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  1. Watching Montgomery and Rose pitch/skip those jigs under docks was amazing. Like watching a professional golfer land it within 3 feet of the cup every time. Just an amazing skill disparity between those guys and an average dude like me. Add onto that they they made about 4 casts in the time it takes me to make one (and I think I fish pretty hard). Just like in any sport: the gap between pros and avg joes is huge.
  2. Bo: I drive past Beaver to fish at Big M on the reg because the fishing is just better there than almost anywhere at Beaver. That being said, I rarely get to the lower end of the lake and hearing you Table Rock old timers talk about how it was back in the day makes me wish I could have experienced it.
  3. It is impressive because of how hard they grind. Just do the math on how many fish you have to catch per hour on that. Its like 1 fish every 5 minutes.
  4. I do like this format some- it is cool to see these guys just go fish and try to catch a bunch. And instant weighing and release IS without a doubt the future of the sport. I do with MLF would mix in a couple of "5 Biggest" formats into the season. If you are crowning a true AOY then why not have them fish a couple of different scoring formats? I think it would make it more interesting. Kinda like Nascar having short track, restrictor plates, and a couple of road courses. If a guy can win a tournament like this AND do well in a 5 biggest format then that is worthy of AOY title. The whole "bringing fish back to the crowds" deal is a joke. If you look closely at most of the FLW and even Elite weigh-in crowds: There just are not that many people there. Obviously, the classic and maybe the Texas Bass Fest deal are exceptions- but most of these things don't draw huge numbers. I bet there were not 1,000 people at the last FLW weigh in I went to the last time they were on Beaver. Now with live-streaming you have an opportunity to catch a much bigger audience DURING the actual event which is a game changer.
  5. I respect that these guys are out there earning a living and I would never go crowd in on a guy. But they are using a public resource. I don't get that many days on the water and have to make the most of them. If I was on a spot first there is NO WAY I would yield to them. There is plenty of lake out there for everyone.
  6. Great fish man... solid report.
  7. We were tossing the Neko right in front of the bushes then bringing it out to about 10-15 feet. I would say most of our hook-ups came out about 10 feet from the bushes but not sure where the fish were actually positioned vs. where they would finally commit to the bite.
  8. Not sure how helpful this report is since it looks like @Bill Babler and @196champ did a little better than us. Friday and Saturday we fished from Big M to Eagle Rock What we couldn't do that Mr Babler and 196Champ seemed to have good luck with: topwater and swimbait baits. We tried main lake points for topwater early and late but saw almost no activity at all. Caught a few on the small swimbaits on main lake points but not many- the few we did catch there were beat up and looked like they had been in a war. After the sun got up we kinda abandoned the main lake points but we shouldn't have given up on it. We also caught a few- but very few- flipping in bushes. Weather seemed right (lots of wind) for a spinner bait around the bushes but we didn't get bit on that either. Again, maybe we didn't throw it enough or in the right spots. But: We caught fish constantly for 2 days throwing a Neko rig in front of the bushes. Our best banks seemed to be in pockets and secondary points up to halfway back in coves. If there was chunk rock even better. Consistent stream of 1-1.5 lb fish but never got into anything much bigger than that. Fun couple of days with steady catching. If you saw an isolated bush, rock, pocket in the bushes, or laydown you could call your shot. There WAS a fish on it. Most the fish we caught were in 2-10 feet of water but that is probably because once we got on that pattern we never really got off it. Mostly K's, a few LM and some bronze ninjas all mixed in. That was my first time really fishing the neko rig and we had a lot of fun with it. Either way- plenty of fish to catch and lots of ways to catch them.
  9. I don't know if this is true or not but a buddy of mine swears the largest bass (both LM and Spots) in beaver run with the stripers. As a side note: my largest bass on Beaver (and PB) was almost 7 lbs- in the back of Prairie Creek in the middle of a school to Stripers.
  10. Thanks for the report Bill... Headed over there this Friday/Saturday and will be in the Big M area. Is the topwater bite coming together much up the White?
  11. I am going to be fishing Big M Friday and Saturday... might have to stream it live from the boat to see how they are catching them!
  12. Dang man- that smallie is a toad!! But the top water striper deal is about as much fun as you can have with your pants on! It never ceases to amaze me how they can blow up a lure with 3 treble hooks and not get hooked! If that same lure comes within an inch of my pants or shorts I get hooked!
  13. First of all- you sir- are my hero. Real man of genius! Secondly: Where the heck were you with this information 24 months ago when we were drawing our house? I got the garage bay but the drain and hot/cold water are brilliant!
  14. I haven't tried it but I have seen a couple of videos like this lately: they suggest taking your long pliers through the gill plate to reach the gutted hook:
  15. Nice job fellas- and thanks for such a great and detailed report! Gotta love a good smallie beat down!
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