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  1. founding a few fish on the bank with a ned in the dam area. Bobby
  2. Does the COE annual pass (lifetime for us old ones) count at What's up?
  3. At one time there was live web cams at Branson Landing. I could not find them. Anybody have a link or know if they still exist? Thanks Bobby
  4. It sounds like they are starting over after the revolt from the masses last time. I did enter a comment regarding their bogus plan regarding solar power for existing docks.
  5. Which two are you. I'm 71 and my wife says I'm the first two.๐Ÿ™‚
  6. The FAA is all over this - they have called me back several times this morning - maybe it's a slow day there๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I see the plane for about 2 seconds between the trees, no time for a camera pic - FAA now knows the deal and is correcting the situation - planes and pilots are out of Canada - probably do this all the time up there.
  8. That's it - twin engine Piper Navajos but they were much lower than 260 ft per the article - Mystery Solved - Thanks to All.
  9. So I made some calls to the FAA and got a response this morning. These are two Piper Navajo planes contracted out of somewhere in Canada doing some geological survey work for an unknown company. According to the FAA they are required to be 500 - 1000 ft above houses and building. More to follow. They are flying out of the Branson airport.
  10. Has anyone seen airplanes flying low over TR lake. It has been happening for over a month now. A friend tells me that there are at least two of them. They have a long pole (?) coming out of the tail. The one I see generally comes from the north over Hwy 76 over the old Indian Ridge project flying south down North Indian Creek to Indian Point then goes up the White and returns sometime later to fly back up North Indian. Today I believe it was less than 50 ft off the top of my neighbors house. Bobby
  11. I called today and got lucky and they called me back pretty quickly. Here is the mount and a video how to install and how it works. Cost - $289. What do you think. https://www.precisionsonar.com/products/accessories/cable-guards/cg-glsult
  12. Good point - I cannot see a need for SI on the bow but rather 2D/DI/SI on the console and then 2D/DI and/or Live Scope on the bow - do you agree? Bobby
  13. A recent post regarding electronics and specifically discussions regarding Garmin got me thinking about how to use the Panoptix Live Scope transducers together with none Garmin graphs and trollers. Question: Are any of you guys using the Live Scope stuff? If so which transducer - the LVS32 or the LVS12? How are you mounting the transducer - on the troller shaft or on a separate shaft? If separate shaft, homemade or purchased? If purchased, where did you get it? Thanks Bobby
  14. For me it's all about integration between troller and the graphs and because I need (or want) the automatic deployment of the Ulterra together with the integration I'm stuck with the Humminbird. However, stuck is probably not the right word as the Helix G2N 10 inch MDI and SI units I have are way beyond my ability. I would agree with the others that Lowrance 2D seems to be better than my Humminbirds as I compare my recent pics with those of Bill and Dock. However with a split screen of 2D and DI I can usually decipher what's going on. Regarding G2N versus G3N I didn't see much improvement to justify the higher price of the G3N. As per a previous post I am considering a new boat. The recent development with Garmin and Lowrance trollers gives me pause to the point that I may wait to see how this plays out for the next year. What I do know is that I want that Live Scope stuff with or without a new boat as I try to replace my lack of skills with equipment. Regarding technical support, Humminbird is excellent and recent discussions with Garmin regarding Panoptix I found them to be excellent as well. Conclusion - if it wasn't for the Ulterra I would get all Garmin stuff and may still do so if I get a new boat. Bobby
  15. Bill, Does that include trolling motor? Bobby
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