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  1. Caught this little trophy on a home tied pheasant tail jig. Just a tad over 12 inches
  2. Phil How deep is the water off of your dock where you do the one cast video? I realize that it depends on the generation, but I would like to know. Thanks, I really look forward to your one cast every day.
  3. WOW! Just goes to show you that catch and release does work!
  4. Is this still available? 2. Redington Crosswater Combo 9' 7wt (w/ Fieldline rode tube)... $65.00 http://i312.photobuc...73/P1011154.jpg
  5. Dont do the crime unless you can do the time
  6. I am considering purchasing a set of beathable waders with a zippered front. I broke my hip in a car accident a few years back and have a hard time raising my leg high enough to get my waders on easily. Then to try to tie my boots up. Its a pain in my....Hip. I was thinking the zippered front would help, but worry about the zipper leaking. Anyone have any experience goo or bad?
  7. PM me if its still available with Pics Thanks
  8. My son and I hiked downstream on the path at Baptist Camp saturday. We caught a handful of rainbows as we fished down stream then back up to the parking lot. We did observe 2 fellows on a high cut bank with five gallon buckets and heavy duty poles and very heavy line. The high bank (6-8ft) was above a fairly deep pool. The lines in the water seemed heavely weighted and did not move with the stiff current. They were staring at the pool then reach into the pucket and grab a rock and chuck it into the water. As we move past them upstream, they didn't make eye contact or make conversation, it made me feel very uneasy,(like bajo's in the woods). I would have called some one, but my phone had got wet, and I would not know who to call either. Word to the wise...Please be careful. With the recent theft attempt at Tan Vat and now this, I am taking very seriously, some of the recent comments about protecting myself.
  9. I hope you take this the way I intend, but you're getting on my nerves and I think I'm beginning to hate you! Or maybe I'm just jealous.
  10. I 'm thinking of heading to Tan Vat or Baptist this weekend. How are the crowds and fishing pressure in these areas? What can I expect? Now that bow season has started, are the crowds any better?
  11. Weaver's has a pic... http://www.missouritrout.com/weavers/report.html
  12. Where is Hudson's Corner?
  13. I know this may be a dumb question, but what is the problem? Numbers of fish? Size of fish? Stocking number? Poaching? I'm not there and I cant tell if you dont make it clear to me. All I have is the web cam and this forum to get my information.
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