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  1. Cool Breeze Marine 1087 Industrial Drive Osage Beach 573-348-0555
  2. Welcome to what they call "laketime" 😄. I have not had any boat lift work done but have heard Sumerset is decent, but none are cheap I can guarantee that.
  3. Fitz Fishing in Osage Beach has some of the Nichols spoons but not the smaller ones which are 6th Sense Crush mag spoon 150, but they do have a good collection of spoons or did have when I was up there the other day. They aren't cheap anywhere I will tell you that. Wrench, you think 3/4 oz jigs are bad, start plopping these things around in them stalls and you will definitely say ouch! When you loose one at $15 - $23 a spoon. Will definitely have a lure retriever with me. Wish it would cool down, took dogs out and felt like I was in the oven on 450 degrees in the sun but in the shade it was manageable.
  4. What brushpiles
  5. Funny you say that, just got some today. Now I will need a new rod to throw/pitch them with, been wanting a new a-rig rod anyhow.
  6. Yep, it's an oldie like these 2 hats that he gave me. I also got his boat he sold me although he probably cringes when he sees it now compared to when he had it 😄. He has taught me a bunch when it comes to fishing and still kicks our butts from time to time out of the back of the boat.
  7. Crankbait, swimbait, rattletrap and believe it or not one on a spook
  8. Had a buddy down for a couple days, with the bass being slow we targeted the Whites and walleye a little more, caught 6 keeper walleye and some whites, had one good evening of topwater for the LM. Buddy was relaxed and about got the rod yanked out of his hand by a wiper which was a good laugh. Fishing was mostly slow but had great weather for July.
  9. I hope not, busy enough up here now as it is. Michaels Restaurant is looking to put in a boat dock and shuttle people up to restaurant here at 28 mm. Not sure it will add much traffic unless they change menu but any more traffic in cove is more than I want.
  10. http://www.lakeexpo.com/boating/the_lake/tan-tar-a-resort-sold-to-be-rebranded-as-margaritaville/article_675e13c8-6781-11e7-9704-4b706796fbc0.html
  11. How many million a year fisherman are there, betting not to many percentage wise. I am talking average fisherman that makes $100-200K or less, which is probably the majority, just crazy! Would love to have a new Ranger or for that matter any of the major brands and I fish more than the average fisherman and there is no way to justify spending that much on a boat. Maybe there are just more millionaires out there that fish than I think there are 😄.
  12. Who in their right mind would spend that much on a boat unless you make your living out of it is beyond me.
  13. Every once in awhile this old fat guy gets to wanting some of that good tasting fish to fill his belly. No Walters tonight, just wipers and a couple LM.
  14. I had a 21 incher and a 17 incher last night, darn I should have kept that 17 incher but was thinking 18 inch length limit. I haven't really targeted them, now I know. Thanks guys!
  15. Hey Mike, where is that posted, just curious. thanks Steve