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  1. Man that is a sweet deal! To bad I work so much.
  2. I own a tire and wheel biz in ft smith Ar. Send me a PM. I can't see the pic. Where are you located?
  3. I want to go.. Whats a drift boat trip cost in early winter or freezing temps (PM me). I have been getting ready and saving for lonely days fishing for sure.
  4. I appreciate all the posts everyone! So pretty nasty out there for this weekend I see. Thank you everyone. Adam
  5. Sweet. Looks like it was up for the 11th. 29 at 1600hrs only. I believe I will head up Sunday Morning. Anyone else going?
  6. Is the water extremely high with the rain? I was thinking of heading up tomorrow and the last few weeks it has been great just wondering with Table Rock rising how high the river is? I appreciate the help if anyone has seen it. Thanks!
  7. Do you think Beaver will be bad as far as wadeable water goes this Sunday? I've been up there the last 4 weekends and its been great but with the rain I don't know anymore. Any advice? Thanks!
  8. I use the Patagonia Felt and have the new Crampon Boot. They are both sweet. The metal bar boot hooks up good but I wouldnt want to damage anyones book with it. You do sound like a cowboy walking down the boat ramp or any gravel/concrete. They don't seem to wear down the aluminum though and there not heavy. Pretty sweet.
  9. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/features/eotg/10597eotg.php ??
  10. Adam B

    Line Weight?

    Fly Fishing tippet? I use trout hunter 6.5x Fluoro so 3.1lb test. 6lb fluro is what I put on friends spinning reels.
  11. Hand surgery? What kind? A singe shot cobray .410 pistol took off a good piece of my left hand and I had to have a couple surgeries. I still have all my fingers but no feeling in my pinky and parts close to it. Plus its hard as a rock now. It is kinda cool to have a gunshot wound though haha. Get better!
  12. gorgeous. i just got back from there a couple hours ago.
  13. The ZG is the original Helios. The Helios 2 is supposedly better. Haven't used a 2 yet though. I'd check Yellowstone Anglers website for the review. Heres an older one. http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/FlyRodReview.Best5weightflyrod.HardyZenith.SageZ-axis.WinstonB3x.WinstonBIIIx.LoomisNRX.SageVXP.StCroixLegendEliteTempleforkBVK.asp
  14. Where did you catch that one at if you dont mind saying?
  15. Adam B


    Thank you Sir! I head up today after work and have a cabin rented near cow shoals. Any advice on night fishing there? I won't be getting in till about 7pm and have the whole day Sunday to fish. Thanks again buddy.
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