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  1. Thanks for the report! WM
  2. Walleyedmike

    What's Cooking?

    Do you have a pressure canner? If so just dump it in pint or quart jars and process it. Having a few pints of Turkey broth on the shelf ready for use would be quite handy. I'm thinking I might start doing the same with leftover broth! WM
  3. So...tell me about the crappie. LOL! Great job lmt out! WM
  4. No reason there shouldn't be walleye around there. I fished 15-20' last weekend and picked up a few. Good luck and have fun! WM
  5. No worries, get some sleep and give us a detailed report in the morning! WM
  6. I've never dehydrated morels. (If I ever find enough) Do they rehydrate and fry up ok? WM
  7. We were short on time. Will make it work in the future! WM
  8. Thanks, Saturday was the first walleye fishing I've had a chance to do also. I didn't mention, I did put in yesterday for a couple of hours before we loaded up to head home. For whatever reason I fished a totally different area and got skunked. I saw lmtout heading across the lake. After reading his report, I shoulda followed him! Lol! WM
  9. Walleyedmike


    We waited until late afternoon on 4/25 due to the big winds. Fished a couple of hours and picked up three keepers bottom bouncing slow death rigs in 16-19'. Two were on a secondary point in calmer water and one on a main lake point in the wind Big Sac arm of the lake. WM
  10. Way to suck it up, man! Great report! WM
  11. My little lake community on Stockton has a yearly get together and fish fry. I was finally able to make it there last year. One of the gentlemen frying fish (crappie) used a mustard base. Essentially, the mustard takes the place of an egg wash. He then put the fillets in a better breader, and breaded them with a corn meal based coating. They were deep fried and were quite good! Go for it Basfis! I usually use the Louisiana fish fry. Have also used Andy's. The Andy's was too spicy for my wife, but I liked it. Have also used shore lunch beer batter and liked it for a change up. WM
  12. Most of the meat I cure or can is purchased at Sam's Club or local grocery stores. I buy large amounts when on sale and vacuum seal if it will be stored in the freezer for longer then a week or so. WM
  13. We do a bit of canning, curing meat, and dehydrating, but haven't canned any dry goods for long storage. For me it's more about knowing the origin of what I'm sticking in my pie hole. Pressue can meats in the winter to add heat and moisture to the house. Here's some ham and beans I did a while back, two canners in pints. And some Canadian Bacon. Lotsa delish breakfast sandwiches there! I canned pints of beef stew a couple of weeks ago, forgot to take pics, but it turned out fantastic! WM
  14. Looks like I need to proof read a little closer! LOL **Good launches near there! WM
  15. I haven't been down in a while to verify, but I believe Stone Creek Lodge will have minnows. They are on the west side of the mile long bridge on 215. God launches near there at Hartley and State Park. Can inquire at 417-276-1700. Go get 'em! WM
  16. Great fish lmt out! Happy New Year everybody! WM
  17. Great job! Talk about a Merry Christmas! Have a safe trip. WM
  18. Welcome to the forum lmt-outfitters! We should fish together sometime! WM
  19. Share a report from every trip! Best of luck! WM
  20. Very nice lmt out! Best of luck to you guys! WM
  21. Great boat at a great price! Getting a different rig, hopefully? WM
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