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  1. Say what? Black Perch! Blasphemy
  2. (Lepomis whateverei fatabellyous)
  3. I have only seen one twice. Same deer southeast of here. Was a big deal. Every evening people would drive up and down the road looking into a specific field waiting for the deer to appear.
  4. I want one too. A piebald also. Headshot please!
  5. @tjm, Can you please get me a link to this too? I like to read and learn and would be very interested in reading about this!
  6. Yes Mike the turkeys were native here also but hunted to death and about expired out of part of that native range. MDC did a heck of a job getting them back. In 1976 I found my first wild turkey feather and no season here. Then My first roost tree with droppings. Not long after that my first wild bird sighting. it has been a success story. Take out a few predators please Mike!
  7. I quoted you because you said reintroduced. They were never reintroduced. They were hunted out pretty hard and I am sure pushed back from their native range. Just like the whitetail deer, Bison, wolf, bear and other fauna. They were native to Western Missouri way back when. You are a smart guy. Do a little reading, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coyote_expansion_past_10,000_years.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coyote_expansion_by_decade.jpg
  8. We will need to get an exercise program going. Some can be pretty high up.
  9. Dutch it has been going on for several years up my way. Predators because fur is worth nothing because it isn't in style anymore. From opossums up to the top of the predator scale get them. Plus the spring flooding loosing hatches. The 80s into the early 90s it was great. Can you show me where the coyote was reintroduced or did someone tell you that?
  10. I want two, One to tan and keep, the other for fly tying and both to eat
  11. There are more tree squirrel species in North America then we all realize and a slam for taking those species. Here is a neat podcast, https://honest-food.net/hunt-gather-talk-podcast-squirrels/
  12. A friend and member here before he passed RVconrad got a fly stuck into himself at Roaring River. He turned white and said we have to go to the hospital and get it cut out. You would have to know Ralph to know how he looked at things. Well I said just calm down and said 'I know a trick to get it out painless. Got a section of heavy leader and put it around the hook bend. Told him to push down on the eye slowly and it would come out. He was concentrating on that part when I gave it a quick tug without any warning. Out it came. He looked at me and I thought oh crap he is going to pound me. His e
  13. Who is the savage with the spear Mitch? Is that you? 😲
  14. You just had to ask and I had to respond, Sold 97 tails to Mepps. From last season all with an air rifle. Up graded to this one and now am over 50 for this season, Added two more this morning from a sit down behind the shooting sticks. 39 and 29 yards.
  15. Well they did not get dirty paws from being a boat mechanic.
  16. Three of the four were cutting walnuts Friday morning. Can you yell which ones?
  17. My dad had polio. When he had a pond dug I built him a dock before the pond filled. He used that dock to feed his fish. He wore braces on his legs and could walk out there. As time went on he lost more balance. So he started driving his four wheeler out there. I was horrified. He would go out there and gun his engine. Those fish knew it was feeding time and here they came. So fun. He passed 20 years ago. I miss him so much. Same pond where" Micah caught the Leviathan "
  18. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    It isn't going to get any better the older you get either. Now I have a picture of you, your wife with the kids on Vespa's riding over the countries in the Mediterranean shopping for the right bottle of vintage olive oil. 🤪
  19. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    I did finally although it took me reading your post a couple times before the light over my head went on.
  20. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    And the confusion continues @ness. What was your salad dressing of choice with that meal? Did it contain Olive oil? Picture of label on dressing bottle please? .
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