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  1. bobby b.


    I posted this to a similar subject on the Taney forum. A friend's mother had a bear problem at her house in Reed Springs around Hwy 248 a month ago.
  2. bobby b.

    Fly fishing this morning, Video

    A friend had a bear issue a couple weeks ago - lives in Reed Springs near 248. She called MDC and they would not relocate it.
  3. bobby b.

    You can't make this stuff up

    Last year a guy saw me catching fish on the drop shot and he pull up within less than a boat length and when I said something to him to back off, he responded "Sorry, is my graph signal interfering with your graph".
  4. bobby b.

    You can't make this stuff up

    At my old company we promoted them. That' how we got our top management.😁😁
  5. bobby b.

    Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor question

    Can't help with this. I did get one with the I-pilot link tied to both Humminbird Helix locator. It works great - love the auto deploy and the spot lock - just recently have been using the following the contour line feature. Mike, hope you can figure it out - there is a very good authorized repair dealer in Springfield - 417-833-9191
  6. Went out at 6:30 again this morning to fish a bit before Church. The fog was worst than it has been the last few days. It got worst at about 7:30 to the point that I could not see my dock although I felt I was only 10 yards from it. I use the gps/locator to find it and fished top water (plopper) around the dock. Caught a few but was hoping to go out to the main lake but it was still way too foggy. I decided to just motor that way really slow (2 mph) and just watch the locator to see if I could note any new structure. I came across a bass boat and wondered how he got there as I know everyone in the area so I assumed he put in at Indian Point. My dock is at the north end of North Indian - that's 4 miles from Indian Point. So I'm going 2 mph heading south in North Indian listening to the the news and watching the locator and gps to make sure I stay in the middle - still in some skinny water knowing that if anyone else would be out there it would be a fisherman either going slow or not moving. All of a sudden I see a boat heading straight for me on plane. I turn hard left and he turns hard left - it was a wake boat pulling a wakeboarder - as the two boat veered away from each other the wakeboarder stuck out his hand to give me five - we almost connected - the look on his face was Oh Yeah. You can't make this stuff up.
  7. bobby b.

    It's Beginning !

    Seen that at Smithville lake years ago. The guy in the boat yelled whoa before the trailer got to the water and the boat sled right off on to the concrete.
  8. bobby b.

    It's Beginning !

    Agreed that they don't do it purposely. It's that they are so self centered that they cannot consider another human being. The rich man did not even know that Lazarus even existed as he stepped over him everyday.
  9. bobby b.

    Indian Point Area - Top Water

    Maybe it's just looks skinny against my fat body😀
  10. Been fishing top water for an hour each the last three mornings from 6 - 7 am. Caught about a dozen the first morning and some fewer the next two mornings - all on the plopper - the 130 seems to produce less misses than the 110. Probably 5 misses for every hook up. Also a few on swim bait when the locator. indicated deeper fish. All Spots or SM.
  11. bobby b.

    Fishing the Waiting Room

    I could not get the the forum or any part of OA for over three days - it came back about the time that Bill B. made this post. I've always been able to connect to OAF. Bobby
  12. bobby b.

    2018 KVD Big Bass Classic - March 24th/25th

    Can others other than participants get these texts?
  13. bobby b.

    Bridgeport boat question

    I've used a ramp on the Kings River (near a resort) and they insist on a fee and come to the ramp to collect. I was told that if you cross private property to get to the ramp that the owners of that private property can charge a fee leaving the person paying that they were paying the fee for the ramp. True?
  14. bobby b.

    Fisherman’s nightmare

    I wanta try
  15. bobby b.

    Rain Event

    North end of North Indian - not too bad yet

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