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  1. Yeah - I recall full tilt is 200mW (50 each) - maybe they don't want to lower TR any more than needed, since they are at winter pool?????
  2. White River power generators "produced enough power in the last seven days to supply 104,000 homes with energy for a month.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/table-rock-dam-supplements-utility-companies-to-reduce-rolling-blackouts/ar-BB1dQhBY?ocid=msedgdhp
  3. My new Garmin chartplotter working together with the Merc ECO monitor has a cool feature that if you point to any place on the map and tell it to navigate you to that point, it will take you there not as the crow flys but on the water keeping you out of shallow water and will tell you if you get too shallow by going off course and tell you the time it will take you to get there and the amount of gas you will burn getting there. Bobby
  4. Bill, Happy it worked so well for you. I know a few guys that needed two, had the first one, and never got the second one because of the pain of rehab. How long did you have to stay in Columbia? Bobby
  5. Went to the dock first thing this morning. The last 20% of North Indian locked up. The old timers (meaning having lived here much longer than me) tell me that they have never seen this before here. These are the last two docks on the north end of North Indian Creek if you know the area. Water depth is 30 ft. at those buoys. Not sure if this is Global Warming or a Polar Vortex but I'm sure the weather men have a weather b____. (Don't want to censored). I could stand on the ice under the dock. BEAUTIFUL. Bobby
  6. Our dock at the north end of North Indian is starting to freeze in. That hasn't happened in 15 years. Bobby
  7. Hey thanks for the quick reply. Do you have an idea of something dressed off the shelf ready to go?
  8. Bill, Some questions: - How far does the boat need to be away from the drop? - Do you use the trolling motor anchor to stay in place? I'm assuming with no wind there would be minimal need for troller action. True? - Spro Float N Fly smallest is 1/16 oz. What do you use for smaller than 1/16oz? I wanted to try using a flyfishing pole. Using a 6 weight 9 ft pole with 12 ft of 8 lb invisz on the fly line I was able to easily throw about 20 ft away from the boat with no wind using a 1/64 oz maribou jig and a microball float (the kind with the rubberband keeper.) a foot
  9. To the guys above looking for help with the Live Scope setup given that Tim is down for a bit here is some advise (basically what I got from him) and then what I learned after. Look on line at some videos as to what you should be expecting to see - Phil L. had one a while back showing him crappie fishing on BS. The fish showed up really well on that video. go out on the water where you know there is a tree at a certain distance from the boat and adjust the gain up/down to see the tree clearly without all the garbage at the extreme noise at the end of the view. Some people like
  10. I did not know about Tim either - I was wondering why he did not PM be back?
  11. If you think the wakeboats on TR great some rollers, check this out. If you subscribe at the end, they send you more videos periodically. Enjoy, Bobby (618) FLORIDA'S MOST DANGEROUS INLET STRIKES AGAIN! | Boats at Haulover Inlet - YouTube
  12. I will send him a PM to see if he can help - if not I can talk up thru it on the phone. Bobby
  13. So here is my new 2020 Merc 225 ProXS story, sits on a 2021 Ranger Z519. I would like to particularly hear from Wrench on this one. I broke in the motor as the book required. At about 30 hours, I changed the oil myself and found a small amount of water in the oil - see pics. I took it to the dealer. They in turn called the factory rep. and looking at the operating history, determined that the engine had not been heated up in recent outings. They asked me about it and I told them in recent fishing trip I had started the motor and backed it out of the dock, dropped the trolling motor a
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