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  1. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    Too many characters there for twitter. WM
  2. Walleyedmike

    New Milestone

    Good job MrG. I fished very similarly the last couple of weekends, just haven't had time to post a report. I caught a bunch of crappie and some nice walleye, but had best luck with #5 purple tiger. No where near lmt out kinda numbers, but enough to keep us interested. Can't beat frying fresh fish two weekends in a row! Sadly, I won't be back for three weeks due to work. Keep the reports coming! WM
  3. Walleyedmike

    7/1 Walleye

    Gimme a shout. I'll hop in the boat and do the fishing for you while you concentrate on learning the bells and whistles of your bowmount and graphs. I'm here for you, brutha! WM
  4. Walleyedmike

    Flicker Shad

    I have several Flicker Shads in that color. I've never caught anything with them. Guess I've been doing it all wrong! LOL! WM
  5. Walleyedmike

    Fish Cleaning Stations?

    So anyway nomolites, I think all of the marinas have a fish cleaning station. I see fish carcasses in the water at pretty much every ramp I launch at too. Good luck fishing! WM
  6. Walleyedmike

    Flicker Shad

    #7 Purple Tiger and Chartuese Pearl are the two I use most. WM
  7. Walleyedmike

    Fish Cleaning Stations?

    State Park Marina also has a cleaning station. WM
  8. Walleyedmike

    6/3/2018 walleye

    Great job lmt out, thanks for the report! I'll give it a shot next weekend. Woods grocery store and most of the gas stations in Stockton have crawlers (usually). I've been buying them at Stone Creek Lodge. WM
  9. Walleyedmike

    memorial day walleye

    Great job lmt out! I made short trips Thursday, Friday and Sunday this week. Wasn't as successful as you all were. Did catch a couple of eyes and quite a few crappie and bass. WM
  10. Walleyedmike

    Places to stay

    Owl Inn is actually called Owl Haven. The hotel by State Park is the Mt. Carmel Inn. Also possibilities are Happy O's, Southwinds and the Cabins at Stockton Lake. WM
  11. Walleyedmike

    cinco de mayo

    Glad to see the new rig is working out! Thanks for the report. WM
  12. Walleyedmike

    Long Creek Crappie

    They drive me crazy too. And Champ thinks Missouri should stock them??
  13. Walleyedmike

    A little fishing video...

    LOL, I always do that too! Great video DB! WM
  14. Walleyedmike

    Fun Day!

    Nice 'eye L2S! Glad to see you let her swim. Thanks for the report! WM
  15. Walleyedmike

    April 21st walleye

    Yes, sometimes the walleye wins. Great report Trevor, I really appreciate it as I'll be down soon and finally have good weather in the forecast! Hopefully I can duplicate your success! WM

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