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  1. This is just business and proof that the only thing that stays the same is everything changes. MLF knew it needed "minor leagues" to grow its brand and give accountability to the anglers on their highest circuit. There are anglers in the current FLW who can and will compete in MLF in the future. MLF respects FLW and that is why they made the move. MLF has made a big impact and is growing the sport. I have friend at work who trout fishes once a year. He asked me to take him bass fishing because he has been watching MLF and it looked fun. I took him once and he wants a boat. I know some purist say it is a dink fest. I like 5 fish limits too, but I think the format is just different and has it's own challenges and huge entertainment advantages to those not truly into tourney fishing. If it is easy, go catch a 100 lbs on a day on Table Rock in May next year..it ain't easy. The number of people bass fishing is skyrocketing. I hate all the fishing pressure on our local ponds too. But if I look at in an unselfish way, the more people that do it , the more they will stand up for and protect our right to fish and the waters we do it on. It also puts money in people who sell gas, hotels, boats, fishing tackle, etc. So much of that is based right here in the Ozarks, that I think that is a great thing. Change is tough and you have to adjust to it or get left behind.....
  2. I agree that casting to piles and suspended fish is a great way to catch them. However, with "normal" sonar you can keep you bait in front of them and in the strike zone better with a veritical presentation. May have to put the wife to work so I can by livescope or lowtance live πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ž
  3. I would like to know what you guys feel about getting on fish directly below boat. I used to think this was the most productive way to fish deep brush and suspended fish, but the last couple of summers/winters it seems the fish are just like Bill said..spooky. I can't decide if this is fishing pressure or if I am just making this up in my own head.
  4. bet they still increase the cost of the parking tag too...πŸ€‘
  5. Probably more to do with the oxygen reading was July 30th at the Dam.
  6. Thinking about running up to upper Mississippi first of September. Any advice on how it fishes, concerns, navigation, or where to stay?
  7. Ya, over thinking it. I live close and run down there a lot. My wife just hates riding in boat at daylight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†. She thinks on plane is scary fast. She lets me have a 250 and a 21 footer and fish when I want, so when she wants to go, I take it easy. 20 years ago I took her on our first "date" on a bass boat ride. I had a 190 zx skeeter that I hung a 200 on when rated for a 150. She later told me I scared her to deathπŸ˜€. The little boat was fast and rode pretty wild and of course I showed her what it would do. Was wanting to fish campers point area first but will just run up there.
  8. Are there any public access ramps up the James halfway between Aunts and Cape Fair. Sad to say I never really put in anywhere up there and usually always run up or down. Taking some your kids early this week and need a closer put in.
  9. I was on the water a few days during bot events and I saw several of them. They were all very respectful and nice. I was by accident at State Park when they were taking out after Martens won. Martens aske if I had a cold ohne in my boat. I said water and cherry Pepsi. He said a Pepsi soumded great. He talked with me for 20 minutes and showed me how and where he caught his fish. The next weekend my boy wanted to meet them and we went to moonshine for take off. Ike wanted to see him when he went by. He asked my son if he fished and he said he has been this morning with his dad. He said he caught a 2.5 smally on a swimbait. He them told Mike it was a keitech and not a crappy Berkley one. He listens to what I say I guess. Mike laughed really hard. Enjoyed seeing the live feed on your home lake.
  10. They all have pluses and minuses. I have used all 3 extensively. The elite ti 2 is the best for me for the money. However, they do require a setup and ongoing adjustments to be really great. Garmin's are simple and dont require much setup, but the 3d down imaging isnt good. Also, they have limited zoom adjustments for drop shotting. Humminbird are good too, especially 2d, but side imaging isn't my favorite. The elite ti 2 will wirelessly transfer data and waypoints and are touch screen. Screen quality is great and the fish reveal really works to find fish in trees. These the biggest selling points for me. They are all good, just really up to you.
  11. I really think they need to up the one pound to at least a 1.5 lb fish. That would at least make you catch a 14 incher (lm) or so to count. I like seeing the fish caught, but on a lake like Table Rock, 1lbers aren't hard to catch in May and water it down a little to me. I will say toward the end of the rounds it is pretty fun to watch. It is made for TV fishing. I just wonder how this would be in true prespwan or mid summer.
  12. This format will definitely change up what past history has shown for these guys. Running up a river to catch 16 lbs wont do much good if 5 or 10 is all you can catch. With a one pounder counting, my bet is several will find SM and K's in bunches and catch a ton of them. With post spawn in effect they will be eating somewhere all day. I bet the junk fishermen that cover water and then set down when they find em, will play great here. Martens, Ike, Skeet, and even Bobby Lane do this well. A lake with as many short fish that weigh one lb like table rock will be interesting for sure. With big five out of play, I am interested for sure.
  13. I am not a proponent of banning tournaments or banning allowing people to est a few fish if they want to. One thing that is very simple that could be done during April and early May, do not allow culling. That would mean if you keep it, you weigh it. That would allow maybe a few more fish to remain where they are. I also would not have a problem with a two week period where no fish could be kept. However, I really dont know how much tournaments or keeping a few fish effects fish populations? Everyone seems to think this is killing fishing on table rock. I will say it makes it tougher with fishing pressure, but when you get around em there seem to be plenty of good fish. If you think about it, if 4 weekends during the spawn if 500 boats relocate 2500 fish, for a total of 10,000 relocated. Some fish will still spawn or are males? So let's say 5000 are moved that truly dont get to spawn. I truly believe this is unconsequitional compared to the overall fish population on this lake. If you have ever dove on this lake, you will literally see schools of 1000's of bass. It will make you wonder how you cant catch em sometimes. Considering that there is 745 miles of shoreline that is only 6 fish per mile. Considering I see 30 fish on beds in a single pocket, this doesn't seem like much. That being said, I believe stocking would help. It is a proven tool that at least our MDC should have. I am not sure why they wont spend the money we give on what sport likely gives them more revenue than any other. Also, these are man made impoundments, so dont give me the line they want them "natural" and don't want to throw them out of balance. Like em or hate em, tournaments and being able to keep fish have a huge impact on our economy and region. Just drive up to Millelacs where hotels and cabins are empty and businesses gone. This is what a no creel can do. I believe in taking care of the sport of bass fishing and our great fisherys. I also believe in finding a balance and not going too far in either direction.
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