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  1. It looked like AGFC was going to allow a pipe to be put under Cow Shoals and were leasing 64 acres of G&F property for frac mining of natural gas. There has been meetings and hearings on this since the first of the year. All the paper work would take time to even just cut and paste here. I'll sum everything up by saying .. the entire procedure involving the area of Cow Shoals has been dropped and a new area is being looked at. Chalk one up for our side. Mike
  2. well, maybe one. The areas that I usually fish in JFK park are still very slow. I was fishing with a friend from Texas and we decided to move. We parked in the gravel parking lot and went in below the first hatchery pipe. There were a few fish feeding on the opposite side of the river and some looked like good fish. I had the Chronicle 3WT and a size 20 Desert Storm. The first fish I got was a rainbow of about 13". Beautifully colored and very fat. The last fish was another rainbow of about 6". Another very fat fish and beautiful colors. I only got 3 fish in that hour and the middle fish was the best. A solid brown that my friend measured it at just short of 17". I didn't have my camera but my friend did. As soon as he sends me the pictures I'll try to post them here. Minimal generation scheduled again for tomorrow. Mike
  3. I drove the park today and the park is filling up. Lots of out of state license plates with quite a few tents and campers. I did see quite a few folks fishing but not alot of rods bent. I guess this will be a "wait and see" on the catching. Mike
  4. The last week has given us a break and we have had wadeable water. According to the predicted generation, today seems like the first day of minimal generation at least for the next couple days. The fishing has been tough. Hopefully it's just that the fish are getting settled after the long periods of generation. I talked with a couple friends of mine that were in boats. The first boat had 3 folks fishing and they landed 3 fish. The second boat had 2 folks fishing and landed 1 fish. In the last 5 days that I've been out I have caught a grand total of 12 fish and one of those days I got 5. I've tried Zebras, Yong Specials, sow bugs and an assortment of midges out of the book Modern Midges. There has been a better catch rate from what I was told up near the dam. But word travels fast and that's where the crowds are heading. Boat fishermen are doing better down river in the deeper water. Midges have been coming off in droves and I have also seen a few scattered caddis. I did manage a first today, at least the first in awhile. One of the two fish I got today was a beautiful little brookie of about 6". As orange as the brookie's bellys turn during spawn, the one today was white. An absolutely gorgeous fish that fought like it was twice it's size. Hopefully the catching will get better as the fish settle. I usually don't fish the weekends because of the crowds and what I saw today was a good thing. JFK has a bunch of campers coming in. Right now I'll gladly give up a couple days of fishing if the campers are bringing money into the area economy. Mike
  5. I wear Simms now but actually the most comfortable boot I've worn is the Chota. I had the Abrams Creek boot until someone stole them from me. If they hadn't been I'd probably still be using them. Not a bad price either. Mike
  6. Has anyone else tried copper tungsten? I tie a variety of colors with the copper tungsten and copper ultra-wire. They've worked on the Little Red, White and Norfork as well as some spring creeks in Wisconsin. I gave a couple to a guy heading to California on a trip and he said a wine colored thread with the copper wire and T-bead did very well on the Sacramento River. Mike
  7. Today was the first day since just after Christmas that I got to fish .. and catch. It was also my first day out since my cataract surgery. I got a call from a friend earlier today that the water had been shut off. There was no predicted generation for the Little Red posted for today until this morning. I got to the river and got in a couple hours before the Corps cranked the generators again. Nothing major in either size or numbers but after almost 2 months of waiting .. who cares. I probably ended up with about 12 to 15 rainbows with the biggest one being about 12". I was using the Flyrod Chronicle 3WT again and the hot pink midge and 7X. I did see a guy catch a definite slot brown of about 5 pounds in the run above me. It was last seen swimming happily away. He told me he had caught it on a minnow. As I was leaving JFK tonight, I started up the hill and there was a doe standing there. She was in no hurry to leave .. she just stood there watching me. After the afternoon I had, I was in no hurry either and had a ball just watching her. She finally ambled off the road and stood and watched my truck as I drove away. A neat ending to a peaceful, beautiful afternoon. Mike
  8. I've had the best results with Umpqua. I've never tried Frog's Hair but will not use Rio again. I couldn't get knots to hold with the Rio and it seemed twisted and kinked right out of the package. Mike
  9. I like Zebra midges. My two hottest colors have been a wine thread and copper wire and copper tungsten bead or a red wire with the same wire and beads. I like to coat them with Loc-Tite from Wal-Mart. Lately I've been fishing .. when the water cooperates that is .. the red combo with a red tungsten bead. Mike
  10. I have an 8'9" 4WT TFO Finesse and 9' 4WT Pro and love them both. The Finesse is one of my "go to" rods here on the Little Red. Mike
  11. and love it. Has anyone else seen it? There are about 1000 patterns in the book which may be a bit of over kill since some are just variations of the same pattern. But overall, I really enjoy the book because it also shows different techniques for midge fishing by several well known fisher folk. I have already made a list of a couple dozen patterns that I'll be tying and hopefully fishing before long. I timed the high water with cataract surgery next Monday so I should be pretty well healed once we do see fishable/wadeable water. Mike
  12. There's one just down the road but they're not doing well either and have turned into a more of a destination type place. Looks Like mail order for me. Either that or drive to Mountain Home. Mike
  13. It's really that bad. High water for 3 out of the 4 years it's been open hasn't helped. The majority of their customers are wade fisher folks too. Not much fun watching an "extended family" pack up. Mike
  14. It's not going to be a fun couple weeks. Watching this really hurts. Mike
  15. I fished the hatch a couple years ago and did very well with a Sofa Pillow pattern. Mike
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