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  1. 50 walleye in two days...wow. Great job lmtout! WM
  2. Thanks. Hope your guide trip leads to much more success on your trip! WM
  3. Awesome trip! Thise guys are pretty dang good. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of depths were you guys fishing? WM
  4. Both mentioned are excellent choices. Would also add a couple more options as your time frame is tight, Gary Stanton and Kris Nelson at Tandem Fly Outfitters. WM
  5. We do need to fish together. I can't get a bottom bouncer bite going at all. I think I'm doing something that is scaring them! LOL! WM
  6. We can do that...just be advised in my opinion, I'm a bit of a novice. I do a lot of trial and error! WM
  7. Hit the lake 7/26 at 09:00, put in at RB. Bounced the RB cove and another cove on the Little Sac. Had no luck on the bottom bouncer. Moved to some main lake points on the Big Sac and trolled flicker shads on lead core. Picked up a couple of nice whites and several drum right away in 20' of water. Moved up to the 15-19' range and picked up a 23" walleye. Also picked up three shorts and a crappie. The heat over came us at 2:00 and we headed in. 7/27 hit the water at 7:00 and headed to the point that held fish the previous day. Nothing...trolled cranks baits south and picked up a couple of shorts and other species, pretty slow. Headed in at noon, lake was crazy busy. Haven't caught a ton of walleye this year, but have had a 24" and two 23" in the month of July. They were released for others to enjoy in the future! WM
  8. BOOM! Nice limit! Couple of questions. By trolling, are you talking crank baits, or bottom bouncing? Also, what kind of depths are you finding them in? WM
  9. Ken's in Arcola is good all three meals, especially breakfast. State Park Marina serves an excellent burger on the lake. We eat lunch at the Mexican restaurant in Eldorado Springs often on our way home, sorry the name of the place escapes me! WM
  10. Dang, I thought we were keeping up with your pace. I should of conferred with your experts! Wife caught a 23" Sunday and I caught a 24" this morning. Had bunces of drum and catfish as well. The wife's was on a Blue Tiger Flicker Shad in 27' of water, mine was on a crawler harness bouncing in 25'. We fished Saturday, Sunday and Monday was tons of baitfish at 15-20'. Spent most of our time trolling cranks just under the balls of baitfish. The bite was a lot more active this morning. WM
  11. Fished Friday afternoon and Saturday 9AM-3PM. Bounced crawlers Friday, only crappie, drum and smallies to show for it. Fished on the deep side 30+. Saturday trolled cranks on lead. Wanted to cover lots of water, trying different depths and lures to figure out what they want. No walleye love, picked up a few crappie and smallies again. On a side note, we put in at RB in Stockton both days, Saturday was an absolute madhouse! WM
  12. From worst to first! Game 7 tonight was very entertaining. Congrats to the Blues organization on their first Stanley Cup!!! WM
  13. Best of luck in life's next chapter in Oklahoma, RPS! WM
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