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  1. Honestly, the I "think" the problem with Beaver based my involvement with Corps, research, and Engineering background is simply with inflows for the lake being much greater than older hydraulic models used to construct the dam. I don't think there are any true structural problems with any of our dams in the white River system. The amount of data and empirical models used to figure these flows may have been drastically off and not taken into account all the major development of the watershed. It is true there are leaks in some, but these are relatively small and monitored closely for changes. The leak on bull shoals most people think of is due to an actual sinkhole in Jimmy creek near the dam. When the dam was built it backed water up above the sink hole giving it a constant flow of water. The water discharges a few miles below the dam in a field before running down to the river. It was always rumored as a leak but has been dye traced to the underwater sinkhole.
  2. You are right, the auxiliary spillway can only be used to save Table Rock Dam. The models for flooding show, that this is really only possible with a break or over topping at Beaver Dam in conjunction with massive, epic flooding event. The Hydraulic Models show that at full flood gates open on Table Rock Dam, that water would be 50 ft over the 65 highway bridge on Taneycomo. Yes, 50 ft over the highway 65 bridge. So, by the time auxiliary spillway was used, most of the infrastructure around Taney is already wiped out. In 2008 and 2011 I happen to set in on several briefings and I believe I remember the release out of the rock only being at 12% capacity of the Dam. In 2008 and 2011 the structural integrity of the earth or concrete dam was never in any risk of failure.
  3. Is the ramp accessible and ok to use today at the 924 ish elevation??
  4. I highly suggest a hard reset of the factory settings..run on automatic and for 90 percent of the time you won't have to touch it.
  5. just an FYI from experience and Marine Repair..the MEGA 360 will only run on Gen3 units with MEGA down imaging in 10 inch and larger helix or solid units. It is freaking a deal for seeing what you are throwing at. It is like side imaging on the front with more detail.
  6. This has made all my bulk buying of on sale and "needed" baits seem logical..oh no🤪
  7. They are closed as part of Greene County Order
  8. They are on a normal schedule as far as I can tell. Water has been in high 50s and low 60s for 2 weeks.
  9. I understand some of what we are trying to do with flattening the curve. I am also not happy with a lot of what is going on and feel it is becoming government overreach in some cases. This is difficult, uncharted waters and I know that officials make mistakes. As always, trying to protect some while impacting many is a tough choice. In Michigan they have closed the lakes and in Arkansas the Buffalo River. I am just now a fan and this seems like they are crossing a line.
  10. The Garmin's are simple and easy and I agree with comments of others. On a budget the lowrance Ti series is good and touch screen. Also..the hook series is good, but is not a touch and do not link. It all depends on what you want to do with it. At minimum I would want the side imaging in the back and a maps to link on front graph. The garmin or lowrance TI do this. I give the lowrance the edge on pure 2D and HD down imaging. The Garmin wins hands down for simplicity of use. You could also add livescope later to the Garmin Be mindful of screen size, sometimes 2 - 9 inch are cheaper than one 10 inch. They are all good and if you do your homework you can get a nice setup. Most of what people say are personal preference and they all work.
  11. Anyone been up the rivers there the last couple of days? Many floaters? How is water color and temperature?
  12. If you read the corps policy...the primary mission of the dams are for flood control. What and how they do it has changed some, obviously. However there are more factors today than there used to be. One is minimum flow requirements. I am not a fan of how the Corps operates anything, but I do understand they are shuffling a lot of different rules they are given by the feds who really dont care how they effect each other.
  13. you can buy the Gamma tennis grips for about 5 bucks for 3 wraps on amazon..I have big hands and use them on all my rods. Unless you fish in a driving rain all day they last a whole season. They come in several colors Check this out at Amazon.com Gamma Supreme Overgrip, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HEKHBQ/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_h3JBEbZQXQPB9
  14. looks like a brush pile or tree with some fish in it..the large streak to right appears to maybe be a limb in the edge if the cone or shad beside the brush..from the down image it looks like a classic brush pile with fish in it...
  15. sold pending pickup..anyone still want a 1000 jig hooks for 40 bucks?
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