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  1. Garmin livesscope is the only way to go. By far out performs anything on the market including Lowrance live view.
  2. For me Garmin is the only way to go. The livescope is unreal. Garmin also has the mapping ability Jeff was taking about. There has to be a reason a lot of the big boys are switching to garmin. I know several of the pros who claim the livescope is cheating. I'd say the same thing if I was sponsored hummingbird or lowrance.
  3. How are we gonna know what the walleye are doing? We'll miss ya Randy. When you top dollars wear out, you know where to send them. It was a pleasure meeting you.
  4. Extreme Outdoors behind Ulrich marine
  5. Extreme Outdoors is not open on Sunday
  6. The Arkansas fish and game stocked 60,200 walleye in Cricket Creek. https://www.ozarkswaterwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MDC-Report-on-TABLE-ROCK-LAKE-2014.pdf
  7. Those blue gill patterns where done by BB lures and are great in every way. They do an excellent job. But they are $18.00 for the crankbait paint job and $ 25 for the swimbait paint job. Also, the wait time is a minimum of 3 months. 3 MONTHS. So I don't think $12 for a paint job is pricey at all. As for the Norman Flake, we invented that color back in the 90's and now all of the major manufacturers mass produce it. Here is a $12 blue gill and we can and the little brown fin if you wish.
  8. Still praying away Dave. Thanks for the update. Hang in there Bro.
  9. Great job. Those are some slabers!! But we all know there's no crappie in Table Rock. Lol
  10. Stacey King made a nice jump from 34 (I think?) to 5th. 15.11 lbs. Only 2 lbs out of 1st.
  11. I know where you can get more. By the way Bill, your baits are done. You can pick them up this evening as I going fishin' today.
  12. Looks like a wiggle wart. Thats one of the colors schemes I did for storm. Any warts you buy with small red eyes are my schemes.
  13. Little kids that lie grow up to be with the weather bureau!
  14. Dave, You know I'll be praying!!!!! If I can help you an anyway with the painting just let me know. I'm here for ya!
  15. Better have a spoon on. 30 to 50 feet. Check out some of Bo's posts. He can catch em.
  16. Use the gel instead of the liquid. Its stays where you put it and no problems with the cap.
  17. About 100 years ago or so we use to make buzz bait blades out of those old colored aluminum drinking glasses. Wife got made as hell. Do any of the old timers remember doing that? It was the happenin' thing back then.
  18. I too loved the man. The very best guide, fisherman, and person I have every known. I will and have prayed for Mary and family. He was the very best and I will miss him and his gently soul.
  19. They were having trouble with the smaller version with the blades breaking off because they were glued on. They are going to have the blades molded as one piece now. Plus the split rings were too large causing the lure to set to low in the water.
  20. North ramp is now open and very cleaned off. Looks better than before the flood.
  21. Just got back from the Aunts ramp and the north ramp looks like you could launch but they still have a do not enter sign up. Lots of wood and trash on the blacktop.
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