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    BilletHead got a reaction from ness in Chumming?   
    My dad had polio. When he had a pond dug I built him a dock before the pond filled. He used that dock to feed his fish. He wore braces on his legs and could walk out there. As time went on he lost more balance. So he started driving his four wheeler out there. I was horrified. He would go out there and gun his engine. Those fish knew it was feeding time and here they came. So fun. He passed 20 years ago. I miss him so much.  Same pond where" Micah caught the Leviathan "
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    BilletHead got a reaction from nomolites in "Micah and the Leviathan" A fish tale   
    This is a good one people so pay attention,
    We have a member on here, a non posting one. Ham, Grizz Wilson and Got Muddy know him as do I as he is my fishing partner when Mrs. BilletHead cannot go. He has a Grandson with the name of Micah. I asked Micah if I could share this story with you all and wanting to make sure how to spell his name I asked him. His response Just like in the Bible in a loud proud voice. The lad is 14 years old but you would think meeting him he is older. From Arkansas he has his learners permit already. Plays baseball and Football and attends a Christin school. So he got to spend time with his grandfather this past week. They went to the river and Micah caught a hybrid. Photos on an older phone and they are trying to get them. So the other night I got a call from Richard. River is messed up with all the rain and where do you think I could take Micah to catch a catfish, you see Micah likes to catch and eat catfish! I respond hey why don't you take him to my mom's? (BilletHead's mom has a nice pond ) do you think she would let us? Well heck yes it would tickle her to death. Get some bait shrimp and we will go. So we will start with yesterday. Over to the house they came and we loaded gear in the truck. Micah's grandpa has been letting him drive so when we got ready to go I asked hey Micah have you ever drove a big truck, his response yes I drove my uncles once. You want to drive mine? (3/4 ton, extended cab, full sized bed) He puffed up and hopped in the seat and off we went. Mostly muddy pot hole ridden country roads, he did well and we arrived at Mom's. Introductions made and to the pond we went. First thing out came the bait to my fright CHICKEN LIVERS! Egads mushy chicken livers that looked as they had been froze before and four night crawlers. Where is the shrimp I asked. Well we decided to use this. Ok lest get to fishing and fishing they did. There were several fish caught but not the leviathan I told him lived there. They kept two for cleaning. As we left Micah asked my mom may I come back tomorrow, well yes help yourself. So now it is going to get real good, I mean real good.
    So I get the call this morning from Richard. Do you think it would be alright to go again? Yes go, will you be over there? Nope Mrs. BilletHeads day off we have thing to do and I will talk to you later. I call mom and give her the head up. So we do our thing and after getting home I call mom. Did they show up? Yes they have their rain suits on and Micah is fishing in the rain.
    Later I get a call and it is mom, a bit frantic. He did it she exclaimed, he caught the big one. How big I ask, BIG she says he can hardly lift it. They want to know if you will take pictures. Well yes send them over. Son here they came both with grins from ear to ear Micah driving. Out of the explorer with Micah saying this is going to scare you. So out he drags this feed sack and out comes this fish, a true Levitation for a kid and an adult too. We tried to weigh it and quickly broke my scales. Then we did the bathroom scales with fish in hand and then not. Ready for this? 28 pounds and 39" long. I cannot tell you how many smiles we showing. They fished three hours without a bite and right when they were getting ready to pick up the fish bit on SHRIMP. I told Micah he would of caught this one yesterday if he had the right bait,

    Photos of the Leviathan, Micah and his grandpa Richard. This couldn't of happened to a better young man,

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    BilletHead reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Things Wrench is afraid of:   
    Might have to remind him what it is judging by his previous post....😁
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    BilletHead reacted to nomolites in accident   
    Inside turns like this one can be found on most lakes and all it takes is two drivers trying to cut the corner from opposite directions and a tiny bit of inattention and things can go bad...I try to stay wide or slow way down and peek before proceeding...and that’s because I was luckier than these folks as I earlier in life had a near miss rather than a collision.  Very sad.
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    BilletHead reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in New Thumper Toy   
    Oh you dog!😂  I can't find them and you want to shoo them away....
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    BilletHead reacted to Quillback in New Thumper Toy   
    Can you come up with something that scares white bass away?  😄
    I used to like fishing for them, but got burned out on them.  Now they just get in the way.  
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    BilletHead reacted to tangledup in First attempt at bass flies   
    Well they caught fish. I only had about an hour of free time right before sunset but I caught 8 of these little bass and one crappie. I had one decent (by decent I mean maybe a two pound) bass get off but didn’t land any big fish.  I had trouble with the fly landing upside down on some casts. Not exactly sure what to do to fix that. The leader probably wasn’t perfectly suited for the job so I probably need to fix that before I start making adjustments to the flies. It was still fun though!
    Oh, and did I mention that it also catches ducks??

