted that but being the pig I am ate it all. Today we would supersize the meal. So I had two fresh harvests and then thawed a three pack of previous takes that had been vacuum sealed. With Pat as my sous chief we tackled the easy meal. Seasoned floured the meat and browned all in some goose fat which now is my favorite fat, Used the cheap white zinfandel to work up the brown bits in the skillet. As I was doing that Pat picked fresh rosemary from the garden and prepped it, also crushed the juniper berries and added that, This was all brought to a quick boil then the browned meat was put in, This was braised/simmered for three hours. Towards the end Pat cooked and mashed potatoes, Plated up and was happy, BilletHead
  3. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Mrs. BilletHead says "Dang" BilletHead
  4. BilletHead

    2018 Garden Thread

    Time for the Fall crop, We did make it home after two week vacation to a few real nice tomatoes. Got them and then yesterday picked the rest and made some sauce. So this was the end of those and this morning it was time to clean up the garden. The two main beds were tilled and lettuce planted. Seed tamped in and watered. Hoping for a good germination, Peppers were also good when getting home and they are still doing well and will until a frost, We are real satisfied with the wicking self watering tubs and will be doing a few more for peppers next season. I have plans to make taps and plugs to drain the self waters so the trapped water not freeze and crack tubs. I also may plant a lettuce plant in each tub, BilletHead
  5. Next morning up early 5AM to hot coffee and homemade granola cereal. We packed up again for the Trip to Wall Lake. Had not been there before so this was new. It was a longer hike but we were told an easier trail. It was, well used and easy to follow, Mrs. BilletHead took the point. I am sometimes pretty slow but steady. With my failed back I need to pick my steps carefully to prevent tweaking the lumbar and aggravating nerves. I can go far without a load and even though we had packs they were ultra light and kept us from having our hands full. We crested the trail to see, A much larger lake that Star. Wall seemed huge! We assembled rods and strung them up. Then Fishing as we beat the water again with hoppers, The fish began to come to hand, Some small brookies too and I had a nice one that ambushed my hopper next to a downed tree but it came unbuttoned and no picture no proof We actually walked all the way around this lake and at midpoint a foil pack of tuna and crackers. No hot meal, we only bought one but that will not happen again. Maybe even instant coffee next time? Back down the trail to our camp at Trial lake. It had been a big day and we were very tired. Slow and steady wins the race. I have a walking App on the phone. It registered at the end of our day 8 miles. Yes 8 and we both were surprised. Both of the trails to these lakes are easy and if you take your time as we did you can do it. We even seen some little children at Washington the longer hike. We did nothing but relax the rest of the day. Burned up all the firewood we had and even stayed up to see the stars. Next morning up over the pass into Wyoming and then dropping once again into Utah we did a shower and laundry at a KOA and continued on to another local with a hiccup, Billethead
  6. BilletHead

    A fish for JohnsFolly

    Since JohnsFolly doesn't have a place for some of his Micros and unique fish species he chases I think I will get him a thread started. May I suggest he target one or more varieties of the Frog Fish. For all we know he at of already caught some of these. So @Johnsfolly here you go buddy, BilletHead
  7. Yes and I have been receiving the harassing texts and photos like you did. How come you are not wade fishing for them? Worried about great whites? BilletHead
  8. Up early and not at 4AM but 5, see there I told you we were going to slow down some. The tiger hunt starts. We loaded our little packs. Rods strapped to the side and began the hike to Star Lake. This lake was the first place we caught the Tiger trout last year. We began to ascend up the trail, And as we topped the dam we found, Rods built and strung up we began to beat the water with hoppers catching tigers, While Pat continued to fish I cooked lunch . Ramin noodles on the menu, First time using our new purchase the MSR pocket rocket 2. Impressed with the little unit. Folds up to fit in palm of hand. The small fuel tanks are light too, We dropped out of there back down the trail and followed the trickle in the creek. It came to a deep narrow almost covered by grass section. Pat dropped her hopper over the side and caught back to back brookies, Did I mention I cleaned two tigers? These are stocked Hybrids for catch and release or take. I imagine they were air dropped up there. They are wild now and have orange flesh from eating what they get up there. So we had a fish meal that afternoon and it was very good, The lake we were back on camping had whitecaps from the afternoon wind. As it laid we grabbed our rods and walked around it. The tigers were hunting the shoreline. Skinny gaunt fish. Poor looking examples. I am sure they were starving from the lake drawdown. Hunting for what could be caught. We pitched hoppers to them and some would hit and some refused. A few would chase minnows out of the water along the banks. Finally pat caught one that looked decent, In the sand we tracked animals. Found this, I am not sure what they call this creature in Utah? . As the sun set it began to cool and back to the camper we went. No fire tonight just cleaned up and went to bed. Tomorrow a longer hike and more tigers, BilletHead
  9. BilletHead


