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  1. I have been fishing this lake every spring for nearly 40 years now, and have seen it this clear only on a handful of occasions. I’ve never had a 3-4 day stretch of fishing like I’ve just had with a higher keeper ratio - 59 w/35 keepers. There was nothing new or mysterious to what I was doing, dragging a Dr or French Fry back to the boat, chucking the 3.3 keitech, an occasional fluke offering, and when conditions warranted I’d go Red Fin or Buzz Bait. Didn’t much matter whether it was pea gravel, fist size rock, basketball size, or boulders there always seemed to be fish looking for a meal or pizzed that something was in their space. Timber in the vicinity helped slightly. My boat was never in water more than 18-20 ft and many times I worked down the bank in 10 fow. Smallmouth were predominant, but I did catch a few Spots and Large Mouth. All released to swim another day. Bite yesterday in the higher and rising water didn’t change. Nice to see the future dock crappers out swimming with mom and dad too.
  2. Did the pinned graphs get moved? They’re not on the forum anymore.
  3. Made a run to the back of Spring Branch Friday afternoon and on the way I passed a ski boat that was stopped in the middle of the channel regrouping or whatever it was they were doing. I motored past them 2 or 300 yards and started fishing. As I fished I heard a boat approaching and it was slowing down. I turned to look and it was the ski boat I'd passed earlier. My first thought was perhaps I didn't give a wide enough berth as I passed him. He slowed almost to a stop and to my surprise told me he was going to the back and would be pulling his daughter out just one time and he wouldn't bother me after that. I smiled and waved and told them to have a great time. There are a few considerate folks left, and I got lucky Friday afternoon and met one!
  4. i downloaded the MO Fishing App last night and loaded my 2017 fishing permit. I suppose had I purchased my license on line, I wouldn't have had to input the permit number in the app. With the permit on my mobile device at least I'll always know where it is...no more fumbling in various niches in the wallet anymore. Did a screen shot too so I don't have to open the app if I'm ever checked, there's a few spots on the water where I might not be able to get to the app. I guess my collection of hard copy fishing license will end 2016. Lasted longer than the S&H green stamps.
  5. Wasn't targeting walleye but this 3.3 lb 21 inch big boy found my rock crawler the other day in the Indian Point area.
  6. Flipping boat docks??? Guess all the points and pockets will be void of boats next year but you'll have to take a number to get near a dock.
  7. We've been doing the spring thing fishing since the end of March and have caught numerous fish. We've fished the OBBT for the last 4 years because it's fun and we like the chances of cashing a check. We know going in there will be lots of boats on the water and finding an unoccupied honey hole would be difficult but during our time this weekend I can say we never did have a problem finding fishing water. Sure there were a lot of boats out there and points and pockets were packed many times but we managed to find fishing water. Never once were we cut off during the event. Now I will say I was cut off a number of times earlier this spring by non tournament boats and on one occasion was cut off by a guide boat. Not a big deal because I moved but to bash the participants in this event when it happens everyday is being a little unfair. Now it's time to go home for the summer and turn the lake over to the wake boats, plowing cruisers, and the little buzzing jet skis. They have as much right to this fine piece of heaven as we do, just glad they like the warmer weather and not the early spring or fall fishing time!
  8. I finally got mine in from TW and wasn't too impressed. Had to be fished fast to get much movement. Might not have given them a fair trial. Be back next week and may give them another chance.
  9. Richy, are you close to Deer Run?
  10. Fished Big and Little Indian today from noon to 5. Water temps 60-65 in places. Seemed to be clearer today too. Fished 18-23 fow in the pockets and off points. Ned, Dr, shakey head, grubs, french fry, hula grub on chunk rock. Keeper ratio for the 4 of us took a hit today 34-5. Different water tomorrow.
  11. Four of us fished the Jake Creek area after the rain this afternoon. Very slick water. Fished mixed rock pockets and points with the Ned, Doctor, french fry, and shakey head. 18 fow and shallower. 47 fish and 20 keeps. Mostly big healthy spots and a few nice smallies.
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