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  1. Any trip where you catch a keeper Eye is a good trip! But is sure is crazy how it can change in a day! Not to rub any salt in the wound but we were out last night and got after them again. Key for us was definitely idling around until we found them on the graph. Hard to get a 5 and 6 yr old to be patient and wait to find the fish. We did lose one eye at the boat and caught one small eye. But couldn't find the mother load of Eyes that Mr. Babler was on earlier this week.
  2. Launched at Big M last week. Everything is fine there.
  3. Spent a few days at a cabin near Big M. This was a family trip so my fishing hours were limited but I was able to get out every morning (but only for a couple hours each time). Each day I tried something different and each way I tried catching fish, I caught a few- with one big exception: the top water bite continues to be socially distanced from me. I just can't find a topwater bite at Beaver or on TR. First night we fished gravel points- I was switching between a deep crank bait (spro Little John Super DD), a jig, and a magnum trick worm on a swing jig- caught a few spots on the trick worm. Marked a ton of fish, could not get much to bite... couldn't figure out why until one of them finally went after the trick worm and I felt the thump thump thump and figured out it was a huge school of blue gill. (more on this later). Next morning I went out with a swimbait and a drop shot and caught a few spots on the Morning Dawn robo worm. Again, was marking huge school of fish, again they were blue gills. Caught some spots on the drop shot among the gills. On Thursday AM we went out looking to spoon some fish off of deep docks. Found some fish on the end of docks- fish were suspended at 20 FOW over 60 FOW. Threw the River2Sea flutter spoon at them and we caught quite a few- larger spots, a smallie, and some LM. Wish we could have run this pattern more because we caught more quality fish this way than anything else. But the docks had to be DEEP. Found a few fish at the ends of docks in 30 FOW that we caught on the spoon and a few on a drop shot there as well. Quality wasn't as good as the deeper docks. Finally, my buddy and I each took our youngest kids out with some crawlers and set them up with a drop shot. We caught blue gills until the rain ran us off the lake. From what I saw this week, pretty much any gravel run out in 18-23 feet of water you will find huge schools of jumbo gills. In the middle of the chaos of two kids catching fish after fish, my daughter reels up a 20+ inch Walter. Of course I didn't have the net out, and she didn't know what to do, and he was saved from the grill this time. But combine that with Babler's report from today and you get the idea. Great way to take a kid fishing right now- easy and I think you can catch those gills until you get bored with it.
  4. What a day Bill! Great report. Those clients got spoiled today!.
  5. We have been staying up near Big M this week. Have seen just massive schools of gills off of gravel points at Viney Creek and Emerald beach. Got into some better fish dropping flutter spoons on the outside of deep docks. Hopefully we don’t get rained out tomorrow and we can get out again before we head home.
  6. We were throwing 8-10 inch ribbon tails (was probably the best bite) but then at the end I started throwing a magnum trick worm... I didn't mess with it long enough to see what works best. I got a lot of bites on an 8" Ghee Crack (JDM bait) but its so soft it was just getting bit in half- thats when I switched to the mag. trick worm. So, I think either on could work. I have been taking a green pumpkin mag trick worm and coloring it with some blue scented marker and the fish have been eating it both at Beaver and TR.
  7. The water is down about a foot so far this month... That's not dramatic but I think it is enough to pull some of the shallow fish back out deeper. I think you are on the right path with the offshore stuff ALTHOUGH I had some success last week on the mid-lake area throwing big worms shallow but it had to be a steep bank. But.. the text book for this time of year at that end of the lake is certainly topwater early/late and offshore structure. If we get the weather we are supposed to get this week there will be a lot of clouds and rain which could make the topwater deal pop.
