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  1. Man that sucks... I have a Merc but grandpa had a 1978 Ozark tri-hull with an 85 HP Evinrude. The sound of that engine is the soundtrack to my childhood. That thing ran like a top with no issues at all until the transom rotted out of that boat in 2014. RIP Evinrude.
  2. Thank you- this is helpful. We will be there early!
  3. Headed over next week for my first time to fish bull. Are the boat ramps open? I think the Bull Shoals Boat Dock is the closest to where we are staying... Maybe Jimmy Creek? Are these both accessible?
  4. I was around Coppermine yesterday- very little striper activity. No striper guides there... which makes me think they might be in the Rocky Branch area...
  5. Sad story about a missing boater at Beaver.... https://www.5newsonline.com/article/news/local/authorities-search-for-missing-boater-last-seen-on-beaver-lake/527-88e5f990-af0e-4b5b-9044-cb31df40e133 I was out there yesterday afternoon- it was blowing hard and very rough. Know your limits and wear a lifejacket!! Especially if you are by yourself!
  6. Yeah man, Twin Bridges is not ideal if you have a larger boat. Blue Springs is down that way but it is kind of janky also and it does not have a courtesy dock. I think War Eagle Marina might be your best bet for the facilities.
  7. Awesome report...Awesome fish...Awesome tradition.
  8. I went out to Rocky Branch yesterday looking for some Striper and saw NOTHING... I cant figure it out- had cloud cover and 62 degree water. I thought it would be on for sure and I saw NOTHING hit the top. 4 Striper guides at the ramp at PC when we launched- they were working the islands by PC. That makes me wonder if the stripers are still in the mid lake area. Really odd year. I did catch a couple of Spots flipping bushes in the PC area.
  9. As someone who works in the food industry and has in the past worked for a meat company: It isn't as simple as "opened" or "closed". It is all about through-put and a shortage of finished goods vs. raw goods. All food companies are dealing with the following: - Labor shortages as some laborers call in sick or don't show up out of fear. - Significantly higher downtime. If someone who works in a plant is diagnosed with COVID or even reports contact with someone who has been diagnosed there are significant protocols in place to clean the manufacturing facility. This can mean facilities that are "open" are taken offline for production purposes as deep cleaning is completed. - Packaging... It takes a lot of components to get your food to the shelf. Not just the food. Take bacon for example: you have to have plastic to wrap it in. You have to have labels. Our company was able to quickly get ingredients for a lot of our food. But we had to get some packaging components. Well guess what? Every other company needed packaging too. So the suppliers for packaging suddenly were short as well. Imagine the food company going to the packaging store and seeing shelves empty like you saw at the grocery store... that was happening. All of that means that even though plants are open they might be days/weeks where production through-put is lower than normal. Meanwhile demand continues to be very high. That equals lots of empty slots on the shelf. That isn't stuff I saw Don Lemon say on CNN- it is reality at my company (a major food supplier). And it is happening all across the industry. Keep in mind, this is happening at a time of significant demand- so just "catching up" to demand is even more of a challenge because supply is more complicated than ever. I don't know what has made some of the meat processing facilities more susceptible to COVID cases. But they are major hot-spots. Over 600 cases linked to one Smithfield plant in South Dakota. I cant remember the exact number but I think it was like 70% of the total cases in the state. Maybe the meat companies didn't have protocols in place early enough, maybe there is something about the nature of their work that impacts it... the point is: this isn't made up and it isn't fake- it takes a lot more to sell bacon than just pigs. There are very real challenges in the food supply chain. No one is going to starve to death or even go hungry (unless they were before this started). But, if you want St Louis style pork ribs on Tuesday, you might not be able to get them on that day. Or that week even... But you will be able to get them at some point.
  10. Based on what I am seeing- it varies by the day as to what is available. If you really want a tomahawk steak and see one where you are you should buy it. It might not be there tomorrow. I haven’t been able to find chicken wings in 2 weeks!
  11. Bill... where do you get 5lb maxima? I can't seem to find 5lb line of any brand ANYWHERE..
  12. bferg


    I am by no means an expert but I don't think they have spawned yet. I know of a lot of people catching lots of fish but mainly similar experiences that you have had- lots of bucks up shallow. I think the full moon this week could get them really up shallow... Beaver is a mysterious b*** that is for sure!
  13. Thanks Bo... you might convert me to night fishing! I am an early morning guy right now but even that gets tough here in a month or so. I love that this form has so many experienced guys who fish different styles. I learn a ton.
