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  1. My brand new (2021) Ranger Z519 wired at the factory had the power to the black box coming from the console switch box. The wire was too small so the dealer wired 8 gauge back to the starting battery as it is suppose to be per the Garmin installation drawing. There is a master switch in the back compartment were the batteries are which switches off power from the battery and connects the charger. Therefore power is removed from the black box and I do not loss any settings. I would think that you would want to remove power as the black box gets darn hot - more so when the transducer is
  2. I mounted mine on an RM Industries turret so it moves independently of the trolling motor - works great. I'm not familiar with the perspective mount as it does not work with the turret. Hopefully somebody chimes in with that mount. I believe Bill does have the perspective mount.
  3. I would wait until about 2 a.m. There should be less wakeboarders by then.😀
  4. The Water Patrol is never around and even if they are they don't seem to be doing much. The other night I was out and a Water Patrol boat was sitting on the point of Little and Big Indian as if he was fishing. As I came around the point I got a little nervous as I had turned my lights on but was too lazy to go to the back and stick in the anchor pole plus I left my wallet at home - no ID or license. As I came around the point into N. Big Indian there were two wake boats pulling skiers. It was way past Sunset.
  5. We have never had damage or even problems with the waves until this year. Because of the high water the boats are driving pass our dock with big wakes into the back of the cove pulling surfers and wakeboarders and turning around 100 yards back - little do they know there is a forest of trees just below the surface at the present elevation. We have had two floats displaced this year - never happened before. I even say one guy go to the far back of the cove pulling a wakeboarder where it can't be more than 3 fow back there.
  6. The COE told us that it is illegal to tie up to buoys. A bigger boat can drag them.
  7. Only if it hits you.😁
  8. I had a deck boat that had two large multi function gages. The gas gauge went out in one of them and I could not find a replacement and like you said no other way to change the setup. I found the gauges on ebay, only cost $79, installed it and all was well. I got to thinking if that could happen again so I watched for them on ebay and eventually bought a couple more replacements. Now I got the new Ranger and am selling these on ebay. I'm told that Ranger will always have replacement parts no matter how old a boat gets. Do you think that is true?
  9. Unfortunately this is true. The original Indian Ridge project wanted a dock zoning area where there was none and could not be any because of existing docks as there was no room based on the COE distance apart requirements. I had the hardcopies of the dock zoning for my area of the lake and there was no "red" zoning where the Indian Ridge project met the shoreline. Subsequently the COE put the zoning maps on the Web. All of sudden a dock zone appeared for the project. The COE duty officer at the time (a lady, Becky I think was her name) told me that dock zoning could not change until a ful
  10. I think you said in a recent post that Billy took the COE on. Can you elaborate on that?
  11. Yep, that is correct and I have felt them exercise that power.
  12. I've been told I'm not appropriate - does that count?😁 Bobby
  13. Had a telephone conversation with the duty officer this week. I was curious about the discussion here and I have a dock inspection coming next year. Here are the highlights of the discussion: Docks are to be used only for boat mooring and the stuff necessary to make that happen. Decorations are not necessary for that and thus could be cited. I asked about the swings that we had to remove and later was told they are OK and could be put back. His answer for that was that swings are not needed for No. 1 above but the COE got tired of the dock owners complaining about
  14. I would think that destruction of private property might be breaking the law - I believe that we can be held responsible for the damage we cause with our car, boat, firearm, etc. Correct?
  15. The Wake Boat problems are particularly bad this year at least for me. Local boat sales are at an all time high because people are buying them up rather than going on other kinds of vacations. Some of these buyers are probably first time wake boaters. My dock is at the end of large cove that rarely sees wake boat traffic but because of the high water level they are going back into the cove. Little do they know that there is a forest just inches below the surface now as the water level is dropping. This weekend a wake boat pulling a surfer went back and forth in front of my dock creating
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