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    I'm an avid outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing pretty much consume my life! I have been fishing since before I can remember, spending much of my time on the Illinois River.
  1. haha I don't think that one would have turned out to good. She will "hold" them but I think a good comparison would be if a grizzly bear were to hold you. Had a blast! Hopefully we can get into them again tonight.
  2. Well, haven't posted on here in a while so i apologize. I've been fishin for the past month or so about once a weekend and have done quite well..around 20 - 30 fish each trip. Fished today and met one of the members from here and sorry, don't know which one it was so by all means let me know, had alot of fun. BTW, only met two members from here and I have to say they are great to fish around. Had a blast probably caught around 30 fish on the day between midges, scuds, san juans, and even some dries. Didn't take any pics but this next week i'm going to be vacationing down here for 4 days and a
  3. I have stayed at all of the before mentioned and my personal favorite is definitely Two Rivers as well. It's just over 100 a night. He has a real nice place, two bedrooms front room and kitchen. I haven't stayed at marval since before the change either, I'm not a fan.
  4. I currently have a TFO Professional Series in 4wt and in 5wt and will probably buy my 8 or 9 wt in TFO as well however a low grade Sage sounds tempting. I enjoy the fact that with TFO you can pretty much destroy the rod and it's still under warranty although I haven't had to test that out. The deal on the two-seventies is that I purchased the real for $109 instead of the regular price of $209. It was a BPS mistake. This wasn't a combo just a real.
  5. That's what I've been reading. I ordered one and actually got it last night. The sale was not supposed to be a sale according to the manager but since we had a rain check they granted it. Apparently it was a father's day special that was overlooked. I am leery of the drag system due to what everyone has been saying so hopefully it doesn't do bad else i'll be trying something different. What is a good line for stripers? I've been looking at several different ones. I would like something that can generate some distance fairly easily.
  6. Planning on being around this weekend and was wondering if there was any place to catch some stripers on the fly rod. I have heard people talk about catching them up at the dam but I personally haven't ever fished past about the cable. Any information would be great. My father and I are planning on coming over and doing some trout fishing as well so hopefully see some of you guys out there. Oh, and one thing that you may be interested in. Bass Pro in Oklahoma City has the White River Two Seventy reel on sale right now. It's a really nice looking reel. I don't know how good it actually is bu
  7. oh, and i noticed that i didn't clarify but "them" would be browns lol SORRY!
  8. So just a little story on the browns. Now I have only fished the river maybe 3 times in the past 4 years and caught plenty of rainbows but back in the day (lol) when my dad and I fished the river alot we used to catch several of them. We were mostly striper fishing and catching bait but I can remember catching several in the 12 - 16 inch range. I would say I caught 8 or so in a two year span. And what's funny is I caught them but dad never did. Then one day when dad was fishing for stripers by himself with the water on, out in the boat, he hooked into what he thought was just a carp until he g
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