  14. Woof... I can't speak to either but I can confirm Striper and Stripper are not the same thing. I would anticipate someone here could answer the question on both accounts.
  15. Awesome day!! We fished on Friday and saw a little topwater activity but it was spread out and pretty mellow- I could tell it was just days away from blowing up and based on a couple of reports looks like it did over the weekend. Great report. I am no Fish ID expert but that does look like a mean mouth to me. Curious about your big swim-bait. I am kinda just getting into the bigger swimbait game. Do you mind sharing what you were throwing?
  16. I don't know how it was years ago but getting a raise does not result in bringing home less money (annually) due to taxes. The US operates on a marginal tax rate system. So, if you jump from a 10% tax bracket to 15% tax bracket, you only pay the 15% rate on dollars earned ABOVE the 10% tax bracket threshold. Most people don't understand how marginal tax rates work.
  17. If you want to catch them topwater get over here in the next 2 weeks. Big old school pencil poper. Send me a message if you make it over and I can draw you a map of a starting point or two.
  18. Seeing the lake so crowded is conflicting to me... On one hand I hate the ramp chaos and pulling up to people on my spot... On the other hand- most of my best memories as a kid were at the lake. Hopefully more kids are getting those memories now (and less screen time). Friday I had to wait for a couple and their two teenage daughters to launch their pontoon at Eagle Rock- it was obvious the Dad was gonna have to do it all. Luckily it wasn’t his first rodeo and he was pretty handy with it all... but I was glad to wait and hope my daughters will still go to the lake with me when they are older.
  19. Bo... That is amazing- and awesome! I hope I meet you so I can shake your hand someday. Your efforts are paying off for sure. If you ever want to bring up livewells full of 5 lb largemouths I wouldn't mind that either I have a box full of your jigs that will surely catch them! Speaking of your jigs- I am not near the jig fisherman I would like to be. I have watched a few of the NuTech videos on You Tube... I would love to see more YouTube content from you guys. Most of your videos are about the jigs which is awesome but I would love to see more about how you decide where to throw them, how you decide what size/color to throw in different situations. Kind of a Table Rock Jigs 101 for those of us trying to learn more... just a suggestion. Thanks for making such a great product. I plan on ordering a few more this week actually. Last order I got that new elite mega blade. Holy cow- extremely well built! Now I just need to learn how to use it!
  20. I tried a friend’s 13 Fishing reel- I wanted to like it so much because I love the design. But it sucked!
  21. 2nd the Lew’s recco. Scheels had the Mach Speed on sale last work for $50 and that’s a heck of a deal- I ordered 2. But let me throw another idea your way too: Piscifun Fantom Carbon for $72 on Amazon. I took a chance and ordered one a couple months ago just to check it out. Very impressed- dual breaking system- it’s very smooth, extremely adjustable, and in my mind the best reel for under $120.
  22. Bo... it that case I am indebted to you! We almost always fish Big M/Eagle Rock area- that fish was caught in between them. I don’t have anywhere near the history some of you all have but I can say the numbers and quality of smallies have improved there in the 4 or 5 years I have been fishing that area. That is probably the 3rd of 4th smallie of that size we have caught in the last 2 months. what did you guys do? Load your load your livewells and import them up from the lower end?
  23. I had almost the exact same report! We put in at Eagle Rock and fished down to big M. We mainly fished flukes and Neko rigs in front of buck brush. Lots of nice healthy spots and a few LM with one being a real toad. Also had a nice smallie. Docks near spawning pockets were also holding fish. Quillback described the bite perfectly- had to feed them the fluke for sure and I never felt the better fish on the neko- just saw line moving slowly. Saw a little topwater activity but it was pretty weak and we didn’t mess with it for too long. My brother did pick catch a slab crappie on the swimmer- lots of crappie in Panther Creek. Can’t believe how many boats were out! Liked like a Saturday in June!
  24. Took my oldest daughter out today for a quick trip. Fished Rocky Branch area hoping for stripers... (all the striper guides were by the islands at Prairie Creek when we came back to the ramp). No love on the stripers but in the back of a cove we had an hour of catching bass on topwater and Keitechs- Shad were spawning in docks and lots of spotted bass around. None of these fish would win a tournament but they put a smile on a 12 year old’s face and made for a fun morning together. WT was still in the 57 range.
  25. If you could launch across from Big M at Viney and and fish that area I think it would be better for you. That area is relatively protected and holds fish year round. Big M and Eagle Rock both have large marinas and there can be lots of boat traffic. I would also recommend getting out there early to beat the googans.
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