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  1. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    My neighbor recently talked to the duty ranger who said that the removal of buoys are off the table but the solar thing is still in play. They are still getting negative feedback on the solar.
  2. bass are on the move

    Bo, thanks for the info. I had been doing well on the drop shot until about a week ago but have been completely lost in the last few days. Hopefully I can do better with this info. I was out in the back of North Indian for an hour or so this morning at first light and noted lots of bait fish on the locator but only picked a couple of short KYs. The bait fish were mostly deep on the bottom in about 30 fow but no visible sign of bass or the like with them. Bobby
  3. Phone service

    Yes Internet is a problem depending on were you live - Suddenlink is great (highspeed, when it works and if you can get it where you are), Century Link dsl is slow, or hughnet which is expensive if you are a big user.
  4. Phone service

    My neighbors and I have tried them all - if you want service everywhere on the lake get Verizon.
  5. Water Patrol Rescue

    All we need now are some topless bars and we can really be LOZ south.
  6. How Accurate Guys?

    thanks bo
  7. How Accurate Guys?

    when you guys say spoon, do you mean slab spoon dropshoting or a flutter spoon? or either/both?
  8. Water Patrol Rescue

    Wow - How do you sink a Pontoon Boat - one of the pontoon must have been taking on water or ripped from the deck
  9. Fishfinder/GPS advice Side imaging?

    That's why I tied the two units together. When I see something of interest on the rear I "mark" it and the location shows up instantly on the front. The same with the front unit marking showing up on the console.
  10. Fishfinder/GPS advice Side imaging?

    I have the Helix 10 mega Chirp SI on the console and the Helix 9 Sonar only using the universal sonar of the trolling motor on the front and the two are connected together. I can see the console DI and SI image on the front if I choice but I find that the front screens I use almost exclusively are as follows:chart/sonar, sonar/2x sonar split, chart/sonar/rear DI. So I find that I don't need the SI upfront - I do use the SI rear allot to cruise looking for fish and structure. This setup saved about $1000 as the front unit was only about $600 versus the console at $1600. Tying the two units together is important to me. I think there was a couple hundred in cost for wiring for the connection. I'm very pleased with the setup.
  11. sunglasses

    I've always had cheap (Walmart shades) but have heard really good thing about the expensive ones so after reading this thread one I went on Amazon and the Costa ____ were all about $115 from this one company except for this one particular style which were $11.98 plus shipping so being the cheap person that I am, I bought them - will let you know when I get them - I'm thinking Amazon does not sell knock offs but what the heck.
  12. Fished a couple hours each the last two mornings starting at first light. Yesterday there was a plopper bite early on in the back of the North Indian at the dock corners but all shorts. Today not so - nada. The drop shot bite that I thought was disappearing for me (see recent reports) was back on for me particularly today - caught allot (at least for me) - all 14.99 inches long, all Ky except for one SM - all on long gravel runouts on MDC fish attractors ( the rock ones) - fish have moved in a bit shallower and were on the bottom mostly in 13 - 18 fow - WT 78 Degrees. I lost more than I boated as I could not reel (spinning reel) fast enough for the KYs and many came unbuttoned on the way up or when they jumped. I probably had the best drop shot bite ever this morning (but I'm still relatively new to TR) - I had low expectation for this morning as the solunar fish predictor showed POOR together with an East wind. I have noted that Cloudy is always better for me than Sunny even on a deeper bite. Your thoughts on using the fish predictors on TR, cloudy versus sunny - I've read that Bo is fond of the new/full Moon. YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS FOR TR?
  13. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I had one of those switchable exhaust-pass valves on my 1951 Chevy 6 banger when I was a kid - thought it was cool at the time - but I was just 16 - looking back it was stupid just like my Dad said it was at the time.
  14. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    And why don't they require mufflers on those things (or do they and another rule ignored and not enforced). I was fishing lower end the other day and one of those cigar boats passed on the other side of the lake (far away from me) and I couldn't believe how loud it was (the driver must need hearing protection)
  15. Fishing but not catching

    Or was it the Russians?

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