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  1. The fishing was great, but I was too busy hooking worms for the little ones and didn't get to make many casts. We put in at Schlits Mill and went up above T highway. Saw about 8 other boats up there (mostly friends of mine) and a few floaters. The kids and wife had a great time and caught a ton of bluegill. Wife did hook a good channel cat, but it broke right at the boat (trying to teach her to be patient with them and wear them down, but she knows all there is to know about fishing ). Here is the best small mouth I caught that day. It was on an arkansas shiner fluke. He was just shy of 1
  2. I know they do alot of snagging from the bank on the Osage below Bagnal. I have been there for opening day and it is nuts. People slinging sinkers and hooks at boats, and boats cutting their lines. Too crazy for me. Not a big fan of the ole 12/0 in the head, not to mention the 16 oz sinker!
  3. I do collect license plates and I am interseted in them. Please e-mail me at firefighter1538@yahoo.com
  4. I have for sale or trade a Suhl SxS 12 gauge shotgun. This gun is in 98-99%. It has NEVER been shot. I would like to get $600 out of it or would be willing to trade for a revolver (blackhawk or Colt .45). Can e-mail pictures. Thanks firefighter1538@yahoo.com
  5. Maryville. Thanks to all who have educated me in this new adventure. Hopefully have some great pics to share in mid November. Going to go bow hunting, but figure if the deer slow down I will try to bust some birds.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the input. I think I will try to find some 5 shot, but if not I guess I will go with 6. What lenght shells are you guys talking? I can shoot 2 3/4" to 3 1/2". Thanks.
  7. Planning my first pheasant trip to northwest missouri. What shells do I need to use in my 12 ga? I am either going to take my 835 Mossberg or my 870 Remington, or both. Thanks.
  8. Alive and well. Ready for the rain to stop.
  9. Does anyone have any results of the tournament at LORA on the 11th? I didn't have any luck and slipped out a little early. Thanks.
  10. I talked myself into going to the Lake today in search of some crappie. I froze to death and brought home 3. All bites were very soft. The good news is that the ones I brought home were good 11"-12". Good news is that it doesn't take long to clean 3 of em. Jeff
  11. Went fishing for the free hour I had today and it didn't turn out too good. I ran up just below T Highway and fished the banks back to the Ben Franklin. I had a few hits, and landed one large mouth that was about 12". Fished three different color Flukes and one Banjo Minnow. Just got my Walking Worms in today, looking forward to using them.
  12. Mostly from the bank, but once in a while on the river. Thanks.
  13. I might just look into that. I was just seeing if there were any deals out there. I am just tired of borrowing someone elses to go. Thanks.
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