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    BilletHead reacted to laker67 in ISO: Semi Auto Shotgun   
    If your looking to vacate a shopping mall parking lot full of looters in downtown St. Louis, I would recommend a 930 or 940 Pro by Mossberg.
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    BilletHead reacted to jdmidwest in Just funny stuff   
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    BilletHead got a reaction from nomolites in First attempt at bass flies   
    Hey Man good job, those will fish and catch. Like @Flysmallie said a diver/slider. When you start catching on your own creations you will be stepping into another satisfying level of fly fishing. 
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    BilletHead reacted to N9BOW in Jigfest lodging Alert!   
    to paraphrase Chevy Chase.. "We have a pool and a pond.. The Pond would be better for you" 
    besides if that room host any boat it will be Herty Gerty  But I'd be willing to make her sit outside for a few night or three to accommodate the crew .

    I did see some new Victoria Secret masks if anyone is brave enough to bring along their fair maiden.

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    BilletHead reacted to N9BOW in Jigfest lodging Alert!   
    I could host a bunch of people (snorers can have the workshop area) There is a bedroom that has two Cots. The main room has plenty of space for 5-6 on the floor and the boat room could host a couple of cots as well... the snore room can sleep 4-6 comfortably
    I claim the couch in the main room at my place.

    BYO cot or bed roll. I have two futons that are not claimed yet. I know Mike usually brings his cot in the main living area.
    The snore room has been carpeted so it looks a bit nicer than the pick with the fly tying / drafting table.
    bathroom rules... If your aim is such that you can not guarantee 100% of all liquids are contained in the bowl and no mess on the floor so us bare feet folks don't get a wet surprise when we need to use it...You clean it up before you exit  - its only fair. and if you've had too much to drink its probably best you sit... I don't want any broken hips due to slip and fall from wet floors 
    Dogs are welcome. We let Mike stay....


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    BilletHead reacted to Quillback in accident   
    KY3 news update.
    The Missouri Water Patrol is investigating a deadly crash after two bass boats collided on Table Rock Lake.
    The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a father and son from Gentry, Arkansas were killed in the crash. Investigators say Ted Dossett, 55, and his 14-year-old son died from injuries. Next of kin have been notified.
    Investigators say the crash happened in the Viney Creek Area around 7:30 a.m. Friday, less than a mile west of Point 24. That area is north of Golden, Mo. near Emerald Beach.
    According to MSHP, an unknown factor caused one boat, driving two people, to cross the path of a second boat. The boats hit head-on. One boat launched over the other boat.
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    BilletHead reacted to ness in What's Cooking?   
    And yes, it was ranch, and it was artery-clogging delishus! 
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    BilletHead reacted to ness in What's Cooking?   
    All this talk about oil reminds me of an old Garry Shandling joke, sorta:
    'I keep 2 cans of oil next to my bed, 10W-30 and 10W-40, because I never know what time of year it's going to happen.'  
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    BilletHead got a reaction from Mitch f in What's Cooking?   
    It isn't going to get any better the older you get either. Now I have a picture of you, your wife with the kids on Vespa's riding over the countries in the Mediterranean shopping for the right bottle of vintage olive oil. 🤪
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    BilletHead got a reaction from Mitch f in What's Cooking?   
    I did finally although it took me reading your post a couple times before the light over my head went on. 
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    BilletHead reacted to Mitch f in What's Cooking?   
    I believe you understand exactly what I meant. 😉
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    BilletHead got a reaction from Mitch f in What's Cooking?   
    And the confusion continues @ness. What was your salad dressing of choice with that meal? Did it contain Olive oil? Picture of label on dressing bottle please? . 
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    BilletHead got a reaction from Mitch f in What's Cooking?   
    Me too, perhaps he is using 10/40 Mobil oil on his salad he uses in his Vespa Lambretta as he is touring in France? 
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    BilletHead reacted to patfish in Things Wrench is afraid of:   
    You can say whatever you want to me, because in 10 minutes or less I won't remember.  The old Pat is gone and Pat 2.0 is a world class knucklehead.  
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    BilletHead reacted to Quillback in accident   
    I talked to someone who knows an Emerald Beach resident that was knowledgeable about what happened and it looks to be a bad accident.
    Now mind you this is what I heard so I'm not saying any of this is written in concrete.
    2 bass boats collided near Emerald Beach, one boat went over the top of the other, killing both occupants in the boat that was ridden over.  Father and son being the victims.  Don't know how many were in the other boat and to what extent they were injured.
    Accident happened around 8 AM.  No fog or anything hampering visibility.
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    BilletHead got a reaction from patfish in Things Wrench is afraid of:   
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    BilletHead got a reaction from tangledup in First attempt at bass flies   
    Hey Man good job, those will fish and catch. Like @Flysmallie said a diver/slider. When you start catching on your own creations you will be stepping into another satisfying level of fly fishing. 
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    BilletHead reacted to tangledup in First attempt at bass flies   
    A couple weeks ago we were at my father-in-law’s house and, as usual, the conversation drifted to fishing, flies, and fly tying. He brought out a box of flies tied by an amazing fly tier and old friend of his who is no longer with us. As we went through the box of flies, my father-in-law was regaling us with fishing tales of old and I found a pair of bass flies that intrigued me. Although my tying skills leave much to be desired I decided to try my hand at tying them. Here is how they turned out. The first photo are the original flies I tried to copy. The second and third photos are my attempt. I’m open to any and all suggestions and critiques.

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