    First liar doesn't have a chance. Some of my neighbors chisel the tires out of sandstone. Use their bare feet to get things moving. Fred and Barney come to mind. Sabretooths are kept in check as are Giant sloths, BilletHead
  10. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    When we are talking raw green bell pepper, not the sweet red, yellow and orange bells I am with you. The cubanelles taste nothing like the green bell, not even close. I have no love for green bells and will sub something else when it calls for them. Yes started without her. She just got home and is eating hers now. Happy wife, happy life . This sauce was some of the best I have ever made. Very sweet, thick and just the right mix of herbs. Enough that we will get some crusty bread , toast it add sauce and cheese and heat well. BilletHead
  11. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Stuffed Cubanelle peppers, Ben well over a year since I did these last. The peppers were not doing so good before vacation but when getting back we had a goodly amount. i wanted to make something with what I had on hand here at the house. I went to digging and found two four packs of garlic sausage in links vacuum sealed we had made. So ingredient one. Then I checked and we had a block of Asigo cheese in the fridge number two. Got peppers makes three. Then I picked the few little tomatoes still in the garden making another part number four. I knew we had the herbs and spices too. I took the tomatoes and chunked them up. Tossed into blender and pureed them. Added to a pan and heated it up to thicken. To this I added dehydrated Basil, oregano some Salt and some sage. Herbs were also grown in our garden. So next I stripped the garlic sausage from the links and began to fry in cast iron. About the time is was done added some fennel seed and a pinch of crushed red pepper. Continued to brown sausage. Picked peppers, brought in and split and gutted. Placed in cake pan. Took the thick reduced tomato sauce and added to sausage. Mixed and filled peppers, Grated asigo cheese and gave a nice thick layer on stuffed peppers, placed into the 200 degree smoker. When cheese had turned a golden brown from smoke and melted time to pull, Plate up and eat. Gt your meat, veggies and dairy. What more do we need? Mrs. is on her way home. She will come in and say "What smells so good"? BilletHead
  12. BilletHead


    City boy, Pfffft. Not I :), BilletHead
  13. Part 6 the "Hunt For Tigers", Leaving Arizona we headed North towards Utah and the High Uintas where we had fished last year at this time. We really loved that trip and wanted to revisit the place where we had caught our first tiger trout. It was to be a long drive so we overnighted in a commercial campground in Tuba City Arizona. Up early the next morning, you guessed it 4AM. North we go crossing the Dam at Lake Powell, A display at the Dam visitor center outside, Finally going up through Utah we drove up from Provo to Heber city following the Provo river . Here we secured our Utah Fishing license, Ice, grocery items including a ribeye and fueled up the truck. We planed on three nights in the Uinta National Forest and wilderness. Up at Kamas we took 150 highway. Once you get into the forest they get you for a use pass. Daily or weekly. Cheaper for the week pass we paid and displayed it in our window. Onward and upward we went until we hit the choice of two campgrounds. Washington and Trail. We have stayed at both but Trial was closest to where we wanted to go. Paid for our nights and set up, We had a view of Trial lake, nothing like last year it had been drawn way down. Last year it was Washington lake that had been drawn way down. We asked and know one seemed to know exactly way. One guessed that they needed water for all the fires. I have a better guess. Both of these lakes feed the upper Provo River a main source for recreation, and water for the city plus irrigation. We seen kayaks, canoes and float tubes out there and folks fishing from them. it was time to wind down from the first week of the sprint, now the trip became a marathon. An evening fire and the marshmallow roast Mrs. BilletHead had been waiting for. Most everywhere else had fire restrictions and here we did not, Tomorrow the Tiger hunt begins, BilletHead
  14. BilletHead


    So he can go to the Sand Dunes to fish for Rio Grande cutthroats and do what a stock 4WD pickup did with a camper on the back , BilletHead
  15. Just humped up in the net. Pat is holding the same fish in the photo besides. I think her smile was a cross of happiness and relief we found one. BilletHead

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