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  1. How long does that float from Pyatt to Snow usually take you? I've been looking at doing that one for a couple of years, but didn't know how long it would take to do it.
  2. I saw a couple of pontoons last year on Crooked Creek rigged with trolling motors (no oars at all). Those guys were just cruising along going wherever they wanted. I had always ruled out the pontoons because of having to deal with oars, but after I saw that it made me think that might be the sweetest way to go.
  3. Wow!!! Awesome fish. When can I schedule my trip with you coldwater? Looks like you guys are on the fish big time.
  4. Crooked Creek is usually good every year we go up there. I have to make the drive from Russellville at least one time a year. I've only fished from Kelly's Slab to Yellville and would like to fish other stretches just never have. That little stretch brings me and a buddy of mine back every year though. Have had a couple of slow days from year to year, but overall good fishing. No matter where you go, please practive C&R.
  5. 8 lb Seaguar Invisx for me lately has been good. I'm one of those fishermen that is prone to buy into new fads though. I do like the lack of stretch and it has less memory than other fluoro I've used. Spiderwire Mono 8 lb. in natural green is a good choice too if you like mono better.
  6. I have a Tals chest pack stuffed with various plastics and sometimes an over the shoulder pack filled with various baits just in case nothing is working, but when it gets down to it all I end up throwing are natural colored grubs, finesse worms, tubes, or flukes 99.9% of the time. I would be better off carrying just a few packs of those baits, but I usually can't help myself and overpack.
  7. Hello, I'm new to the trout fishing game (only catch and release) and am trying to broaden my horizons past just soaking powerbait or live bait (Although there is nothing wrong with that when its working). I am a spin fishing guy only, not ready to get into the fly fishing gear. I found some articles talking about a method using a bubble that can be filled with water. Below the bobber, a swivel is tied with a leader several feet long to a fly. Then, you can either let the bubble sink and work the fly in or partially fill the bubble and let the fly drift near the surface. I have a few questions about this, first, do any of you guys use this technique? Second, I've found the bubbles to use but what kind of fly would you suggest to be best for this? Lastly, is this a slow water technique only or is it good for drifting fast water also? Thanks for the help, Kevin
  8. Thanks Bret. I didn't have a boat this trip. We were using a drift rig from the bank. Ended up having a little luck (Four fish, one ~18" rainbow) on Sunday at JFK. Everybody around us that we saw weren't catching fish either. I heard one guy say they had been there since Tuesday or Thursday and had caught one fish. We swapped from power eggs to nightcrawlers towards the end of the day and started getting bites. I will take your advice next time I get to go up there and use a boat. I appreciate the reply. Thanks, Kevin
  9. They are generating all weekend and I'm not used to fishing the bigger water. Pretty much have been using powerbait on a drift rig to no avail with the family all weekend. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  10. Thanks, that clears it up. Appreciate your help. Hope to get up to your place and visit sometime.
  11. Could someone explain in a little more detail on how to tie the drift rig that Phil Lilley wrote about in his article on "How to fish Lake Taneycomo". The main part that I am confused by is how to tie the 30-36" piece of line that has the hook on one end and the weight on the other to the main line. I'm not understanding how to tie the loop. I apologize for my ignorance. I'm a primarily bass-only fisherman trying to broaden my horizons to trout fishing. Thanks a lot, Kevin
  12. Been there a couple of times the last couple of weeks. Looks like some of the improvements suffered a little bit of a setback. They had planted many trees on the west side of the bank just upstream of the slab and they took a beating from the flooding a couple of weeks ago. However, all the rock work they have done along the bank looks good and held up well. The fishing was pretty good too. Went on the weekend of the 14th and caught 90 between three of us. Largest being around the 18" range.
  13. Wow, you are one heck of a salesman. I will have to check that place out. Is there any good smallie fishing on the Little Buffalo? I stayed at Summerfield Cabin in Boxley. Very nice place. From what people have written in the guestbook, lots of elk are able to be seen around there, although we didn't see any. It was kind of an exploratory trip to check out the upper Buffalo's fishing opportunities. First time I had seen any of the Buffalo west of Hwy. 7. I think for this time of year, I was probably a little too far upstream for fishing. I went and checked out the Ponca bridge, Steele Creek, and Kyle's Landing. I didn't get to do any hard-core wading, so there may have been some awesome pools isolated somewhere along the way that I didn't get to see. Beautiful scenery up there. For float fishing, what would you guys say would be the farthest upstream, most productive possibility on the Buffalo in the late spring/early to mid summer time period? Thanks for the info, Kevin C. P. R. -- Catch, Photgraph, Release
  14. Just wondering if you guys could advise me on a place that has nice, affordable cabin rental for a family of four on the upper Buffalo around the Ponca area. Thanks, Kevin
  15. What outfitter did you use and what stretch of the creek did you guys fish if you don't mind me asking? Thanks, Kevin
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