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  1. Most of the meat I cure or can is purchased at Sam's Club or local grocery stores. I buy large amounts when on sale and vacuum seal if it will be stored in the freezer for longer then a week or so. WM
  2. We do a bit of canning, curing meat, and dehydrating, but haven't canned any dry goods for long storage. For me it's more about knowing the origin of what I'm sticking in my pie hole. Pressue can meats in the winter to add heat and moisture to the house. Here's some ham and beans I did a while back, two canners in pints. And some Canadian Bacon. Lotsa delish breakfast sandwiches there! I canned pints of beef stew a couple of weeks ago, forgot to take pics, but it turned out fantastic! WM
  3. Looks like I need to proof read a little closer! LOL **Good launches near there! WM
  4. I haven't been down in a while to verify, but I believe Stone Creek Lodge will have minnows. They are on the west side of the mile long bridge on 215. God launches near there at Hartley and State Park. Can inquire at 417-276-1700. Go get 'em! WM
  5. Great fish lmt out! Happy New Year everybody! WM
  6. Great job! Talk about a Merry Christmas! Have a safe trip. WM
  7. Welcome to the forum lmt-outfitters! We should fish together sometime! WM
  8. Share a report from every trip! Best of luck! WM
  9. Very nice lmt out! Best of luck to you guys! WM
  10. Great boat at a great price! Getting a different rig, hopefully? WM
  11. Yea, you might have been a little too deep. I was having luck in 10'-15' ten days ago. When you find a couple, pound that spot for a bit. There are often many more in the area. Slow Death on a bouncer was the ticket for me. Always remember, Lmtout can only keep four a day, so there's usually a few left for the rest of us! Also, was wondering why you focused on 22'? Fish on the graphs? Due to other obligations, I can't hit Stockton again for another three weeks, so I'll be trying to keep up with any info I can get leading up to that. WM
  12. My current rig had a Drotto Latch on it when I bought it. I'll never have another boat without it now. Makes loading and unloading alone so much easier, and when the wife is with me she drives the boat onto the trailer after I back it in. We're loaded and out of the way in just a couple of minutes. WM
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