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  1. Great fish lmt out! Happy New Year everybody! WM
  2. Great job! Talk about a Merry Christmas! Have a safe trip. WM
  3. Welcome to the forum lmt-outfitters! We should fish together sometime! WM
  4. Share a report from every trip! Best of luck! WM
  5. Very nice lmt out! Best of luck to you guys! WM
  6. Great boat at a great price! Getting a different rig, hopefully? WM
  7. Yea, you might have been a little too deep. I was having luck in 10'-15' ten days ago. When you find a couple, pound that spot for a bit. There are often many more in the area. Slow Death on a bouncer was the ticket for me. Always remember, Lmtout can only keep four a day, so there's usually a few left for the rest of us! Also, was wondering why you focused on 22'? Fish on the graphs? Due to other obligations, I can't hit Stockton again for another three weeks, so I'll be trying to keep up with any info I can get leading up to that. WM
  8. My current rig had a Drotto Latch on it when I bought it. I'll never have another boat without it now. Makes loading and unloading alone so much easier, and when the wife is with me she drives the boat onto the trailer after I back it in. We're loaded and out of the way in just a couple of minutes. WM
  9. My wife almost always out fishes me too! I live a long way from the lake, so I try to do some networking and reading reports before I head down. I try to fish areas that are similar to what have been described. I obviously pay close attention to my graphs while I'm fishing, but drop a line right away. Nothing on graph and no bites in a short period of time = move on. I usually fish with my wife and we rarely listen to music as we B.S. a lot. Saturday when I was fishing alone listened to ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Didn't seem to have any negative effect. WM
  10. Tried to post this last night, but didn't have a good enough internet connection to do it. So, anyway...Fished for walleye with the wife 9-13. Caught five keepers between us. Four on main lake points, and one on the dam. Lost two keepers at the boat. Fish were caught in 15-18' of water. On 9-14, my wife went antiquing and I fished solo. Picked up a keeper in 15' first five minutes and nothing but catfish and drum for the next two hours. Moved shallower to 10-12' and started picking up shorts immediately. Landed another two keepers by noon and then headed in with three in the livewell. Bottom bounced slow death rigs with Smiley blades at 1 mph both days. The bite is light. Several times I noticed one rod looked slightly more loaded then the other and would set the hook on a walleye. They are swimming along at the same speed as the boat with the crawler in their mouth like the crawler is a piece of chewing gum or something. I literally had a short do that as I reeled my bait in. If I saw anything in the action of the rod tips that looked like it might be something other then contact with the bottom, I'd take the rod out of the holder and let the bait drop back. Often I caught a walleye doing that. You gotta reel the natural slack out that you have with a bottom bouncer and then set the hook with a sweep of the rod. A hard bass style hook set will pull it out of their mouths every time. I had probably three shorts to each keeper. It will be at least three weeks before I get back down, so please post some walleye reports! WM
  11. Glad to hear you had a good trip Ranger Dave. Lmt out is the man. Hopefully I can spend a little time in a boat with him sometime in the future as well. WM
  12. Went down to Stockton after the holiday to enjoy some week day walleye fishing. Tuesday the 3rd had only one keeper and probably 15 shorts. Wednesday the 4th wife and I both limited. All nice 16" to 18" fish. Had to work for them and sort though another 18-20 short fish. Wednesday the 5th we went out in the morning, needed to quit fishing around 10 AM to get stuff ready to head home. I limited, and the wife caught three. Fun trip! Was nice to put a few in the boat as I struggled with the high water this summer! All fish caught on small flats in 12-18' of water. Bottom bouncing at 1mph. WM
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