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  1. I have an old motorguide 36 volt foot control trolling motor that needs a new home. It is well used, but works last time I used it. Be a good spare or for parts. It is the 42 inch shaft, I think an 03 model. It does not include mount. Take $30 bucks or equivalent cranks or jerkbaits. I can save it for you, just message me. I will take it off shelf for pics if needed.
  2. Has the park and the ramp been opened back up? It was closed early by Johnny M. Shame the Corps sells public property for private gain.
  3. We stayed at the wilderness lodge on turtle lake. https://www.thewildernesslodge.com/ Hate to give up secret spot, but she has some openings in a few weeks and needs business due to some covid related cancellations. She has a first class resort with a neat, northwoods cabin feel with all amenities about 40 miles north of Grand Rapids and usually books out at least a year in advance. I highly recommend to anyone especially if you can rent the cabin we do that is right on your own private beach 20 ft away from door for kids to swim in. She has a ramp and dock for boats. Turtle Lake has a 20
  4. Water was 83 degrees and usually about 70 now. Got rain on Wednesday and dropped to 77..fishing was still good and family and I had fun. View from cabin doesn't get much better.
  5. It wasn't too crowded because the wind didn't blow. It is a huge place so it can handle a lot. Just stopped in there on the way to Grand Rapids area. The upper Mississippi River area up there and the northern lakes in the region are my vote for a fun time and a ton of bites.
  6. This exactly right...also consider that you cannot access most of the lake 50 or more percent of the time because of wind and weather during the summer season. I would say you might be able to fish the main lake 40 days a year. I also don't think you can really understand how big this place is until you have been there. From Green Bay to Washington Island it is a 85 mile by 20 mile wide stretch that 80 percent is fishable. It will sound like a lie if I told you numbers, but if you can be there when they spawn AND the wind doesn't blow (very hard to do) it is the most unbe
  7. I have been to both several times. Was up on Milelacs this week. Sturegon Bay gets my vote every time and your wife will love Door County. It can bite you with rough weather but the bite is simply off the chain when they bite.
  8. Wheeler is there at the top now as well as Edwin..close if not ahead, you have to consider Ott Defoe ...he won a little tourney called the Bassmaster Classic in 2019, an MLF at the start of the 2020 year and had numerous high finishes in MLF. If not for missing the last tourney he might have been anglers the year for MLF in 2019.
  9. Both ramps are open and have parking. State park has parking up the hill from the ramp with a grassy bank you can pull up to. Also, parking west of the ramp at the state park..the trail is easy to pull up on just west of the lot.
  10. This shows where the current bank line is based on estimated mapping. Pretty neat: https://usacelittlerock.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=4047fa6595644ed1be5ef018e9d390f4
  11. Honestly, the I "think" the problem with Beaver based my involvement with Corps, research, and Engineering background is simply with inflows for the lake being much greater than older hydraulic models used to construct the dam. I don't think there are any true structural problems with any of our dams in the white River system. The amount of data and empirical models used to figure these flows may have been drastically off and not taken into account all the major development of the watershed. It is true there are leaks in some, but these are relatively small and monitored closely fo
  12. You are right, the auxiliary spillway can only be used to save Table Rock Dam. The models for flooding show, that this is really only possible with a break or over topping at Beaver Dam in conjunction with massive, epic flooding event. The Hydraulic Models show that at full flood gates open on Table Rock Dam, that water would be 50 ft over the 65 highway bridge on Taneycomo. Yes, 50 ft over the highway 65 bridge. So, by the time auxiliary spillway was used, most of the infrastructure around Taney is already wiped out. In 2008 and 2011 I happen to set in on several briefings and I believ
  13. Is the ramp accessible and ok to use today at the 924 ish elevation??
  14. I highly suggest a hard reset of the factory settings..run on automatic and for 90 percent of the time you won't have to touch it.
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