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  1. Buzzbait prep.

    A couple maybe 😄
  2. Buzzbait prep.

    Somebody uses a different buzzbait than the Crockogator buzzbait on LOZ. 😄
  3. True Pioneer and My Friend

    Prayers and condolences to the Beck family. Great teacher of our sport and was glad I got to spend a few days on the water with him.
  4. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

  5. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Wife and I where watching from atop a bluff at 27 mm from about 5:15 to a little after 6. There was a no wake until 5:30 and the destruction them boats made when the no wake was lifted was crazy. Boat docks tore loose and bobbing 3-4 foot up and down. Waves crashing over sea walls like an ocean surf. Not sure what the answer to the problem is (well I do but it will never happen). Like everyone knows there is just to much money being made so nothing will be done. I cannot believe that they have not been sued yet for all the property damage.
  6. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    New weigh-in location up river this fall at 58 mm at Ivy bend resort
  7. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    October 7-8
  8. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    For me in the fall I like it when the surface water temps are going down from the 60 to 45 range, usually gets to be awesome in November - December and actually throughout the winter.
  9. Anybody going to fish today

    Went out to see if the eclipse would make them jump in the boat, fished some wave breaks with spook and only a couple short kentuckies, guess the eclipse was burning their eyes. Didn't hear or see a boat moving for 30-45 minutes, flattest I have seen lake all summer. Caught a couple keepers in back of a cove around brush on a swimbait.
  10. Where to Fish

    Just got back from vacation so I have not been on lake for awhile but went out for a couple hours tonight and fished a couple points and a couple wave breaks and nothing. Went to back of a cove and shad where everywhere, went over a good school with some fish below them so I threw a swimbait behind the boat and hooked up with one over 5 lb. and then lost a small keeper at the boat. Fishing was pretty slow.
  11. Another weekend of...

    Looks pretty rotten like my lab
  12. Still slow?

    Yes it is still slow unless you pull up on right spot at right time early or late. Will get better shortly when kids get back to school and boat traffic slows down.
  13. Prop repair recommendation?

    Cool Breeze Marine 1087 Industrial Drive Osage Beach 573-348-0555
  14. Boat Lift Help

    Welcome to what they call "laketime" 😄. I have not had any boat lift work done but have heard Sumerset is decent, but none are cheap I can guarantee that.
  15. Gravois Arm this week

    Fitz Fishing in Osage Beach has some of the Nichols spoons but not the smaller ones which are 6th Sense Crush mag spoon 150, but they do have a good collection of spoons or did have when I was up there the other day. They aren't cheap anywhere I will tell you that. Wrench, you think 3/4 oz jigs are bad, start plopping these things around in them stalls and you will definitely say ouch! When you loose one at $15 - $23 a spoon. Will definitely have a lure retriever with me. Wish it would cool down, took dogs out and felt like I was in the oven on 450 degrees in the sun but in the shade it was manageable.

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