  8. Let’s hope my wife never sees this thread! Current Rod Count: 9 3 spinning rods- one for swimbait (always tied on), 2 others for ned, neko, drop shot depending on season. 6 casting rods: 2 top water rods, 2 jig/worm rods, 2 “general use” rods I use for cranks/spinner baits/jerkbaits. All the rods stay in the boat for the most part. I do try to rotate my tackle so I am not hauling everything all the time but when I am full loaded it looks like this: 2 crank bait boxes- 1 for Warts/RK’s and 1 for deep divers 1 jerk bait box 1 Plano Edge jig box 2 Topwater boxes- one for smaller stuff like spoons and pop-rs snd one for big stuff like ploppers and big pencil baits 1 vertical box with spoons and ice jigs 1 box of flukes 1 terminal tackle box- (about add another for finesse tackle) 1 Ned box with ned heads and TRDs I have a few different soft plastic storage devices but I am switching things over to Bass Mafia Money bags. I have one bag each of: swimbaits, Creatures/trailers, worms, and tubes. A spinner bait folder I am a big fan of the Plano Edge boxes but man, they are proud of them! Also, Academy has a H2O brand terminal tackle locker that is really nice and under $15.
  9. Thanks for the advice Bo... you are the night fishing master around here- this week I have tried to read every post you have put up here- all informative but that advice right there might be the best yet. I am not good at driving around and looking. I know I need to get better at that. I’m headed over again next week for a few days and I’m going to commit to the search for bait! BTW - I have looked at some of NuTech’s YouTube content (and ordered some jigs!). Would love to see more video content! I’m still learning how to fish these deep clear water lakes and watching a guy like you do it is helpful!
  10. No- thanks for the advice. I’m terrible at driving around and looking- need to make myself do it more!
  11. I think one issue I have is I don't know how to quickly answer both questions: Are there fish here and Am I using the right lure? My night fishing sessions are short (off the water by 11) and I feel like I spend too long in one spot. On the other hand, if I don't stay in one place and try a couple of different things then I just end up running around from spot to spot trying the same deal everywhere. I just need more time on the water so I can get 3 or 4 things I have confidence in...
  12. Got on the water about 6.30 last night. Fished until 10.30. Started strong and then finished slow. As soon as we got on the water I started throwing a magnum trick worm on a wobble head at rock/brush piles in 20 feet of water on a main lake point. Got bit on my first cast (swing and miss). Then caught fish on my next two casts- both nice chunky spots. Reports I had read said fish were scattered on the points. They weren't at my first spot but as the evening went on, those reports would prove to be true. I wanted to try some different areas and still need to get some waypoints marked on the maps on the boat I bought this spring. So we left and went to a few other points. But I couldn't put that pattern back together again in my other spots and ended up catching one more small spot in front of some bushes in a pocket. Really want to get better at fishing after dark. Once the sun went down we fished around some docks with no luck. I feel lost out there at night time! Going to spend some more evenings out there this summer to try to dial it in more. WT was 89 when we put in! Water was pretty dirty too. But man, it was a beautiful evening out there!
  13. The UPS guy stops at our house every day. Got a couple of good fishing spots from him actually. Using Amazon/WM.com more than ever. From someone who works in retail: it isn't just the legal department driving the masks. I won't start a debate about the efficacy of masks but one thing is certain: Some people 100% feel more safe when everyone is wearing a mask. If you are a retail store- big or small- and some of your customers want people to be wearing masks in order to feel more safe... and some of your employees do as well... you almost have to require them. Otherwise some employees and customers will stop showing up.
  14. haha- I hear you. I have had some similar frustrations this spring and fall but it just reminds me to be thankful I grew up with my Dad teaching me these things and to be patient while other people learn.
  15. I posted on here when this all started that there would be shortages. At the time I was basing that just off of manufacturing and supply chain issues. At the time I didn't realize how long this would last and that the demand would also spike like I have never seen before. I stocked up big time this spring and I am glad I did. In Northwest Arkansas every WM and our Academy is wiped out. I bet the Walmart closest to me a a total of 4 spools of line on the shelf yesterday. Bass Pro here is in much better shape than anything else but a lot of outs. I am going to check our local shop today. Good news in all this: a whole bunch of people have started fishing and that is a great thing for the sport. I have seen people fishing local neighborhood ponds that I used to never see people fishing in. And now there will be 3 or 4 groups of people fishing them. This world needs more people fishing...
  16. I am not as familiar with Crestliner but if I was going to buy an Aluminum boat I would definitely start by looking at pad hull boats. I believe the Xpress is a pad hull, so is the new Ranger "p" versions. I don't believe the Crestliner has a pad hull.
