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  1. This is why I don't teal hunt at least with the dog anymore - by the time the big duck season starts in Missouri & SE Kansas, the snakes are usually asleep. My Cheyenne Bottoms story above is an exception which is why I don't go there anymore.
  2. Sorry, I can't make that out - what kind of snake?
  3. These snakehead creatures have been captured in Georgia and have moved as for as to the waters of northeast Kansas. They can travel in water or on land. - WOW, scary. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/10/us/georgia-invasive-snakehead-trnd/index.html
  4. We use to duck hunt at Cheyenne Bottoms in western Kansas. Some of the marshes were lined with rip rap. Although it was pretty cold (not super cold because we were always there is the early part of the season), sometimes when you walked down the rock bank into the marsh, you would hear all this rattling. I got in the habit of carrying the dog down into the water. If the midday sun came out and it got warm there would be hundreds of these rattle snakes on the gravel roads running thru the area. You could not drive for running over some which was OK with me. Between the long drive to get there and the snakes I just got sick of going there.
  5. You must face your demons. Get it "face". Bobby
  6. I've heard stories that the Flat Creek area is full of water snakes - particularly Water Moccasin. The lady that cuts my hair lives across from Flat Creek restaurant and has a slip in the dock across from the restaurant. She will not even go down to the dock as she claims the area has snakes. A friend told me that the Flat Creek access off Hwy EE and on down is full of poisonous snakes - boat loads. I was over at Bridgeport today working on my duck boat so I drove over to EE. It looks really nice but pretty narrow. Have any of you floated up there and/or fished up there or know about the snakes? I imagine there are some deeper holes. Bobby
  7. Although not encouraged by Bill's report because if he can't do it, I don't have much of a chance, but since this was a nice morning until about 9:30, I went out anyway (dam area as well). Looked in the type of ground that has been talked about recently. Found a couple on the graph on the cove sides of a run out - caught one nice 3lb SM. It popped off as I raised it into the boat. GPO jig with similar colored trailer. Spent the rest of the time cruising and staring at the graph.
  8. Here's an idea - only fishing allowed only on certain days of the week and times and wake boats and wave runners on others ie. - only fishing on Monday - Saturday - midnight - 2 pm and 6 pm - midnight Wake boats and wave runners - Monday - Saturday 2 pm - 6 pm and all day Sunday
  9. Group prayer or raise the dams. 😁
  10. Do you think this is the place to express concerns for things like wake boats and the COE actions and some boat ramps?
  11. Search the Web for training videos - I found a really good one for $30 for humminbird - how to setup and interpret - may be something out there for the other brands
  12. I guess you got to be funny to do that all day long. I always tell him "I hope that was good for you, cause it sucked for me".
  13. That's true, I just had a colonoscopy and the doctor told me that he learned how to do it on U-tube.πŸ˜…
  14. I think I can read the Lat and Lon on the graph😁 Bobby
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