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  1. Premier + Swim Jig at www.jigs4bass.com Available in weights 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 oz. Powder painted and baked head with 3D eyes. The skirt is 50 strand count quality silicone skirts, weed guard, trailer keeper and copper wire tied to eliminate pull downs and offs , skirt movement and provides more flare to the skirt. A double rattle collar and rattles to provide the extra element of sound. Quality components… Mustad Ultra-point, extra wide gap, black nickel hooks, 28 degree ,5/0. These baits are initially hand-crafted and produced at the time you order them
  2. Don't know but I know I am not even close with what I make now. I have seen many similar baits as the one you mention and have not seen any mention of infringement.
  3. www.jigs4bass.com offers a selection of Buzz Baits that are powder coated (both the head and the blade). Pictures are included that show the solid color patterns I offer but custom colors can be easily created with the powder paint option. The finish is extra tough and is baked for durability. I can also fashion this same bait with piano wire for that extra vibration on "custom request". Charge your purchases at www.jigs4bass.com to Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express in addition to PayPal and direct payment with money order or personal check. When you visit my s
  4. Bladed swim jig in color pattern "Silver Ghost" ..... $3.89 each and available at www.jigs4bass.com
  5. I know!😀 Quality and tough bait.
  6. NEED ANY BLADED VIBRATING JIGS? FROM: www.jigs4bass.com Quality components.... Mustad 2X heavy, ultra-point, black nickel hooks ( 5/0 in 1/2 & 3/8 oz. & 4/0 in 1/4 oz.), silicone skirt, powder painted and baked, with or without weed guard and trailer keeper. This hook is a brute and the bait is built to last. Made in thE USA and hand-crafted in the Ozarks at the time of your order........$3.89 each! Get yours and more at : www.jigs4bass com
  7. www.jigs4bass.com : FOOTBALL JIGS... FEATURES INCLUDE: 60 degree 2X heavy Mustad Ultra-point, black nickel hook, powder painted and baked head, weed guard, trailer keeper and a full 50 strand count, 100 % silicone skirt. * Mustad hooks 60 degree (jigs are 2X heavy wire hooks) . * Weights available: 1/4(3/0 hook)' 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 (4/0 hooks), 1 & 1.5 oz. (5/0 hooks in 1 & 1.5 0z) * 50 strand count full skirts * Trailer keeper & weed guard .... * Heads are powder painted and baked for durability. $2.79 each! Pictures: Rusty Craw, Magic Craw, Black brown/ Orange Crush And
  8. Thanks Mitch, Michael www.jigs4bass.com
  9. Another great jig from www.jigs4bass.com ! My flipping/ pitching Jig is an excellent jig for fishing brush or laydowns. It is made to handle big fish and fish where those big fish live. From light weeds, to heavy brush, or dragging down the side of laydowns and tree tops. As the jig falls it points the trailer about 45 degrees up and lands with the trailer at this same angle. The Jig is built with a recessed with the head wrapping around the hook giving a smooth, streamlined head to slip through the rough stuff. Hooks are durable and sharp. I use Mustad , ultra-p
  10. NEED BLADE BAITS? www.jigs4bass.com has a wide selection of hand-crafted baits to include: Spinnerbaits, Buzz baits, Bladed swim jigs, Magnum bladed swim jigs and Switch blade jigs. Available in a wide range of weights and patterns and hand-crafted at the time of your order. Quality components: Mustad Ultra-Point, powder painted and baked, 50 strand, 100% silicon skirt , and 3D eyes (on applicable baits) and a tournament line featuring wire tied. + you won’t believe the price...s! Bladed jigs: $3.89 Magnum bladed jigs: $3.99 Buzz Baits: $3.79 Tournamen
  11. BUZZ BAITS FROM www.jigs4bass.com Designed for more hookups with a mustad 5/0 spinner bait hook and optimal flash and noise. Wide, flat head provides: a larger planeing head than other configurations providing more lift to get the bait on top sooner and keep it there, even at slow retrieve. The lift and balance makes this bait almost snag free and is powder painted and baked for durability. Trailer keeper too! Crimped rivet to provide the traditional squeak of a spinner bait. Premium 100 % silicone skirt wire-tied to prevent slippage and pulling down. Sizes: 3/8 oz
  12. order basis. Thanks, Michael www.jigs4bass.com
  13. Registered: 03/05/14 Posts: 386 Loc: Table Rock Lake, Missouri, USA www.jigs4bass.com offers a couple of different models of football jigs: our standard jig and our tournament model. Both utilize a 60 degree 2X heavy Mustad Ultra-point, black nickel hook, powder painted and baked head, weed guard, trailer keeper and a full 50 strand count, 100 % silicone skirt. You simple will not find a better football jig for this price. The football jig shown below is color pattern: Rusty Craw. View this email in your browser Football Head Jigs St
  14. Nice looking store Mike.
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