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  1. I had to make a quick trip to Stockton in the cold on Tuesday. This pic is looking north from the Mile Long Bridge. WM
  2. Great Fish! Hope I catch her someday too! WM
  3. Best report I've ever read on TR, Bill! WM
  4. Man, those are some hawgs! We fished Friday and Saturday. Have no idea how many shorts we caught. Lots and lots. Got two keepers in the boat and prematurely released two boat side. Didn't keep any. Had a great time and went through tons of crawlers. We should have moved around a bit to find some keepers, but we were having too much fun catching fish one after the other. Also had a 20" green fish. WM
  5. Nope, just two guys from God's country! LOL! WM
  6. Great fish Trevor! Please tell us how you caught her! WM
  7. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    Do you have a pressure canner? If so just dump it in pint or quart jars and process it. Having a few pints of Turkey broth on the shelf ready for use would be quite handy. I'm thinking I might start doing the same with leftover broth! WM
  8. So...tell me about the crappie. LOL! Great job lmt out! WM
  9. No reason there shouldn't be walleye around there. I fished 15-20' last weekend and picked up a few. Good luck and have fun! WM
  10. No worries, get some sleep and give us a detailed report in the morning! WM
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