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  1. Um, not to change the subject, but they already get that for doing nothing at all. WM
  2. Hope it sold for more than Wrench's Suburban! WM
  3. Man, that really sucks. I have no idea of any adhesive that you could use to stick the keel guard back on, and my guess is that doing so will compound the clean up process when the inevitable happens and you have to replace it. I've replaced the keel guard on my last two boats, and it takes some time and quite a bit of elbow grease, but can be done. I did the first one around six years ago, and it was still in good shape when I sold the boat last month. The second one, I finished last Friday. The adhesive on the keel guard is kind of like a thin double sided tape. What I've found works well is to peel the keel guard off and use a heat gun to heat the double sided foam type adhesive and scrape it off with a putty knife (carefully) about a foot at a time. When you are done with this process, you will still have the sticky adhesive from the other side of the double sided tape on the boat hull. I put acetone in a spray bottle and spray a couple of coats of acetone on the adhesive, again about a foot at a time and scrape the adhesive off (carefully) with a putty knife. I then soak a towel with a product called goo gone to remove the last of the adhesive. The process takes several hours, laying on your back under the boat. A new keel guard can be purchased at many fishing outlets, I bought mine at Cabelas. Installation of the new keel guard is pretty straight forward, just follow the manufacturers recommendations. WM
  4. Great fish! I haven't had a chance to even wet a line in 2019 yet! WM
  5. Great looking rig! Bet that Honda purrs like a kitten! WM
  6. Congratulations on the new boat! Have any pics you can post? WM
  7. Had a few tire kickers over the winter, but boat is still for sale. WM
  8. That thing looks smoking fast! I love ETEC's. WM
  9. Was great to see you as well Dan. Your pics don't do that bass justice, he was a hog! We only fished a couple of hours. Played with the kicker and trolled crankbaits. Only one white bass to show for it. Was a great day to be on Stockton, came home to 3-4" of snow on the ground. WM
  10. Can't go wrong with Ranger, solid boats. A Fisherman series under 30K might be tough to find unless your willing to do some driving. I had to drive to northern Wisconson to buy a 620 that fit my needs (wants) a couple of months ago. Wish you were looking for a Reata 210, I have one for sale! (With an Evinrude 225 HO) Agree with Wrench, the Evinrude's are solid. WM
  11. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    Thanks Chief, and Ness. Will be trying both variations, and maybe combos of each in the future. WM
  12. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    More information on your homemade taco seasoning pleeze!!? WM
  13. Ducky, I've read about your 3 oz bouncer/Flicker Shad set up before. I've bounced floating cranks before, but not a diving crank like a FS. How long of a leader are you running between the bouncer and the FS? I'm intrigued. Great report, BTW. Hope a big buck walks under you soon! WM
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