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  1. I have LOVED this boat. Runs like a top, low maintenance, easy to tow and store, and extremely stable with high sides, it also has storage boxes in the front as well as a large live well. This is a well maintained, very safe, and comfortable fishing platform. 2010 Lowe Rougheck- 1455 with a 2007 Yamaha 25 hp 2 Stroke Motor The motor was new when the boat was bought in 2010. The Roughneck is a heck of a boat- very stout. It has a 79" beam (55" on the floor), all welded, .100 guage aluminum and deep 25 inch sides. This boat runs about 25 mph with two grown men and a small tackle shop worth of gear loaded in it. I am the 2nd owner have had had it for 6 years. This boat has ALWAYS been garage kept. Lower unit oil changed every spring. You won't find a cleaner aluminum jon boat than this. Includes: - Lowrance Hook 5 GPS/Down Scan/Chirp - Swing away tongue - New trailer tires (replaced last spring) - Motorguide 46lb thrust 12 volt trolling motor - 2 Batteries - Rod Straps on Front Deck -Stainless Steel prop I am asking $5,200.
  2. Nice smalls and great report. Hope the stripers pick-up soon. Working from home is an ideal set up for me to get after them for the next month or so...
  3. bferg

    March trips

    I was back in the back of PC on Friday and marked very few fish. WT was 56ish then. Really thought I would find more fish back there...
  4. I threw the Rock Crawler for a while yesterday- nothing. I am dying for a crank bite.
  5. This made me laugh out loud. So it has come to this...0
  6. Someone told the fish about the quarantine. Got my butt kicked this AM. On the water at 7:00 and off at 12:30. 2 fish caught. Water was 51 degrees, high, and stained about like tea. Water got dirtier down lake from Big M. Ran up the river a bit to Panther Creek. Tried crank bait, jig, jerker, and swim bait with no luck- in the back of creeks and on the main lake points. Just couldn’t buy much of a bite. Both fish I did catch were on a spinner bait in front of brush in 10-12 feet of water. But that smallie was worth getting out of bed for! Other than that I was pretty lost out there today.
  7. Idiots... was the fishing better than the parking?
  8. Well, I have some spare time on my hands due to rain and COVID-19. So I thought I would report back on a reel that I took a $69.99 gamble on last month. First of all, I have had 2 Abu Revo-S reels that I HATE. Here is why these Revos Suck in my book: - These things have a centrifugal breaking system that requires you to unscrew the bar on the reel to open the side door. Maybe the worst idea ever on a reel. - The breaking system isn't very adjustable for my casting. I think everyone casts a little differently and maybe I just suck at it, but I was constantly fighting these Abus with backlashes. Now, I didn't want to spend a lot and I have been reading and watching a lot of reviews on both KastKing and PisciFun reels and I decided for $70 it was worth the gamble. I have had the reel for about a month now and had it on the water twice. Here is my review: First, when you unbox the reel Piscifun sends you a neoprene reel cover. Nice little touch. As you can see from the pictures below, the reel is flat black with neon green accents. The design is nice, low profile, fits well in the palm, if you care about the aesthetics of your gear this thing looks pretty good. But the first thing I noticed about the reel was how light it felt. Now, the actual weight of this reel is 5.7 oz. I don't know how that ranks compared to other reels, I just know it felt light holding it- but not in a cheap way. The reel has a machined spool and handle to help keep the weight down. The handle is comfortable, however I would say I think the handles are a little small for my liking. I will add some Winn grips to mine. Now, the big reason I decided on the Piscifun over KastKing in my quest for a good cheep reel was because the Piscifun has a double breaking system. There is a 6 pin centrifugal breaking system that is VERY easy to adjust (suck it Revo-S!). Press the button, open the side panel, click, and done. There is also a magnetic break, adjustable from 1-10 on the exterior of the reel. Finally, the spool tension knob "clicks" as you adjust it. Long story short, I have been messing with this thing and you have to work to backlash it. Very customize-able, very adjustable, everything worked as it should right out of the box. Last thing: the reel has an oversize oval shaped line guide. Ok, here is my experience on the water: First the bad: the reel is noisy when casting. I have done some research and apparently this is common on these reels and pretty easy to fix with a little gear grease. I will do that before my next trip and report back if there is any interest. But the good: this thing just wants to cast far. I was very impressed with how I could cast small cranks, RKs, and a jerk bait all as far as I wanted really with zero backlash, even on a windy day. Reel is very smooth. Sadly, I have not given the drag much of test yet but I plan on changing that soon. Final thoughts: For $69.99 I don't think you can find a better real. As a matter of fact, I am not sure you could find a BETTER real for under $120. We will see how it does over time with normal wear and tear (although I generally take pretty good care of my stuff) but as of now, I am planning on buying another one to replace my other Revo-S. **Edit**- Forgot to post a link to this review which proved helpful to me when I was considering my purchase: https://www.tinboats.net/piscifun-phantom/
  9. Nice job! Thanks for posting! Days like that are what we pretty much live for.
  10. Both Cabelas and now whatever monster of a hybrid store it is today here in Rogers has been absolute crap in terms of in-stocks. And in this day and age there is almost no excuse for that (current coronavirus panic buying excluded). BPS has made it worse with the over-proliferation of their private brand stuff. I just hate it. The rod selection is pathetic. I buy 80% of my gear at TW because their selection is limitless. I like the idea of Karl’s Bait and Tackle’s membership program but their selection is very very limited at this point.
  11. Similar to Quill I only target them when they are up top. And I agree with Him about May- I think that April- May is prime time across most of the lake. I do think you can find them in the back of Indian creek earlier. Last year we got into a school of whites and stripers mixed in on April 15. As for topwater lures- I have caught them on all of them. I haven’t done as well on dog walkers but they will eat the Plopper for sure. By far the most consistent for me is a 6 inch cotton cordell Pencil Popper in black and silver. They are relatively cheap and have solid hooks. I like to replace the rear hook with a feathered Owner treble hook. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Cotton-Cordell-6-Pencil-Popper-1-oz-Fishing-Lure-Pearl-Blue/43347712
  12. Bill this is so great. Thanks again for all you contribute here. Question for you: Have you ever tried an actual clouser minnow for the fly?
  13. Quillback- one of my best friends works for a major hand sanitizer company. They sold as much in one day this last week as they normally do In 2 weeks. Production can’t keen up so the demand.
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