  17. I appreciate Ike's enthusiasm and it's good to see pro's who look like they still enjoy and get excited about fishing... But I'm with you- would rather appreciate that from a distance. Those guides up there run some tricky jet boats though! That would be a fun part of that trip.
  18. Susquehenna River! Also, FWIW: If I was going to fish one of these fisheries - any of the those mentioned here- I would certainly plan on getting a guide for at LEAST the first day of my trip. That would at least give you a clue as to what it happening on that body of water at the moment. The few additional few hundred $ on top of what you already spend on a trip like that is well worth it in my mind to not be out there blind. If you are going to do a trip like that go all the way and make sure you do everything you can to make it a trip of a lifetime...
  19. Caught a few smallies by the dam Saturday AM. Saw a few stripers hitting the top but they were VERY scattered in the spots we were- could not get them to eat anything. Talked to another guy at the ramp who had a similar report. There was a tournament Saturday so a lot of the points I wanted to hit were covered up with boats by 7:00 AM- which made moving around much difficult. That sunrise is pretty early right now! Left the house at 4:30 to get there on time. You have to be somewhat crazy to try to fish this time of year...(and according to my wife I am).
  20. Put in at 5.30 and off the water by 9:00. Water temp 80. We fished gravel points and islands close to deep water. Ended up with 1 smallie, a short Walter (both on Keitechs) and 2 spots (on a drop shot). Walleye was in less than 5 feet of water which kinda blew my mind. Really disappointed we didn’t see much topwater activity at all. Fish seem very scattered- never saw a big group of shad/fish all morning. But, it was beautiful this morning. Going to the dam for a short trip tomorrow AM. Taking a guy with me from Texas that has never caught a smallie or seen a striper- hope to find some schooling fish.
  21. Drop shot a live night crawler on a gravel point is probably you best bet to find some spots. Use your graphs to try to find fish and drop it on them....
  22. Some friends and I fished Bull Shoals for the first time ever last weekend... and we were the ones getting beat down! It wasn't pretty. Friday we put in at dam site at 5:30 AM. We had never been on the lake before, only going off of youtube videos and past reports we set out to find some fish. It would prove to be more difficult than we imagined. They had started letting water though the dam spillway (which we would hear from a couple of locals later has a negative impact on fishing). We fished for 14 hours with only 10-12 fish to show for it and nothing to brag about. And we fished HARD. The Dam areas is STEEP and DEEP. We tried topwater, flipping bushes, fishing offshore on points, docks, back in creek arms, on the main lake. It was brutal everywhere we went. The few fish we did find were 12-14 inch SM, on ned rig and neko rigs. Went back to the house with our tail between our legs. Post spawn with +30 feet of extra water is a tough way to figure out a new lake. Saturday we drove more to the mid-lake area around Peel and did much better in a shorter morning of fishing. Fished from 6 to noon with more success. Caught lots of SM on Neko and Ned- better fish came in deeper water (20+ feet) and around some docks. Still only a couple 15+ inch fish, but lots of action. My brother caught one very nice LM pushing 4 lbs. Saturday there was NO wind, NO clouds, and when the sun got high it got predictably tough so we called it a little after noon. But, after the butt kicking on Friday, Saturday felt like a really good morning. Best part of Bull, especially the mid-lake area, was the complete lack of development or people. Very few boats on the lake, not much development in that area and it was beautiful. On the way home I drove across the 86 bridge on Table Rock and you could have walked across that lake on all the boats that were our there. Complete opposite of Bull. I would say Bull got the best of us this time, but showed a few things that made me want to go back for sure.
  23. Thanks Quillback! This working from home has put a damper on my Tackle buying. All my TW orders used to ship to my office. Now when the FedEx truck pulls up to the house I get an eye roll!
  24. Nice! cool that they are still up top. Mind if I ask what Poper that is you have on there?
  25. Man that sucks... I have a Merc but grandpa had a 1978 Ozark tri-hull with an 85 HP Evinrude. The sound of that engine is the soundtrack to my childhood. That thing ran like a top with no issues at all until the transom rotted out of that boat in 2014. RIP Evinrude.
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