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  1. Look at Bill's post under "Where would you start"
  2. Sounds Great Bobby! If you need any help dialing those units in, just holler. I'm no Garmin tech but I've done a number of them for some guides, Stacey King, James Watson and Mike Roller at RM industries. I live about two blocks from the Aunts Creek ramp. So next time you put in there, give me a shout and I'll run down and show ya what I know. Takes about 10 minutes.
  3. You're gonna need one of these; http://www.rmind.com/products/product.php?id_product=112
  4. http://www.rmind.com/products/category.php?id_category=19&p=2 http://www.rmind.com/products/category.php?id_category=19 RITE-HITE Turret
  5. MMMMMMMMel Tillis hit my trailer fender at the state park while I was guiding. He left a note with his secretary's phone number and she sent the check. Should have had him sign the fender.
  6. The perspective mode is hard to read. First you must turn down the gain, turn up the color gain, and make sure the TVG is off. You can definitely see fish. 1/16 oz crappie jig, no. Also, having it on a separate pole gives you more time to read it. Trolling motor shaft mounts stink for trying to zero in and hold on a certain structure.
  7. When fishing that shallow you should be in perspective mode. That what it was designed for.
  8. On the loctite gel, if you buy this kind when you think you out, pull the bottom off of the container . Unscrew the nozzle, and you can twist the tube of glue out of the container and you will find you still have a half of tube left.
  9. Hughesy


    Aunts Creek is open
  10. Garmin livesscope is the only way to go. By far out performs anything on the market including Lowrance live view.
  11. For me Garmin is the only way to go. The livescope is unreal. Garmin also has the mapping ability Jeff was taking about. There has to be a reason a lot of the big boys are switching to garmin. I know several of the pros who claim the livescope is cheating. I'd say the same thing if I was sponsored hummingbird or lowrance.
  12. How are we gonna know what the walleye are doing? We'll miss ya Randy. When you top dollars wear out, you know where to send them. It was a pleasure meeting you.
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