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  1. Walleyedmike

    Places to stay

    Owl Inn is actually called Owl Haven. The hotel by State Park is the Mt. Carmel Inn. Also possibilities are Happy O's, Southwinds and the Cabins at Stockton Lake. WM
  2. Walleyedmike

    cinco de mayo

    Glad to see the new rig is working out! Thanks for the report. WM
  3. Walleyedmike

    Long Creek Crappie

    They drive me crazy too. And Champ thinks Missouri should stock them??
  4. Walleyedmike

    A little fishing video...

    LOL, I always do that too! Great video DB! WM
  5. Walleyedmike

    Fun Day!

    Nice 'eye L2S! Glad to see you let her swim. Thanks for the report! WM
  6. Walleyedmike

    April 21st walleye

    Yes, sometimes the walleye wins. Great report Trevor, I really appreciate it as I'll be down soon and finally have good weather in the forecast! Hopefully I can duplicate your success! WM
  7. Walleyedmike

    1st trip

    I didn't even notice the fish! I was fixing to lecture you about putting that soda behind you in a cup holder so you don't spill it on the new carpet! WM
  8. Walleyedmike

    Fishing in the wind

    Thanks for clearing that up Dutch. That's what happens when I rely solely on my memory! Here's a pic of State Park Marina on MAY 6th 2017 (I hope, lol!). So, boobie disregard everything I said, I'm a month off! Lol! WM
  9. Walleyedmike

    Fishing in the wind

    Yep, last year I was catching them in 30 feet of water, 20 feet the year before. The lake was up 10 feet or so last spring, they were in the same spot both years. Anybody tried the RB cove yet? Seems like the dam spawners kind of congregate there in the spring. WM
  10. Walleyedmike

    Fishing in the wind

    I'm thinking the spawn was late and spread over a longer period if time. I haven't checked my log to see what the water temp was last year. Was 50 degrees today. I should have been on skinnier waters as opposed to where I fished mid lake. They have to be around somewhere! I just didn't have the time to look as had to get grass mowed at the cabin. WM
  11. Walleyedmike

    Fishing in the wind

    I fished a couple of hours this morning. Bounced a secondary point that has always been good to me in the spring. The wife and i both limited there during this week on the two previos years. The walleye aren't there yet this year. Not even a bite. Boat control in the wind was a struggle but can be managed. But, I'm thinking I'll hunt mushrooms tomorrow. WM
  12. Walleyedmike

    new boat

    Sweet rig lmt out! I'll be interested in your reviews of it too. Heck, even better yet, I'm gonna shoot you a text EVERY time I head down to Stockton until you get the hint that I want to hop in with you. Very interested in how you like the motorguide compared to your prior ulterra. Does it have a kicker, or is there just another boat parked behind it? WM
  13. Walleyedmike

    Evinrude Motors

    Here's kind of an interesting (and long!) article about the development of the ETEC outboard that I found on another forum. https://www.screamandfly.com/content.php?354-The-Genesis-of-the-Evinrude-E-TEC-Outboard WM
  14. Walleyedmike

    Evinrude Motors

    I have a 2006 ETEC 225 HO. It's been a great outboard. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another ETEC. WM
  15. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    My condolences to you and Nancy, RPS. Prayers for healing and strength sent your way. WM

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