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  1. Ken's in Arcola is good all three meals, especially breakfast. State Park Marina serves an excellent burger on the lake. We eat lunch at the Mexican restaurant in Eldorado Springs often on our way home, sorry the name of the place escapes me! WM
  2. Dang, I thought we were keeping up with your pace. I should of conferred with your experts! Wife caught a 23" Sunday and I caught a 24" this morning. Had bunces of drum and catfish as well. The wife's was on a Blue Tiger Flicker Shad in 27' of water, mine was on a crawler harness bouncing in 25'. We fished Saturday, Sunday and Monday was tons of baitfish at 15-20'. Spent most of our time trolling cranks just under the balls of baitfish. The bite was a lot more active this morning. WM
  3. Fished Friday afternoon and Saturday 9AM-3PM. Bounced crawlers Friday, only crappie, drum and smallies to show for it. Fished on the deep side 30+. Saturday trolled cranks on lead. Wanted to cover lots of water, trying different depths and lures to figure out what they want. No walleye love, picked up a few crappie and smallies again. On a side note, we put in at RB in Stockton both days, Saturday was an absolute madhouse! WM
  4. From worst to first! Game 7 tonight was very entertaining. Congrats to the Blues organization on their first Stanley Cup!!! WM
  5. Best of luck in life's next chapter in Oklahoma, RPS! WM
  6. Hartley parking lot. WM
  7. Did some trolling today as well. Similar results, only a couple of smallies. Came across this picnic table floating around in 30' of water. Be careful out there! WM
  8. Oops, second pic is State Park! WM
  9. State Park an hour ago.. WM
  10. https://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/WP04Web/app/searchRegattaWeb?action=Search+Again Here's the link. WM
  11. I've replaced the keel guard on my last two boats, and it takes some time and quite a bit of elbow grease, but can be done. I did the first one around six years ago, and it was still in good shape when I sold the boat last month. The second one, I finished last early this spring. The adhesive on the keel guard is kind of like a thin double sided tape. What I've found works well is to peel the keel guard off and use a heat gun to heat the double sided foam type adhesive and scrape it off with a putty knife (carefully) about a foot at a time. When you are done with this process, you will still have the sticky adhesive from the other side of the double sided tape on the boat hull. I put acetone in a spray bottle and spray a couple of coats of acetone on the adhesive, again about a foot at a time and scrape the adhesive off (carefully) with a putty knife. I then soak a towel with a product called goo gone to remove the last of the adhesive. The process takes several hours, laying on your back under the boat. A new keel guard can be purchased at many fishing outlets, I bought mine at Cabelas. Installation of the new keel guard is pretty straight forward, just follow the manufacturers recommendations. WM
  12. A set up like this works well. I have one somewhere that I'd make someone a heck of a deal on, if I can remember where I put it! Have a kicker now, so no need for it. All good info guys! WM
  13. I had a keel guard failure on each of the last two boats I've owned. I replaced with "KeelGuard" brand that I bought at Cabela's. The first one that I replaced eight years ago was still going strong when I sold that boat this spring. The other one was just put on the boat a month and a half ago. Only reason I went with that brand was because it was handy for me to grab it at the store. Installing the new KeelGuard was pretty straight forward and easy. Removing the old one...not so much! WM
  14. Does the Jeep come with it? LOL WM
  15. What are you planning on buying? WM
  16. xraydude, that Lund is a HUGE upgrade from your old Stratos. Congratulations!! Dhunter1, hope you can post a pic later with your Tracker out of the garage. I wanna see more of it! WM
  17. Oh, BTW Joe's Tires in Stockton has never let me down! WM
  18. It is, but when you get out in the mud and lock the hubs and then hop in the cab and pull that 4X4 lever on the floor, there's no doubt your locked in. Don't have to hope electronics aren't gonna fail you when you need them most. Mine's rusted beyond restoration. Been kicking around trying to find a '67-'72 A/C body in halfway decent shape to throw on her. WM
  19. The wife drove my '83 Chevy lake truck to the dumpster a couple of weeks ago and suggested I upgrade it. I'm up for that, but the '83 is NOT FOR SALE! LOL! WM
  20. Spring is here. Anybody in a new rig? Or just haven't posted your rig yet? They're all eye candy, post a pic please! WM
  21. I'd be interested in either of them! A truck ain't supposed to have a "mega" cab! WM
  22. You're gonna love that boat LD. Congratulations! WM
  23. LD, you might post your questions on other lake forums, hopefully somebody that has an 1850 will offer to take you for a ride. I've never fished in one, but I'm guessing that boat will fit your needs nicely. The full windshield will be a great upgrade for your partner. Will have to learn to deal with much smaller fishing decks compared to your bass boat, though. bobby b, I just sold a Reata 210 after moving to a 620. Loved my Reata 210. I've never been at the dam on TR on a weekend, but never found anything on Stockton it wouldn't handle, and survived huge wind/waves one day on Devils Lake, ND with it. I'm not sure what all was changed on the 212, but the 210 is an awesome boat. WM
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