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  1. 2018 KVD Big Bass Classic - March 24th/25th

    Can others other than participants get these texts?
  2. Bridgeport boat question

    I've used a ramp on the Kings River (near a resort) and they insist on a fee and come to the ramp to collect. I was told that if you cross private property to get to the ramp that the owners of that private property can charge a fee leaving the person paying that they were paying the fee for the ramp. True?
  3. Fisherman’s nightmare

    I wanta try
  4. Rain Event

    North end of North Indian - not too bad yet
  5. crappie with pics

    And got paid for it too?
  6. Fear Not

    I recall Bill Babler and Phil catching an 8 lb with pics within the last two years.
  7. Ramps in the darn Area

    thanks for the replies - Indian Point was OK and I got it done.
  8. Ramps in the darn Area

    I need to take my boat out for maintenance this afternoon (been in the slip for a couple years). I'm wondering if the Indian Point ramp and courtesy dock is OK considering the lower lake level? How about Moonshine or Kimberling City? Thanks Bobby
  9. Shutdown

    I'm watching Fox News, Mulvaney says the shutdown will not be visible to the public like it was in 2013. In 2013 Obama wanted the shutdown to hurt the public, i.e. blocking the ramps.
  10. Kim. City 12/29/17

    Wow - you're right 10% of the time? - you're the man
  11. Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor question

    thanks for the info Bobby
  12. How tough are you?

    A few years back I went to Taneycomo to trout fish at the Outlets when it was blowing, spitting snow at below zero. I went guessing/hoping that there would be few if anyone there and I always wanted to fish the outlets but can't stand the crowds. I was the only one there for awhile and then a young man (about 20 years of age) showed up. We had a blast, probably caught more than a hundred fish. My fingers couldn't work for the cold to rety so the young man did it for me. - really nice guy.
  13. I'm wanting to replace my MinnKota Powerdrive troller with the Ulterra because I need the convenience of the automatic deploy/stow as I'm getting too old to deploy the Powerdrive (it was never that easy to deploy anyway). There was a thread on this forum awhile back regarding the rubber belts (?) used for the automatic deploy and store and actual or potential problems with the belts and the need to replace them. I called the Factory folks but of course they said there are not issues. So the question is, has anybody had any problems with this or any other unrelated problems with the Ulterra? Thanks Bobby
  14. Late Weekend Report. Table Rock 1, me 0.

    Yep, a little while back I caught a bunch of Ky and SM in 12 fow vertical fishing with nightcrawlers but the plastics would not work. I have had trouble catching with the plastics as deep as 25-30 fow so I switch to the live bait if I had it and then it works.
  15. Electronic help

    Even with power from the starting battery you can get the interference - I did. Thus the choke. as indicated above.

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