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  1. What's Cooking?

    Up in my neck of the woods, we call that a Runza. The Runza fast food restaurant chain makes them pretty good, my wife makes them better! Might have to do that this weekend ness, thanks for the idea! WM
  2. Slabs!

    Yea, so my last three days at work were...well, not really that awesome. Great reports! Thanks! WM
  3. My first Stockton fish

    The first of many, I'm sure. What did you catch him on? WM
  4. Tough Crappie Wednesday

    Good to see ya back on here PD! Hope all is well! WM
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Indeed straw hat, so much to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving to all. Looks like good weather for black Friday too, wish I could make it to the lake! WM
  6. 11/12 bass and walleye

    Sounds like a blast! WM
  7. Land locked

    Your name was brought up in the boat today, Dan. More on that later... I actually did better last Saturday, had 10 with seven keepers. Bounced and trolled crank baits. Had two walleye today, both keepers, trolled cranks on lead core. Didn't want to mess with feeding crawlers on slow death hooks in the wind. Second one was right before we were gonna head in on your top secret honey hole point, Dan. When I released it I told my wife "That's Dan Hufferd's fish". I took a picture of him for you. Also had four barely keeper crappie. All fish released. Hope that ankle heals soon! WM
  8. Walleye spinner rig

    Grab some slow death hooks while your there. I tie some slow death rigs with just a bead and slow death hook or a Mack's Smile Blade, bead, and slow death hook. Sometimes the fish want a spinner harness, and sometimes they prefer the slow death rigs (especially in the spring of the year). Also...Purple Tiger and Chartreuse Pearl Flicker Shads are my favorite Stockton colors. Be careful, chasing walleye can be addictive! WM
  9. Found a few 8/15

    Good job lmt out. Hopefully I'll be down soon! WM
  10. What's Cooking?

    So with tomato season picking up, I noticed my supply of home made bacon was dwindling. I bought a couple of pork bellies at Sam's a couple of weeks ago. I also thawed a couple of pork butts and removed the bone to make some buck board bacon. (Sorry JoeD, I don't know what else to call the buck board bacon!) Cured it all and decided to smoke a couple of the halves of butt to pulling temp to make pulled ham. Smoked it Saturday all day and pulled the ham apart Sunday morning and made pulled ham omelets, followed by a pulled ham sammie for lunch. Turned out better than I could have ever imagined! I'll be slicing and packaging bacon tomorrow night. WM
  11. Walleye galore

    Good stuff there, Rangerman! Good to hear from you! WM
  12. a little different

    Great job. Thanks for the report! WM
  13. 2 days

    Do you have a garmin or some sort of GPS unit in any of your vehicles? You could plug that into a 12V plug in your boat and just use it for measuring speed. I'd recommend switching to two hook harnesses. Unless they are some kind of slow death type harness, they are intended for leeches or minnows. Kind of the rule of thumb for bottom bouncers is one ounce per ten feet of depth. I usually use 1 1/2 or 2 oz bouncers as I rarely fish deeper then 25'. The spincast reel isn't the greatest set up for bouncing, I guess i'd recommend pinching the line between your thumb and index finger to let line out slowly until you start ticking the bottom. Set the reel and drop your rod tip after a few seconds to see if you can feel the bottom. If not, let out a little more until you do. Stockton Lake has a good walleye population, but it can be a very humbling lake too. Keep after it, it feels pretty good when you start figuring it out. Don't get caught up in comparing your days on Stockton to lmt out's. He's an anomaly, some kind of walleye whisperer or something. I think he's part Sasquatch and was kicked out of the tribe due to his lack of hair. WM
  14. 7/16/17 walleye report

    Twenty fish sounds like a good stopping point to me. Great job lmt out! WM
  15. my kinda weather

    Does that count include drum, catfish, and blue gill lmt out? LOL! Great report, your on 'em! WM

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