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  1. Walleyedmike

    Ranger Reata 210

    Had a few tire kickers over the winter, but boat is still for sale. WM
  2. Walleyedmike

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    That thing looks smoking fast! I love ETEC's. WM
  3. Walleyedmike

    11/18/18 crappie and bass.

    Was great to see you as well Dan. Your pics don't do that bass justice, he was a hog! We only fished a couple of hours. Played with the kicker and trolled crankbaits. Only one white bass to show for it. Was a great day to be on Stockton, came home to 3-4" of snow on the ground. WM
  4. Can't go wrong with Ranger, solid boats. A Fisherman series under 30K might be tough to find unless your willing to do some driving. I had to drive to northern Wisconson to buy a 620 that fit my needs (wants) a couple of months ago. Wish you were looking for a Reata 210, I have one for sale! (With an Evinrude 225 HO) Agree with Wrench, the Evinrude's are solid. WM
  5. Walleyedmike

    Annual Fall Camping/Fishing trip to Stockton 11/1-11/3

    Great report and great pics! WM
  6. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    Thanks Chief, and Ness. Will be trying both variations, and maybe combos of each in the future. WM
  7. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    More information on your homemade taco seasoning pleeze!!? WM
  8. Walleyedmike

    Tried to catch a deer but got these instead

    Ducky, I've read about your 3 oz bouncer/Flicker Shad set up before. I've bounced floating cranks before, but not a diving crank like a FS. How long of a leader are you running between the bouncer and the FS? I'm intrigued. Great report, BTW. Hope a big buck walks under you soon! WM
  9. Walleyedmike


    I've never driven through Ruark, but in looking at maps, they have a park attendant station. Have no idea if they have gates that they lock in off season?... State Park has no gates to prevent entry, might use as a back up plan? Hope the treatment is painless and effective! WM
  10. Walleyedmike


    The west camp ground at State Park Marina has some fairly isolated walk in tent camping sites that might work for you.https://mostateparks.com/sites/mostateparks/files/cg_Stockton_12_2016.pdf WM
  11. Walleyedmike

    Knapp time.

    Amazing stuff there BilletHead! IF it's not too late would love to be included in the drawing for the point! WM
  12. Walleyedmike

    Stockton Winds Forecast

    Saved that link on my smart phone. Thanks! WM
  13. Walleyedmike

    9/29 Walleye

    Great report. Appreciate it! WM
  14. Walleyedmike

    Big and Small We Like 'Em All!

    Just went back through all ten pages of this and didn't see a boat I don't like! lmt out, with this old post of yours in mind you might add your new boat to the thread? LOL! Keep the pics coming! WM
  15. Walleyedmike

    Water Temp?

    All I do is follow lmtout around! Lol! WM

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