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  1. We were out today to Quill- fished from Eagle Rock down to Viney and just got our butts absolutely kicked. We were looking for deeper fish and just couldn’t find anything grouped up. The one decent group of fish we found wouldn’t bite anything I had in the boat. Zeroed today and only had 2 bites. Frustrating day from a fishing perspective but Thankful to be able to be out on the water. We saw water temps in the 52 range when we left- was 48 at Eagle Rock when we put in at 7:15.
  2. bferg


    Love it when a hunch works out!
  3. The drop shot deal would be pretty cool if they could put a live feed of their live scope on the screen. Other than that- I’m with you, it isn’t super exciting .
  4. I keep thinking one of these leagues will figure out a way to do multiple different formats over the course of the season. You could have MLF style total weight events, BASS style 5 biggest fish. What about just biggest fish? Different fisheries could have different tournament styles- like NASCAR having short track, road races, and restrictor plate.... I think that would be a fun season to watch.
  5. Opening day of deer season and a lot of rain is a great recipe for having the lake to yourself! On the water at about 7:00 and fished from Eagle Rock down to Big M. WT high 50’s... and sporadic rain. Ended up piecing together a decent day. Started the day cranking creek arms. Our best quality fish came on the crank- but you had to cover a lot of water to get bit. After the rain stopped and it was slick calm we found fish scattered chasing Shad off of main lake points. It was frustrating because it felt like no matter where you were they were juuuusst outside of casting ra
  6. Interesting you mention that Champ... My brother and I argued about if it was a Smallie or not for a few minutes- of course that was AFTER we had released her and I didn't think to check the tongue patch. I thought it was a smallie at the time but now the more I look at it I think it is a meanmouth. If so, it is by far the largest mean mouth I have caught. We DID catch a smaller meanmouth Saturday as well. I have seen more and more MM in the BigM area the last few years.
  7. Same here! I was due for a good one. Have not caught many good fish this year even though I have had more time on the water than ever.
  8. Quick trip out this morning. As reported elsewhere: fish are on the move but certainly seemed scattered. We only had a few hours today. Were on the water at about 6:40 and off by 11:00. Thick fog this morning which really limited our options until about 9:30 when you could actually move around the lake safely. We went out focused on creek arms (wasn't going to sit on a main lake point in the fog) and pretty committed to a shallow bite. We caught 4 fish throwing a Loon whopper plopper and black buzz bait shallow. 2 keepers, two shorts. We fished a couple of creeks all the way to t
  9. Actually I do still have it. Hasn't been shot since before that post went up! PM sent.
  10. I'd start on main lake gravel run outs with the following on the deck: 1. Topwater of choice 2. Keitech swim bait 3. Spoon 4. Drop Shot
  11. Don’t move here- we are full. just kidding- this is a great place to live. We moved to Bentonville from Denver 12 years ago and never looked back (except for in Sunday’s when I have to watch the Chiefs or Cowboys). Sfiser hit the nail on the head as far as fishing goes. Mt Home is pretty ideal- world class trout fishing, excellent smallmouth/walleye/striper fishing, and some great ozark small mouth fishing in the streams around there. Bentonville has other benefits- and there is fishing close by here- it’s just not the same as Mt Home area.
  12. It’s been a couple weeks but: 16-20 feet deep on main lake gravel points. As mentioned: drop shot a live crawler. They are thick in spots once you find them (using sonar). If it is anything like we saw a couple weeks ago you can catch them until you get bored or run out of bait. Once the school gets fired up they are crazy- my nephew dropped an empty hook down and caught one. Keep a net handy because there are Walleyes mixed in with them.
  13. Normally I wouldn’t even put a report up for a quick trip out. Not sure how much information I have to help anyone else out BUT: we finally found a little Topwater action! Been few and far between this spring/summer for me. After some engine trouble got our day off to a late start (and we were limited to staying close to the ramp) we pulled up on a well known main lake point. I was just praying for some kind of action since I had my 13 yr old daughter with me and it had been a rough start to the morning. As luck would have it- for the first time all summer I found some Topwater f
  14. Any trip where you catch a keeper Eye is a good trip! But is sure is crazy how it can change in a day! Not to rub any salt in the wound but we were out last night and got after them again. Key for us was definitely idling around until we found them on the graph. Hard to get a 5 and 6 yr old to be patient and wait to find the fish. We did lose one eye at the boat and caught one small eye. But couldn't find the mother load of Eyes that Mr. Babler was on earlier this week.
  15. Launched at Big M last week. Everything is fine there.
  16. Spent a few days at a cabin near Big M. This was a family trip so my fishing hours were limited but I was able to get out every morning (but only for a couple hours each time). Each day I tried something different and each way I tried catching fish, I caught a few- with one big exception: the top water bite continues to be socially distanced from me. I just can't find a topwater bite at Beaver or on TR. First night we fished gravel points- I was switching between a deep crank bait (spro Little John Super DD), a jig, and a magnum trick worm on a swing jig- caught a few spots on the t
  17. What a day Bill! Great report. Those clients got spoiled today!.
  18. We have been staying up near Big M this week. Have seen just massive schools of gills off of gravel points at Viney Creek and Emerald beach. Got into some better fish dropping flutter spoons on the outside of deep docks. Hopefully we don’t get rained out tomorrow and we can get out again before we head home.
  19. We were throwing 8-10 inch ribbon tails (was probably the best bite) but then at the end I started throwing a magnum trick worm... I didn't mess with it long enough to see what works best. I got a lot of bites on an 8" Ghee Crack (JDM bait) but its so soft it was just getting bit in half- thats when I switched to the mag. trick worm. So, I think either on could work. I have been taking a green pumpkin mag trick worm and coloring it with some blue scented marker and the fish have been eating it both at Beaver and TR.
  20. The water is down about a foot so far this month... That's not dramatic but I think it is enough to pull some of the shallow fish back out deeper. I think you are on the right path with the offshore stuff ALTHOUGH I had some success last week on the mid-lake area throwing big worms shallow but it had to be a steep bank. But.. the text book for this time of year at that end of the lake is certainly topwater early/late and offshore structure. If we get the weather we are supposed to get this week there will be a lot of clouds and rain which could make the topwater deal pop.
  21. Let’s hope my wife never sees this thread! Current Rod Count: 9 3 spinning rods- one for swimbait (always tied on), 2 others for ned, neko, drop shot depending on season. 6 casting rods: 2 top water rods, 2 jig/worm rods, 2 “general use” rods I use for cranks/spinner baits/jerkbaits. All the rods stay in the boat for the most part. I do try to rotate my tackle so I am not hauling everything all the time but when I am full loaded it looks like this: 2 crank bait boxes- 1 for Warts/RK’s and 1 for deep divers 1 jerk bait box 1 Plano Edge jig box 2 Topw
  22. Thanks for the advice Bo... you are the night fishing master around here- this week I have tried to read every post you have put up here- all informative but that advice right there might be the best yet. I am not good at driving around and looking. I know I need to get better at that. I’m headed over again next week for a few days and I’m going to commit to the search for bait! BTW - I have looked at some of NuTech’s YouTube content (and ordered some jigs!). Would love to see more video content! I’m still learning how to fish these deep clear water lakes and watching a guy li
  23. No- thanks for the advice. I’m terrible at driving around and looking- need to make myself do it more!
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