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  1. Fished the Stockton Friday night derby on 7/12. Wow the night bite is almost non existent. Had 24 boats competing with the winning weight being 9.72 lbs. My partner and myself had no fish and really no bites to speak of very frustrating! Hope they keep pulling water.
  2. Yep that was us. We caught a few large mouth but not what we were hoping for. I wish they would open the gates!
  3. I think I may have seen you on the flat up from mutton. I was in a older ranger graphing the break from the flat to deeper water. Tough bite out there! Was not many boats on the water.
  4. Guys, I was thrown from my boat last summer. Was not wearing the kill switch and was struck by the prop. Causing a near left hand amputation. I was fortunate enough to get flown to Barnes hospital in St. Louis and have made a full recovery. I still have my hand and use of it. Regardless of how this happened . I know from expeince it happens fast and is scary. This should just be a reminder to all to always wear the kill switch and life jacket.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I was thinking this was going to be a project. Owning a boat is so much fun. Always working on something.
  6. The keel guard on my bass boat isstarting to peel off, was wanting suggestions on what adhesive I could use to get it back on. Or what the common solution to this is. Thanks for the help.
  7. Stockton is not giving very much up right now. I dropped some brush today. Then fished and did not get a bite.
  8. Fished Stockton (darn area) on Sunday. Was going after walleye. Started off fishing for crappie till it got closer to dark. Zero fish of either species. Went to Aldridge area Monday looking for crappie in brush piles jumped from pile to pile from high point to the 215 bridge. Did not catch a fish one. I blame the water temp.
  9. Thanks guys I didn’t make it down.The weather made my decision for me. Thanks for the info I am itching to get down soon.
  10. Thinking about coming down tomorrow. Any advice where to start would be great. Thinking about putting in at aunts creek or mill creek. Have been fishing Stockton it’s been a bust with the water temp being 37 degrees. Hoping for warmer water and some fish. Thanks in advance
  11. tracman86

    Best Excuse

    Not to bad, they have pulled all the pins and the external fixater out of my arm/hand. The area across my palm that the prop hit is closed. The bones in my arm are healing slowly. I only have one artery feeding my hand now so the swelling is really taking some time to go down. I can move all my digits tho so it’s pretty good.
  12. tracman86

    Best Excuse

    Nearly amputated my left hand in a boating accident the first night of June on Stockton. Was thrown from boat and the boat circled and got my hand with the prop. Broke both bones in my arm. 2 helicopter rides and a 11 hr surgery later I was put back together. That was my excuse. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR KILL SWITCH PLEASE DONT LEARN THE HARDWAY LIKE ME.
  13. That makes since with the tiller handled comparison.
  14. Well I for one am very happy to see this. I can not believe these 200 and 250 and even bigger engines are attached to the steering system with one bolt that has a locknut on it. Something has to change how is this not a bigger problem. I am so glad that he asked you to inspect it. This is what mine looked like shortly before the accident.
  15. Yes that is the bolt. After going thru what I have, what I would do is get a longer bolt. Drill into it almost at the end put the locknut on it and then run a cotter pin thru it.
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