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  1. fozzype

    Dazed and Confused

    On just about any lake there are people who will find them and always someone who catches them. It is what makes doing this so much fun and can piss me off like nothing else. I have fished Ozark lakes for 35 years and they give and take away. It is short term memory and the fun of the good days that bring you back. I remember two years ago I prefished 2 days on lake of the ozarks and 2 days in a tournament and caught 1 fish. This was the worst 4 days I can ever remember. Before the 120 boat event, my partner said it wouldn't take 15 a day to win. Well, it too north of 22 a day to be in the top 20. I wanted to sell everything🙄😡 and still am completely lost. Later in the month the same basic folks were on table rock. I got on a good pattern and got 2nd by .01 lbs. We were 6lbs above 3rd and only 10 limits out of 150 boats. We probably had 25 keepers. So morale is, sometimes you don't hit the matrix and sometimes you do..Just keep fishing.
  2. fozzype


    Physics will tell you your secure it from the motor to the trailer. Like Wrench said, be sure to secure it the boat to the trailer. Other opinions on this are based on a lack of facts or mis information. Also, always tighten and check motor to transom bolts regularly as they cause most problems.
  3. fozzype

    Best Jigs to use on TR

    I will say the jigs 4 bass jigs are nice, quality made ones. If I don't make them myself I usually by his or Waco Johnson's. I think we all have too many colors. If I only had two colors I would be green pumpkin with a little orange and green pumpkin with a little blue. Oh and PB &J, oh and black and blue...never mind I have to have a lot of colors.
  4. fozzype

    Reel help

    The plueger and Abu spinning reels are the same reels in comparable models over the last 4 years. I have both the older xt pluegers and some revo sx, sxt, and premier spinning reels. The newer sxt revo and premier has a great drag and excellent spool for braid. I like them over about anything I have tried. You pay more for lighter reel and a better drag. Used to only have stradics, but they aren't what they used to be. Also, Champs spinning reels.work good because he uses them twice a year😀
  5. fozzype

    How is water color?

    Has the recent rain muddied up the dam area?
  6. fozzype

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    I wonder if the MDC would make available that study. Usually they won't release it. I dont know why either...dont know what it would hurt.
  7. fozzype

    Water Color ?

    After the rains last week, anyone know the color of the upper niagua?
  8. fozzype

    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    my wife isn't like that, but I am with you on the second part. Christmas isn't about what it should be. Ruins a good fishing weekend.
  9. fozzype

    darn wind

    I would really like to know this too. To me it is probably in our heads. I just can't stand to not put a leader on braid, but again no real data either way on if it makes a difference. The biggest thing to me with braid, mono, and floro is find the right fall rate, stretch, and durability you need for the situation. Sometimes this is personal preference. For instance, I fish 1/8 oz shakey head a bunch. I like 8lb floro for this when fishing 20 or deeper. The reason for this is the bait gets to the bottom much quicker and maintains bottom contact better than braid. However when skipping deep docks l, I love the fall rate of braid, the ability to come off the spool, and the toughness around metal on docks. Another example, is I use mono when spoon fishing. I like to use a mh or h rod to get a pop when jerking the spoon. However, I want the stretch of mono when I set the hook. Also, the mono comes off the spool good, resist abrasion around docks, and is cheap to replace when twisted. I have zero issues with braid leaders breaking so I always have one on. Like to have the nerve to try it without it. Bo has it figured out and the use of braid is spot on when fishing as deep as he does. I like the braids with gore fibers, such as suffix 832. They fall much better and dont have any drag in the guides or water. I generally use 30 or 40 lb braid in the 832 because of the smaller diameter of comparative braids.
  10. fozzype

    darn wind

    Bo, Do you use a leader or straight braid.?
  11. Absolutely, the MDC stocks elk, worries about bear population, etc...all while bass fishing probably has the biggest economic impact to our state of any of our sports. Some may argue this, but the other sports (including all hunting) can't produce the shear tax impact of bass fishing. I know some people are anti-tournaments, but just look at the economic impact and people it involves. If the MDC would wake up and we as sportsmen support our cause, maybe real changes can be made. Also, tournament timing, culling rules, weight and release etc, would help as well.
  12. They have all the money they need to do stock fish with no license increase. I am 100% not a fan of MDC and they have an exorbitant amount of budget they throw away every year on, in my mind, worthless efforts that are not in the overall good of the public. Just request an annual budget from the MDC and judge for yourself. They are a rogue agency with large coffers that go unchecked by the people I am not saying they are bad people or are hiding anything. I just don't agree with there overall management of wildlife and use of taxpayer's money.
  13. fozzype


    I have literally done 100's of boats and thousands of car interiors. If you have older carpet, do NOT use a power washer. Power washers can harm your carpet very quickly. Here are my steps: For the worst spots: Use undiluted simple green and carpet cleaner on the bad spots. Scrub these with a stiff tire brush and very little water. Wipe up the water or you can vaccume the water as you do it. Continue to add water and scrub these spots until the water is clear. Then apply a carpet cleaner (like resolve heavy traffic) and scrub in if you like with a brush over th entire boat. Then wash the cleaner out with a gentle stream of water until all the soap is gone. To finish ( and most importantly), vaccume the boat with wet dry vac. Do this until you remove all the water you can with the vaccume. On the last pass with the vaccume, hold it down firm and go against the grain of the carpet. This allows the carpet to fully dry. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  14. fozzype

    Winchester Model 70

    I am not sure of age, but is was shot 5 times to sight in scope and cleaned and put up. It is the basic "ranger" model without all the frills. It has the same action and trigger as any post 64 winchester. It is priced right at 375 with rings and no tax. A base model today with rings and tax will push $550 to $600 new. It will also shoot with any of the $1500 dollar ones that are collectors items, just not as fancy.
  15. fozzype

    Winchester Model 70

    sent you a pm

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