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  1. Whats some Common Fishing Superstitions?

    darn, no wonder I never catch fish! Guilty for all! 😊
  2. This weekend?

    Headed to the deer woods myself now and working the Missouri Invitational next week so no fishing for me for awhile. Dang, I think the next 2 weeks fishing should be good with water temps at 59-60 and dropping, I like it when they get down around the 50-55 mark. Good luck everyone and be safe.
  3. This weekend?

    I just saw a friends Facebook post and talked with him briefly. I did have a friend down last week or week before bass fishing and it was slow and we ran into some whites at end of day and he caught a nice hybrid like one pictured which yanked the rod out of his hand and that was in the back of a cove. Yesterday was bass fishing and came into a pocket just off main lake and hit trolling motor and shad spooked and whites started busting them. I would say to just cover water, chase wind, they will be where the shad are that's for sure.
  4. This weekend?

    Nothing fancy, white rooster tails in Shawnee Bend area just chasing wind bouncing around.
  5. This weekend?

    Hybrid they said was 6 lb. 8 oz.
  6. Thinking about planting brush piles

    I like using hardwood but not using any of the small branches which are bait stealers. In around the dock the pvc route would work good I would think, just roughing up the plastic to help make the algae hold.
  7. This weekend?

    Whites were biting today, Picts of some friends that are down chasing them
  8. Water temp

    Fun fishing or Alhonna tourney, I haven't been out. Going tomorrow
  9. Black Bear hit by Macks Creek

  10. Did they drop the lake?

    The lake has only dropped a foot since beginning of October.
  11. Anybody make any money today?

    Them big cats have some power for sure, fun stuff!
  12. Anybody make any money today?

    I believe they had 3 release boats for tourney, not sure of specifics
  13. Anybody make any money today?

    No Money fish for us, biggest was a 3.48. Only had a couple keepers each day flipping docks so fishing was not good for me at all. I guess I don't fish well in crowds. Guys that came down we had a 5.02 lb for $500, 4.51 lb. for $225, 4.27 lb. for $175. We had great food, friends and fun. A big Thank You to fishinwrench for a boat diagnosis. If you are at the lake and have boat problem give Simms marine a call. Thanks Glen!
  14. Anybody make any money today?

    I think the fish all ate Tuesday, went from 20 keepers Tuesday to only 2 keepers today, wow it was tough on me today flipping/skipping docks. Just didn't happen but it is within reach with only a 6 lb fish leading, it won't last
  15. Pb2 TackleHD

    Glad to meet all the HD crew. Good luck tomorrow! Darn it's late, 3:00 is going to come early. Lights out, good night

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