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  1. fozzype

    BLADED JIGS from www.jigs4bass.com

    I have ordered these products and they are truly top of the line, priced right, and got to me fast. I would highly recommend his products.
  2. fozzype

    Rock Bass at Table Rock

    all the time...the old goggle eye are great to eat too.
  3. fozzype

    Spinnerbait Question

    Take the smallest zip tie they sale and slide the open end (part you stick the strap through) on the hook. Use the tag end to pull it over the barb and then cut the tag end or the Strap part off. This works very well, only takes a second or two, and is cheap.
  4. fozzype

    Getting the green algae stain off my boat?

    You need to get the boat as clean as possible before you buff it. I have done this for years and what you want is to take off the green with a harsh cleaner first. I recommended foaming lime away. Just remember to not let it dry! This will not effect the clear coat in any way. If you begin waxing before cleaning, you sometimes can "burn" the slime into the gel coat and it will require even more work to remove. Then after getting it clean, buff with a mild rubbing compound , then a cleaner wax. I recommend a fine cut 3M product or a meguires synthetic wax. The gel coat is very thick and you are trying to remove a tiny fraction of the outer surface of it and then buff back to a shine. Then seal it off with a good wax like RejecX.
  5. fozzype

    Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    looks like a regular smallmouth to me
  6. The brakes will touch a little when it is jacked up and you spin the wheel..but very little. You can you tube how to manually work the brakes with a screwdriver to see if they work. If, you do see excessive brake dust, I would guess it isn't the problem. Make sure your boat is all the way up on the front of the trailer and the brace the winch on is tight. Also, have the tires balanced! Anyone who tells you this doesn't matter hasn't ever pulled a light trailer much. This is especially true on single axle trailers with lighter boats.
  7. fozzype

    Topwater Setup

    For the reel, I prefer the lews bb1 or bb1 pro in 7:5 or higher gear ratio. They hold slightly more line than others and cast a mile. The gen 1 revo sx or s will out cast them all. However, the current Gen 4 versions are good reels but do not cast as far as the lews. I do not like the dawia stuff, just my opinion. For my topwater rod, I like the lews david frits crankbait rod. They have a 7 ft med heavy with a mod tip that works well. Once hooked up, it has that nice bend for fighting fish. You really should try 4O lb braid with 2 ft leader of mono..it will change your topwater life..lol
  8. fozzype

    Distance Between...

    The app will let you set you speed and gallons per hour and figure fuel and time.
  9. fozzype

    Distance Between...

    here is aunts ramp to port of kimberling
  10. fozzype

    Distance Between...

    download the navionics app for your phone on go the website. The app will route you in the minimum depth of water you choose.
  11. i know this isn't the buy and sell forum, but some of you never look at it. Wondering if any of you have any of the falcon xg lowrider casting rods in the heavy action? Looking for the 6'10" to 7'4" ones with full handle...Have cash and lots of tackle if you like to barter. text is best..Brett 417230-zerothree43
  12. If anyone has a falcon lowrider xg in the lizard dragger or heavy action and wants to sell or trade, let me know. These are the 6' 10" ones with full cork handle. Thanks, Brett..text is best 417 230 0343
  13. fozzype

    Best way keep hands warm?

    Alright guys, what type of gloves and/or tricks do you guys use to keep you hand warm in sub freezing temps? I have done a lot of different things over the years. Curious for this group of experts thoughts. Also, any new gloves out there that are a must have?
  14. fozzype

    Need a 26 trophy prop

    Still looking for one of these if any of you might have one or a lead for one.
  15. fozzype

    Public ramp at K-dock

    The ramp is fin for just about any boat...but the water may be just high enough to cover the lot and you won't be able to put in. They are dropping it 6 inches a day. Beaver creek is a good place to put in now.

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